GD - Wondering What to Choose 1972
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/721972 radio promos.
 xx xx radio ads122298B  ***
xx/xx/72Steppin' Out - with the Grateful Dead: England '72
 Steppin' Out$A   
1/2/72Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd ed8709A-has an occasional light background static or fuzz on right channel of truckin but otherwise A quality ***
3/5/72Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd jools12152   ***
 aud miller20704   ***
 sbd miller20739   ***
 sbd miller103282Bin 3-way conmparison on I Know your rider, the sound on 103282 seemed similar to 12152 except 103282 made 12152 sound slow and 103282 has the patches; the aud 20704 was of lesser quality than the sbds with less full and less warm sound; sbd rates B+ while aud portions rate B- ***
3/21/72Academy Of Music, New York, NY
 sbd vernon9331   ***
 sbd disk1 samaritano15041   ***
 set2 sbd samaritano32370   ***
 sbd miller92395B+in 4-way comparison on wharf rat, 92395 and 9331 had similar sound while 15041 and 32370 have a little more hiss; 92395 does not have the static in truckin around 7:00 on the other three; sound quality varies from harsh and has some hiss which rates a B, but Set2 goes up to A-has some occasional crackles throughout show***
3/22/72Academy of Music, New York, NY
 aud partial19142C  ***
 bonus for rockin the rhein$    
3/23/72Academy of Music, New York, NY
 sbd goodbear137   ***
 sbd cantor gans field20676 20676 t1 to t6 have matching flac fingerprint to 137 at which point 137 t7 has an sbe ***
 sbd miller100000A-in comparison on dark star, 137 and 100000 sounded similar; some of this seems like A quality but other songs like looks like rain seemed a little harsh so got A-; dark star is at A quality ***
 sbd miller bertha100298 did not reveiw this  
3/25/72Academy of Music, New York, NY
 aud hanno8838C-  ***
 aud hanno horner22094 md5 on 22094 matches md5 of 8838 except for sbe fixed tracks ***
 set2 aud berger100352Cin comparison on sugaree, 100352 has a fuller warmer sound with less hiss than 8838 ***
3/26/72Academy of Music, New York, NY
 aud hanno15413C drop/cut d1t11 0:43***
 sirius hance B+described as "SBD/MR>?>Sirius Radio, This was a special treat that David Ganz Played Christmas time 2008, All have been waiting for the Miller version to surface for 2 years., I've been told that it's not coming for whatever "POLITICAL NON-SENCE.", So HERE you are. Far better than it's presentation on Sirius., In anycase this will scratch the Itch we've been left with., Broadcast recorded 24/96 (Edirol R09), Original signal was very compressed., 24/96>WL6 > UAD PultecPro >, Ozone4 >R8Brain 16/44"; sort of close to mono; very lossy with not much above 6k except lego parapets going up to 13k; has a hollow sound but is a major upgrade in sound and completeness over 15413drops/skips d1t4 5:01, 5:50; pops d3t9 2:37, 2:41, 3:46 plus more for rest of show***
3/27/72Academy of Music, New York, NY
 aud hanno15816C drops between many tracks; d2t7 15:30***
3/28/72Academy of Music, New York, NY
 aud hanno15414   ***
 aud teute bunjes sirmick24536   ***
4/7/72Wembley Empire Pool, London, England
 aud hanno6161C31329 has noise reduction and compression and tone change applied to 6161; in comparison on sugaree and loser, 6161 has more hiss and rumble and vocals and guitar are more distant but sounded fuller warmer and more natural than 31329; sound is poor on that source tape but gets better for other source tape; on tennesse jed, 6161 has more hiss but sounded fuller and warmer than 31329; sound quality ranges from D to B- so averaged to C ***
 aud sirmick31329   ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
4/8/72Wembley Empire Pool, London, England
 sbd hamilton2185 d3 of this is lossy with nothing above 16k except lego parapetsdrops between tracks on d1 and d2***
 sbd giles jeffm2534  drops between tracks on d1 and d2***
 sbd pset2 koucky83143   ***
 sbd miller83714A-in comparison on dark star, 83714, 83143, and 2534 sounded similar; 83714 has less flaws than 2534 and 83143 is a partial, and 2185 is lossy sourcedstatic d1t1 3:40 is more noticable on 83714 than on 2534***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
4/11/72Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England
 sbd giles12186   ***
 sbd jackson smith94377B+in comparison on sugaree and comes a time and i know you rider, 94377 has more hiss and is not as bright or clear as 12186 but 94377 seemed to have a little more natural fuller sound; no clear winner except that 94377 also has the extra encore song ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
4/14/72Tivoli Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark
 sbd hurwitt8828   ***
 aud vernon23662   ***
 sbd miller34552   ***
 sbd ashley field34931Ain comparison on loser and one more saturday night, speed corrected 76006 was faster than miller 34552 and seemed a little better on the instruments but it was hard to tell; 34552 has similar sound to 8828, except 8828 has less hiss on left channel; bertha 34931 had more bass and least hiss and fullest sound; aud 23662 was of much lesser quality ***
 sbd miller repitched76006   ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
4/16/72Stakladen, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
 pset2 sbd vernon9196 9196 has same wav and spectral view and levels as 10528 ***
 sbd schnell sweeney cotsman10528   ***
 sbd miller18103B+md5 for 18103 d1t1 to d1t9 matches to 10528; in comparison on sugaree,18103 has more hiss and is more muffled than 19861; in comparison on el paso 10528 and 18103 had similar sound with 18103 more complete; set1 rates B- while set2 goes up to A- ***
 sbd pset1 hanno19861B-as indicated looks like has noise reduction in spectral view ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
4/17/72Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark
 sbd vernon9390   ***
 sbd gems33802   ***
 sbd ashley field34032   ***
 sbd sirmick34224A-the comparison was on sugaree; 34224 seems to have cleaned up a lot flaws and static in 33802 and otherwise sounds similar; bertha 34032 has a fuller sound but was overly bassy; 9390 was of lesser quality; 33802 has some occasional bunches of small digi-pops on left channel that causes some static and most have been cleaned up on this one; mostly A sound quality but vocals start to get harsh occasionally like on casey jonesshnid=34038 is an early version of this where on this one sirmick fixes more flaws found since he did that one; the most noticable remaing flaws are at d2t08 4:32, d3t01 1:15, 20:16, d3t04 1:22***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
4/21/72Beat Club, Bremen, Germany
 fm vernon9380B+soundcheck is not in box set ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
4/24/72Rheinhalle, Düsseldorf, Germany
 aud unknown6956    
 sbd aud cotsman16332    
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
 Rockin' the Rhein$    
4/26/72Jahrhundert Halle, Frankfurt, Germany
 sbd vernon9197 has a heavy spectral band at 19k and looks compressed ***
 sbd vernon12849A-in comparison on loser, 9197 has a lot more hiss and a harsher fuller sound than 12849 which is more pleasant, bob's vocals get clipped or limited at end of beat it on down the line ***
 sbd backus12884A-this is a combination of missing songs found on 12849 plus a flawed copy of the official release with levels lowered; 12884 matches outtakes 12849 in wav spectral view and levels on beat it on down the line; on bertha, 12884 matches in wav and spectral view to the official release with levels lowered to fit better with the levels of 12849; the right peak clipping on official release at d1t2 2:20 is also present on 12884 at -3db for same number of samples; the rest of the songs match in spectral view to those same sources; 12884 has drops between tracks between where the 2 sources were combinedhas some drops and square wav static at d3t1 9:31 for about 11 seconds***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
 Hundred Year Hall$A-described as "Sources:, -Official Release, -Outtakes: SBD > 16 tracks > ? > CE2K (minor cleanup) > mkwact > SHN > Goldwave 1db compression > flac, -The outtakes have had the volume matched to the commercial release" and is a close eac match on d1t1 to official release and does not have the flaws on 12884; official release portion rates A and outtakes rates A- ***
 Hundred Year Hall$   ***
4/29/72Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany
 aud vernon5250B  ***
 matrix vernon17025   ***
 sbd vernon17026 this looks and sounds like it has noise reduction ***
 sbd cousinit18523Bthis has the usual cousinit noise reduction processing; in comparison on sugaree, for the the sbds, cousint 18523 has the warmest fullest sound, then the sirmick matrix 98401, then sirmick sbd 32877, and then sbd 17026 is very narrow; the audience 5250 has a fuller warmer sound than all but the cousinit 18523 but is more distant with more hiss, but still a nice audience for this period; the cousinit 18523 is suppressed but the most pleasant sbd to listen to and makes the other sbds and matrixes sound narrow and harsh; in comparison on sugar magnolia where 18523 is aud, sirmick matrix 98401 has a more upfront sound with less hiss over the cousinit 18523 and the matrix 17025; the cousinit 18523 switches to audience 2/3 of the way through dark star; audience 5250 provides a more consistent sound over whole show than 18523; and although the sound on 18523 wins out over the audience 5250 in brief comparisons. over the whole show 18523 tended to become more tiresome while the audience 5250 did not ***
 sbd sirmick32877 this has noise reduction with most everything above 10k removed for first hald and the rest gets a ***
 mtx sirmick98401   ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/3/72Olympia Theater, Paris, France
 sbd masse142   ***
 sbd masse6453 6453 is a not very close eac match to 142 on d1t1 ***
 sbd samaritano21923Ain comparison on sugaree, 21923, 29082, and 6453 have similar sound; 6453 and 142 are more flawed with the noise reported noise in bertha; 29082 has had the levels raised on some tracks over 21923 and seems to have less digital flaws but is incomplete missing songs needed from europe 72 and did not check how they fit inanalog drop/cuts between many tracks; digipop d2t06 0:32, discontinuity pops d4t02 1:53, d4t03 4:23 plus there were many more small discontinuities and some of them can probably also be heard; drop d1t12 10:29***
 sbd samaritano29082  analog drop/cuts between many tracks***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/4/72Olympia Theater, Paris, France
 sbd hamilton143   ***
 sbd set1 samaritano20562 has a tv band for t1 to t13 ***
 sbd miller77294Ain comparison on brown eyed women, 77294 was brightest fullest with most hiss, 20562 was warmest but also sounded suppressed; 143 was in between those in tone ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/7/72Bickershaw Festival, Wigan, England
 sbd aud clugston9193    
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/10/72Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherland
 sbd kaplan1582A-a lot of this is A quality after the beginning as sound improvesclipping heard at end of sunshine daydream; digipops d4t7 2:24***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/11/72Rotterdam Civic Hall, Rotterdam, Netherland
 sbd giles3830   ***
 sbd ashley bertha7364   ***
 sbd samaritano9357A-in comparison on sugaree and uncle johns band, bertha 7364 was close in sound to 9357 but a little brighter and harsher; 3830 was warmest but seemed a little supressed; 9357 is also most complete with encore although from a different lesser quality source; beginning of d1t1 is of lesser quality ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/13/72Lille Fairgrounds, Lille, France
 sbd ladner3457A-in comparison, 3457 has same wav and spectral view and levels as 21725 on that portion of the show without more digital flaws that I could hear and has same cut in the other one; this indicates they share same digital source for this portion of the show; the rest of 3457 is in lesser qualitydrop d2t6 14:24 with some clicks preceding it***
 psbd miller21725  drop t3 14:24 with some clicks preceding it***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/16/72Theatre Hall, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
 sbd unknown10353B+in comparison on sugaree, 77980 has a bassier very harsh compressed less natural sound with less hiss than 10353; sound starts out rough at B+ and improves over show to A- in second set10353 is shntool fix of shn-id=7089; shnid=23825. is same as 10353 except d1t6 from shnid=7089***
 sbd brown77980  digipops t10 1:09, 2:20, 5:14 plus many more for rest of cd***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/18/72Kongressaal Deutsches Museum, München, Germany
 sbd unicorn2266B+ drop d1t2 6:36. drop/static d1t1 1:48, static d1t1 8:05, d1t5 3:24, d3t1 9:51***
 sbd miller79057B+in comparison on sugaree, 2266 has clearest sound, 79057 has a little more hiss and 94581 has warmest sound but seems more suppressed with a little hiss and seems to have least flaws; 79057 has less flaws than 2266; timings for the versions are 2266 178min, 79057 182min, 94581 195min; 2266 is shorter than 79057 because it is missing some tuning and almost 3 minutes of ramble on rose; 94581 has a lot more tuning between songs so selected for completeness and least flawed but cases can be made for either 2266 and 79057 on quality and flawsdrop/pop d3t1 16:48***
 sbd smith94581B+  ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/23/72The Strand Lyceum, London, England
 sbd lai2581   ***
 sbd unknown16089   ***
 sbd unicorn16750   ***
 sbd cribbs17700   ***
 sbd cribbs32863   ***
 sbd jackson smith gems97816B+in comparison on sugaree, 97816 has the least hiss and warmest sound; 2581 has the most hiss; 32863, 17700, 16750, 16089 were similar in sound ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/24/72The Strand Lyceum, London, England
 jones macdonald5920Cin comparison on sing me back home, 5920 has least noise reduction, then 24068 has next most, and 87027 has most and much more than the others; there is not a lot of hiss on 5920, and I could hear the fullness in sound reduced as the noise was reduced when comparing these; the sbd 91509 is much better sound but not as complete ***
 aud jones macdonald sirmick24068  digipop d1t12 3:35***
 pye jones harper sirmick87027C-  ***
 sbd pset2 unknown91509A-a lot of this is A quality but does start to get a little hot on songs such as mexicali blues so gets A-big static at t1 0:00***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/25/72The Strand Lyceum, London, England
 psbd hamilton147   ***
 sbd d1t3 fix cribbs26335   ***
 sbd miller87682A-in comparison on dark star, 87682 has less hiss than 147 ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
5/26/72The Strand Lyceum, London, England
 sbd mvernon5931  drops between most tracks***
 sbd hollister12758  light static d2t4 1:17***
 sbd waddell89641   ***
 sbd smith94452A-in comparison on dire wolf, 94452 has warmest sound; then 12758 and 5931 are very similar sounding to each other except 5931 has levels raised with compression which is more noticable on the loud songs, and 89641 is harshest and narrowest; 89641 has less hiss than the others; mainly A but bob gets harsh sometimes like at end of black throated wind ***
 box set$A- needs midrange reduced to get A sound quality***
6/17/72Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA
 aud hanno16470C+in comparison on sugaree, 116272 and 115839 sound like a different recording than 16470 based on different crowd at beginning of song; 116272 and 115839 sound similar with 116272 having a little cleaner spectral view in the high end; 16470 has more hiss and is more distant echoey with a fuller more natural sound that is easier to listen to; need end of 116272 to complete 16470drops between tracks; discontinuity pops d1t8 1:18, d2t4 2:39***
 shure sony melton115839   ***
 shure melton miller116272C  ***
7/16/72Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT
 sbd aud cotsman11258B-levels and mix get played with on sugar magnolia; the aud rates a C and the sbd up to a B+drops between tracks; cut/pop d2t5 2:35, d4t1 3:08***
7/18/72Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ
 sbd lai3348   ***
 aud weiner5916   ***
 sbd cribbs9067  drop d1t1 0:16, 2:47, d1t7 5:06, d1t9 2:27, d2t1 0:37, 1:49***
 sbd unknown9097 9097 st5 matches st5 of 3348 ***
 sbd miller32878B+in comparison on bird song, 88658, 9067, and 32878 sounded similar; 3348 has more hiss than those; aud 5916 is of lower quality; 88658 is over 24 minutes longer than 32878 which is almost 2 minutes longer than 9067; in comparison on the patched part of comes a time, 88658 was warmer but less natural sounding than 32878; 88658 might be selected for length but the extra seems to be dead air; 32878 is selected because of the better patch source; all the sbds had the same static at several comparison spots; so a lot of this is A quality but when the static hits it lowers the quality to B and also lower quality on the patchesdiscontinuity and static d1t6 5:23***
 sbd theotherwayne88658  drop d4t5 4:34, analog static around d1t3 6:06 which may be the mentioned static from the piano by bob; more follows***
7/21/72Paramount Northwest Theater, Seattle, WA
 sbd cotsman9246   ***
 dead download$A d2t8 is there twice with a different name 
7/22/72Paramount Northwest Theater, Seattle, WA
 sbd vernon13562  small drop d2t11 2:33***
 sbd gems86726  small drops between most tracks***
 sbd miller94112A-in comparison on sugaree for sbds, 13562 has fullest sound with most hiss; 94112 is warmer but sounds a little suppressed in comparison but not a big difference in sound quality with 13562; 86726 is unnatural sounding; 94112 is selected as most complete while 13562 has a little better sound; the aud 106930 is of much worse sound quality; mainly A quality but vocals get loud and limit on d2t6 causing scratchiness; this continues on d2t8 and other bob songs; patch source on truckin is of much less quality ***
 aud jems106930 very close to mono ***
7/25/72Paramount Theater, Portland, OR
 sbd cotsman7046A- drop d2t5 4:04, d2t8 0:30, analog drop then static around d4t4 0:37***
 sbd miller124017 in comparison on sugaree, 124017 and 7046 sound similar; in comparison on black throated wind can hear more distortion in the vocals on 124017 where it limits and clips; there are other spots on bobs vocals like in playing in the band that do the same and I did not check further; so chose 7046 although it has more other digital flaws and does not have the patches on 124017 ***
7/26/72Paramount Theater, Portland, OR
 sbd clugston1411A-in comparison on sugaree, 1411 has least hiss and is warmest, then 87034, and then 34803; a lot of this is A quality but recording levels start to get too high on some vocals like playin inthe band and beat it on down the line ***
 sbd popi8957   ***
 sbd patched long34803 d1t1-9 have same st5 as 8957; 8957 is 100 seconds longer than 34803 which appears to be the patchdrop d3t5 1:57; discontinuity pop d1t7 1:22, d2t5 1:27, d4t1 4:53***
 sbd gems87034  light static dt12 2:08***
8/12/72Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA
 sbd hamilton3327A-in comparison on sugaree, 105132 has a harsher sound than 3327; 105132 is 9 minutes longer than 3327 and 105132 has the encore not on 3327 and 105132 does not have the static pops on sugar magnolia on 3327; 3327 was selected for sound quality and need 105132 to complete the showdrop d1t14 2:26, d2t3 3:11, d4t9 5:42, static pop d4t9 4:00, 4:05***
 sbd gems104168    
 sbd smith gems105132   ***
8/20/72San Jose Civic Auditorium, San Jose, CA
 pset1 sbd jim14988   ***
 sbd cotsman16335  static d1t4 2:36***
 sbd miller32789   ***
 sony schiappacasse minches82716   ***
 sbd miller83733B+in comparison on loser 83733 has the fullest sound, 16335 has the most hiss; 14988 has the least hiss and seems noise reduced but did not hear the loss in music over 16335; the aud 82716 is of lesser quality; 83733 uses the noise reduced 14988 for its patch on the early songs; sound quality varies from A down to B- depending on the sourcestatic d1t4 2:34***
8/21/72Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
 sbd hamilton150A-a lot of this A quality but has some scratchiness on black throated wind and other documented flaws; more scratchiness on d2 and sometimes the quality seems to drop to a B+ ***
8/22/72Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
 sbd cotsman11472   ***
 sbd miller27780A-in comparison on bird song, 11472 has a less full sound with more hiss than 27780; in comparison on stella blue 11472 and 27780 had similar sound; a lot of this is A quality but some songs get too loud and vocals start to distort like d3t4drop d2t3 4:20, static buzz d2t8 8:23, d3t4 6:45***
8/24/72Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
 sbd unknown151   ***
 sbd miller18093A-in comparison on sugaree, 151 is warmer but more suppressed with more hiss than 18093; mainly A quality but vocals get harsh on some songs like d3t6static buzz around d1t2 6:22, d1t4 2 08, d2t7 10:31, d3t1 6:04, 8:16, occasionally on d3t4, d3t6 6:02***
8/25/72Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
 sbd unknown8474   ***
 sbd partial deibert12751   ***
 sbd miller92840Ain comparison on cold rain and snow, 92840, 8474, 12751 had similar sound with 92840 slightly clearer; 94218 looks like it has noise reduction and does sound a little clearer and has more bass than 92840 and may be an alternate selection ***
 sbd miller bertha94218   ***
8/27/72Old Renaissance Faire Grounds, Veneta, OR
 sbd kaplan hamilton152   ***
 sbd hollister2199   ***
 sbd orf3328   ***
 sbd serafin8045   ***
 sbd braverman16582Ain comparison on sugaree, 16582 had the fullest sound while the bertha remaster 21619 was echoey; 152, 3328, 8045, and 2199 were less full and 3328 has more hiss than the others; on 8045 the vocals also seemed suppressed by maybe too much noise reductiondigipop d2t4 12:33 not in music; some static buzzes on d3t4 starting at 5:xx***
 sbd bertha ashley21619   ***
9/3/72Folsom Field, U of Colorado, Boulder, CO
 sbd steinhaus bunjes teute cotsman13563   ***
 sbd greenberg powell18779   ***
 sbd new hanno20168  drops between some tracks***
 aud composite teute bunjes92805   ***
 sbd gems101143Bin comparison on sugaree, 101143 had fullest warmest sound with least distortion in the vocals but with most hiss; next best was 20168 and 92805 which seemed similar sound and 18779 was also similar in sound but slower; 13563 seemed to have noise reduction and had least hiss but was more muffled; in comparison on loser, 101143 had fullest warmest sound but with most hiss, 20168, 13563, and 18779 sounded similar and 92805 was very suppressed and hard to hear; so the selection of 101143 over 20168 was a trade off for noticably fuller and warmer sound with more hiss; sound quality varies on this from C to A- ***
9/9/72Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA
 sbd popi14086   ***
 aud unknown30991   ***
 aud pitch corrected zeb31949   ***
 aud sirmick32036   ***
 mtx seamons bertrando103311   ***
 sbd miller105458A-in comparison on sugaree, the auds 30991, 31949, and 32036 sound similar to each other except 30991 sounded slow; the sbds 14086 and 105458 sounded similar to each other; the auds had more hiss and were harsher, fuller and less upfront the sbds; the matrix 103311 is in between these being warmer and more upfront than the auds and fuller than the sbds but less upfront and not as warm as the sbds with more hiss; overall the sbd 105458 sounded better based on warmth, upfrontness, and hiss level even though not as full of sound; the matrix 103311 would make a good alternate selection to 105458 for those wanting more crowd; mainly A- quality except patch source of lesser quality ***
9/10/72Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA
 sbd vernon5680  pop d1t5 0:54; has a lot of squarish wavs and discontinuities***
 sbd winters17690  light static around d2t3 1:41, d2t3 12:18; discontinuity pops d1t1 1:19, d1t2 0:35***
 sbd patched greenberg powell22793B+in comparison on bird song, 17690 has most hiss, then 22793, and then 5680; 5680 looks and sounds like it has nose reduction and has a narrower sound with a lot more flaws; could not be sure if 17690 had a fuller sound than 22793 but if so it was very slight; 22793 is most complete; sound quality ranges from B+ to A-light static around d2t3 1:41, d2t3 12:18; discontinuity pops d1t03 1:16, d1t05 14:00, 14:00, d2t01 4:49, 4:50***
9/15/72Music Hall, Boston, MA
 degen weiner7924C+in comparison on truckin, sbd 8046 has much better sound than the auds; aud sirmick 31990 looks and sounds like it has noise reduction and has less hiss but also less full and less natural sound than 7924; 7924 has a lot of hiss but full sounding vocals ***
 psdb kaplan8046A-  ***
 aud degen sirmick31990  digipop d2t1 1:40***
9/16/72Music Hall, Boston, MA
 psbd unknown6683   ***
 sbd cotsman9247Bin comparison on truckin, the sbds 9247 and 6683 were similar sounding with 9247 having slightly less hiss; the aud 12932 had more hiss and distortion and was harsher and more distant; the matrix 77442 was in between the aud and sbd and although it was fuller sound than the sbds, it carried through the problems on the aud; in comparison on bird song for auds, 9247 has slightly less hiss than 12932; aud portion rates B- and sbd portion A-discontinuity pop d1t05 1:17, d1t08 1:56, 2:38, 3:33, d1t11 0:19, 1:54, 3:24***
 degen weiner12932   ***
 matrix sb20 chappell77442   ***
9/17/72Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD
 sbd hamilton154   ***
 aud wolfson minches28165   ***
 Dick's Picks$A   
9/19/72Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ
 aud cotsman12075C-some of this is C quality but other parts rate D like the beginning have more distortion ***
9/21/72The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
 sbd masse7296   ***
 Dick's Picks$A has flaw pop on cd and in wav view can see where they tried to reduce the volume of it at d1t2 0:19 but failed to silence it***
9/23/72Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT
 sbd jeffm2201A  ***
9/24/72Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT
 sbd jeffm2202A-in comparison on loser, 2202 has more hiss but has a little fuller more natural sound than 25282 as 25282 has noise reduction; aud 99860 has a much worse sound ***
 sbd cribbs25282   ***
 aud berger99860   ***
9/26/72Stanley Theatre, Jersey City, NJ
 sbd unknown156   ***
 sbd unknown sbexx16755   ***
 sbd wier19198Amd5 of 19198 matches 156 on d1 and d2; 16755 is a close eac match to 19198 on d1t1 but 16755 has a lot of squarish wavs that give it some light static; 25281 provides the patches to 19198  
 partial sbd patched powell ladner25281   ***
9/27/72Stanley Theatre, Jersey City, NJ
 sbd vernon18106   ***
 Dick's Picks$A   
9/28/72Stanley Theatre, Jersey City, NJ
 sbd lai157  has a lot of digi-pops***
 sbd bill12657  has almost 6 minutes of silence at end of d1 and d2; has a lot of discontinuity pops***
 sbd patched chrisl26933  has a lot of discontinuity pops***
 sbd bertha34162  27584 has sbe's but otherwise the same***
 sbd miller94268A-in comparison on brokedown palace, on the sbds, 157 has the fullest sound but with a lot more hiss; gems bear 110020 had some hiss and was more suppressed than 157; 94268, 12657, and 26933 sounded similar to each other and have a little hiss; bertha 34162 has removed that hiss and made the instruments louder and is a little less full and natural of sound and may be a good alternate selection; the aud 99843 is of lesser sound quality; mainly A sound quality except for patch source ***
 aud berger99843   ***
 sbd bear gem110020  has several discontinuity pops***
9/30/72American University, Washington, DC
 sbd unknown5681B+this has a narrow sound with a little hiss ***
10/2/72Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA
 sbd lai158B+sometimes gets to A- and other times has a noticable light hiss ***
 sbd gans miller112864Ain comparison on bird song, 112864 has a fuller sound with less hiss than 158analog pop d1t4 1:58***
10/9/72Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd vernon5249A-has a little hiss so may be B+ at timesstatic d3t4 6:41***
10/17/72Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
 sbd sacks2219A-  ***
10/18/72Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
 sbd weir7295B+ cut d1t7 8:04 losing 47 seconds; d2t2 0:53, d2t5 20:52; skipping noise d2t6 11:06***
 sbd matera123571B+rates B+ because has some distortion in music; has yellow rose of texas tuning at beginning of d1t12; in comparison on bird song, 123571 has more bass giving it a fuller sound but is also harsher with more hiss at the comparison spot than 7295; they have different flaws and different cuts and content; chose 123571 because has more bird song; 7295 has more tuning at beginning and end of d1t1 and there may be other differencesdiscontinuity pop d1t1 6:09, d2t3 4:37, d2t5 28:19, d2t6 5:25, 11:00, static noise d2t6 10:43 for half a second and similarly again at 10:58 , skipping noise d2t7 0:00; plus some more pops***
10/19/72Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
 sbd des4506B+rates B+ because has some distortion in music ***
10/21/72Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
 sbd pset291505  has drops at end of playing in the band***
 set2 partial sbd miller94409A-preferred 94409 over 94453 because it has the extra between song tuning that was not cut off of it and the little louder bass on trucking was fine too; there is still some dead air and you have to turn it up to hear the tuning that was cut; the bass is loud and there are a couple sections where it distorts; 91505 had similar sound but was more flawed; both remasters 122342 and 122383 seem to start with the edited 94453 and remove a bunch of sound at 6k, reduce bass and make it unnatural, and increase high end which brings up the hiss which overall results in a very unnatural narrow hollow harsher sound with both having much more hiss than 94409; noise reduced 122383 has less hiss and is narrower sound than 122342 ***
 set2 partial sbd rbbert fix94453   ***
 sbd pset2 rbbert dan fix122342B-  ***
 sbd pset2 nr rbbert dan fix122383B-  ***
10/23/72Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, Milwaukee, WI
 aud cotsman10914C  ***
 sonyecm250 unknown miller98958B-in comparison on loser, 10914 is more muffled with more hiss than 10914; they are different recordings based on different crowd at end of promised land; the patch source on 98958 seems to be the same recording as 10914 based on same crowd at end of me and bobby mcgee; it seems on 98958 like the midrange and high end were turned up in an attempt to make the vocals easier to hear but it resulted in to making it harsher and hissier; so recommend 10914 over 98958 for the patch source portion ***
10/24/72Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, Milwaukee, WI
 pset2 sbd hamilton159   ***
 sonyecm250 unknown miller97614B-  ***
 sbd gems105842   ***
 sbd miller106018A-in comparison on he's gone, 106018 has a fuller clearer sound with less hiss than 105842 and 159; 97614 is much more muffled but needed to complete the show ***
10/26/72Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH
 sbd miller15113   ***
 sbd miller32717A-  ***
10/27/72Veterans' Memorial Hall, Columbus, OH
 sbd aud cotsman10286   ***
 set1 sbd hanno18849   ***
 sbd aud cousinit19630B-in comparison on loser, 19630 has the fullest sound and seems to have undergone a little cousinit noise reduction processing that may account for it being avery narrow unnatural sounding; 10286 is next fullest with some crackling and distortion and more hiss in it and is very compressed sound; 18849 has had a lot of noise reduction and sounds muffled and narrowest; 19630 and 10286 have the same st5 on a lot of the tracks on d2; sbd rates B and aud rates B- ***
10/28/72Cleveland Public Hall, Cleveland, OH
 sbd partial11653   ***
 sbd cotsman20301   ***
 sbd ashley bertha20405A-in comparison on dark star, 11653 and 20301 were very similar to each other, and 20405 was bassier and had a fuller sound with less hiss; some songs like Johnny b goode rates B+ ***
10/30/72Ford Auditorium, Detroit, MI
 aud cotsman10915B-  ***
11/12/72Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS
 sbd cotsman9771Bas indicated vocals are hard to hear most of the time except for part cumberland; the instrumental portions like on playing in the band get up to A- qualitypop d3t7 7:44***
11/13/72Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS
 aud cotsman7518   ***
 aud hanno10089B-in 4-way comparison on morning dew, 105812 has least hiss, 17416 and 7518 sound similar to each other, and 17416 was more muffled; so need 105812 for its part and 10089 to complete the show ***
 aud vernon17416   ***
 aud owsley gems105812B  ***
11/14/72Civic Center Music Hall, Oklahoma City, OK
 sbd cotsman11615  a couple big drop/fades in sugaree; cut d2t6 1:39***
 sbd miller11836  discontinuity pops d3t6 3:26***
 sbd miller22024B+22024 and 11836 have same st5s on d1 and d3; and 22024 is more complete than 11836; and 11615 11615 has more hiss on sugaree and sing me back home than 22024; starts rough with some hiss and low levels and then gets better and a lot of this is at A-discontinuity pops d3t6 3:26; analog cut d2t6 1:40***
11/15/72Civic Center Music Hall, Oklahoma City, OK
 psbd cotsman10916   ***
 sbd set2 miller91760   ***
 sbd miller110631Ain comparison on brokedown palace, 110631 has the least hiss with fullest sound, 10916 and 91760 have much more noticable hisshas numerous annoying discontinuity pops like d1t2 7:54, d1t10 0:50, d2t7 0:25 and many more***
 sbd bertha112616    
11/17/72Century II Convention Hall, Wichita, KS
 sbd warner15982A-mostly A- quality except for brief patch sourceseveral spots of static on tennessee jed and some smaller ones elsewhere***
11/18/72Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX
 set2 sbd cotsman9002   ***
 sbd set2 lai9182A-in comparison on he's gone, 9002 and 9182 have very similar sound; however 9002 has been compressed and limited to -4db with severe clipping which can be heard like on sugar magnoliacut d3t1 5:27; pop d3t3 7:08***
 s2 sbd miller123077 123077 has similar sound to 9182 but has the pitch correctiondrop/pop d2t3 7:08; cut with fade in sugar magnolia***
11/19/72Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX
 sbd winters17705A-has a tv band near 16k; a lot of this is A quality; the volume intensity varies a lot making some songs much louder than otherslevels fluctuate badly on bertha***
 miller123578A-123578 removed the pops on 122783 as indicates as I did not hear them ***
 sbd miller122784    
 gd72-11-19sbd16122783A-there is a spectral void around 16k as if someone tried to remove a tv band; in comparison on stella blue, 17705 has a little more hiss than 122783' 122783 has small analog pops not on 17705; only checked 2 songs for the pops but they are probably through out and were more distracting than the extra hissanalog pop d2t7 0:13, 0:42, 1:31, 2:05, 2:47, 3;43, 4:51, 6:09; d1t11 0:50, 1:40, 2:37, 4:20***
11/22/72Austin Municipal Auditorium, Austin, TX
 sbd lai4081A-some of this is A quality but other songs like around and around are A-drop static d1t1 3:34***
 sbd miller115730Ain comparison on loser and stella blue, 115730 has a little more hiss and a little fuller sound than 4081drop static d1t1 3:26***
 sbd fixed miller115765  drop static d1t1 3:26***
11/24/72Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX
 sbd gardner5288A-songs vary from A to A- with some having a little hisshas some glitches***
11/26/72San Antonio Civic Auditorium, San Antonio, TX
 sbd cotsman9248B+1st set rates B and 2nd set goes up to B+ ***
 alt versions tagged123022 note that some of the description in the info file for 123022 versions on hiss and cuts do not match my findings; in comparison on dark star, 9248 and version one of 123022 sound similar; version one of 123022 has lower levels, a better sound quality patch at 20:0x in dark star without the pops (although volume could have been matched a little better), and an extra 50 second patch in bobby mcgee making it better than 9248; alt version of 123022 has less hiss and less full sound and sounds more suppressed and has about 1 and half second cut at 10:46 in dark star; so recommend version one of 123022 plus 9248 for the rest of show ***
12/10/72Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd gorinsky5801A-there are small patches of lesser sound quality ***
12/11/72Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
 sbd vernon5251   ***
 sbd cousinit100398   ***
 sbd gems107885B+in 4-way comparison on sugaree, 107885 has the fullest sound; 5251 and 100398 have more hiss with 100398 having the most; 108946 is more muffled; mtx 121029 is more echoey and ldistant than 107885; aud patches on 107885 rate B- while sbd portion rates A- ***
 aud menke motb108946   ***
 mtx dusborne121029   ***
12/12/72Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd gorinsky5802   ***
 sbd miller32041A-in comparison on sing me back home, 32041 and 5802 sounded similar; 32041 is more complete ***
12/15/72Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA
 sbd hollister17186A-  ***
12/31/72Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd unknown1563A- drop near end of d1t8, d2t8, d2, digipop static d1t12 13:43***
 prefm vernon20559A drop end of d1t8, d2t2, d3, d4t1, near end of d4t2***
 sbd bertha ashley26559Ain 4-way comparison on brown eyed women, 26559 has the fullest sound and makes 20559 sound suppressed; 20559 is also warmer but more suppressed than 1563 and wgv stream which sound similar to each other but are harsher with less full sound and more compressed with a light background scratchinessdrop d4t2 0:00***