GD - Wondering What to Choose 1971
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xx/xx/71Road Trips - Vol. 1, No. 3 - New Haven on July 31, 1971 and Chicago on August 23, 1971
 Road Trips$   ***
1/22/71Lane Community College, Eugene, OR
 sbd cotsman12592B-looks and sounds like has a lot of noise reduction ***
1/24/71Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA
 sbd lai6247B+some parts have sound qaulity of A- but on others vocals truen harsh like truckin and casey jones ***
2/xx/71Studio Rehearsal - Unknown Location
 sbd studio rehearsal120486B  ***
2/18/71Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
 sbd orf107   ***
 sbd stephens6672A-in comparison on loser, 6672, 107, and 85478 sound similar except for the whine left on 6672; the whine was not bothersome on 6672 for me unless I took a quiet tuning passage and made it really loud; 6672 has most between song tuning while the others cut some out; 197 has more digital flaws but they were hard to hear ***
 sbd cantor crouch diebert gmb85478   ***
 sbd miller111793A-in comparison on loser, 111793 has a little warmer sound than on 6672; in comparison on dark star, 111793 does not have the ringing on 6672; in comparison on loser, aud 123539 and 123881 have a much more muffled sound than sbd 111793static drops d1t2 2:19, static d1t23:54; big digital pop d1t6 2:23, light discontinuity pops d1t83:13, d1t10 1:25, d1t10 3:19, 3:20, d1t11 2:08, d2t5 5:20, d2t8 3:36***
 aud cooper123539C drops between tracks; t16 has a repetitive clicking sound about 4 times per second; this occurs on other tracks; has some dig-pops and discontinuity pops***
2/19/71Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
 aud vadnais30230   ***
 matrix chappell31210   ***
 3 from the Vault$   ***
2/20/71Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
 sbd orf111A-in comparison on bird song, these were of similar sound quality where 111 has a little fuller sound than 85912; 111 has more flaws; 85912 looked more compresseddrops d1t6 1:56, 1:59; digipop d2t1 0:30; discontinuity pop d1t8 13:49***
 sbd cantor orf6188 st5 matches to 111 ***
 sbd cantor crouch diebert gmb85912   ***
 sbd miller116617A-in comparison on bird song, 116617 has a fuller sound with a little more hiss than 111; 111 may have noise reduction; 116617 does not have the spectral band at 12k on 111 ***
2/21/71Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
 sbd lunz1980A-in comparison on loser, these were of similar sound quality where 87134 looks compressed and the sound was not as warm as 1980; 98034 was warmer than 87134 but not as warm as 1980 and seems ot have noise reductionsame md5 as shnid=112 with files renamed; shnid=98034 is a flac reseed but ffp does not match so must have something else done to it***
 sbd cantor crouch diebert gmb87134   ***
 sbd orf98034   ***
 sbd miller116618 in comparison on loser, 116618 has a little more hiss and is a little less warm than 1980 but has a little fuller sound; aud 123830 is much more muffled and ***
 aud cooper berger123885 comment on torrent is "sorry for the confusion, but might as well admit my mistake that the previous seed of this was about four and a half beers off pitch. this is a nicer listen"; 123885 sounded similar to 123830 but 123885 was murkier; ***
 berger123830   ***
2/23/71Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
 sbd orf113A- drop d1t1 1:48;, d3t6 4:05, d3t8 10:05, digi-pop d3t3 1:54***
 sbd evans waddell gems82755A- small fade/drops between most tracks***
 aud weinberg moore berger98406B-98406 is more muffled than the sbds ***
 sbd miller110353A-in comparison on loser, these were of similar sound quality where 113 has a little more hiss and warmer more natural sound than 82755; 113 has more digital flaws in the music that can be easily heard; 110353 has a the most hiss and is brighter bordering on too bright; in comparison on birsdsong, the notch filtering on 82755 gets more pronounced making it much less natural sounding than the others; 113 still has the warmer sound but seems more suppressed and not as full as 110353discontinuity pop d1t11 5:30 (there is a fix for this by cm)***
 sbd miller fix A-cm fixed discontinuity pop d1t11 5:30 on previous 110353 but not yet listed at etree ***
2/24/71Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
 sbd orf114 shnid=6189 is reported to be a retracked version of this ***
 sbd cantor crouch diebert gmb87570A-in comparison on bird song, these were of similar sound quality where 114 has more hiss and warmer sound than 87570drop d1t1 5:55, d1t2 0:25***
 sbd miller digitalrbb121065A-in comparison on sugaree, 121065 has a fuller clearer sound with a little more hiss than 87570 which is warmer; 87570 has spectral view voids around 8k and 16k as if sound processed ***
3/3/71Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd lai6248B+vocals get harsh sometimes as overrecorded dropping quality to Blevels are limited to -4db and that is where the clipping occurs***
3/14/71Camp Randall Field House, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
 sbd cole6115A-in comparison on Loser, 6115 and 6249 are very close in sound; in spectral view 6115 looks like it is from a poorer transfer with more hiss, but 6249 sounded like it had slightly more hiss; 6115 seems a little more lively and also crackly in the vocals while 6249 was smoother in the vocals; they have different digital flaws which were less significant on 6115drop/cut between cdrs***
 sbd lai6249A- light square wav static skip d1t8 11:39, discomtinuity pop d2t5***
3/18/71Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
 sbd yerys1663A-  ***
3/20/71University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
 sbd barbella5582B+starts out at A- quality but does then gets over recorded harsh in the vocals at me and my uncle and afterward ***
3/21/71Exposition Center, Milwaukee, WI
 aud cotsman12074B-  ***
3/24/71Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd cotsman9501   ***
 sbd miller25313   ***
 sbd miller85585B+in 4-way comparison on loser, the aud sirmick 95869 was more muffled, 9501 has most hiss of sbds, 85585 sounded fullest maybe because it was a little louder because it was more compressed than previous miller 25313; starts out at B+ but gets better to A- for most of show and quality is less again on short audience patch ***
 aud sirmick95869 looks and sounds like may have noise reduction ***
4/4/71Manhattan Center, New York, NY
 aud cotsman10358   ***
 sbd gems35252   ***
 sbd sirmick76807A-76807 seemed as stated fixing problems in 35252 without changing the sound and is much better then the aud 10358; (did not compare this to the bertha remaster on dvdr); mainly A- but down to B+ on me and bobby mcgee and the aud patch ***
 sbd miller110325A-in comparison on loser, 110325 has similar sound to 76807 and looks in spectral view to have a little more music in the high end but did not hear it in fullnes of sound at the comparison spot; 110325 has slightly less hiss ***
4/5/71Manhattan Center, New York, NY
 sbd orf117B+in 4-way comparison on loser, 96269 and 16606 had a noticable ringing and spectral band at 8k; 12367 and 117 had similar sound; 12367 has more between song tuning cut out of it; a lot of this has A- sound but has some crackles and static and some places where the vocals and guitars turn harsh so gets a B+ ***
 sbd ladner12367  reported to be sbe fix of shnid=117 but is not as 117 is 3.5 minutes longer with lower levels***
 sbd stephens16606   ***
 sbd cantor gmb96269   ***
 partial aud berger100052B-looks and sounds like it may have noise reduction ***
 sbd miller110127    
 sbd fixed miller110185B+in comparison on loser, 117 had similar sound but with more flaws and is shorter without the patch on 110185; but 110185 has the ringing which was removed on 117; ringing gets extra loud for first minute of sing me back home; both had similar background light crackles and staticshas some popping on d3t4 9:3x which is also on 117***
4/6/71Manhattan Center, New York, NY
 sbd lai118   ***
 sbd stephens18735   ***
 sbd cantor gmb96299   ***
 aud berger100040B  ***
 sbd ifthir smith gems109026A-in 4-way comparison on dire wolf, 118, 18735, 96299, had similar sound and 109026 has a fuller warmer sound than those; a lot is A- but midnite hour was B+  
4/7/71Music Hall, Boston, MA
 sbd orf119   ***
 sbd deibert83301   ***
 sbd cantor gmb96225B+in 3-way comparison on loser, these all sounded similar; 96225 has the cleanest spectral view while 119 and 83301 looked a little noiser in the high end although did not hear it; 119 and 83301 have more digital flaws than 96225; 119 also has clipping; some of this is A- sound ***
4/8/71Music Hall, Boston, MA
 sbd lai120   ***
 sbd unknown14397   ***
 sbd deibert83756   ***
 sbd cantor gmb96627B+in 4-way comparison on loser, 14397 had least hiss but also least full sound; 96627 had next least hiss but did not notice a drop in fullness; 83756 and 120 had similar amount of hissdiscontinuity pop s2t10 9:33***
4/10/71East Hall, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
 sbd willy8674Bsome is A- but playing in the band was a little harsh to B+ and later on more distortion to B by truckin ***
4/12/71Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA
 sbd miller31960B  ***
4/13/71Catholic Youth Center, Scranton, PA
 s2p eliot9410   ***
 sbd unknown32015   ***
 sbd bertha ashley32077B-in 3-way comparison on second that emotion, 32077 had a bassier fuller sound while 32015 and 9410 sounded similar; the distortion in the recording was also more suppressed in 32077 since it is in the high and midrange which 32077 has less of; some of this is B+ quality but parts like sunshine daydream have distortion that are lesser quality ***
4/14/71Davis Gymnasium, Lewisburg, PA
 sbd lai6250B-has distortion that sounds like from being over recorded on louder songs with sound quality varying from B- to B+has buzz/static on some songs like me and bobby mcgee***
4/15/71Allegheny College, Meadville, PA
 sbd ed11652A-  ***
4/17/71Dillon Gym, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
 sbd nayfield121A-in 4-way comparison on bird song, 121 has a more natural sound with a little more hiss than sirmick 88760; motb 107075 is more distant and suppressed than the sbds and using in matrix 107384 makes that more suppressed sounding than the sbds; on good lovin rap pigpen buys the "brooklyn bridge" on this one(also includes shnid=122)***
 sbd sirmick88760  levels go higher than rest ot recording for d2t1 to d2t3 and have lots of clipping***
 sbd sirmick89031    
 aud boswell smith motb107075   ***
 mtx tobin107384   ***
4/18/71Lusk Field House, S.U.C.N.Y, Cortland, NY
 sbd lai6251A-7112 is a close eac match on d1t2 to 6251; 7112 has more digital flaws; pigpens brooklyn bridge rap from previous night starts but does not complete ***
 sbd fink7112   ***
4/21/71Rhode Island Auditorium, Providence, RI
 sbd lai2578   ***
 sbd kaplan8227A-8227 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 2578; they have different flaws in that 8227 has a small digital drop at the end of d1t1 and 2578 has an analog pop at d1t3 1:26 not on 8227 ***
4/22/71Bangor Municipal Auditorium, Bangor, ME
 sbd clugston2176A-most of this is A quality but starts to get a little harsh on playing in the band and greatest story and part of good lovin and johnny b goode ***
4/24/71Wallace Wade Stadium, Duke University, Durham, NC
 sbd lai2579B+sound quality ranges from B+ to A- with harshness on some of bob's songs bringing the rating down ***
4/25/71Fillmore East, New York, NY
 sbd grote8761A- has tv band***
 sbd vernon minor30886B+  ***
 sbd miller95625Ain 3-way comparison on d2t8 this has fullest clearest sound; 8761 and wgv stream are similar; in comparison on d2t6 to 30886, this has fuller warmer sound; in comparison on loser, remaster 113038 has more hiss and a harsher narrower sound than 95625 ***
 sbd bertha ashley96096    
 sbd matera113038  disontinuity pops d2t08 11:02, d3t01 4:09, 4:18, gd71-04-25d3t02 0:17, 2:16, plus more; has some new clipping that can be heard in pigpens vocal at d2t3 1:45 or jerry's at d2t9 1:27***
 Ladies And Gentleman$   ***
4/26/71Fillmore East, New York, NY
 sbd unknown2214    
 sbd unknown4330  drop end of d1t8; between cdrs, end of d3t5, d3t3 0:00, unsteadiness d2t3 0:34***
 sbd murphy4991A-this has similar wav and spectral view and levels and sound and digital flaws as 4330; in comparison wgv stream is similar quality but not as warm and has slightly more hiss which may be just from the tone change; in comparison to miller 105814 on loser, the sound was similar on 4991 except 4991 had less hiss and 4991 seemed to have more analog flaws such as a drop at beginning of loser, on sing me back home 105814 had less hiss on left channel than 4991; 105814 has some severe limiting/clipping that causes distortion such as on dark star that gave it a harsher light crackly sound at around 10:40 and it looks like there is similar limiting for a lot of that recording; the miller 24bit 105815 has the same problems as the 16bit 105814; a lot of this rates A, but vocals get harsh sometimes like on loser which go down to B+drop end of d1t8; between cdrs, end of d3t5, d3t3 0:00, unsteadiness d2t3 0:34;; cd layout is listed wrong; analog drop on right channel d2t2 0:19***
 sbd miller105814 has asymetric wavs limited on the bottom; some of this looks like it has noise reduction ***
 sbd miller105815    
 sbd smith boswell113839 in comparison on loser, 113839 has least hiss then 4991, and then miller 105814; in comparison on sing me back home miller 105814 had less hiss than the other two; in comparison on dark star, 105814 has some severe limiting/clipping that causes distortion that gave it a harsher light crackly sound at around 10:40 and that is not on the other two; 113839 has less digital flaws than 4991; a lot of this is A quality but some songs are less fullanalog drop on right channel d1t2 0:19; drop/cut between cdrs***
4/27/71Fillmore East, New York, NY
 sbd murphy2221  drop d1t1 1:39, end of d1t7, between cdrs***
 sbd bode hoffman merryprankster stundel2998  drop/glitch d1t3 0:46***
 sbd unknown4331 this is a not close eac match on d1t1 and d3t1 to 2221; but not on d2 as this is similar in wav and spectral view except levels are raised on this so clips; drop/cut between cdrs ***
 sbd gadsden oleynick5165 in 5-way comparison on d2t7, they all sound similar quality with this, 2221, 4331, and wgv stream sound the same but 2998 has a little more hiss and 4331 clips a littledrop/cut end of d1, d2, d4, d4t6***
 sbd miller106550A-106550 has less hiss than 5165; in comparison on loser, 106550 has a warmer sound than 114094; on a lot of this is A quality but some songs like johnny b goode get a little harsh ***
 sbd miller106562    
 sbd boswell smith114094   ***
 sbd miller114461Ain comparison on loser, 114461 has more bass and a warmer fuller sound than miller 106550discontinuity pop d1t8 0:23, drop d2t11 0:07, analog pops d3t2 10:04***
4/28/71Fillmore East, New York, NY
 sbd murphy2248  drop/cut between cdrs, end of d2t4; discontinuity pop d1t7 6:09 plus lots more***
 sbd unknown4332 4332 is a sort of close eac match to 2248 on d1t1 but on d2 and d3 the levels are raised on this so clips, this clipping is carried forward onto 32862 and 11257; drop/cut between cdrs, 2248 has lots of discontinuity flaws not on this one ***
 sbd kaplan fink11257  drop/cut between cdrs, end of d2t6, d2t10, d3t4, d3t6***
 sbd frisco32862  in 5-way comparison on d1t4, they all sounded similar quality with same level of hiss and includes 11257, 2248, 4332. and wgv streamdrop end of d2t3***
 sbd gems102859A-in 3-way comparison 102859 has warmest sound, then 32862 and then miller 106099; 32862 had most hiss; most of this A with some spots get a little harsh like part of Bird Song and St Stephen; note this is incomplete with flaws noted in the description and needs to filled in from another source such as official release  
 sbd miller106099 has asymetric wavs limited on the bottom and has a few spots where can hear a little clipping like near end of d1t1 ***
 sbd miller106100    
 sbd boswell smith114029Ain comparison on loser, 114029 has similar sound to 102859 which is warmer than 106099; this has patches not on 102859; 106099 has the pre-show press conference ***
 sbd boswell smith114088    
4/29/71Fillmore East, New York, NY
 sbd unknown4333  drop end of d1t9, between cdrs***
 sbd frisco16782  drop d1t4 6:34, d1t7 9:11, between cdrs, end of d2t4, d2t5***
 sbd serafin19639A in 7-way comparison on d1t8, the aud 26568 sounds much lesser quality and mixing it into the sbd on 97660 makes the matrix sound worse; these sbds 4333, 33565, and 16782 are all the same source and sound similar amounts of hiss; 19639 seems different sbd source as indicated and had less hiss and a fuller clearer sound and was generally warmer sound; in comparison to miller 105926, that has more hiss on right channel and 19639 has a fuller warmer bassier sound which may be overly bassyhas a light tv band; drops between cdrs; many digi-pop glitch d1t1 5:33; discontinuity pop d4t7 1:51;***
 weinberg warner26568B drop/cut between cdrs, d1t10 0:53***
 sbd haugh33565  drop end of d1, d2t4***
 mtx hansokolow97660A- drop d1t6 9:14, 9:25, between cdrs, end of d2t4***
 sbd miller105925    
 sbd miller105926 has asymetric wavs limited on the bottom ***
 sbd boswell smith114145    
 sbd multitracks miller114350Ain comparison on bird song, serafin 19639 has the least hiss and most full sound but is overly bassy; 114350 has a little more hiss and is close in fullness and has a better mix than serafin 19639 and both have warm sound; miller 105926 and boswell smith 114145 both have more hiss and a less full less warm sound; boswell smith 114145 has the most hisssquare wav static d2t1 1:33, 1:47, d2t1 2:00, 2:14, 2:28***
5/29/71Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 aud cotsman19153Cranges from C+ to D ***
 sbd miller110324B+need aud 19153 to complete show; mainly A- sound but sound is overrecorded some place like on Truckin ***
5/30/71Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 aud miller31968C-this is listenable and not harsh but just muffled but did not listen to the part on sbd 94119; so the first part of this show is in the C quality range of sound but mainly C- and then gets much worse starting at Truckin turning because of distortion to D quality and then to F quality by Johnny B Goode ***
 sbd miller94119B+borders on A- quality but has some harshness in it ***
 WINTERLAND 5/30/71$B+in comparison on me and my uncle and casey jones, when the vinyl was transferred to 44k, it sounds very similar to 94119 except that is more continuous and this has a little surface noise; need this for Johnny B. Goode missing on 94119 which is far better than on 31968 ***
6/21/71Chateau D'HerouvilIe, Herouville, France
 sbd hanno4643   ***
 sbd miller94356A-in comparison on morning dew, 4643 is more muffled with more hiss than 94356; in comparison on Sing Me Back Home, 4643 has more hiss and harsher sound than 94356 ***
7/2/71Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 sbd clevenger lai fix6193A  ***
 sbd backus11798A11798 is a sort of close eac match on d1t1 to 6193; they both have drops between some tracks but at sometimes different places; that has a few more discontinutities ***
 sbd unknown18289A drop end of d2t6, d3t6, , d1t1 5:25, 6:44, d1t1 1:34***
 prefm cribbs33659A in 5-way comparison on loser, they all have similar sound quality; 33659 and 18289 seem like same transfer and are very similar except 18289 has levels raised so clips some and 33659 has less severe and reparable digital flaws; both these have a fuller spectrum in the high end than the others; 11798 and 6193 are a different transfer and appear to be cd rips of each other; all of those have a tv band; the wgv stream is also similar quality but a little less warm and a little more hiss; in comparison on Cryptical Envelopement. 118485 sounded similar but in spectral view looked like it had a cleaner transfer but may be noise reduction; 118485 is missing 10 minutes of radio announcments, applause, and tuning between songs but 118485 does have the dedication which also includes tuning which is not on 33659drop/cut between cdrs, end of d2t5, d3t4; digi-pop d2t5 12:19, d3t5 0:41, d3t6 2:06, d3t8 3:59; this has station ids;***
 pre fmwithfmdedication118485  drop d3t1 0:09, d3t10 3:56 not in music***
 Fillmore: The Last Days$A-has low levels; in comparison on casey jones to 33659, this is harsher with fuller sound and more upfront vocals  
7/31/71Yale Bowl, Yale University, New Haven, CT
 winberg weiner gdadt055678B-first source is upfront and clear but has distortion in a lot of vocals like in playing in the band and rates B-; second source is harsher and more muffled and rates C+ but some gets better up to B ***
8/4/71Terminal Island Correctional Fac., San Pedro, CA
 sbd miller95308A-mainly A quality but has some distortion in instruments at beginning of sugaree and not fade away ***
8/5/71Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA
 aud cotsman9768   ***
 fob sonyecm22p miller88859   ***
 aud smith94260   ***
 sbd miller96540Ain 5-way comparison on sugaree and me and bobby mcgee, 96540 has the most upfront and clearest sound and matrix 97014 has more hiss and is fuzzier sound but was still more upfront than the auds; in comparison just among the auds, on sugaree, 9768 had the least hiss and 94260 seemed more distorted and on me & bobby mcgee, 9768 had the least hiss but miller 88859 had a fuller clearer sound on the vocals; most of this is A sound quality but mix is not steady at the beginning ***
 mtx chappell97014   ***
8/6/71Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA
 aud bertrando yerys129   ***
 aud sirmick30224  This remaster is reported to have problems and resulted in sirmick making a second remaster***
 fob kaslow kasper sirmick77457   ***
 fob sonyecm22p miller88816   ***
 aud kaslow smith94261   ***
 sbd miller96541Ain 9-way comparison on loser, 96541 has most upfront clearest sound; the matrixes 96668 and 97015 were next upfront but not as clear and were fuzzier with more hiss; the auds are not as upfront sounding as the sbds with 94261 and 114390 having the fullest warmest sound for the auds; 109430 seemd a little slower with a little less hiss and a little less full sound; the rest have more hiss with 77457 and 88816 being closer in sound, 30224 seeming slow and 129 was harsher; ***
 mtx seamons96668   ***
 mtx chappell97015   ***
 gems smith kaslow todd109430    
 sbd bertha110278    
 flac24; Aud.7.5 ips>R(Don Wolfe) Transfer info:Akai GX636 > Apogee Mini Me @24/96; Transfered and mastered by Matt Smith 6/11114390    
8/7/71Dick's Picks - Volume Thirty Five
 Dick's Picks$   ***
8/14/71Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
 sbd trip1451  drops between tracks, d2t12 has lots of drops; digi-pop d1t5 1:00, 4:40, plus more especially on d1t11***
 sbd ladner21268Ain 3-way comparison on d1t4, 21268 is very similar to 1451 in sound and wav and spectral view except levels slightly different and that has a lot more digital flaws; the wgv stream is also similar sound quality but a little harsherdrops between tracks on d1;***
8/15/71Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
 sbd gustin131  drop d1t9 3:41, between cdrs, end of d2t6, d2t7, d2t8, digi-pop static d1t2 7:09m d1t3 2:16***
 sbd ladner21780B+in 3-way comparison on d1t5, and d2t4, 21780, 131 and wgv steam have similar sound quality; 21780 has less digital flaws than 131; at end of d1t5 they play very beginning of white rabbit; in comparison to 8/14/71, 21780 has a less full sounddrop d1t9 3:41, between cdrs***
8/21/71Mickey's Barn, Novato, CA
 hartjam aud17179B+in comparison on beginning of d1t1, 17179 has a fuller warmer but more suppressed sound than 83307 so choice is close; on d2t7 although 17179 has a more muffled left channel, it has a fuller warmer sound over all than 83307 ***
 aud 38f83307  same flac fingerprint as 83302; spectral view shows this is from a lossy sources as if has a mini-disc generation***
 Hart Jam: Garcia, Lesh, Crosby, And others:Recorded on a Sony TC-24 with, supplied Sony stereo mic**.6634 6634 (filed at etree under garcia) has same st5 as 17179 except on d1t4 and d2t8 and they have same digital flaws ***
8/23/71Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
 aud cotsman9759C-  ***
8/26/71Gaelic Park, Bronx, NY
 sbd dopey1559  analog drop d2t2 0:22***
 sbd miller rolfe32303   ***
 sbd fixed miller rolfe32351B+in comparison on sugaree and me and bobby mcgee, 32351 and 1559 were very similar in sound; both auds 35374 and 100292 were much more muffled; on comparison on sugaree and deal 100292 was most muffled and least full sounding as looked and sounded like it had noise reduction although it had less hiss than 35374; the static on 32351 was also on 1559 and 32351 had levels better adjusted and less other flaws; sound quality is mainly A- but static brings it down to B+has some static on right channel d1t9 1:25 to 1:27 plus a few more spots in d1t10, lots in d1t1, a few in d1t12 and so on like this***
 aud sirmick35374   ***
 aud weinberg berger100292   ***
9/xx/71Keith Rehearsals, Santa Venetia, CA
 unsurpassed masters vol4 vol6116951    
9/xx/71Studio Rehearsals w/ Keith Godchaux, Santa Venetia, CA
 sbd unknown16897B-looks like a compilation from 2 different sources t1-t7 and t8-t16; the first source is harsher and narrower; t13-15 songs look like they may be from 9/28/71 according to deadlists setlist for that date and are not on the 3 cousinits for 9/29 to 10/1/71 16891, 18109, 16896there is a lot of static in t16 and a little more elsewhere; these flaws were confirmed to be on another version of the bootleg cd***
9/29/71Studio Rehearsals with Keith Godchaux, Santa Venetia, CA
 sbd cousinit16891Bspectral view looks like has standard cousinit noise reduction processing ***
9/30/71Studio, Santa Venetia, CA
 sbd cousinit18109Bspectral view looks like has standard cousinit noise reduction processing ***
10/1/71Studio, Santa Venetia, CA
 sbd rehearsal cousinit16896B-spectral view looks like has standard cousinit noise reduction processing ***
10/19/71Northrop Auditorium, U. of Minn., Minneapolis, MN
 orefm clugston3301A-some of this is A- but other parts are harsh such as cumberland bluesd3 is lossy as if from a mini-disc***
 sbd miller114351A-in comparison on sugaree, 114351 and 3301 have similar sound; 3301 has more digital flaws and has a lossy cd ***
10/21/71Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
 sbd cotsman5071B+in comparison on loser and ramblin rose, bertha 9622 has a narrower harsher sound than 5071; some of this is A- but has some harshness like in truckinin spectral view has high end streaking indicating transfer was done with not a good soundcard; has the compression/limiting/clipping indicated***
 sbd bertha ashley9622   ***
 sbd miller112086Ain comparison on loser, 112086 has a little fuller warmer sound with a little more hiss than 5071; mainly A but can hear a little hiss on some songs early on; this stayed warm sound most of the time and did well on loud playbackstatic burst like a balloon pop d2t10 2:18***
10/22/71Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
 set2 sbd miller86728A  ***
 sbd gans miller112821Ain comparison on ramble on rose, 86728 has a warmer sound with less hiss than 112821 but 112821 is needed for extra songs; 112821 is faster than 86728 but was not sure which was the correct speedsmall drops d1t1 0:10, d1t7 3:59, d2t4 24:47 but could not hear them but could hear the ones at d2t1 1:23***
 Dave's Picks Volume 3$Ain comparison on bertha to sbd gans miller 112821, they have similar sound but this has higher levels and more compression and is not as warm; this has more songs missing on that; in comparison on 10/21/71 truckin, sbd miller 112086 has a warmer sound and this has levels raised with more compression ***
10/23/71Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI
 fm cotsman10359   ***
 fm sbd wizard18666   ***
 fmsbd hanno19862B+in 3-way comparison on loser, 10359 has most hiss and 18666 removes some of that hiss at the cost of some fullness of sound but makes it easier to hear; 19862 has more hiss than 18666 but has a fuller sound that makes it easier to hear; there was also more wavering in the sound on 19862; some of this is A- but other parts are more muffled with more hiss ***
 sbd miller111673A-in comparison on loser, 111673 has a fuller sound with less hiss than 19862 ***
10/24/71Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI
 sbd clugston3292Amost of this is A but vocals get a little harsh like on Casey Jones ***
10/26/71The Palestra, U. of Rochester, Rochester, NY
 sbd cotsman9761B-  ***
 dead download$Amissing Beat It On Down The Line so need 9761 for that  
10/27/71Onondaga County War Memorial, Syracuse, NY
 fm cotsman9503   ***
 sbd miller32668Ain 3-way comparison on sugaree, 32668 is most natural sounding, then 9503, and then bertha 32869; 32869 has bass increased but sound was less full and harsher and vocals sounded odd ***
 ashley bertha32869   ***
10/29/71Allen Theatre, Cleveland, OH
 sbd set2 gardner4090 the md5 matched the md5 for d3 of 10357  
 fm cotsman10357   ***
 sbd miller24999Ain comparison on me and my uncle, 24999 is a little warmer than 10357; on the first set 10357 is more muffled with more hiss than 24999 ***
10/30/71Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, OH
 fm cole2664  has a lot of harshness do to clipping***
 prefm nawrocki26608Ain comparison on sugaree, 26608 has a warmer fuller clearer sound than 2664 ***
10/31/71Ohio Theatre, Columbus, OH
 prefm unknown16781A discontinuity skip t3 1:51***
 sbd miller79011Ain comparison on deal, 79011 has similar sound to 16781 but that is less complete and has different flaws and could be used to patch thissmall drop t4 4:50***
 Dick's Picks$A  ***
11/6/71Harding Theater, San Francisco, CA
 sbd lai6253B+sound starts A quality, but there is a annoying scratchiness in background starting on cumberland through beat it on down the line and then it goes away and back to A quality briefly but Saturday Night has some high end distortion and continues occasionally for rest of show ***
11/7/71Harding Theater, San Francisco, CA
 prefm kaplan9570A-clear excellent sound but not full enough get A qualityseveral drops on d1t3***
11/11/71Atlanta Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta, GA
 sbd yubah dodd8326B+clear but not full sounding and is suppressed and looks like it may have noise reduction ***
11/12/71San Antonio Civic Auditorium, San Antonio, TX
 sbd lai3347  el paso has some drops and much of left channel is out***
 sbd clugston4759A-in 3-way comparison on ramblin on rose and me and my uncle, 14916 has least hiss, then this has slightly more, then 3347 has more noticable hiss; 3347 has a harsher but brighter sound than the others and brings the vocals more to the front making the others sound a little more suppressed; 14916 has a noted flaw not on this; so selected 14916 and fill the rest of the show with 4759; in comparison on black peter, aud 120716 has a slower more muffled sound than 4759a lot of el paso is mono probably to correct for drops in left channel which are found on 3347; light static d1t10 6:01, 8:17, d1t11 4:38***
 sbd set2 miller14916A-the patches on sugar magnolia seem from same source as 3347; mostly A quality sound but some distortion in sugar magnolia high end percussionpop/drop d2t9 2:59***
 d190e weinberg moore berger120716   ***
11/14/71Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX
 weir8738A-reported to be shntool fix of shnid=6254 ***
 sbd miller23568 in comparison on sugaree, 8738 has more hiss and is more muffled than this ***
11/15/71Austin Municipal Auditorium, Austin, TX
 sbd set2 jupille7735   ***
 sbd cotsman12438   ***
 sbd unknown31607   ***
 Road Trips$   ***
11/17/71Albuquerque Civic Auditorium, Albuquerque, NM
 fm cotsman10285B-mostly B quality except patch source is C quality ***
11/20/71Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
 fm willy8806   ***
 sbd miller92908A-in comparison on sugaree, 8806 is more muffled with more hiss and a narrower harsher sound; I think 8806 is slower to account for it being 10 minutes longerdrop/static d2t9 3:20***
12/1/71Music Hall, Boston, MA
 set2 sbd lai3898Ain comparison on me and my uncle, 3898 had a little fuller sound with a little more hiss than 76424; 3898 has different flaws but not as noticable as those on 76424; aud 24765 is much more suppressed and matrix 83164 is in between the aud and sbdssmall drop d2t4 1:07***
 aud minches vernon24765B-  ***
 sbd set2 miller32304   ***
 sbd set2 fixed miller76424 fixes 32304discontinuity pop d2t6 2:47, d2t8 6:11; digipop at end of d2t11***
 partial set2 matrix vernon83164B  ***
12/2/71Music Hall, Boston, MA
 sbd lai6255A-seemed overly bright ***
12/4/71Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
 sbd lai6256  drops between tracks***
 sbd miller110128   ***
 sbd fixed miller110186A110186 is a fix to 110128; on comparison on sugaree 110186 sounds similar to 6256 but has the additional johnny b goode missing from that and that has the drops between the tracks; aud 120948 has a less full upfront sound than the sbds ***
 d190e weinberg moore berger120948   ***
12/5/71Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
 prefm miller3391B+ skip d2t3 4:08***
 sbd unknown18665 18665 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 3391which indicates just a cd rip of it with an added discontinuity at the beginning of d2t4 ***
 fm matera100316B+100316 is 22 minutes longer than 3391 but did not investigate why; in comparison on muddy water and casey jones, 100316 has a much fuller sound than 3391 but has a little more hiss and background noise; they both have the fm like static noise on muddy waterdrops d3t4 3:16, 3:38, 3:40, 3:41, 3:44***
12/6/71Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
 sbd kaplan2418  drop d1t2 0:50***
 sbd miller108425A-in comparison on loser, 2418 and 108425 have very similar sound and both had same drop on 108425 d1t3 0:36; 2418 was 10 minutes shorter and had about 1 1/2 minutes cut from tennesse jed that included the spot where the flaw was noted on 108425; 2418 looks like it had its drop/pop at d3t4 2:36 snipped for better listening; 2418 had more digital flaws such as drops, digi-pops and discontinuities; mainly A sound but 2418 and 108425 both have a background scratchiness in the high end of the tight channel on last half of truckin and a few spots in loser and also appears again occasionallydrop at d1t3 0:36; digistatic d1t10 3:36. drop/pop d3t4 2:36***
12/7/71Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
 sbd miller3375B+a lot of this is A- quality but has some occasional light scratchiness in the high end such as in sunshine daydreamdrops between tracks***
12/9/71Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
 sbd kaplan3345A  ***
12/10/71Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
 sbd yerys1311A-in 3-way comparison on loser, 92392 has fullest sound with least hiss but is not full show; 85787 has a little more hiss than 1311 but I did not investigate the patch issue or why 85787 was 2 and a half minutes shorter; sol slect 92392 and fill in rest with 1311 ***
 sbd cribbs85787   ***
 sbd miler92392A  ***
12/14/71Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI
 sbd cantor orf133  missing beginning of sugaree***
 sbd deibert12763A-in comparison on sugaree, 133 is brighter with a little less hiss but 12763 has a fuller warmer sound; 12763 is more complete with the beginning of sugaree missing from 133shnid=23842 is same with sbe and seek tables***
12/15/71Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI
 sbd oleynick134   ***
 sbd cotsman12615   ***
 set1 sbd harrison hanno16464   ***
 sbd miller97718Ain comparison on me and bobby mcgee, 97718 has a much fuller higher quality sound than 12615 and 16464; 12615 is muffled by noise reduction and 16464 has some hiss; in comparison on deal 134, 12615, and 97718 sound very similar; patch source for 97718 is of lesser A- qualityuncle johns has some light static in it such as around 4:20***
12/31/71Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 fm lanum135A-some of this is A quality but other parts are not as full sounding like big riiver and A- qualitybut has some occasional analog snap, crackle, & pops like d1t2 0:11; has an occasional announcer commenting over music;***