GD - Wondering What to Choose 1970
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/70Workingman's Dead Outtakes
 sbd7319A- analog drop t1 1:13***
xx/xx/70studio sessions for "workingman's dead"
 studio smith91324A- has a few pops, quality varies from A to B+***
xx/xx/70Beyond Description - (1973-1989)
 Beyond Description$   ***
xx/xx/70What A Long Strange Trip It's Been: The Best Of The Grateful Dead
 What A Long Strange Trip It's Been: The Best Of The Grateful Dead$    
1/2/70Fillmore East (show b- Late?), New York, NY
 partial early sbd86A- drop t2 0:00, t04 19:22, 19:23, 19:33, 19:34, 19:35, 19:53***
 late sbd hanno12624A- drop/cut end of t13, t13 2:32; t14 is of much lesser sound quality***
 early late sbd cotsman18120A-in 3-way comparison these sounded similar on d1t4 except 18120 had least hiss and wgv stream and 12624 had a similar amount to each other; in comparison to 86 on d3t3 this has similar sound except less hissdrop/cut between cdrs, d1t07 5:44, d2t04 0:00, 7:14, d2t05 3:36, d2t06 2:02, d2t09 0:04, d3t03 0:00;***
1/3/70Fillmore East (Late Show), New York, NY
 sbd ret19440B+ drop/cut end of d2t6***
 sbd gmb97743B+ in comparison on d1t1, 97743 has similar sound and hiss to wgv stream; 19440 is harsher and less full sounding; 97743 could rate A- but was a little harsh in tonedrops d1d1 6:29;***
1/10/70Golden Hall, San Diego, CA
 sbd clugston6663   ***
 sbd hollister17345   ***
 sbd sirmick89175   ***
 sbd miller89281   ***
 sbd sirmick89614    
 sbd miller pitch corrected89862A-vocals get harsh sometimes on lovelight ***
1/16/70Springer's Inn Portland, Portland, OR
 sbd popi7111A-starts harsh on d1t2 but sound improves; has some big static/drops in d1t2 1:xx; levels go over and gets harsh briefly on good lovin ***
1/17/70Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
 sbd clugston2220   ***
 sbd cotsman19283B+starts out as A- but gets B+ to B because vocals got overrecorded on cumberland and good loving and other loud songs ***
1/18/70dead download - Springer's Inn - Portland, OR
 dead download$   ***
1/23/70Honolulu Civic Auditorium, Honolulu, HI
 sbd goodbear88   ***
 sbd fixed connor18153A-at d2tt3 31:52 lovelight cuts and there is big pop and a drop and then the quality decreases to B and for an unlisted part of a dark star jam for 4:55 that looks sourced from a 32k dat ***
1/24/70Honolulu Civic Auditorium, Honolulu, HI
 sbd kaplan7890A  ***
1/30/70The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA
 sbd vernon10546A-has the noise reduction as indicated and may be a B+ ***
1/31/70The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA
 sbd cotsman7045   ***
 sbd cotsman fixed24028B+in comparison to wgv stream on d1t4 they have similar sound except that has more hiss; this is an exact eac match on d1t1 to 7045; overrecoding on big boss man brings this mainly A- down to B+; some of the acoustic set rates A on some songs while the hiss comes up on others making them a B+drop/cut between cdrs; drop d1t05 4:52, d1t07 4:40, d1t08 3:20, d2t05 2:47, d2t10 0:21, d2t11 3:39; d2t01 0:11, d2t07 3:55, d2t11 3:37; 7045 has same digital flaws;***
2/1/70The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA
 sbd kaplan9629B+in comparison on black peter to wgv stream, 9629 has more hiss but that has less full and less natural sound as if noise reduction was used; in comparison to 18121 on Lovelight 18121 has a warmer fuller sound; sound starts harsh at B+ on Beat it but then improvesdrop/cut between cdrs; drop d2t4 15:06;***
 psbd cousinit18121B+ drop d1t4 0:00; has some spectral bands on left channel; looks like has noise reduction***
 wgv$A-looks like noise reduction resulting in less hiss but also less natural sounding than 9629 ***
2/2/70The Fabulous Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
 sbd vernon10374   ***
 sbd cotsman17809A-17809 is similar to 10374 in wav and spectral view with a little higher levels; 17809 is slower than 17809; mainly A- but gets a little harsh on cumberland for B+ ***
 psbd cousinit18122 same as filler on 2/1/70 18121 and is an exact eac match on that to this ones d1t1 and d1t2 ***
 partial sbd unknown33334B+this has more hiss than 10374 ***
 sbd miller gans121041A-in comparison on dark star, 120948 has a warmer sound than 17809 ***
 sbd miller gans121042    
2/4/70Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd miller12130   ***
 sbd cotsman12601   ***
 sbd kaplan14188   ***
 dead download$   ***
2/5/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd bean3911B+  ***
 sbd hanno9184Bin 3-way comparison on t11, 9184 is very similar to 3911 while wgv stream is warmer with a little less hiss but also more suppressed; aud portion rates B and sbd rtes B+; aud portion looks and sounds like noise reduction was useddrop t03 0:00, t05 0:00, 8:44, t12 7:07;***
 wgv$A light static in tuning at beginning of t6; less hiss and warmer sound than 9184; small digi-pop t2 11:16, 11:33, t3 5:12, 6:11, t5 2:52, t6 1:38, 3:21, 4:17, 5:52, 7:10, 7:15 plus probably a few more***
2/6/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd bean3913A-in comparison on d1t10 to wgv stream the sound is similar except 3913 has more hissdigipop d1t1 4:13***
 wgv$  drop end of t3, t8, t10; discontinuity pop t13 0:29; warmer with less hiss than 3913; digi-pop t1 0:47 1:45, 2:58, 5:26, 5:37 plus more like this; cut in t6 1:38, t11 1:05***
2/7/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd naked_jaybird3648B drop near end of t9, discontinuities between some tracks***
 sbd bean3912   ***
 sbd hanno10527B10527 has same wav and spectral view and levels and sound as 3648; 10527 has hard to handle not on the 3648, 3912, or the wgv stream; wgv stream is similar sound with same amout of hiss and distortion; 3912 is harsher with a little more hiss and same distortion; 10527 is rated B because although clear sounding there is distortion in music on some songs ***
2/8/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd aud cribbs17679B+ square wav static and drop d2t54:48; drop/cut between cdrs***
 sbd aud cousinit18123C+looks and sounds like noise reduction was used; has the same cousinit spectral view signature of specttal bands on the upper frequencies of the left channel as others from 1970 ***
 sbd aud cotsman19152B+sound quality varies from B- to A-; in 4-way comparison on d2t4, this,17679, and wgv stream sound similar with similar amount of hiss and 18123 sounds muffled and may have noise reduction; in comparison on d1t2 to 17679 that was more muffled and sounded like it had noise reductiondrop d1t03 0:02, d1t08 3:23, d1t11 0:17, 0:17, d2t05 4:48;***
2/11/70Fillmore East (late show), New York, NY
 early late sbd sacks90   ***
 sbd warner patched28292 on d1t3 and dt9, 28292 has same wav and spectral view and levels as 90; on d2t4 28292 has similar wav and spectral view and sound except right channel has been raised on 90 ***
 partial sbd greenberg evans28402   ***
 late partial sbd chester mande33335   ***
 partial late aud reynolds gadsden99052   ***
 late set2 aud smith99152   ***
 sbd smith patched99154B+in comparison on d1t3 to 28292, 99154 was very similar sound with slightly less hiss; on d2t4 99154 sounded similar on left channel but 99154 had more hiss and that was more muffled; in the patch on d2t1 99154 has a little more hiss; on d2t2 99154 had a fuller sound than 28402 and 33335; both auds 99052 and 99152 on d2t2 were also not as clear and full sounding; rates B+ because some songs like casey jones get harsh while others are at A- ***
2/12/70Ungano's Night Club, New York, NY
 sbd serafin88908   ***
2/13/70Fillmore East (Early Show), New York, NY
 early sbd gans2208   ***
 sbd sssb murphy9191   ***
 early aud unknown holmes oleynick109535   ***
 early late sbd cotsman18114   ***
 early sbd murphy31636   ***
 sbd miller97613   ***
 sbd miller fix97639Aon cold rain, 97639 has a warmer fuller sound than 2208, 18114. 31636, 9191 which sound closer to each other; aud 109535 is more muffled; aud 123814 is also muffled and looks like has noise reduction ***
 aud cooper123814   ***
 Dick's Picks$   ***
2/14/70Fillmore East, New York, NY
 early late sbd cotsman18115   ***
 sbd miller97644B+d1t1 is a little to harsh to get an A- while acoustic portion rates an A ***
2/23/70The Auditorium, Austin, TX
 sbd vernon10375B+mainly A- but gets B+ for distortion on vocals on not fade away and masons ***
2/27/70Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd clugston2191   ***
 sbd miller28833B+2191 when compared on d1t6 was very similar with lower levels but may be because this is the patch; on d2t4 that has more hiss;; this has a drop/pop at d2t4 6:20 not on that one; this has more music ***
2/28/70Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman9377B+some spots of distortion in the vocals ***
3/1/70Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd ben91  has asymetric wavs on right channel limited on the top***
 sbd hanno4641B+4641 has similar sound to 91 with 4641 longer because patched and seemed same speed and sound on morning dew; these have different digital flaws; a lot of this is A- while other parts start to get hash in the vocals like beat it on down the line; the aud portion rates Cdigipops d2t1 2:33, 2:41 not on 91;***
3/7/70Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
 aud hanno6156B-lossy sourced; some is B quality but near end goes to B- for last 2 songsnothing above 16k, has lego parapets***
3/8/70Star Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
 sbd9195A-in comparison to 13191 they had similar sound on black peter, they have different digital flaws; chose 9195 since it did not have the limiting on that one but not sure I could hear it; a lot of this rates A-drops d1t8 4:46; discontinuity pop d1t2 8:00, d1t9 4:15, d1t10 0:42;***
 sbd unk13191  digipops d2t4 1:59; discontinuitiy pop d2t3 3:23, 9:19; wav peaks seem limited on d2t3 and d2t4***
 sbd miller113359 in comparison on dire wolf and black peter, 13191 and 9195 sounded similar while 113359 has a little more hiss and compression; 113359 has less flaws than those ***
3/20/70Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
 sbd yerys1315   ***
 sbd late hamilton14287   ***
 sbd smith99182B+in comparison on black peter, 99182 has warmest sound and least hiss, then 14287, and then 1315; some parts are A- but vocals start to get a little harsh on lovelight ***
3/21/70Capitol Theater (Late), Port Chester, NY
 late aud5316   ***
 late aud lee pcrp21779B+looks like has noise reduction and has a spectral fuzz band above 19k; 21779 is same recording as 5316 based; in comparison to 5316 on black peter, 5316 has more hiss; in 3-way comparison these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of black peter; Ken & Judy Lee 21779 has most upfront fullest sound, then coolsonics altsource 118670 is more muffled and more distant with more hiss, and then berger cooper 124148 is narrowest sound and least natural sound as if underwent severe noise reductiondigipops t9 1:50, 2:15, 6:01, 6:23, t10 3:09;***
 late aud coolsonics altsource118670   ***
 early aud5315  some analog static such as d1t12 2:12***
 early lee pcrp20184B+looks like has noise reduction and has a spectral fuzz band above 19k; in comparison to 5315 on friend of mine, 5315 has more hiss and 20184 is a little less natural sound but not enough to make too much difference over the loss of hiss; 5315 had more analog staticdigipops t9 10:51***
 b cooper124148   ***
3/24/70Pirates World, Dania, FL
 sbd hollister2990  has static at the begiining of d1t1 before the music; drop d1t3 10:05, d2t3 4:32; discontinuity pop d2t6 0:00***
 sbd miller32054B+32054 had similar sound to 2990 on high time; 2990 has more digital flaws ***
4/xx/70Field House, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
 sbd dan119118A-  ***
4/3/70Field House, U. of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
 sbd farnsworth3862B+3862 is a close eac match to bootleg "china cat" Main Street MST 105/2 with same flaws; in comparison to 4283, on d1t1 4283 is about 5% faster; on candyman 3862 seemed the right speed and 4283 sounded too fast; 4283 is missing about 2 and 1/2 minutes of crowd, tuning, talking, introductions, and mic setup before katie mae but otherwise has similar sound quality; as indicated 3862 has the occasional buzz in the music; some of 3862 is A- quality but vocals start to get harsh on hard to handle and it has the occasional buzz in some songs; 114616 has more high end than 3862 which gives it a little more hiss and amplifies the flaws more while 3862 has a fuller warmer sound; Diamond Cut 119118 added some scratchiness to the vocals on "pretty women" phrase in candyman not on 3862 or 114616; however Diamond Cut 114616 did greatly reduce the volume of the buzz that soon followed although it was still there and noticable but is much more in the background nowdrop/cut between cdrs, end of d2t2***
 sbd cotsman4283  drops between tracks; discontinuity pop d1t9 1:57***
 sbd boswell smith114569    
 sbd boswell smith114616   ***
4/9/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd hanno6157Bd1t9 and d2 are lossy with not much above 14k and has lego parapets - lossy sourced; on the sbd parts are A- sounding but other parts start to get distorted on man's world to B+; Aud portions range from B- to B ***
4/11/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman12072A-mostly A- but does start to get harsh near end of lovelight ***
4/12/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd kaplan3820B+ light static d1t5 0:56, d1t6 2:45***
4/15/70Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd lai6644B+ drop end of t2, t10; has heavy spectral band at 19k and has a void where a tv band might have been if removed***
 sbd kaplan14354B+in comparison 14354 and wgv stream sound similar with same hiss and 6644 has more hiss and is harsher and appears to have under gone heavy compression; most of 14354 is A- but vocals start to get harsh on some songs like not fade awaydrop/cut between cdrs, end of d1t5***
4/24/70Mammoth Gardens, Denver, CO
 aud cotsman9498   ***
 aud gillis17685  close to mono; digipop d2t7 0:08 plsu some discontinuities***
 aud hanno19531B-in 4-way comparison on candyman, they are all close to mono except 9498; 9498 is more muffled than the others; 19531 is similar to 17685 but 17685 has levels raised with compression and has more hiss and is not as clear, 27205 has most hiss because of tone change that makes it harsher but easier to hear the vocals; in 2-way comparison on dire wolf, 27205 has less hiss because of the noise reduction on that section and is a little harsher but did not notice much accompanying lack in natural sound because of the quality; sound quality starts at B but ends at Cdiscontinuity pop d2t6 5:28 plus some more; close to mono***
 aud remaster sirmick27205Cas described, this looks like noise reduction was used mainly on the electric setdigi-pop d23 2:37; discontinuity pop d2t6 5:28 plus some more; close to mono***
5/1/70Alfred College, Alfred, NY
 sbd unknown93   ***
 sbd clugston5465   ***
 sbd gans miller85322   ***
 sbd miller95683A-in 3-way comparison on high time 85322 and 5465 sound similar to 95683; in 4-way comparison on race is on those and 93 sounded similar to 95683; 95683 is most complete; 95683 has least digital flaws ***
5/2/70Harpur College, Binghamton, NY
 sbd remaster dp8outtake100007A-  ***
 sbd bear gems108673A-in comparison on friend of the devil, 108673 has a fuller warmer sound than dp8; on Cryptical Reprise, 108673 was similarly warmer and fuller but there was more noticable hiss; so I liked 108673 better than dp8 for the first set and note that 108673 is incomplete with songs cut and missing cold jordan and ; second set of 108673 was not as high of quality as dp8  
 sbd fm aud unknown108955B-did not listen to all of this only sampled for sound quality ***
 bear gems120081    
 Dick's Picks$A  ***
5/3/70Field House, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
 aud cotsman9378 very close to mono ***
 aud goldman sirmick20852C20852 is lossy for the gd portion - nothing above 16k except floating parapets; sort of close to mono; in comparison to 9378 on me and my uncle, 20852 had less distortion making it easier to hear the vocals on; lots of upfront chatty crowd talk into the mics; sound quality ranges from B- to C- with some songs being more distorted ***
5/6/70Kresge Plaza, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA
 sbd gans94B+94 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 95; 95 has an extra drop at end of d1t3 not on 94; 94 is very close to mono; in comparison to 95816 on morning dew they sound similar with 95816 having slightly more hiss and a tone that is a little less warm; most of 94 is A- but some parts start to get harsh ***
 sbd gans hall95   ***
 sbd gmb95816 this is sort of close to mono ***
 sbd gmb95817    
5/7/70Dupont Gymnasium, MIT, Cambridge, MA
 aud weiner gdadt045439B-in comparison to sirmick 32276 on frozen logger and final lovelight, the noise reduction reduced both the hiss and the music but at this quality of recording it may have helped; did not hear much difference on candyman ***
 aud sirmick32276   ***
5/8/70Farrell Hall, Delhi, NY
 aud miller32056D  ***
5/9/70Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA
 sbd cotsman9770   ***
5/14/70Meramec Community College, Kirkwood, MO
 sbd electric clugston7604  square wav static d2t5 4:05***
 sbd cotsman12439 missing some of the banter and tuning in the acoustic set to make it 6 minutes shorter than other acoustic setsshnid=24223 fixed sbes; square wav static d2t9 4:05***
 sbd cotsman24223 all but d2t10 and d1t12 have matching st5 to 12439 ***
 sbd warner evans28716B+in 3-way comparison on candyman, 28716 and 34165 have similar sound while 12439 is more muffled with more hiss; on 3-way comparison on attics, 28716, 7604, and 12439 had similar sound; 28716 is most complete except that 97548 some of new speedway; these all have different digital flaws; a lot of this is A- but starts to get harsh on some songs like casey jonesdrop/static d2t5 0:40***
 sbd acoustic clugston34165   ***
 set2 partial sbd browning97548 as indicated the first 10 seconds are lossy sourced and then goes to 28716 ***
5/15/70Fillmore East (Late Show), New York, NY
 early late sbd97A NRPS portion is shnid=18397; drops between a lot of tracks; drop D1T04 3:29, D1T09 2:27, D1T11 0:00, 4:09, D1T13 3:49, D1T15 4:16, D2T01 2:30, D2T04 5:46, D2T06 4:26, D2T08 3:48, D2T10 3:48, D3T04 0:25, 3:49, 3:50, D3T05 1:44, 1:49, D3T06 1:36, 3:16, 3:22, D3T10 5:24, D4T01 4:30, D4T03 4:42, D4T06 4:15, D4T07 4:27, D4T09 3:15, 4:03, D4T10 6:13, D4T14 5:17, D5T09 4:50, D6T04 27:01***
 sbd reynolds kaplan29473Ain comparison on d4t3, 29473 had similar sound to 97 and wgv stream; 97 had more drops; mainly A quality but some songs like minglewood start to get slightly harshdrops between cdrs, d7t4 2:18, end of d7t6; right channel has low levels for part of d1; i***
 Road Trips$  static from nisplaced segments d2t10 0:56***
 road trips cm remaster$   ***
5/16/70Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
 aud weiner14769   ***
 aud cotsman17027Cin comparison to 14769, 14769 does not have the drops on 17027; 14769 has more hiss than 17027 so this probably had some noise reduction or tone change and it was nard to tell if it had less natural sound as a result because of the low sound qualityfade/drop/cut/fade in end of t1 to beginning of t2, t3 5:41 in what appears to be an attempts to remove some minor mic noise***
5/24/70Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Newcastle, England
 aud bunjes6159B-mainly B- but drops to C on lovelightdrop end of d1t6, discontinuity pop d2t1 9:42, 11:00, 13:02, d2t3 4:36, d2t4 23:10***
 sbd hanno6481Bin comparison on attics to aud 6159, 6159 is more muffled, not as clear and more distorted; mainly B+ sound except lovelight gets C because of scratchy distortion; aud patches are B-drop/cut between cdrs, d1t11 4:15, d2t4 11:17, d2t4 15:62***
6/4/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd miller12135Bsome of this gets to B+ but there is some hiss and harshness earlier on ***
 sbd acou unk miogi119921B+   
 gdnrps sonytc124 olsen droncit flat123798Bsound quality on 123798 ranges from B- on some nrps songs to B+; in comparison on candyman, sbd 119921 has most warmest fullest most natural sound with least hiss over aud and mtx 123799; in comparison on its all over now baby blue, sbd 12135 has the most natural sound with most hiss; mtx 123799 has a less full sound with less hiss as if noise reduced; aud 123798 is very narrow sound and harsh; so need all of sbds 119921 and 12135 and part of aud 123798 to fill in the missing parts ***
 mtx olsen droncit dusborne123799   ***
6/5/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd thecore4361   ***
 sbd hanno7589   ***
 sbd bunjes evans28653A-28653 is a close eac match on d1t1 and d1t2 to 7589 and seemed to have the same digital flaws; on d1t9 28653 has patches not on 7589; 4361 has same levels and spectral view but without the patches; sound is mainly A- but patches are B quality; in comparison on black peter, mtx 109847 has a warmer sound with less hiss but is muddier than 28653; aud 109847 is harsher and more suppressed ***
 aud unknown tiedrich coulter oleynick109847   ***
 mtx dusborne123702   ***
6/6/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd ashley2172  this has asymetric wavs on right channel limited in the top; drop d1t8 0:00, end of d1t8, near end of d1t11, d2t5 15:54, digi-pop d1t5 2:33 plus a few more***
 sbd miller86951A-in comparison to 2172 on attics, 86951 has slightly less hiss; 86951 has more digital flaws of discontinuities and digi-pops and square wav static while 2172 has more drop/cuts between tracks; this is mostly A-discontinuity pop d1t1 8:18, digi-pop d1t5 2:30, drop/square wav static d2t8 1:44, plus some more of these types of flaws***
6/7/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd hollister98A  ***
 sbd clevenger fix6185 17 of the md5s match 98 while 10 do not; 6185 has drops not on 98 between many tracks ***
6/13/70Red Vest, Oahu, HI
 sbd hanno9079Baud portion rates B- and sbd rates B+ ***
6/21/70Pauley Ballroom, U. of California, Berkeley, CA
 aud hanno6160Cthis is lossy with nothing above 15k except lego parapetsdiscontinuity pops t4 1:47, t6 5:00, t8 3:59***
6/24/70Capitol Theater (Late), Port Chester, NY
 aud lee5339   ***
 aud lai7467 early show reported to be a different show as setlist does not match up; ***
 late aud harlan9330   ***
 aud pcrp523062B23062 is the only early acoustic so far at 5/2010 and has noise reduction as indicated on that portion; also has early and late nrps and late electric with rest of shows missing; on late electric 23062 seems same recording as 5339, 7467, and 9330 based on same crowd on attics; those sounded similar to each other on attics while 23062 made those sound a little more muffled; in comparison on attics to 100223, 100223 has a fuller warmer sound with less hiss but is less complete on the late electric; 23062 and 100223 seem to be a different recording based on different crowd at beginning of st stephen; early acoustic ranges from B to B+ sound; late electric ranges from B to B-; (the best of composite is to get songs from 100223, then 23062, and then 124175)big digi-pop d1t7 5:16, small drop d5t2 0:56***
 aud cooper coopernicus32710B- static/drop t9 2:2x***
 late partial aud moore berger98880 looks and sounds like has lots of noise reduction and is more muffled than 23062 and 100223 ***
 aud unknown gadsden reynolds100223Bthis is the only late show acoustic so far at 4/2012 except for a few songs on 32710 and 124175; in comparison on candyman 124175 is more distant and muffled sounding than 100223 ***
 cooper124175B-in comparison on black peter, candyman, and dire wolf, berger cooper 124175 has a fuller sound than 32710; in comparison on i know you rider, 23062 has a fuller warmer sound than 124175 ***
7/xx/70Festival Express Train - Canada
 aud miller106571C+has hiss, has pedal steel, t2 has unknown vocalist for blues song, ***
7/1/70Winnipeg Fairgrounds, Winnipeg, MB
 sbd cotsman9624B-  ***
7/10/70Fillmore East, New York, NY
 aud cotsman17351B-  ***
7/11/70Fillmore East, New York, NY
 aud cotsman9379Chas hiss and humm on parts; sound quality ranges from C to C+ on the acoustic and C- to C on the electricdrops between tracks; repeating music and pops causing skipping d1t16 1:58***
7/12/70Fillmore East, New York, NY
 aud unknown sirmick24663Chas a spectral void from 18k to 20k as if something removed although at this quality it was probably not music ***
 aud mysteryreel cloverman smith gems108002Cin 3-way comparison on attics, 108156 has fullest sound with least hiss but is not as complete, 108002 has most hiss and a little warmer sound than 24663; acoustic tracks quality is B- and electric ranges down to C- ***
 weinberg mar108156B-  ***
 aud cooper122707Cnote that 122707 is same show that circulates as 7/11/70; in comparison on el paso, 9379 is easier to hear while 122707 is more muffled with occasional static; in comparison on cold jordan, 9379 is easier to hear and has more hiss that goes up and down while 122707 is warmer but more muffled; in comparison on whatcha gonna do, 9379 is easier to hear while 122707 is more muffled and seemed very slow; in comparison on high time 9379 had more hiss and 122707 was slow; in comparison on china cat 9379 had more hiss and was harder to hear and more suppressed than 122707; overall 9379 was better than 122707 so need 122707 FRIEND OF THE DEVIL and TRUCK DRIVINí MAN not on 9379; ***
7/14/70Euphoria Ballroom, San Rafael, CA
 sbd cotsman17815   ***
 sbd unknown96628Bin comparison on dire wolf, 96628 has a little warmer sound than 17815; on uncle johns they sounded similar; acoustic set sound quality ranges from C on d1t1 to B+ for most of the rest; electric set is B- to B+digipop d1t11 9:09 not in music***
7/16/70Euphoria Ballroom, San Rafael, CA
 sbd clugston6485   ***
 sbd miller32551Bin comparison on lovelight, 32551 has a little less hiss and is a little warmer than 6485; also need 32575 for other songs ***
 set sbd ed32575B+  ***
7/30/70The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman17077B-mainly B quality but gets harsh at a few spots like on t7 ***
 sbd boswell smith114020 in comparison on to lay me down and rosalie mcfall, 114020 has more hiss and is harsher than 17077; 114020 has about 20 seconds more tuning at beginning of t1 than on 17077 ***
8/5/70Golden Hall Community Concourse, San Diego, CA
 sbd thecore4941 has a lot of sqaurish wavs leading to more staticy sound ***
 sbd jupile17271Bin comparison on dire wolf, 17271 had a warmer sound with less hiss than 4941; 4941 also had some static at t14 1:10 not on 17271 and 4941 has more digital flaws; quality ranges from B- to B+ ***
8/17/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 aud cotsman12073B+  ***
8/18/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 aud yerys1346C+acoustic set rates a B but electric ranges down to C+square wav static d1t12 6:12***
8/19/70Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 aud cotsman11797  drops between tracks; square wav static d1t2 0:58, square static d2t9 22:59***
 aud taback minches81605Bcomparing on candyman, 81605 has same wav, and spectral view and levels and sound as 81775 and seems that way for all the acoustic set; 11797 is more muffled with less hiss and less natural sound; comparing on cold rain and snow 81775 has same wav spectral view and levels as 11797 and seems that way for the electric set; 81605 makes those sound harsh, hollow, and less natural; those have a longer lovelight though of about 27 minutes more; sound quality is B+ for acoustic and B for electric ***
 aud taback cdjones81775C square static d2t9 22:59***
8/30/70KQED Studios, San Francisco, CA
 sbd backus12750  has a spectral void around 14k as if someone tried to remove somethingdigipop static t1 6:48, t2 0:13***
 fm jupile12762Bin comparing on candyman, 12762 has a fuller more natural sound than 12750; both sounded slow ***
9/17/70Fillmore East, New York, NY
 aud cbass15983  digipop d1t1 0:54, 3:03***
 aud warner16090C+in comparison on dark hollow, cbass 15983 has most hiss and then sirmick 27591, and then 16090; sirmick 27591 is harshest and less natural less full sounding but vocals are brought more outfront; 16090 and sirmick are very close to mono on that song but not on elecrtric set; in comparison on dark star, 16090 and sirmick sounded similar, cbass was harshest, and gems 33826 was warmest but supresseddrop/pop d1t4 0:17; drops between some tracks; discontinutity pop d2t3 5:16, d2t5 0:08***
 aud remaster sirmick27591   ***
 partial aud weinberg33826   ***
9/18/70Fillmore East, New York, NY
 bootleg evans100  drops between many tracks; static d1t7 17:22, 17:29***
 sbd part gorinsky4670  drops between many tracks***
 sbd aud cotsman17893 aud portion rates Cdrops between many tracks***
 set2 aud sbd sirmick30882   ***
 sbd reynolds97525A-in comparison on st stephen, 17893, 100, 30882, 4670 and 97525 have sort of similar sound quality but 97525 had a little warmer sound and a little less hiss but is not as complete as some ot the others; on till the morning comes 30882 is harsher than 17893 but can hear the vocals a little better with the tone change; 97525 is mainly A quality but hiss comes up a little on last songdigipop/static t2 2:30***
9/19/70Fillmore East, New York, NY
 sbd kaplan5217   ***
 aud toner weinberg warner25473C+NRPS is shnid=25760drops between tracks***
 mtx chappell sb1431510A-  ***
 sbd reynolds97906 in comparison on end of dark star, 97906 has similar sound to 5217 with a little less hiss; matrix 31510 was a little more echoey and spacey sounding but also less natural sounding; auds 25473 and 119722 are more muffled than the sbd; in comparison on morning dew, 25473 is more muffled than 119722; need 119722 for missing gd songs and 25473 for missing nrps ***
 akg weinberg moore berger119722   ***
9/20/70Fillmore East, New York, NY
 sbd sacks1190  drops between a lot of tracks***
 aud remaster sirmick27583  digipop d2t6 0:47; discontinuitiy pop d2t10 4:55***
 aud weinberg bunjes81728  drop/cut t1 1:48***
 sbd smith97364B+in comparison on attics, 27583 has the least hiss but noise reduction makes it less full and less natural sounding, this has less hiss than 1190; aud 81728 is more muffled; this is bassier; a lot of this is A- but gets harsher sometimes ***
10/4/70Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman4942  has some drops***
 sbd cousinit19985   ***
 fm glassberg_winters28363A-in comparison on brokedown palace, 28363 is fullest sound, then 4942, and then 19985 which probably has noise reduction; 28363 is also more completedrop/static/skipping t3 1:54, small static t10 0:10***
10/10/70Colden Auditorium, Queens College, Queens, NY
 aud hanno7590C  ***
10/11/70Marion Shea Aud., Paterson State Col., Wayne, NJ
 aud cotsman9500C drops between most tracks***
10/17/70Cleveland Music Hall, Cleveland, OH
 aud linton miller119329B-  ***
10/23/70McDonough Arena, Georgetown U., Washington, DC
 aud wolfson sketchy bontempo12227B-in comparison on candyman, 85071 has least hiss, then 12227, then 15080; 12227 has a warmer fuller more natural sound than 85071 as if that had noise reduction; 15080 has lesser sound quailty than thesediscontinuity pop d1t8 10:16***
 aud wolfson15080   ***
 aud wolfson motb85071   ***
10/24/70Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, MO
 sbd hollister103   ***
 sbd bihlmayer pitch31948Bin comparison to 103, 31948 has been sped up 2 to 3% based on timing ***
10/30/70Gym, SUNY (Early Show), Stony Brook, NY
 early sbd lai7466   ***
 early sbd cousinit17359   ***
 sbd deluca digitalrbb miller121125   ***
 sbd deluca digitalrbb miller121126 in comparison on cold rain and snow, 121126 has similar sound to 20044; 121126 has less digital flaws; in comparison on workingmans blues nrps 21210 has similar sound to 121126 but did not have the diginoise so 21210 is the preferred version for that; that version was sent to charlie miller who now has a fixed version with same shnid ***
 sbd cotsman20044A-in comparison on cold rain, 20044 has less hiss than 7466; 17359 and 29190 have the typical unnatural sound from cousinit noise reduction processing; ***
 sbd late cousinit29190   ***
10/31/70Gym, S.U.N.Y. (early), Stony Brook, NY
 early sbd fischer6517   ***
 sbd deluca digitalrbb miller122042  square wav static d1t11 1:12, d2t12 2:36, d3t8 1:22 to 2:13 on left channel, d4t5 5:45***
 sbd deluca digitalrbb miller122043 in comparison on going down the road, 33566 and 122043 have similar sound with different digital flaws; 122043 has the nrps setssquare wav static d1t11 1:12 (not on nrps 44k dat), d2t12 2:36 (not on 33566), d3t8 1:22 to 2:13 on left channel, d4t5 5:45 (not on 33566)***
 late sbd cousinit16902   ***
 sbd early cousinit29192   ***
 early late sbd serafin33566A-in comparison on dire wolf, this has similar sound to 6517; 16902 and 29192 have the typical unnatural sound from cousinit noise reduction processing;drop/cut d3t7 0:23***
11/5/70Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
 aud harlan9356   ***
 aud warner17182C+17182 sounds similar to 9356 but longer; 30115 has less hiss but is also more suppressed by the noise reduction; first tape rates B- and second tape C- ***
 aud lee sirmick30115 has noise reduction ***
11/6/70Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
 aud evans3338B-in comparison on friend of the devil, 3338 has more hiss but a more natural sound than 17183 which looks like it has noise reduction; based on same clapping wavs at beginning of the song, 3338 is same recording with channels swapped and inverted; 19922 patches 17183 so has the noise reduction too on the songs from that tape; in comparison on candyman, 3338 has the warmest fullest sound; 17183 has the harshest and narrowest sound with most hiss; 19922 has the least hiss; acoustic set rates a B to B- except aud patch source is C- such as in el paso and electric set ranged from C to B-drops between tracks***
 aud warner17183   ***
 d3new hanno19922   ***
11/7/70Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
 aud warner10306C+in comparison on attics to 98264, 10306 had a fuller warmer sound with less distortion in the vocals and less hiss but was more suppressed; in comparison on sugar magnolia to 98264, 10306 had a warmer sound but was more suppressed; on both those songs 10306 had the instruments more in the foreground; in comparison on ripple with 100330, 100330 is a little warmer with a little less hiss and seemed slow; in comparison on cold rain with 100330, 10306 is warmer but more suppressed and 100330 has a fuller sound; so select 100330 and fill in with this; acoustic set rates a B- to C- depending on source ***
 aud weinberg moore berger98263    
 aud weinberg moore berger98264 looks like has noise reduction as if cut off at 16k ***
 aud toner berger100330B-  ***
11/8/70Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
 aud garrett evans3339 has noise reduction on electic set ***
 aud warner17184B-lee 26975, weiner patched 28609 and remastered 94500 are derived from same source and close in sound with weiner patched 28609 more complete so comparing mostly with it for these three; in 5-way comparison on dire wolf, cousinit 18639 is most muffled with most hiss and then evans 3339 is not as bad but both are easily eliminated since they have noticably worse sound; the other 3 have competing attibutes; weinberg 17184 had least hiss and is warmest, owens 23474 is harshest with most hiss but a little fuller sound, weiner patched 28609 is in between in tone but also more distant; in 4-way comparison on dark star, weiner patched 28609 and remastered 94500 sounded very similar and were harshest and most distant with most hiss; next harshest was owens 23474 and then weinberg 17184; in comparison on end of good lovin, weinberg 17184 does not have the loud bass except where patched while weiner patched 28609 and remastered 94500 and owens 23474 do; weiner patched 28609 is 27 minutes longer and has some tuning and beginning of nrps songs not on weinberg 17184; acoustic set rates B- ranging from B+ to C and electric set ranges from B down to C ***
 aud weinberg cousinit18639 has noise reduction but still very hissy ***
 aud owens23474   ***
 aud lee pcrp26975  NRPS is shnid=28642***
 aud weiner28609  digipops d3t5 9:07, 11:55, d3t6 2:44, 3:04, 4:33, d3t12 7:528:01, 8:44, 9;08 plus some more***
 partial aud unknown fix94500   ***
 aud weinberg moore berger119787 in comparison on dark hollow, 119787 sounded similar to but not as full as 17184 ***
11/9/70Action House, Island Park, NY
 aud hanno7591C  ***
11/10/70Action House, Island Park, NY
 aud hanno8837   ***
 aud cotsman17032C  ***
11/11/7046th Street Rock Palace, Brooklyn, NY
 aud cotsman17081C-31154 is a highly compressed version of 17081; the compression makes it less natural sounding and boomy but at this quality level it is similar quality; sound quality ranges from C+ to C-drops between tracks***
 aud sirmick31154  drops between some tracks***
11/16/70Fillmore East, New York, NY
 sbd winters17361A-in comparison the wgv stream has similar sound and hiss; sound mainly rates A but has some spots where the vocals get harsh like at end of not fade away; in comparison on cold rain and snow, 112987 has more hiss and is bassier than 17361; in comparison on I Know You rider and Uncle johns band, 112987 has less full sound and more hiss than 17361drop end of d1t3, between cdrs***
 sbd112987   ***
11/20/70The Palestra, U. of Rochester, Rochester, NY
 aud cotsman9001B- drops between tracks***
11/21/70Sargent Gym, Boston University, Boston, MA
 sbd hanno14858   ***
 sbd cotsman17033B14858 has slightly higher levels resulting in more clipping but probably not audible otherwise very close to each other in sound, wav and spectral view; this one appears 2% faster based on timing ***
11/29/70Club Agora, Columbus, OH
 aud hanno7592C+  ***
12/xx/701970 Radio Apology Ad
 portchester apology34788A-  ***
12/12/70Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
 sbd clugston5985B+sound quality started out as A- but seemed only B+ for other songs like sugar magnolia and not fade away ***
12/17/70Winterland, San Francisco, CA
 sbd unk87356A-  ***
12/23/70Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd vernon10376 reported to be from 12/17/70 and in comparison on candyman to 87356, this has slightly more hiss and that has a fuller sound ***
 sbd unknown31608A-  ***
12/26/70Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA
 sbd lai7465   ***
 sbd unknown14124   ***
 sbd miller22369   ***
 sbd ashley field34031A-in 4-way comparison on cold rain, 7465 and 14124 both are more suppressed and of similar sound; also in comparison on dire wolf, bertha 34031 has a fuller warmer more and maybe overly bassy sound with less hiss than miller 22369 so I liked the remaster better ***
12/27/70Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA
 sbd barbella6016  drop/cut between cdrs; end d1t8, d1t11***
 sbd miller23530B+in comparison on brokedown, 23530 sounds similar to 6016; 6016 has more drops between tracks; 23530 was harsher than I like which meant listening at a lower volume so rated a B+ while some of it is A-drop/cut between cdrs***
12/28/70Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA
 sbd barbella6015   ***
 aud fink17706   ***
 sbd miller22313A-in 5-way comparison on cold rain, the auds 17706 and 87365 and matix 87294 had more hiss and were more distant sounding than the sbds 6015 and 22313; as indicated this is longer than 6015; mostly A quality with patch source at B+ ***
 mtx tobin87294   ***
 sonyecm22p kaslow todd patched tobin87365   ***
12/31/70Winterland Arena (aftershow), San Francisco, CA
 aftershow sbd cole6171B+Jorma has lead vocals t3 and t5 ***
 sbd fm7283B7283 is most complete; in comparison on cold rain, 101530 has a fuller harsher sound which brings out the distortion more while 7283 is warmer but more muffled; wgv version has better quality on a couple songs; sound quality range from B- to to A-drop d1t06 0:00, d1t09 0:00, 6:03, d2t01 1:42, d2t03 0:00; d1t7 14:15; discontinuity pops d2t02 2:13, 3:18, 4:15, d2t03 6:52, 9:24, 10:52, d2t04 2:40; sound quality varies from B- to A-; in comparison on d1t6 this has similar sound and hiss to wgv stream but wgv is better sound on d2t3 making this sound muffled; in comparison on d1t3 to 101530 this is more muffled***
 sonyecm22p kaslow todd berger101530B  ***
 wgv$A-same wav and spectral view and levels on dire wolf and fewer discontinuity pops than 7283; this is all high quality sbd while that only has 38min and the rest at lower quality so this has better sugar magnolia and good lovindrop t2 0:00, end of t6, t7 0:09, t1 3:53. t4 4:43;***