GD - Wondering What to Choose 1967
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xx/xx/67Fallout From The Phil Zone
 Fallout From The Phil Zone$   ***
1/14/67Polo Field, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
 sbd vernon9108B  (a little hiss, small analog pop t1 3:15, analog drop t2 5:32, 8:32, the vocals on t3 are rap)***
1/27/67Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd8762Cin comparison on morning dew and cold rain and snow, 8762 had a fuller more easier to hear sound and 16744 is more muffled; 8762 is also faster and sounds too fast on cold rain and snow; over whole show 8762 is about 10% faster than 16744beep at t6 11:24***
 aud hanno16744C (analog drop t2 6:15, big drop t3 17:12. music jumps t6 0:17, light background static caused by clipping on right channel at-3db starting t6 12:34 for rest of track, pop t6 13:26 )***
2/12/67Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd theotherwayne18124B(rates B- at first with some harshness on loud parts mainly on first half then turns to mainly B+ as volume subsides); wgv stream was very similar except a little less full ***
3/18/67Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd sacks1594B- has tv band; drop/cut between cdrs***
 sbd fink10282B+on 1594 there is a cut at d1t3 0:00 followed by a 4 second segment followed by a cut - this segment is not pesent on the goodbear 10282 which appears continuous; at d2t1 0:00 10282 has about 2 seconds of vocals not present on the goodbear 10282 which is also faded in for another 2 seconds; both versions have an abrupt decrease in volume at 0:27; 1594 has small pop d2t2 1:20 not as noticable on goodbear 10282; cut d2t5 0:00 both versions except 1594 also has a digital drop there; 1594 has pop d2t6 4:01 not present on goodbear 10282; goodbear 10282 has small pops d1t1 0:04, 0:05, 0:25, 0:38, 0:57, 1:13, 1:18 and so on) (in 3-way comparison 1594 has a lot of hiss and the most, then goodbear still has some hiss but sounds unnatural like noise reduction used; 1594 little harsher and less full sound and has more rumbling than wgv stream)has tv band; drop/cut between cdrs, d2t5 0:00;, d2t4 3:03;***
 wgv set2$Amono; warmer, more natural, less hiss than 10282 ***
 wgv set1$Amono; warmer, more natural, less hiss than 10282 ***
4/xx/67with Phil Lesh, Tom Donahue, KMPX Radio Show
 prefm vernon9261A- big digi-glitch-drop d1t2 00:35 on right channel , flaw at d1t02 03:19 may be in music; did not hear flaw at d1t13 02:56, some surface noise noticable on quiet parts of some tracks such as d1t16 and d1t22***
4/8/67KPIX-TV Studios, San Francisco, CA
 tv hanno12623B- small pop t4 1:17; has a few spots where sound drops out briefly most notably at t5 1:08***
5/5/67Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbs yerys1595Bsound is B+ for t1(has noticable hiss, small pop t1 2:19, analog drop t1 4:08;***
6/18/67Monterey Fairgrounds, Monterey, CA
 sbd hollister42B-42 sounds harsher than 19586; 42 has short interview type introductions at begin of t1 & t2 not on 19586; songs are also ordered differently; 42 does not have "the beatles are not here" talk tuning track but it does have an un-faded closing announcement at end of t4 not like on 19586; 42 has non-related music at end of t4; the version on 42 of Viola Lee Blues at 10:21 of music does not match the one from the other set on 19586; shnid=22805 is reported to be an sbe fix of 42(has digital drops t1 3:31, 3:38, t2 0:00, 0:03, and cut between t2 & t3, t***
 sbd mandrake19586B+ (fade out at end of t4 makes ending announcement very hard to hear)***
 sbd kaplan115858B+in comparison on beginning of cold rain and snow, 42 sounds harsher and narrower, while 115858 and 19586 sound similar except 19586 sounds slow; in comparison on alligator 115858 sounds brighter than 19586 which sounds slow ***
8/4/67O'Keefe Center, Toronto, ON
 sbd vernon9110A-in 4-way comparison this is very similar sound to 10355 and this has higher levels; 16752 was harsher and less clear; wgv stream was clearest and warmest and had additional song but there was disagreement on whether it had a less natural sound ***
 sbd hurwitt10355  drop d1t2 0:00***
 sbd hanno16752A- (little pops t1 0:04, 0:05, pop t1 2:24, noise t2 11:44 maybe because of clipping since there is some occasional through out, pops 18:25, abrupt end of t2***
 wgv$A-warmer, clearer, fuller, less hiss, plus extra song than 9110analog pop t1 0:32, t2 2:11***
8/5/67O'Keefe Center, Toronto, ON
 sbd vernon9111B+in 4-way comparison this does not have the outro on the others; this is similar sound quality to 16753 but a little warmer and clearer; wgv stream was less full sound but was clearest and more natural; 9111 sounds very similar to 10356 except 9111 has levels raised so it clips some ***
 sbd10356   ***
 sbd hanno16753B+ (has some harshness on vocals because of clipping especially near the end of t2)***
 wgv$A-warmer, clearer, fuller, less hiss than 9111 ***
9/3/67Dance Hall, Rio Nido, CA
 sbd miller43   ***
 sbd backus17272Blevel fluctuations and occasional buzz during first minute of t1; quality is low because of harshness on guitar, pop d1t4 10:28, quality improves some for d2t1 but one should use the version released on the phil zone cd set ***
9/4/67Dance Hall, Rio Nido, CA
 sbd partial jools19526B (small pop t1 0:06, 3:54, many 3:58 to 4:01)***
9/15/67Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA
 aud vernon9192C (small pop t1 3:43, t5 3:58; t6 14:56; mic bumps t1 3:45, 9:27, 10:58, 12:01, 12:59; t2 1:59, and so on; drop t1 11:05, 13:50, 7:08; some occasional background talking***
10/20/67American Studios, North Hollywood, CA
 studio poynton sirmick85631B+ has a scratchy harsh sound; t1 has lost of small analog drops; drop left channel t3 11:29***
10/22/67Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd yerys1525A-  ***
 sbd miller18101A-this has about 8 second more of audience at beginning of t1 than gans version 1525 and sound quality on this one is better except that it has more hiss; has the special lyrics for the other one(small noise t1 3:49, volume jumps up t1 6:23; small pops t2 9:43, 9:44, 9:47, 9:48, t3 4:06);***
 sbd kaplan116228  discontinuity pop d2t5 11:54***
 sbd miller116257 in comparison on morning dew, 116257 has least hiss, then 116228, then 1525 and then 18101; 18101 has a more natural sound in the vocals than the others as the vocals on those sound a little suppressed in comparison but not sure if that is more significant than its extra hiss so selecting both ***
10/31/67Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd unclebarry kikola33933B-has the special lyrics for the other one; reported to be from 11/10/67 and 11/11/67 and is lesser quality than those; the shnids comments indicate some patching and cutting were done which may make the comparison between 33933 and 11/10/67 1612 more difficult; in comparing alligator, there is a difference in timing which could be attributed to a speed difference but they seem to match each other very well and seemed like same show until I get to the hey hey heys; 33933 has an extra set not on 1612; I count 5 pigpen heys and then 3 by someone else on 33933 and only 5 by pigpen on 1612 (this is at 3:10 on 1612 d2t1 and 3:24 on 33933 d1t1); again everything matches up very well until the cut in caution on 1612 at 20:19 (on d2) and 33933 at 20:45 near where the cut was removed (20:44); 1612 goes into extended jamming while 33933 goes right into vocals which do not match to 1612; so I am left with 33933 being a different mix to get the extra heys or a different recording; and after the cut in 33933 it is a different recording; the remainder seems to match up well with 11/11/67 1613 with the alternate other one lyrics; the mix is different with the intruments higher on 33933; 33933 also has a little more crowd at the beginning of t3 than on 1613 ***
11/xx/67Studio Sessions for Anthem of the Sun
 sbd studio81259A- some surface noise especialy on t5***
11/10/67Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd sacks1612Ain comparison on morning dew, 1612 has more hiss but 116171 has a less full sound(drop d1t1 8:35, pop d1t4 0:08, drop d2t4 9:08)***
 sbd motb116171   ***
 sbd motb116368    
11/11/67Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd sacks1613A noise t7 1:23, 1:25***
 sbd motb116172 in comparison on death don't have no mercy, 1613 has more hiss but 116172 has a less full sound ***
 sbd motb116369    
11/14/67American Studios, North Hollywood, CA
 sbd unknown17417A-t1 rates A- but more hiss on t2 rates B+pop t1 3:14***
 sbd motb116173 in comparison on the beginning of dark star, 17417 has a lot more hiss but 116173 is noticably more suppressed ***
 sbd motb116370