gd - Wondering What to Choose 1968
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/681968 Mystery Reels
 sbd vernon9426A  ***
xx/xx/68Unknown Location
 sbd miller97671B+  ***
xx/xx/68Axomoxoa - Original Mix - Pacific Recording Studios - San Mateo, CA
 9-68 to 3-69, source: ampex 16-track tape > lp > 24-bit, 44.1 khz wav > 16-bit, 44.1 khz wav > shn, a>d transfer: linn lp12/lingo turntable, linn ittok tonearm, lyra helikon cartridge, ps audio pca-2 preamplifier, m audio audiophile usb external, a/c powered sound card, this is the original mix of aoxomoxoa, which was released commercially between june 1969 and late 1971., in september, 1971, jerry garcia did a major remix of the entire album, eliminating a considerable amount, of the backing material and trimming the beginning and end of a few songs. the lps, cassettes, and cds, available commercially since that time contain the remix. there appear to be no plans to commercially release, this original mix, so it is being made available to the broader community., to sustain the ethical integrity of this process, please do not download these files unless you are already in, possession of a commercial release of aoxomoxoa and would like to compare it with the original mix., the lp copy from which this was derived is in vg condition, and the analog equipment used to extract the, sound from the grooves is near state of the art. there is some minor surface noise audible in the quietest passages, but not obtrusive even then, and almost no tracking distortion.; Disc 1: (38:02), 1. St Stephen (4:26), 2. Dupree's Diamond Blues (3:40), 3. Rosemary (2:04), 4. Doin' That Rag (5:14), 5. Mountains of the Moon (4:11), 6. China Cat Sunflower (4:16), 7. What's Become of the Baby (8:27), 8. Cosmic Charlie (5:40)$    
1/17/68Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd jeff3927  (missing Beat It On Down The Line--> (2:53), Morning Dew (7:40); small drop/pop d1t2 2:57; drop d1t5 7:01, d2t4 11:00)***
 sbd jeff fixed 39277995   ***
 sbd cotsman11795B+(this has similar spectral view and levels to shnid=3927 except levels higher to -0db and has more digital flaws as drops and square wav static but has 10 more minutes in 2 songs not on that)(has hiss, drop at end of d1t2 3:07, small pop d1t3 0:01, d1t3 1:03, 3:10; drop/cut d1t5 7:45, drop d2t6 11:02)***
1/20/68The Eureka Municipal Auditorium, Eureka, CA
 sbd ward47   ***
 sbd abe4990   ***
 sbd clugston5181   ***
 sbd jools sbe fixed19470A- (highlight show) ***
 sbd miller97340A-  ***
 60m; partial, f:d, dat, 31min, 44k, kpfa-fm gdh > dat, the fm source used was a dmx-fm cable box;; Clementine > New Potato Caboose > Born Cross-Eyed > Spanish Jam > Dark Star     
1/22/68Eagle's Auditorium, Seattle, WA
 sbd weiner8583B+ (highlight spanish jam)(has some hiss) drop/cut t6 1:18, small pop d1t7 0:52, 1:01, 1:28, 2:57 to 4:30 , d1t8 8:13 thru d1t9)***
 sbd miller97342B+in comparison on dark star, 97342 and 8583 had similar sound; 97342 seems more complete than 8583 as the end of 8583 on the patch source seems from a different show ***
1/23/68Eagle's Auditorium, Seattle, WA
 sbd finney4528 filler tracks match st5 to 5930; this is a not so close eac match on t2 to 20299 with same digital flaws ***
 sbd jools20347B+same md5 as 2/2/68 shnid=20299noise d1t5 0:21l spanish jam cuts off way too early just as it starts;***
 sbd miller97343B+in comparison on That's It For The Other One, 97343 has less hiss than 20347 ***
 sbd jools20299    
1/27/68Eagle's Auditorium, Seattle, WA
 sbd jools14736A digi-static/drop square wavs t1 5:58 to 5:59, 10:57, pop 12:23, 12:39; clipping t1 3:16***
 sbd miller97344A  ***
2/2/68Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
 sbd jools15801B  ***
 sbd miller97345A-  ***
 60m, 32min; partial s:rm,d,cd,d dat 32min sonic solutions-> cd-r->dat, very good sound; Viola Lee Blues Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment > Clementine > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl   has some pops & flaws 
2/3/68The Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
 sbd abe4989   ***
 sbd jools14987   ***
 sbd miller97346A-  ***
 60m; partial, s:rm,d,cd,d, dat, 40min, sonic solutions-> cd-r->dat, very good sound; ; Dark Star > China Cat Sunflower > The Eleven Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One (1) > Cryptical Envelopment > New Potato Caboose > Born Cross-Eyed   has some pops & flaws 
2/14/68Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd douglas cleef2267   ***
 sbd bunjes12939   ***
 sbd kaplan15640   ***
 sbd winters89437   ***
 sbd miller89676   ***
 roadtripsv2n2;, $19.98, road trips vol 2, no.2, shows, carousel ballroom - february 14, 1968, carousel 2-14-68, 2 disc set + bonus disc, in the winter of 1968, the grateful dead and quicksilver messenger service embarked on their first major tour of the pacific northwest. now, this wasn't an era when bands traveled in plush custom tour buses and stayed in luxury hotels. rather it was a caravan of funky cars and semi-dilapidated equipment trucks bombing up us 101 from the bay area to points north and hotels that probably weren't going to make the aaa guide book. but the bands played like beasts in washington and oregon, spreading san francisco magic in an assortment of small auditoriums and ballrooms. the dead, in particular, were really spreading their creative wings, exploring and honing what were unquestionably the most ambitious original songs they'd written to date. their old friend robert hunter had penned lyrics for unusual songs called, alligator, china cat sunflower, dark star, and, the eleven, and there were also mind-boggling new tunes such as, that's it for the other one, new potato caboose, and, born cross-eyed., say whaaaat?, now, while the dead were on the road blowing minds in places like eureka, seattle, portland and ashland, oregon, a couple of their, people, back home were busy signing a lease that would give the dead, jefferson airplane and other interested freaks, control over a fantastic new venue: san francisco's venerable carousel ballroom, a one-time big band dance hall that was little-used by the mid-'60s. in january, before the northwest tour, the dead and quicksilver had put on a successful dance there (a, ben franklin's birthday, celebration, the poster said), but the grand opening of the ballroom was slated for valentine's day, with the dead and country joe & the fish on the bill. one of the scene's budding artists, stanley mouse, produced a poster for the event with a jug-eared, retro geek imploring his prospective romantic conquests to, be mine, and a pair of local fm rock stations carried the show live on radio., this magnificent show, long admired by dead heads (and the band, it's a phil lesh favorite), captures the dead at a real turning point in their career: when they tossed out the rock rule book and truly found their own sound. they tried out nearly all their new songs that night, and everyone was amazed at how effortlessly, yet powerfully, one flowed into the next and how their sets ebbed and flowed and exploded and got quiet and covered such an incredible range of textures and emotions. this wasn't just a good-time dance band. this was serious, and still a good time!, because the valentine's day dance was a hometown show, on the radio and also being recorded for possible use on the dead's then-in-progress second album, anthem of the sun, soundman dan healy captured the music on an 8-track tape machine, and this road trips set marks the first time that those 8-tracks have been completely, properly mixed down, by ol' reliable, jeffrey norman, of course, and released (aside from a few short missing passages on the multitrack masters, which are included from another source). so forget any version you might have heard before, this is state-of-the-art '68 dead, and you're gonna love it! this is also the complete show, another first for the road trips series. as always, the discs are mastered to the hdcd standard and the package includes an entertaining and informative historical essay., the first set of 2/14/68 was relatively short, so we've also packed the last third of disc one with a selection of tunes from the northwest tour that were just recently discovered in a collection of tapes that had been languishing in a long-defunct san francisco recording studio. alas, there were just isolated songs on reels (not full shows), and the sound is variable, but the performances are, as they say in boston, wicked-awesome, from an almost punky, beat it on down the line, to a truly hair-raising, viola lee blues., the special bonus disc (available to those who order from the site in a, ahem, timely manner) features more of this great material, much of which has not circulated in any form. so, if it's rarities you want, we've got 'em!, could there be a better diversion from these, or any, stressful times than this scorching set of primal dead? we don't think so. impress your lovers and friends! blow your own mind! you can find out more about the songs lineup below, and you can place your order by clicking here., track list, disc one:, morning dew, good morning little schoolgirl, dark star>, china cat sunflower>, the eleven>, turn on your lovelight, bonus tracks from early 1968, viola lee blues (1/20/68 eureka), beat it on down the line (1/23/68 seattle), hurts me too (1/23/68 seattle), dark star (2/2/68 portland), disc two:, that's it for the other one>, new potato caboose>, born cross-eyed>, spanish jam, alligator>, caution (do not stop on tracks)>, feedback, in the midnight hour, bonus disc:, viola lee blues (1/23/68 seattle), good morning little schoolgirl (1/20/68 eureka), new potato caboose (1/30/68 eugene), dark star> (1/23/68 seattle), china cat sunflower> (1/23/68 seattle), the eleven (1/23/68 seattle), turn on your lovelight (1/23/68 seattle)$A  ***
2/23/68Dick's Picks - Volume Twenty Two - King's Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe, CA
 dp22;, initial release : june 2001, grateful dead records, double cd release of music from the february 22 to 24, 1968 shows at king's beach bowl, lake tahoe, ca, buy from, tracks, disc 1, viola lee blues (lewis), hurts me too (james/sehorn), dark star (garcia/kreutzmann/lesh/mckernan/weir/hunter) >, china cat sunflower (garcia/hunter) >, the eleven (lesh/hunter) >, turn on your lovelight (scott/malone), born cross eyed (weir) >, spanish jam (grateful dead), disc 2, morning dew (dobson/rose), good morning little school girl (williamson), that's it for the other one:, cryptical envelopment (garcia), the faster we go the rounder we get (weir/kreutzmann), cryptical envelopment (garcia), new potato caboose (lesh/petersen), alligator (mckernan/lesh/hunter) >, china cat sunflower (garcia/hunter) >, the eleven (lesh/hunter) >, alligator (mckernan/lesh/hunter) >, caution (grateful dead) >, feedback (grateful dead)$   ***
3/3/68Haight Street, San Francisco, CA
 aud finney5809 Not Reviewed Yet   
 aud vernon9374B  ***
 aud jools19904   ***
3/16/68Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd vernon9388A-  ***
 sbd miller109944A-in comparison on morning dew, 109944 has a fuller sound than 9388; 9388 was also more compressed and limited which causes distortion in dark star ***
3/17/68dead download - Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco
 download series vol. 6 is a rare treasure from march 1968 at the carousel ballroom in san francisco. this 1 disc release includes all of the second set and a lovelight which was the only song salvageable from the first set., while working on the "fillmore west 1969-the complete recordings" box set, we searched every nook and cranny of the vault for interesting contextual items for the release, as well as for material to include on the bonus cd offered with the box set and the 3-cd compilation. the greatest find amongst our many discoveries was this gem of a show, 3/17/68 at the carousel ballroom (the carousel, of course, later became the fillmore west). if you like anthem of the sun and dick's picks vol. 22 (lake tahoe 1968), you will positively love this new release. the sound quality is remarkable for its age, with a nice full mix; it has a song list that is exceptional even for this era of preposterously stunning song lists; and the performances match up with, and at times surpass, the much-lauded tahoe '68 release., starting out with the first-set-closing "lovelight" (the rest of the first set was marred by technical problems wrought in part by sound experiments conducted on the master tapes during production of anthem of the sun late in 1968), download vol. 6 then proceeds into a 60+ minute non-stop jam, featuring all of the staples of the era ("that's it for the other one," "new potato caboose," "china cat sunflower," and the "the eleven") culminating with a powerful, intense and dynamic "caution" that will drop your jaw. to cap it all off, a way-out "feedback" jam ends this outstanding one-disc wonder., all songs copyright, ice nine publishing co. inc., grateful dead, jerry garcia-lead guitar, vocals, mickey hart-drums, bill kreutzmann-drums, phil lesh-electric bass, vocals, ron "pigpen" mckernan-vocals, organ, harmonica, bob weir-rhythm guitar, vocals, recording by dan healy, mastered by jeffrey norman; Disc One, 1. Turn On Your Lovelight (Scott, Malone), 2. That's It For The Other One >, Cryptical Envelopment > (Garcia), The Other One > (Weir, Kreutzmann), Cryptical Envelopment (Garcia), 3. New Potato Caboose > (Lesh Peterson), 4. China Cat Sunflower > (Garcia, Hunter), 5. The Eleven > (Lesh, Hunter), 6. Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) > (Grateful Dead), 7. Feedback Grateful Dead)$A  ***
3/29/68Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 aud cotsman6029B+(originally circulated as 3/26/68)drop t1 0:40***
 aud vernon9473B+  ***
 sbd miller108993B+in comparison sitting on top, 108993 sounds similar to 3/26/68 6029; 6029 has more digital flaws; in comparison on morning dew and new potato, 108993 sounds similar to 9473; 108993 has higher levels and faster speed than 6029 and 9473 ***
3/30/68Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 aud unknown9375   ***
 aud cotsman14912Bfor d2 see 3/31/68 108995drop/fade d1t8 4:07, drop/cut d2t1 0:26***
 sbd miller108994B+in comparison on morning dew, 108994 had similar sound to 14912; at end of death don't 14912 had slightly less hiss but 108994 was clearer; they have diferent digital flaws; 108994 has higher levels and is close in speed to 14912static d1t9 1:37***
3/31/68Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 aud cotsman14913B+  ***
 sbd miller108995B+in comparison on lovelight to 3/30/68 d2 14912, they had similar sound with108995 faster and the level differences are not consistent across the show; 108995 handled the cut in fade better in lovelight than did 14912; in comparison on bid you goodnight, 14913 had similar sound with108995 faster; on dancin the sound gets harsh and sound quality drops to Bcur in lovelight t1 0:23***
 sbd currier5427A-this has similar wav and spectral view and levels and sound and flaws as filler listed as "Unknown Date, thought to be August 29, 1968, Matrix" on 8/23/68 shnid=52 ***
5/18/68Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA
 aud goodbear50   ***
 aud kaukonen11796  static t3 9:45; digipop t3 0:36, t5 1:00***
 aud jools18216   ***
 aud dad82515  static burst t1 2:34***
 aud jorma gmb94591B-in comparison on first alligator, 82515 has the most hiss, then 11796, then 94591, and then goodbear 50 and 18216 sound similar and look like they have a lot of noise redution and sound suppressed and unnatural but have the least hiss; 94591 is the easiest ot hear ***
6/14/68Fillmore East (Late Show), New York, NY
 aud lai3897   ***
 aud cotsman16532B  ***
 late aud dalton miller sirmick, late show140953 Not Reviewed Yet   
8/21/68Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd unknown1183A-this is longer than others because good morning little school girl is at end of d1t1 and then repeats again on d1t2; not much above 16k ***
 sbd cotsman17355A-in comparison to 1183 that has brighter vocals and this is more suprressed on vocals but has a fuller warmer soundfull spectrum but left channel has spectral bands at 21k, 19k, 17k, 14k, 11k, 9k, 7k;***
 sbd cousinit17689  not much above 16k; similar wav and spectral vew to 1183***
 masterreel gastwirt miller noel pcfix t139746 Not Reviewed Yet   
 masterreel gastwirt miller noel t , sets i139746 Not Reviewed Yet   
8/22/68Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman14915B+(in 3-way comparsion on st stephen, 92733, 14915 and wgv stream have similar sound and amount of hiss) (92733 is not as complete as 14915 as missing patch on that one); (in 3-way comparsion on alligator with 14915 and 20083, those sound the same with similar wav and spectral view while 92733 is warmer but has light staticy background noise at least at d2t6 2:35)drop/cut between cdrs, d2t2 0:00, d2t3 3:41, end of d2t5***
 sbd jools20083   ***
 sbd koucky gmb92733B+ drop/cut between cdrs***
 sbd partial gastwirt miller sirmick 48143144 Not Reviewed Yet   
8/23/68Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd sacks52Ain comparison on dark star, did not notice any advantage in the mix of 116193 over 52 ***
 sbd sniper777 tomp116193   ***
 partial sbd gastwirt miller sirmick143130 Not Reviewed Yet   
8/24/68Two From The Vault - Shrine Exhibition Hall, Los Angeles, CA
 tftv;, initial release : may 1992, grateful dead records gdcd-4016-2, double cd vault release featuring music from august 24, 1968., buy from, tracks, disc 1;, good morning, little schoolgirl (sonny boy williamson), dark star (hunter / garcia / lesh / mckernan / weir / hart / kreutzmann), saint stephen (hunter / garcia / lesh), the eleven (hunter / lesh), death don't have no mercy (reverend gary davis), disc 2;, the other one (weir / kreutzmann), new potato caboose (petersen / lesh), turn on your lovelight (scott / malone), (walk me out in the) morning dew (dobson / rose)$A  ***
8/28/68Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd vernon10162   ***
 sbd cotsman18104C  ***
 aud davmar77 , 1 //dark star >, 2 st133762C+in comparison on death donít have no mercy, 133762 has a less muffled easier to hear sound than 18104 and 10162 which sounded similar to each other ***
8/29/68Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd sacks52    
9/2/68Betty Nelson's Organic Raspberry Farm, Sultan, WA
 sbd volkerding1979   ***
 sbd miller22095B+  ***
 sbd miller115592B+in comparison on st stephen, 22095 and 115593 have similar sound; 115593 is faster than 22095; in spectral view 115593 looks like it has more noise above 20k than 22095 but did not hear it ***
9/12/68Unknown location (possibly Pacific High Recording, San Mateo, CA), Practice Session
 sbd mr dat48k , *, clementine practise136643A-  ***
9/20/68Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
 sbd partial vernon5930   ***
 sbd miller32900B+  ***
 sbd miller115682B+115682 seems very similar to 32900 with speed adjusted by track ***
10/8/68The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 sbd skankweed, set1 clementine jam2651 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd belaff17691B+  ***
 sbd gasperini bunjes25757A-on cosmic charlie 25757 was very similar sound to 17691 ***
 mtx gems 24; 24 bit 96 khz audio transfer111148Aupgrade in sound over 25757  
 sbd hartbeats boswell smith sirmick 24141647 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd hartbeats boswell smith sirmick 48141875 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/10/68The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 sbd miller ladner4513A-also see jerry garcia for 142425; I selected all 3 for differing reasons but mainly because you cannot listen to too much heartbeats and these are different; 5186 has the different mix with jerry and phil mainly on different channels on some tracks; 5186 and 4513 both have an extra minute in death donít have no mercy not on 142425 and although there are cuts around it on 4513 it seems continuous on 5186 and 142425 so do not know what is right; in spectral view 142425 looked like it may have had noise reduction at some point compared to 4513 which is full spectrum; 5186 looks and states it had noise reduction; in comparison on itís a sin they are all similar sound quality ***
 sbd hollister konstantin hoelter5186A- static d3t1 1:19***
10/12/68Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd gans miller owen9385   ***
 sbd ed10909   ***
 sbd miller86759A  ***
 sbd miller115593Ain comparison on death donít have no mercy, 86759 and 115593 have similar sound; 115593 is slower than 86759; in spectral view 115593 looks like it has more noise above 18k; 10909 and 9385 have same levels and spectral view to each other and have slightly less hiss than 86759 and 115593; 10909 does fix some glitches in 9385; so it is a toss up between speed and slightly more hiss; 125211 has more murky sound than the others; still need 125211 for alternate talking before dark star for first 30 seconds ***
 sbd sorochty , recording info:, sbd > ??125211   ***
 miller glassberg , this has the most139745 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/13/68Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd oleynek revell1027   ***
 sbd miller owen7772   ***
 sbd gans miller owen9386   ***
 sbd ed10910   ***
 sbd miller86761A  ***
 sbd miller115606Ain comparison on death dont have no mercy, 115606 and 86761 have similar sound; 115606 is faster than 86761 ***
10/20/68Greek Theatre, U. Of California, Berkeley, CA
 sbd miller9071   ***
 sbd miller21441A- t6 gets a slight static and sound quality decreases***
 thirty trips, 30 trips around the sun, cd1, good morning, school girl 13:54, turn on your love light 13:39, dark star 10:25, saint stephen 6:37, the eleven 4:55, caution (do not stop on tracks) 11:19, feedback 4:25$A  ***
10/30/68The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 sbd sacks1205A  ***
 gems smith 24, mickey & the hartbeats, 24112737Ain comparison of 112737 and 1205, the results were mixed in that sometimes 112737 had more hiss and was harsher and other times not, but 1205 has some clipping although I could not hear it; it would take more investigation to determine which was best; not sure why this is at 96k when it has nothing above 24k so seems should be at 48k  
 sbd moore berger116833B-in comparison on the first vocals of Death Letter Blues, 116833 has a much narrower harsher unnatural sound compared to 1205 and 112737  
11/1/68The Silver Dollar Fair, Chico, CA
 sbd axelrod9580   ***
 sbd kaplan9965 this seems to be similar to 9580 except this has copied the first 2.5 min of t1 left channel over a low right channel and had levels raised but otherwise looks similar in wav and spectral view ***
 sbd cotsman18100 18100 seems to be similar to 9580 except 18100 has copied the first 2.5 min of t1 left channel over a low right channel and had levels raised but otherwise looks similar in wav and spectral view; this has the added inserted tracks ***
 sbd kaplan20008B+editted folder matches all checksums in 17080; uneditted folder is same md5 as shnid=17080 except for t4,t5,t6 which are different; uneditted has much much hissier t5 rates C- quality, other parts are A- quality and other parts have a static distortion; 131661 uses lots of noise reduction especially on alligator with a less full sound ***
 sbd restore droncit, this is a131661   ***
11/6/68Pacific High Recording, San Mateo, CA
 sbd unknown12618 etree comment says this is lossy but really just low quality with most spectral density below 9k and probably has noise reduction instead; quality varies between B+ to B-; (originally circulated as 1/1/68)  
 studiorehearsals gems82393B+in comparison on t2 and t14, 82393 has a fuller sound with more hiss than 1/1/68 12618 which has been muffled some by noise reduction; in comparison on content, 82393 and 12618 are same through d1t9, then 82393 has an extra d1t10 and d1t11 at which point they resume being the same but until d2t5 where that has an extra 6 minutes which seems to duplicate the following 6 minutes; they are the same from d2t5 until d2t14 which is extra on 82393; so 82393 has more material than 12618 ***
11/22/68Columbus Veterans Hall, Columbus, OH
 aud cotsman10088   ***
 aud goodbear cotsman21933B-  ***
12/7/68Bellarmine College, Louisville, KY
 sbd naines16944   ***
 sbd lai20007   ***
 sbd miller88674A-  ***
12/16/68The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 sbd hartbeats4529A-garcia 97296 is not as muffled and has better sound ***
12/20/68Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd tiedrich9532   ***
 sbd miller89663A-  ***
12/21/68Shrine Exhibition Hall, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd tiedrich9533   ***
 sbd miller89718B+ has hiss***
12/29/68Gulfstream Park Racetrack, Hallandale, FL
 sbd kaplan barbella5424   ***
 sbd cotsman5425   ***
 sbd miller80197B+  ***