GD - Wondering What to Choose 1969
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/69Aoxomoxoa Studio Sessions Outtakes 1969
 sbd dodd16760B+  ***
xx/xx/69Aoxomoxoa Outtakes
 Aoxomoxoa outtakes113752    
1/17/69Civic Auditorium?, Santa Barbara, CA
 sbd clugston3115   ***
 sbd miller89798A- sound quality decreases for d2t2***
1/18/69Playboy Club, West Hollywood, CA
 tv ukmutt33931B  ***
1/24/69Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd kaplan2244   ***
 sbd kaplan2370   ***
 sbd kaplan7922A-  ***
 sbd miller109640A-in comparison on cryptical, 109640 has a little less hiss than 7922 and more warmup at beginning of d1t1 ***
 sbd fix miller110304A-has fixes to 109640 ***
1/25/69Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd kaplan2245   ***
 sbd hollister sachs2268   ***
 sbd kaplan2592   ***
 sbd kaplan7923B+in comparison on dark star, 109641 has a little less hiss than 7923; but unfortunately 109641 is more staticy than 7923 during the lady finger portion around d1t2 2:40; some of this is A- quality but first part is harsher on the instrumentshas a tv band***
 sbd miller109641B+  ***
1/26/69Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd kaplan2246A- has tv band and nothing above it in spectral view***
 sbd miller109642A-in comparison on clementine, 109642 has less hiss than 2246 ***
2/2/69Labor Temple, Minneapolis, MN
 sbd cotsman9758Bin comparison on dark star, 123283 has more hiss and is slower than 9758; 123283 does clean up some of the noted problems on 9758 ***
 sbd123283   ***
2/4/69The Music Box, Omaha, NE
 sbd barbella7294B+  ***
2/5/69Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium, Kansas City, KS
 sbd cotsman8993B+  ***
2/6/69Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO
 sbd cotsman6284A  ***
2/7/69Stanley Theater (Early, Late), Pittsburgh, PA
 late sbd wiley14471B+  ***
 early sbd wiley14472B+  ***
2/11/69arista - Fillmore East
 arista$A  ***
2/12/69Fillmore East (Late Show), New York, NY
 sbd late cotsman6285B+  ***
 late sbd kaplan9072B+in 3-way comparison with 6285 and wgv stream, they all have similar sound and hiss; 6285 is less complete ***
2/14/69Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
 sbd cotsman6286B+  ***
2/15/69Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
 sbd winters16664A-  ***
2/21/69Dream Bowl, Vallejo, CA
 sbd owen7859B+has a spectral band about 9k throughout that gives a ringing sound that can be annoying which is more noticable in the quiet parts ***
 sbd miller111780A-in comparison on dark star and morning dew, 111780 has a fuller sound with more hiss than 7859; 7859 has a more suppressed sound probably through the noise reduction; 111780 does not have the ringing sound on 7859; a lot of this is A quality but some is A- like the patch source ***
2/22/69Dream Bowl, Vallejo, CA
 sbd vernon5206Ain comparison on mountains of the moon, 7860 has less hiss but less full and less natural sound than 5206 probably because of the noise reduction on 7860 ***
 sbd owen7860   ***
 sbd miller112691 in comparison on mountains of the moon, 112691 has less hiss and fuller sound than 5206small digipops d1t5 2:09***
2/27/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd track kaplan6315   ***
 sbd serafin16248   ***
 box$   ***
2/28/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd track kaplan3397   ***
3/1/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd nayfield60   ***
 sbd track kaplan4030   ***
 sbd ashley bertha9391   ***
 sbd lesh serafin13584   ***
3/2/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd track kaplan3344   ***
 sbd bertha ashley7345A  ***
3/15/69Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman4280   ***
 sbd kaplan28798A-  ***
3/22/69Rose Palace, Pasadena, CA
 sbd cotsman8994A-  ***
3/28/69Student Center, Modesto Jr. College, Modesto, CA
 sbd bove3342   ***
 sbd miller81543A-in comparison on the other one, 108057 seemed a little slow and with a little less full sound and may have noise reduction and has a little more hiss ***
 sbd bear motb108057   ***
 sbd bear menke motb0123108240    
3/29/69Ice Palace, Las Vegas, NV
 sbd vinson1764A-  ***
 sbd123467A-in comparison on morning dew, 123467 has less hiss than 1764 ***
4/4/69Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd sacks1314   ***
 fm unknown87542A1314 is a sort of close eac match to 87542 on d1t1 and they have same digital flaws so choose either ***
4/5/69Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd squirlin65   ***
 sbd miller sbesok18701A  ***
4/6/69Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 fm hunter warner fink9389   ***
 sbd fm cotsman9492A  ***
4/11/69University Auditorium, U. Arizona, Tucson, AZ
 sbd barbella8190   ***
 sbd cotsman15404A- a little hiss; had to keep readjusting the volume even in a song***
4/12/69Student Union Ballroom, U. Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
 sbd cotsman14914A-  ***
4/13/69Ballroom, U. of Co., Boulder, CO
 sbd cotsman6287   ***
 sbd miller87378A-  ***
4/15/69The Music Box, Omaha, NE
 sbd cotsman6288B- has noise reduction***
 sbd oswley9073B9073 has some hiss which is more than on the matrix 33952 and 6288; 6288 looks and sounds like noise reduction was used on it ***
 aud miller31435   ***
 aud komar miller31523B-  ***
 aud komar31672   ***
 aud sbd patch komar miller31939   ***
 mtx dan33952B  ***
4/17/69dead download - Washington University - St. Louis, MO
 dead download$A  ***
4/18/69Memorial Union Ballroom, Purdue U., Lafayette, IN
 sbd gardner7537   ***
 sbd miller88867A-  ***
4/20/69Clark University, Worcester, MA
 psbd keshavan1312   ***
 sbd lutch4992B+ some hiss***
4/21/69The Ark, Boston, MA
 sbd clugston6182  drops between some tracks, digipop d1t3 4:15, d1t5 3:23, d1t10 1:23, , square wav static d1t6 1:20, plus more flaws***
 sbd bertha ashley19841  drops between most tracks***
 sbd miller88465A-in 4-way comparison on beginning of second cryptical, bertha 19841 had the bassiest sound and had most hiss; miller 88465 and clugston 6182 had similar sound; probably because of noise reduction, motb 107347 had a narrower sound with least hiss and was also noticably slower than the others; miller 88465 has less digital flaws than clugston 6182digipop d2t1 0:40***
 sbd ashley89717    
 sbd motb107347 looks like it has noise reduction ***
4/22/69The Ark, Boston, MA
 sbd clugston68   ***
 sbd miller88466A-  ***
4/23/69The Ark, Boston, MA
 sbd wise70   ***
 sbd fixed cribbs28297   ***
 sbd miller88501   ***
 partial sbd gems98793    
 sbd barry patched98820   ***
 sbd miller98892   ***
 sbd barry patched fixed98927A-  ***
 sbd miller98968   ***
4/25/69Electric Theater, Chicago, IL
 sbd2596   ***
 sbd miller97392A-  ***
 Electric Theater Chicago, IL     
4/26/69Electric Theater, Chicago, IL
 sbd yerys71   ***
 sbd unknown13390   ***
 sbd gmb96449A-  ***
 sbd miller97393A-  ***
 Dick's Picks$A  ***
4/27/69Labor Temple, Minneapolis, MN
 sbd cotsman5070A-  ***
5/3/69Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 aud phunk173   ***
 sbd partial miller95138B95138 cuts into first song and does not have the intro on 73; 95138 has a lot more hiss than the others but also the fullest most upfront sound; 73 is more muffled and warmer than 95138; 124067 and mtx 124068 sound closer to 73 in sound but both sound unnatural with more distortion and muffling and the hiss shoots up on cymbols and then goes back down; so need 95138 for most of it and 73 for beginning; some may find the hiss is too much on 95138 and choose all of 73has hiss***
 pa dusborne droncit124067   ***
 mtx dusborne droncit124068   ***
5/7/69Polo Field, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
 sbd des5179   ***
 sbd cotsman6028B+this is a close eac match on d1t1 to 5179 but missing that ones jefferson airplane track; that has a drop at end of d2t2 and they have different very small digital pops ***
5/10/69Rose Palace, Pasadena, CA
 sbd tzuriel1336A-  ***
5/11/69Aztec Bowl, San Diego State U., San Diego, CA
 fm cotsman6296B-  ***
5/16/69Campolindo High School, Moraga, CA
 sbd cotsman6297  drop t1 11:42 in tuning***
 sbd clugston6316B+6316 is faster than 6297 but otherwise sounds similar and has less digital flaws ***
5/23/69Seminole Indian Village, Hollywood, FL
 sbd phunk174   ***
 sbd kaplan12223   ***
 sbd gmb96631A-  ***
 Road Trips$A   
5/24/69Seminole Indian Village, Hollywood, FL
 sbd unknown10737   ***
 sbd kpfa16177A-see Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 1 ***
5/29/69Robertson Gym, U.C.S.B., Santa Barbara, CA
 sbd jim14018B-  ***
5/30/69Springer's Inn, Portland, OR
 sbd miller87516A-  ***
5/31/69McArthur Court, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
 sbd oleynick76B+  ***
6/xx/69Home Recordings, Summer, 1969
 aud tzuriel10510C  ***
6/5/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd barbella6017B+ drop d1t7 0:00, d1t11 0:00, drop/cut between cdrs***
 sbd cotsman15204B+in 3-way comparison on d1t1 with wgv stream they have similar sound except 6017 has slightly more hiss but less flawsdrop/cut between cdrs, end of d2t1, d2t4 0:00; discontinuity pops d1t1 4:43;***
6/6/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd thecore4281  drop end of t2, t3 2:29***
 sbd jupile9494B+in 3-way comparison 4281 and wgv stream sound similar qualitydrop d1t01 12:44, d1t02 4:22, d1t04 5:00, d1t05 2:34; d1t03 0:00;***
6/7/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd kaplan9074B+ in comparison to wgv, 9074 has more hiss and a fuller more natural sound; d2t1 gets worse qualiy [B-]drop end of d1t6, between cdrs, end of d2t1; pop d2t1 0:00;***
 wgv$B+may have a little noise reduction; warmer, less hiss, and correct speed than 9074 (that was too fast on dire wolf); t10 gets worse qualiy [B-] whiney and ringy and distorted just like on 8074drop, t7 0:00, end of t9; big pop t10 0:00***
6/8/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd thecore4512B+ drop/cut between cdrs, d2t1 19:46, d2t3 5:16, d2t5 0:43; quality decreases on d2t1***
 sbd cotsman19285B+19285 is a not close eac match on d1t1 to 4512; 19285 has same drop/cuts but an additional discontinuity pop d1t1 11:21 can be heard; in comparison to wgv stream they sound similar with same amount of hiss ***
 sbd miller123986A-in comparison on he was a friend of mine, 123986 has a warmer sound with less hiss than 19285drops/static d1t4 12:56***
6/13/69Fresno Convention Center, Fresno, CA
 sbd barbella7775B+  ***
6/14/69Monterey Performing Arts Center, Monterey, CA
 sbd skinner5182B+  ***
xx/xx/69original mix of Aoxomoxoa; Pacific Recording Studios - San Mateo, CA
 gd aoxomoxoa32074  has bad wav chunk length on t1 
6/21/69Fillmore East (Early), New York, NY
 aud early cotsman8995   ***
 sbd late bove2195A  ***
 early late aud sbd cotsman16334Csbd portion rates A and seems same as 2196 except levels raised on some songs and made faster ***
6/22/69Central Park, New York, NY
 aud hanno8836C  ***
 sbd kaplan17892B  ***
6/27/69Veterans Auditorium, Santa Rosa, CA
 sbd finney78   ***
 sbd finney10344B left channel has asymetric wavs limited on the top***
 sbd samaritano20547Bin comparison on high time these are similar quality and 10344 has least hiss, then 78 and then 20547; however 20547 has the most natural sound and can hear more through the hiss; sound quality varies from B- to B+ ***
6/28/69Veterans Auditorium, Santa Rosa, CA
 sbd cole3300   ***
 sbd samaritano20548A-  ***
7/3/69Reed's Ranch, Colorado Springs, CO
 sbd miller92771B+ some hiss***
 sbd miller121879B+  ***
7/4/69Electric Theater, Chicago, IL
 sbd cotsman4360   ***
 sbd sirmick remaster29294A-  ***
7/5/69Electric Theater, Chicago, IL
 sbd cotsman4282B+ a little hiss; some reording level distortion on d2t3***
7/7/69Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA
 sbd clugston3116B+  ***
 sbd123468B+in comparison on high time, 3116 and 123468 sounded similar; 123468 had less flaws and seems cleaner around the cut in lovelight where 3116 had some small pops not on 123468 ***
7/11/69NY State Pavilion, Flushing Meadow Park, Queens, NY
 sbd hanno4644B+aud patch d2t1 to d2t2 is C qualityhas some hiss;***
 latvala lee smith123417    
 latvala lee smith123418B+in comparison on dire wolf, 123418 has a fuller harsher tinnier sound with more hiss than 4644 so could choose either; 123418 does not have the 5 minute aud patch that 4644 has so need that for alligator plus also has about 4 minutes more after the aud patch not on 123418 ***
7/12/69NY State Pavilion, Flushing Meadow Park, Queens, NY
 sbd aud hanno4645Bd1 rates C+, d2 rates A- so total is B ***
 latvala lee smith123434B123433 has end of show statements not on 4645; 4645 has aud portion not on 123434; in comparison on st stephen, 123434 has a fuller harsher tinnier sound with more hiss than 4645 so could choose either ***
 latvala lee smith123433    
8/2/69Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd miller30651B+a little hiss and sound quality worsens near end of d2t5 ***
8/3/69Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd miller30652B+violin and sax on d1t3, d2t1 make for a different sound; has hiss ***
8/16/69Max Yasgur's Farm, Bethel, NY
 sbd cotsman15205   ***
 sbd gmb95856   ***
 sbd gmb95857A-   
 sbd gmb fixed95917    
 sbd gmb fixed95918A-would be A but starts to get harsh a few spots on high time ***
8/21/69Aqua Theater, Seattle, WA
 sbd cotsman13850A-  ***
8/23/69Pelletier Farm, St. Helens, OR
 sbd2196   ***
 sbd lai6639B+in comparison to 2196 that has levels raised so starts to clip a little and has more hiss; mainly A- but a few songs had some harshness like sitting on top and st stephen ***
8/28/69Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd lepley4234B  ***
 sbd123091B123091 is slower with similar sound quality to 4234 ***
8/29/69Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman8996A- has tv band; has some analog drops causing a stuttering sound d1t4 1:59 not on 9179; drop d2t2 0:00, d2t3 8:54***
 sbd lai9179A-9179 seems to have a little less hiss than 8996 ***
 sbd fixed123101 in comparison on high time, 123101 has more hiss than 9179 but that is because 9179 has a lower relative left channel and when boosted the hiss level is the same; 123101 has more digital flaws than 9179digital flaws at d1t04 4:46; d1t03 0:25, d1t04 4:07, d1t09 6:21, d2t01 9:18***
 sbd123075   ***
8/30/69Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd barbella8594Aa small part of st stephen is a little harsh to A- ***
 partial aud unknown seaweed122231 in comparison on high time, 122231 is much more muffled than 8594 ***
 mat tobin122265   ***
 upg sbd tobin122267Ad1 has same md5 as 8594 and d2 has the aud patch in drums; in comparison on high time sbd 122267 has fuller more upfront sound than mtx 122265 which sounds echoey and less natural; 123076 and 122267 have a similar sound but 123076 has more and bigger digital flawsdrop/cut between cdrs; discontinuitiy pop at end of d1t3, d2t2 and at d2t3 3:07***
 upg aud tobin122266   ***
 sbd123076  digital flaw at d1t02 0:33, d1t03 10:12, d2t02 6:12; d1t03 7:52, d2t01 20:05, 20:45, d2t03 3:07, 5:33***
9/1/69Baton Rouge Int. Speedway, Prairieville, LA
 sbd unknown5042   ***
 sbd kaplan5216   ***
 sbd vernon19963B+ a slight hiss***
9/6/69Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd lai1184   ***
 sbd samaritano16608B  ***
9/7/69Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd dfinney5808A-  ***
9/11/69The Family Dog at the Great Highway (?), San Francisco, CA
 aud cotsman12063B-  ***
9/26/69Fillmore East, New York, NY
 aud cotsman9376   ***
 aud hanno14856B-  ***
9/27/69Fillmore East (early), New York, NY
 early aud warner jupillej12064   ***
 aud hanno14857B-  ***
9/29/69Cafe au Go-Go, New York, NY
 aud early hollister79B-  ***
9/30/69Cafe au Go-Go, New York, NY
 aud early hollister80C  ***
10/24/69Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 aud jools19527C  ***
 aud unknown seaweed122194C+in comparison on dire wolf, 19527 has more hiss and is more blairy than 122194 ***
10/25/69Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd jagla81   ***
 wgv$Ahas same wav and spectral view and levels and sound as 81 but does not have the discontinuities and pops on that one but has 2 small dropsdrop t2 0:00; drop t3 8:51, t4 0:02***
10/26/69Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd fink9509A-wgv stream is a little clearer with less hiss and has t1 channel drop out on left channel ***
 wgv$  flaws in t1 repaired by making them mono for flaw; begin of t6 repeats end of t5; this is very similar with channels swapped with this slightly warmer than 9509drop end of t4; has some squarish wavs on t2;***
10/31/69San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
 sbd lai3377B has hiss***
11/1/69Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman6298Bquality varies from B+ to B-has some hiss;***
11/2/69Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd goodbear1125   ***
 sbd miller32273   ***
 sbd miller32350A-gets harsh in a few spots on d1t5 where quality is B+ ***
11/7/69Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman6299B+ drop end of d1t5, drop/cut between cdrs, d2t1 0:05, d2t3 3:14, d2t5 2:29***
 sbd kaplan19783A-3-way comparison on d1t1 both the wgv stream and 6299 had a clicking in one channel although each was on a different channel; 21762 reported to sbe fix of 19783drop d1t2 0:00, d1t3 0:00, d1t10 0:00, d1t11 0:00, d1t15 0:00, d2t6 0:00;***
 sbd miller119628Ain comparison on morning dew 119628 has less hiss than 19783; 119628 has more songs ***
11/8/69Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd wise82 shnid 82 and 17433 have same md5 ***
 sbd wise17433   ***
 weinberg warner26331   ***
 miller patched dp16$A  ***
 Dick's Picks$A  ***
11/15/69Lanai Theater, Crockett, CA
 sbd tiedrich9535B-shntool fix of 9137; 9538 is alternate shntool fix ***
11/21/69Cal Expo, Building A, Sacramento, CA
 sbd cotsman6300   ***
 set2 sbd gmb96580A  ***
12/4/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman9496B drop end of d1t8, between cdrs, d2t1 7:29, d2t5 0:44***
 sbd wizard23975Bin 3-way comparison on t3 these are all similarly muffled, wgv stream sounds similar with same hiss, 9496 has more hiss (on d2t1 pigpen hits 13 years of age)drop end of d1t8;***
12/5/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman11256B+in comparison to wolfgangsvault version that is same recording based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t5; that is missing the first 2 flawed tracks on this and the last 3; it also has the degraded right channel in spectral view on this one for d1t9 to d2t5lots of big digi-statics in d1t1 and d1t2***
12/7/69Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd owen6958B  ***
12/10/69Thelma Theater, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd barbella8214 this is a close eac match on d1t1 to 10986 ***
 sbd aud cotsman8997B+this has same wav and spectral view and levels and sound as 8214 on sbd portion; this has higher levels on the aud portion but otherwise same wav and spectral view and sound; this has less digital flaws than 8214; this has a drop on d1t1 where that has static; sbd rate A-, aud rates B ***
 sbd gerland10986 this is a close eac match on d1t1 to 8214 and has same digital flaws as that plus more like drops d2t01 1:58, 4:48, d2t03 0:22, 0:47, 1:20, 3:27, 5:44, d2t07 1:02; digi-pops d2t01 1:03; so this is like a worse cdr rip of 8214 plus the additional tracks from aud which have lower levels than on 8997 but otherwise similar spectral view and sound ***
12/11/69Thelma Theater, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd aud cotsman8998 this has different digital flaws than 10987, but that ones flaws are more in the musicdrops between many tracks; drops not in music at cuts: d1t1 0:47, d1t4 2:45, d1t12 3:17, d1t13 5:46, d2t4 5:07, d3t4 5:44;***
 sbd gerland10987B-has same wav and spectral view and levels at 8998 for aud portion; this has a lot less hiss on high time; that has more between song tuning after high time (so best as of 5/10/10 is 91152 for first part and then 10987 for rest)d1t13 repeats d1t12; drop/cut between cdrs, d2t4 4:54, end of d2t6; d1t12 has lots of digital flaws like drops not on d1t13; drop d1t7 3:27, d1t11 0:54;***
 fob brady motb91109B+this has less hiss and digital flaws than prior versions 8998 and 10987 ***
 fob brady motb91152B+has similar sound to 91109 which is closer to mono especiallly below 4k; that has a flatter sound ***
12/12/69Thelma Theater, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd clugston2247   ***
 sbd gerland10988B+10988 has same wav and spectral views and sound to 2247 on high time ; 10988 has the extra tracks at the beginning; 10988 has more digital flaws not on 2247 like a discontinuity pop d1t5 6:04, d1t6 6:49, 10:26, drops d2t4 0:06, static d2t6 3:57; first part rates B/B- and second part rates A-/A ***
12/13/69Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA
 sbd clugston5583A-  ***
12/19/69Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd clugston5584   ***
 sbd hanno9183B+the wgv stream sounds similar with same amount of light hiss; the md5 of this matches 5584 except on d1t9, d1t10, d2t6 (sbd rates A-, aud rates C)drop/cut between cdrs;***
12/20/69Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman6301B+harsh and compressed with hiss; wgv stream has much less hiss and is not as harshdrop/cut at end of d1t4; has heavy spectral band at 19k;***
 wgv$Aa lot less hiss and not as harsh and fuller sound than 6301 ***
12/21/69Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd vernon12927Awgv stream has similar sound and hiss ***
12/26/69McFarlin Auditorium, Southern Methodist Univ., Dallas, TX
 sbd murphy1821   ***
 sbd warner evans28448A  ***
12/28/69International Speedway, Hollywood, FL
 sbd cotsman6030B  ***
 sbd cotsman8999Bd1t1 to d1t7 match md5 of 6030; quality on this portion in B+ with quality ranging from B- to A-; the rest has B quality and is similar in sound to 96578 with same overrecoding distortion; 6030 has more hiss and is more muffled and less harsh sounding and as a result the distortion is not heard as much ***
 sbd gmb96578B clear but a lot of distortion as if overrecorded***
12/29/69Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA
 sbd8044   ***
 sbd cotsman96143B+similar sound to 8044; 8044 has a little more at beginning and end; 96143 has some of the mic hit like noises at the beginning of d2t5 reduced in volume; mainly A- vocals get harsh on high time making B+ ***
12/30/69Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA
 sbd unknown4575   ***
 sbd cotsman14037   ***
 sbd unknown15372   ***
 sbd miller28469A-this has little above 12k except a tv band so seems like some noise reduction was used but did not hear it;; 28469 has less hiss and seems at right speed while 4575, 14037 and 15732 seem slower with more hiss; vocals start to get harsh in a few spots like d3t6 ***
12/31/69Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA
 sbd clevenger6704   ***
 sbd gardner7373   ***
 sbd miller95420A6704 and 7373 are more muffled than this ***