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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/66Uncirulated Primal GD GEMS
 sbd gems81254A-quality varies from A to A-multiple digipops d2t5 4:25, static beginning of d2t7 caused by lots of drops on left channel, then square wav and digi-pop static on right channel 1:49. 2:04, static d2t8 0:42, 0:55***
xx/xx/66Grateful Dead Hour no. 557
 sbd gans2372B+see 2/25/66 shnid=1593has tv band and heavy spectral band at 19k ; very close to mono; drops between tracks; lots of clipping***
xx/xx/66Unknown Venue, Unknown Location
 sbd jools 1951419529A-(this is same filler t10-12 on 2/25/66 shn-id=1593 based on eac wav compare with no more digital flaws); beginning has hiss but goes down ***
xx/xx/66Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
 grateful dead anniversary, (2-cd set), price $19.98, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the grateful dead's eponymous debut studio album. what better way to celebrate than with a special album reissue series that will include two-disc deluxe editions and limited edition vinyl picture disc versions of all the group's studio and live albums! these two-disc deluxe editions will include the original album with newly remastered sound, plus a bonus disc of unreleased recordings., the grateful dead: 50th anniversary deluxe edition contains the original album newly remastered from the original tapes by david glasser, and restored by plangent processes along with a bonus disc that features the complete unreleased concert from july 29th, 1966 and select cuts from july 30th, 1966 at the p.n.e. garden auditorium in british columbia, mastered by jeffrey norman. only a few recordings from the dead's first two years exist, but each one reveals corners of the band's repertoire not captured anywhere else. that's especially true here, with three songs making their last appearance on any surviving dead recording: standing on the corner, you don't have to ask me, and cardboard cowboy., ships 1/20/2017, tracklist, disc 1, 1. "the golden road (to unlimited devotion)" [2:12], 2. "beat it on down the line" [2:33], 3. "good morning little school girl" [5:50], 4. "cold rain & snow" [2:31], 5. "sitting on top of the world" [2:08], 6. "cream puff war" [2:31], 7. "morning dew" [5:09], 8. "new, new minglewood blues" [2:37], 9. "viola lee blues" [10:16], disc 2: p.n.e. garden auditorium, vancouver, bc, canada, 7/29/66, 1. standing on the corner [3:23], 2. i know you rider [3:14], 3. next time you see me [3:37], 4. sitting on top of the world [3:47], 5. you don't have to ask [5:14], 6. big boss man [4:16], 7. stealin' [3:37], 8. cardboard cowboy [2:56], 9. it's all over now, baby blue [5:23], 10. cream puff war [7:52], 11. viola lee blues [10:03], 12. beat it on down the line [2:47], 13. good morning little schoolgirl [5:47], 7/30/66, 1. cold, rain and snow [3:14], 2. one kind favor [4:23], 3. hey little one [5:39], 4. new, new minglewood blues [3:23]$ANot Reviewed Yet  ***
xx/xx/66Grateful Dead album from Complete Studio Albums Collection,
 flac2496 777meg; grateful dead remaster 2496, available in audiophile 96khz/24bit, grateful dead/rhino, release date: 2013$   ***
xx/xx/66Rare Cuts & Oddities - 1966
 digital download, there has never been a more precise title. rare and odd, indeed - there will never be another grateful dead cd with 18 full cuts. it's a long, long way to "dark star" thunder and lightning., these are the earliest indications of what this band would grow into, but these songs make a fascinating album of early days musical snapshots, collected from various rehearsals and studio sessions (the first 10 songs) and live shows (the last eight songs). featuring, amongst many other gems, garcia singing lead on "promised land," a completely different arrangement of "cream puff war," and the the only known version of the rolling stones' "empty heart.", these downloads are available in both 128 & 256 mp3 and high quality lossless flac formats., grateful dead, jerry garcia: lead guitar, vocals, bill kreutzmann: drums, phil lesh: electric bass, vocals, ron "pigpen" mckernan: vocals, harmonica, organ, bob weir: rhythm guitar, vocals, original recordings produced by owsley stanley compilation produced by david lemieux, cd mastering: jeffrey norman at club front, cover photo: herbie greene, photos: herbie greene, additional photos: robert chevalier, cover art: richard biffle, liner notes: bear, archival research: eileen law/grateful dead archives, art coordination: brian connors, package layout: robert minkin; Track Listing, 1. Walking The Dog - 5:38 (unknown location, early 1966), 2. You See A Broken Heart - 2:50 (unknown location, early 1966), 3. Promised Land - 2:31 (unknown location, early 1966), 4. Good Lovin' - 2:41 (unknown location, early 1966), 5. Standing On The Corner - 2:55 (unknown location, early 1966), 6. Cream Puff War - 3:37 (unknown location, early 1966), 7. Betty and Dupree - 5:35 (unknown location, 3/2/66), 8. Stealin' - 2:53 (unknown location, 3/2/66), 9. Silver Threads and Golden Needles - 3:00 (unknown location, late 1966), 10. Not Fade Away - 3:51 (unknown location, early 1966), 11. Big Railroad Blues - 3:10 (unknown location, Feb/Mar, 1966), 12. Sick and Tired - 3:19 (unknown location, Feb/Mar, 1966), 13. Empty Heart - 6:18 (unknown location, Feb/Mar, 1966), 14. Gangster of Love - 4:35 (Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 7/3/66), 15. Don't Mess Up A Good Thing - 2:56 (Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 7/3/66), 16. Hey Little One - 5:02 (Danish Center, Los Angeles, 3/12/66), 17. I'm A King Bee > - 6:01 (Danish Center, Los Angeles, 3/12/66), 18. Caution - 9:18 (Danish Center, Los Angeles, 3/12/66)$   ***
xx/xx/66Unknown Location (possibly Owsley's house in Watts)
 watts sbd mr dat 48k , xx/xx/1966, source:136642A-  ***
xx/xx/66Unknown Venue, Practice session
 practice sbd mr dat 48k , 1966 xx xx136657B+  ***
xx/xx/66Unknown Venue, acidtest3
 acidtest3 sbd mr dat 48k , *, xx/xx/1966136658B+  ***
1/xx/66"The Viola Lee rehearsals"
 sbd hanno uli18846A-see 2/5/66has tv band; right channel almost all static on first 2min of t1; has a little hiss***
1/8/66Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd lestatkatt106505 106505 is longer than 5410; on king bee the sound was similar between 5410 and 106505 but on death donít 106505 was harsher and that brought out the distortion more to the front ***
1/29/66Sound City Acid Test, San Francisco, CA
 sbd berger99527 in comparison to 5410, 99527 makes that sound muffled with hiss ***
2/5/66The Questing Beast, Berkeley, CA
 sbd rehearsal reelmaster dat 48k , studio136661Ain comparison on t2, 136661 has a clearer sound with less hiss than 18846; 136661 also has extra songs at end plus another second at beginning of t2 ***
2/12/66Youth Opportunities Center, Compton, CA
 sbd bershaw9515 (with other acid test comp disk1 to disk6)  
2/25/66Danish Center, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd unknown1593A-1593 is reported to be 3/12/66; shnid=20346 is reported to sbefix and seek tables of this; in comparison to 2372, 2372 is harsher hissier with less full sound than 1593 ***
3/9/66unknown rehearsal location
 who do you love sorochty , etree show id:125516A-  ***
 practise sbd mr dat48k , practice session136654A-in comparison on t3, 136654 has a fuller brighter sound than 125516; 136654 has extra songs ***
3/10/66Unknown Location (possibly Owsley's house in Watts), Los Angeles, CA
 practise sbd mr dat48k , sitting on top of136655A-  ***
3/12/66Carthay Studios, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd bershaw9516B   
 doherty winters17681B+in 3-way comparison on you see a broken heart, acid test supplement d5 9516 is most muffled with most hiss, then acid test d2 5406, and then 17681 is brightest with least hiss; 17681 is scratchier with occasional surface noise like small pops ***
3/19/66Carthay Studios, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd scotton81951B+81951 is very similar sound with same surface like noise to 3/12/66 17681 except timing shows it slightly slower ***
3/25/66Trouper's Hall, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd unknown38Arates A-, a little tinny with some percussion type fluttering in the background;begin of t1 cut, small noises at t1 1:46, 1:48, t2 7:25, multiple ones, starting at t 2 7:46, 7:50, 7:55; noise t3 1:45, 3:43,click 3:51, 3:58, 5:27, 5:31, t4 0:33, 2:35, 2:36, 3:06, t5 0:07, 0:08, 0:08, 0:12, 0:13, 0:16,and many more at this rate for this track ), t6 continues with more small ticking such as 0:22, 1:57, t7 0:30, 1:02, cuts abruptly***
 sbd miller clugston 48, source info:139750    
5/19/66Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd lestatkat6516A abrupt start on d1t1; analog drop d1t12 1:34, d1t18 cuts early, abrupt start d1t19***
 sbd sonicsolutions82844Ain comparison to 6516 this is clearer and less blairylossy - nothing above 16k except lego parapets***
 sbd miller106683   ***
 sbd miller106828A  ***
 s1 sbd mr dat 48k , source: sbd > 10 inch136656Aboth 106828 and 136656 have the previously missing 10 seconds of tuning and banter before viola lee blues that goes like "viola lee blues and the bollocks, viola lee blues; ha; box around a bit; hit it"; in comparison on itís a sin, 106828 and 136656 sound similar quality except 136656 has the vocal mainly on the left channel while 106828 has it more balanced; preferred 106828 as 136656 sounded odd ***
6/xx/66Scorpio Studio outtakes tape
 sbd vernon9513B+ lots of abrupt stops and parts of it are harsher than others, small pop t12 0:00, t13 0:12, t15 0:00, t27 0:00***
7/1/66Unknown (perhaps Fillmore Auditorium), San Francisco, CA
 sbd vernon19924A(this is same recording as 21064 for charlie miller's 7/17/66 which also has partial Big Boss Man, 47seconds more crowd noise at end of Stealin, 17 seconds more of Dancin before getting cut, but also has flaws not present on this source such as digi-drop t3 3:19 )(this version has digi-pops t6 6:57 not present on 21064 ; also has same small analog pop t6 0:55) t6 cuts with some static at the end***
7/3/66Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd unknown40Athe first 4 tracks have similar mix in left and right channel while the rest of the tracks have vocals in left track and right track has more bass ***
 thirty trips, 30 trips around the sun, cd1, nobody's fault but mine 1:09, dancing in the street 7:59, i know you rider 3:05, he was a friend of mine 4:16, next time you see me 3:32, viola lee blues 7:39, big boss man 3:49, sittin' on top of the world 2:24, keep rolling by 4:35, cd2, new minglewood blues 3:54, cold rain and snow 3:16, tastebud 6:37, beat it on down the line 2:48, cream puff war 5:18, don't mess up a good thing 3:14, cardboard cowboy 2:31, gangster of love 5:10, you don't have to ask 4:32, in the midnight hour 15:50$Athe mix has instuments on both channels but vocals on left channel and right channel gets the bass, so just listening to the right channel gives a karoke ***
 sbd miller clugston 48, source info:139751 Not Reviewed Yet   
7/16/66Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd serafin4459A13958 is a shntool fixsmall pop t1 9:05;***
 sbd miller21063A pop d1t4 1:35, d1t5 0:01, static d1t5 4;19, pop 5:39, d1t6 0:34; sound fluctuation d1t9 1:24, drop d1t9 4:24; static d2t3 3:36, d2t4 2:36; digital drop static d2t5 0:26, static d2t5 0:26 - 030, pop d2t5 3:14***
 sbd miller89555A  ***
7/17/66Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd serafin4458Aclearer and less boomy than Skankweed posting which does not have a shnid; 13959 is a shntool fixpop d1t5 0:33, has a scratchiness occasionally in the background such as d1t5 1:26;***
 sbd miller21064A most of t1 missing; digi-drop t3 3:19, small pop t6 3:49, t7 0:56, end of t7 missing***
7/29/66P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, BC
 sbd2243   ***
 sbd vernon9051A-  ***
 sbd gems94633A-vocals overrecorded at beginning of d1t1 and then gets better ***
7/30/66P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, BC
 sbd vernon9387B+  ***
 sbd gems94631A  ***
9/16/66Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd vernon9127B  ***
 sbd tzuriel11503   ***
 vintagedead25283   ***
 sbd davenport95970B+first lp rates A-, second lp rates B+has some pops t3 3:30, t5 8:2x;***
 vinyl sbd indidarkstar117435    
 vintage from reel to reel source 48k146098 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/2/66San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
 sbd bershaw9517A-this is a lossy source with nothing above 16k and has notches taken out of its spectral view; (with other acid test comp disk1 to disk6)small noises t2 1:41, 2:30, 3:03, 3:15, 3:20, 4:19, t3 0:17, 0:180:22, 0:24, 2:19, 3:36, 8:07, t4 1:41 - 2:01, t7 0:27, 0:42, 0:45, 1:23, t8 0:13, 1:21; t12 3:09 4:19,4:23, 7:05, 7:15, lots of static spots which may be music 
 master reel ; [at whatever it is]106656A-this has a much different mix and warmer more natural sound than 9517 ***
10/7/66Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd unknown14102A-  ***
11/xx/66KFRC Studio, San Francisco, CA
 fm interview ordon sorochty , perspective125586B+  ***
11/19/66Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd seff41B+  ***
 fm9730   ***
 sbd seff joshd 41 speed fixed75970   ***
 sbd miller94106B+this has fuller warmer sound than wgv stream; gets a little distorted on loud parts like on harmonica on t10has tv band; drop end of tt7, t8,t9;***
 wgv flac; download; download flac regular price $6.00, wvip price $4.20; Tracks: 11 Total Time: 1:20:48 Catalog: Bill Graham, 1. Introduction / Cold Rain 3:57, 2. High Heeled Sneakers 4:29, 3. Beat It On Down The Line 3:07, 4. Pain In My Heart 4:07, 5. Cream Puff War 8:29, 6. The Same Thing 11:13, 7. He Was A Friend Of Mine 5:26, 8. Dancing In The Streets 6:11, 9. Smokestack Lightning 9:11, 10. I'm A King Bee 5:41, 11. In The Midnight Hour 18:57$B+this makes 94106 sound slow; this was similarly harsh and distorted on loud parts of t9 and t10; otherwise this would rate A-drop end of t8;***
 see it crawled out of the vaults of ksan : 1966-1968 disk 1     
11/29/66The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 sbd thecore4940B-some songs are lesser quality and rate C(pop t1 2:12 because of discontinuity, square wav static t1 2:19, digi-drop t2 5:26, digi-drop t5 0:01, 0:02, analog cut/drop t8 6:23; abrupt start t9 0:00, light static t9 1:31 - 1:35 possibly caused by clipping,);***
 sbd ret20448B-did not review this one since had more flaws than another) (d1 reported to be 2/23/66 rates B- having more hiss and quality lessens when vocals gets loud and turn harsh, drop d1t8 2:10 followed by some static 2;11, 2:12, 2:14, drop 2:14 as it fades out ) (d2t14 bonus track is of C quality); Set1 has more hiss and less fidelity than 5/19/66 shnid=82844 and 6516; d2 is same as st5 as 4940(pop t1 2:12 because of discontinuity, square wav static t1 2:19, digi-drop t2 5:26, , digi-drop t5 0:01, 0:02, analog cut/drop t8 6:23; abrupt start t9 0:00, light static t9 1:31 - 1:35 possibly caused by clipping, -***
 sbd graham perlstein106497Bprior versions are more muffled ***
12/1/66The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 sbd ladner8575B- has background hum; drop d1t2 0:38 and near the end of all tracks; light static d1t1 0:31, 1:23, 1:47 plus more like this for this track; static d1t2 0:27; 5:15, 5:17; d1t3 1:16 (my dat which says sbd analog master 44k has more hiss but does not have the between song gaps or the occasional crackles and static but does have some at 25:3x)***
 sbd sirmick26968B-noise reduction makes this seem less natural than 8575 but does make it clearer ***
 sbd32800B-slower than 8575 but has fuller warmer sound ***
12/5/66Studio: 1st album outtakes, San Francisco, CA
 sbd kimbro23064B+This is an sbefix of shnid 21295; sounds fast on t3 ***