GD - Wondering What to Choose 1973
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/73Wake of the Flood Sessions - Garcia's Rough Mixes
 wotfroughmixes samaritano97924A lots of digital drops and square wavs on t2 cause skipping***
2/9/73Roscoe Maples Pavilion, Stanford, Palo Alto, CA
 sbd allred9888  discontinuity pop d2t3 10:24, digipop d2t8 0:01 plus more***
 sbd finney10361A-in comparison on sugaree, 10361 and 9888 sound similar and 14939 is harsher; 9888 has more digital flaws than 10361; a lot of this is A quality eith nivce full upfront sound except sometimes like on me and my uncle the piano gets overly loud on a segment or some other songs are a little over recorded like they love each other ***
 sbd ashley12571   ***
 sbd bertha fink14939 has same md5 as 12571 except on d2t8 and d2t9 ***
2/15/73Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI
 sbd hall1580B+some of this is B sound quality at the beginning but as it gets better it still has a narrow sound; in comparison on row jimmy, 112812 has more distortion than 1580 although it was warmer sound; on sugaree 112812 has a warmer sound and 1580 has a crisper fuller sound with more hiss; 112812 has the extra audience songs not on 1580; in cmparison on sugaree, aud 124195 has a more muffled sound with more hiss than 1580 ***
 sbd arf112812    
 aud partial124195   ***
2/17/73St. Paul Auditorium, St. Paul, MN
 sbd carman11771   ***
 sbd miller32580A-  ***
 sbd ashley field32875A-in comparison on hes gone, 32580 and 11771 have similar sound quality; bertha 32875 has less hiss and did not notice any less fullness in sound to go with the reduction; sound quality varies between A- and A ***
2/19/73International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL
 sbd jim jeffrey12826   ***
 set2sbd fink15589A-in comparison on he's gone, 15589 had warmest sound with least hiss, then 12826, and then 83023 was harsher with most hiss ***
 set2 sbd miller83023   ***
2/21/73Assembly Hall, University Of Illinois, Champaign, IL
 sbd hamilton165   ***
 sbd miller111120A-in comparison on loser, 111120 has a warmer fuller sound with less hiss than 165; levels of vocals will occasionally go low in first part ***
2/22/73Assembly Hall, University Of Illinois, Champaign, IL
 sbd hamilton166   ***
 sbd elliot10963   ***
 pset2 sbd carman12215 12215 shares same flac fingerprints through d2t1 of 10963 and then differs ***
 sbd miller111169A-in comparison on eyes of the world, 12215, 10963, and 166 have similar sound while 111169 has a fuller harsher sound with more hiss; 111169 has more between songs and is 16 minutes longer than 12215 ***
2/24/73University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
 sbd elliot11929   ***
 pset1 sbd sly16051B+  ***
2/26/73Pershing Municipal Auditorium, Lincoln, NE
 sbd kaplan1208   ***
 Dick's Picks$    
2/28/73Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT
 sbd jools9986  has a lot of bad clipping***
 sbd weiner15386Bin comparison on sugaree, 15386 has a fuller sound with more hiss than 9986 ***
3/15/73Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
 aud vernon13468   ***
 sbd cotsman14035Bin comparison on row jimmy, 14035 and 13468 had similar sound except 13468 was faster and sounded fast; in comparison on sugaree, 13468 sound more muffled than the sbd of 14035; aud portion rates B-, sbd portion rates B+ and gets harsh sometimes like on vocals of sugaree and truckindrops between most tracks except some on d3***
3/16/73Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
 sbd hamilton jackson14770 19141 and 14770 are a sort of close eac match on d1t1 ***
 sbd cribbs19141   ***
 aud minor vernon33556   ***
 sbd miller79186B+in comparison on ramble on rose, 19141 and 14770 have a similar sound while 79186 has a fuller less warm sound with more upfront vocals and more hiss and makes those sound suppressed; in comparison on loser 79186, 19141 and 14770 sounded similar; aud 33556 is more muffled; vocals sometimes have some distortion when get loud like in wave that flaga few spots of static in Sugar Magnolia as indicated***
3/19/73Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
 sbd elliot9987A-in comparison on stella blue, sony moskal aud 97417 is more muffled than sbd 9987; in comparison on hes gone, sony moskal aud 97417 is more muffled than aud danh 97506; need all 3 for best quality and completeness; a lot of this is A quality ***
 sonyecm moskal97417B-  ***
 partial aud danh97506B  ***
 sbd miller123987 in comparison on stella blue, 123987 sounds similar to 9987 but has a louder hiss; 9987 does not have the patches on 123987 ***
3/21/73Utica Memorial Auditorium, Utica, NY
 sbd cotsman5072   ***
 sbd miller29263Bin comparison on row jimmy, 5072 and 29263 have similar sound; in comparison on loser the noise reduction on 5072 is apparent with it having less hiss and less full and less natural sound than 29263; 5072 does not seem to have the flaws noted on 29263; vocals are distorted a lot of the time and sound quality can drop to C while instrumental portions can go to A-drop d3t6 1:30; skip with a repeated segment d3t6 3:41***
3/22/73Utica Memorial Auditorium, Utica, NY
 sbd sacks1822Ain comparison on sugaree, 1822 had much more upfront vocals and on 83397 they were very low in the mix; in comparison on box of rain, the vocals on 83397 were not as bad but still supressed and souned less natural than on 1822; still need some of 83397 to fill in beginning of show promised land missing on 1822 ***
 sbd cantor deibert83397   ***
3/24/73The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
 sbd hamilton1216   ***
 sbd bertha ashley25508Ain comparison on loser, 83407 sounds suppressed and unnatural like has some noise reduction; 25508 has less hiss and more bass than 1216 and did not notice any loss in fullness of sound; brief yellow rose of texas instrumental at end of d1t13 ***
 sbd cantor deibert83407   ***
3/26/73Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD
 sbd miller ashley1373   ***
 sbd miller34787A-in comparison on sugaree, 34787 and 1373 sounded similar; 1373 has more drop/cuts between some tracks than 34787; sound is close to A but rates A- since not full enough ***
3/28/73Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA
 sbd warner darrin1073   ***
 sbd aud cotsman11473 d3 of 11473 is a close eac match to t1 of 1073 ***
 aud nourse weiner16886   ***
 sbd set2 miller34759   ***
 beyer backstrom miller74682   ***
 beyer backstrom miller75138    
 sbd miller86459Ain comparison on dark star, sbds 86459, 1073, and 34759 sound similar; the matrix 86833 is a little more muffled followed by the auds with 16886 more mufled than miller beyer 74682; in comparison on loser the auds are all probably same recording based on same background crowd chatter; 11473 and 16886 sounded similar while miller beyer 74682 was brighter and harsher with more hiss but looked like it had a little more music spectral density above those but did not hear itstatic d1t1 0:26***
 sbd mtx tobin86833  very bad static d2t7 6:20 (did anyone listen to this before release?)***
3/30/73Rochester Community War Memorial, Rochester, NY
 sbd aud cotsman11616B+aud portion rates B-, sbd rates A- but is close to A except has some fuzziness in highenddrops between tracks on d1***
3/31/73Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY
 sbd yerys2237  drop/cut between cdrs***
 sbd hamilton2986 the md5 of some of the tracks on 2986 are same as on 2237; 2986 repeats a 28 second segment on d3t1 which is fine on 2237 ***
 sbd bertha ashley31604Ain comparison on sugaree, 31604 has less hiss and more bass and is fuller sounding than 2237 ***
4/2/73Boston Garden, Boston, MA
 sbd hamilton169   ***
 sbd yerys170 170 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 169; 170 has more digital flaws of drops and discontinuities ***
 sbd kfpa16176   ***
 sbd miller17346 17346 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 16176; 16176 has more digital flaws of drops and discontinuities ***
 sbd ashley bertha22246Ain comparison on row jimmy, 22246 and 17346 were close in sound but 17346 was a little harsher; 169 has less full sound and more hiss ***
5/13/73Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA
 sbd minches7270 seems mastered with noise reduction and compression and limited except on d4 ***
 sbd powell ladner24997 as indicated the d4 of 24997 matches to 7270 and 1372 ***
 sbd smith lee gems97558Bin comparison on loser, 7270 has the least hiss but sounds most muffled because of noise reduction; 97558 has some hiss and is not as muffled; 24997 has a lot of hiss that annoyingly oscillates up and down with the vocals and has the brightest harshest fullest and least muffled sound; in comparison on china doll the the miller 100302 has a less muffled fuller sound with less hiss than 97558; 7270 and 24997 use same source on china doll; this has a clear but narrow sound so rates a B ***
 sbd partial smith miller100239   ***
 set3 sbd fix smith miller100302A100302 is slower than 100239 and 100302 has had some levels raised with more on quiet songs like china doll ***
5/20/73Stadium, U.C Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
 aud weiner gdadt5915   ***
 sbd set3 wow16158   ***
 set3 sbd cribbs16531 about half the st5s in 16531 match to 16158; they are both from a lossy source with nothing above 16k except lego parapets ***
 sbd weiner warner19564   ***
 sbd patched schlissel24495 24495 shares same md5s as19564 except on d3t3 and d4t6 ***
 sbd miller86905B+in comparison on stella blue, 86905 and 24495 have similar sound; 16531 has more hiss and less full sound; aud 5915 is more distorted; 86905 has higher levels than 24495 and has fewer flaws; has the indicated buzz in Bertha and patched are lesser quality ***
5/26/73Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA
 sdb datsit7798   ***
 sbd cribbs17076   ***
 sbd cribbs ashley81854A-in comparison on sugaree, 7798, 17076, 83438, and 83535 all sounded similar while 81854 has a fuller warmer clearer sound; need miller 83535 for patches; some of this seems A quality and other parts do not have as full of sound so gets A-has small drops between tracks but did not hear them and do not now if they are also on the bertha dvd***
 sbd cantor diebert83438   ***
 sbd miller patched83535   ***
6/9/73Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC
 sbd hollister172   ***
 partial aud weiner gdadt2522790   ***
 sonytc monte barry91236   ***
 sbd barry patched93677A-172, 93475, and 93677 have same md5 except on d4t8, 93677 has the additional ending not on 172; in comparison on row jimmy, sbd 93677 has most upfront sound, then closely followed by mtx barry 117476 which is also more echoey, then aud 120958, then aud 91236, and then aud 22790; a lot of this is A quality but there are some spots of distortion ***
 mtx barry117476   ***
 barry smith aud fob120958 in comparison on deal, 120958 has a fuller sound than 91236 ***
 barry smith aud fob120959    
6/10/73Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC
 sbd hollister174   ***
 sbd miller89640   ***
 partial fob gadsden89681   ***
 sbd miller fix89730 has same md5 as 89640 except on d4t5 to d4t8 ***
 fob barry90351   ***
 mtx tobin90771   ***
 aud barry gadsden tobin90796   ***
 sbd miller tobin patched90979A-in comparison on morning dew 90979 sounds similar to 178 and miller fixed 89730 and has some additional between song tunings not on those; the auds 89681 and 90351 are more muffled than the sbd; 89681 has less hiss than 90351 but sounds suppressed like it has noise reduction; the matrix 90771 has more hiss and a fuzzier sound than the sbd 90979; a lot of this is A quality but has some rougher patched parts and bass distortion in a few places ***
 barry smith aud fob121030 in comparison on morning dew, 121030 has similar sound to 90351 except 121030 has more hiss on the right channel ***
 barry smith aud fob121031    
6/22/73P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, BC
 sbd clugston5850   ***
 aud weiner gdadt1916889   ***
 sbd cribbs17270   ***
 sbd monitor mix pantagruel85957A  ***
 sbd cribbs88347 88347 shares st5 with 17270 for d5t1 and d1t1 is a close eac match for 88347 to 17270 ***
 sbd miller88526A-in comparison on bird song, miller 88526, 5850 and 17270 sounded similar; 88526 has patched out the static that is on 5850 and 17270; monitor mix 85957 sounded a little fuller and warmer; matrix 92375 was echoey; aud 16889 was more muffled and distorted; in comparison on deal the matrix 92375 was warmer but the distortion in the vocals was more prominent on than miller 88526; some of this is A quality with some lesser quality parts and some patches ***
 mtx seamons92375   ***
6/24/73Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR
 pset2 sbd hamilton176 in comparison on china doll, 99852 has a fuller warmer sound with less hiss ***
 sbd cotsman12828   ***
 sbd miller99852A-in comparison on stella blue, 12828 has a more muffled sound with more hiss than 99852; as indicated there are problems on first few tracks with levels jumping around and channels going out; otherwise this is mainly A quality ***
6/26/73Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA
 sbd lai5293  t1 has several places of square wav static and drops***
 sbd cotsman12076B+in comparison on el paso, sbd 12076 and sbd 5293 had similar sound while sbd remaster goodbear 80602 had less hiss with less fuller sound because of noise reduction and seems to have introduced a very noticable flaw into the song; all the sbds were missing a spectral band around 12k and 16k; matrix 100024 had a fuller but less upfront sound than the sbds and also had an unnatural oscillating sound; weiner aud was tinny and narrow sounding when compared to the sbd; jems aud 105840 is more muffled than the weiner aud 14673; in comparison on row jimmy on the aud portion of the sbd, remaster goodbear 80602 had less hiss but sounded narrower and less natural than 12076; aud portion rates B- and sbd portion varies and approaches A- at timesd2t2 has several places of square wav static and drops***
 aud weiner gdadt1414673   ***
 sbd goodbear80602  at d2t5 0:56 there is a discontinuity where it jumps back so hear felina twice; as indicated this cuts out the diginoise on bertha giving a skip forward; digipops at d2t7 3:51, d3t1 4:32 plus many more on d3***
 mtx seamons100024   ***
 aud jems105840 looks in spectral view like everything above 8k was removed ***
 aud amick williams smith115571 in comparison on row jimmy and he's gone, 115571 is harsher with less than 14673 ***
6/29/73Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA
 sbd cotsman11617   ***
6/30/73Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA
 sbd jerugim177  square wav static d1t2 0:58***
 aud weiner gdadt6019   ***
 sbd baker19903A-in comparison on bird song, sbd 19903 and 177 have similar sound and flaws with 19903 having patches; matrix 29753 sounds fuzzier and not as clear as the sbds; auds are all more muffled than sbds with among the auds100346 has least hiss and fullest sound, then sirmick 85816, and then 6019square wav static d1t2 0:58***
 sbd sbvol9 chappell29753   ***
 aud sirmick85816   ***
 aud weiner99703   ***
 aud weiner100345    
 aud weiner100346   ***
7/1/73Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA
 aud lai178   ***
 set1 sbd unknown30362 looks like sbd is from a 32k dat as has nothing above 16khas some discontinuity pops***
 fob kaslow todd motb88528Bin comparison on sugaree, 178 has the fullest sound, next fullest is motb 88528, then the matrix 89848, and then sbd 30362 which has a very narrow sound; motb 88528 has less hiss than 178; they are all harsh with the sbd 30362 and matrix 89848 being the harshest; motb 88528 is the warmest and is easiest to listen to followed next by 178 ***
 fob kaslow todd motb88608    
 sbd mtx tobin89848   ***
7/27/73Grand Prix Racecourse, Watkins Glen, NY
 sbd weiner180B+ drop near end of d1t4, between cdrs, discontinuity pop d2t2 1:43, digi-pop d2t3 23:41***
 siniawsky smith weiner gdadt1125509   ***
 aud weiner gdadt2626363   ***
 sbd miller27779A-in 3-way comparison on bird song, 27779, 180, and wgv stream sound similar with similar amounts of hiss; 27779 has less digital flaws than 180; on other tracks such as d2t3 jam, 180 is harsher with more hiss and also includes an inferior aud track; in comparison on me and my uncle, matrix 100410 had a fuller but less natural fuzzier sound in the vocals than on 27779; the auds are more muffled than the sbd and the matrix; for the auds, 26363 has the warmest fullest sound, then next 28882 is harsher and narrower, and then sirmick 87464 is compressed and even more harsher and narrower; 11474 and 25509 have a lot of distortion in them; 27779 starts a little harsh in sound at B+ and gets up later to A qualitydrop/cut between cdrs***
 aud pantagruel28882   ***
 aud sirmick87464   ***
 mtx seamons100410   ***
 candelario boswell smith123407    
 candelario boswell smith123408 in comparison on wharf rat, sbd 27779 has a fuller clearer more front sound than 123408; aud 26363 is mor emuffled than 123408 ***
7/28/73Grand Prix Racecourse, Watkins Glen, NY
 sbd weiner181Bsbd 181 is a close eac match on d1t2 to 14196 and seems the same with same digital flaws except 14196 is 38 seconds longer because it has longer drops between tracks; the auds are more muffled than the sbds; in comparisonon the auds, 106794 has the fulles sound while 100612 looks and sound like it has a lot of noise reduction and has a harsh unnatural sound; 14196 has a lot of distortion in it; sound quality varies from C to B+ ***
 siniawsky smith weiner gdadt1111474 includes 7/27/73 25509 ***
 sbd weiner14196   ***
 akgd1000e moore berger100612   ***
 aud weiner106793    
 aud weiner106794   ***
7/31/73Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ
 fob aud willy8909Bin comparison on loser, 8909 was warmer and fuller and 12883 was brighter with a little more hiss; these seem to be same recording based on same clapping and crowd at end of d1t1; 121160 is different recording based on different crowd at end of d1t1 and had noticable less full sound; 12883 has more crowd before the start of show; they are similar sound quality; 8909 has some digital flawshas occasional drops, square wav static, discontinuity pops, and digipops***
 aud weiner gdadt1212883   ***
 barry smith aud fob121160   ***
 barry smith aud fob121161    
8/xx/73Roosevelt Stadium - Jersey City, NJ
 sbd wotf davef2522A-sound quality varies from A- to A ***
8/1/73Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ
 partial sbd gans jungeblut182   ***
 aud weiner8724   ***
 aud weiner gdadt089145 in comparison on auds on bird song, 9145 has the fullest sound, next fullest is 121129; the rest are less full; 112572 has less hiss but is harsh and looks and sounds like it has noise reduction giving it a narrow mechanical unnatural sound; 119371 and 8724 are more muffled and 8724 has more hiss; these 4 seem to be different recordings based on different crowd around 5:30 on mississippi halfstep ***
 sbd kaplan11813    
 sbd cotsman12222   ***
 sbd sirmick patch92478Bin comparison on the sbds on bird song, 12222 and 11813 sound similar and sirmick 92478 had slightly less hiss; in comparison on morning dew 182, 92478, 12222, and 11813 sound similar; in comparison on mississippi halfstep, 12222 and 11813 sound similar and 92478 has less hiss and did not notice any reduced fullness of sound with it; the sbds have a fuller more upfront sound than the auds and mtx 123128 which are more echoey; sound quality ranges from B- to B+ ***
 aud moore berger112572   ***
 aud barry119371   ***
 barry smith aud fob121127    
 barry smith aud fob121129 in comparison on sugaree, 121129 has a much fuller natural sound than 119371; 119371 looks like it has noise reduction also ***
 mtx barry123128   ***
9/7/73Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
 sbd goodbear1126   ***
 aud moore weiner18854   ***
 sbd cotsman19893A-19893 is a sort of close eac match on d1t1 to goodbear 1126; 19893 has more drops in it because they were used along with fades to remove analog pops at reel cuts that are on goodbear 1126;the sbd has a warmer fuller clearer moreupfront sound than the aud 18854; sound quality ranges from B at the start and on patches to mostly A- ***
9/8/73Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
 sbd wulf183 in comparison on china doll, 6225 has slightly more hiss than 78349, but 78349 has a less natural more muffled sound probably because of the noise reduction ***
 sbd goodbear78349   ***
9/11/73William and Mary College Hall, Williamsburg, VA
 sbd lanum184A-in comparison on sugaree, 184 has a little more hiss than 113051, but 113051 is a little more muffled; matrix 120143 has a less full sound than 184; the auds 111742 and 112220 are more muffled than the sbds ***
 aud berger warburton111742   ***
 aud warburton berger patched112220   ***
 sbd goodbear113051 ffp on d3t2 and d3t3 match to 184; ***
 aud warburton berger cousinit patched116231    
 mtx dusborne120143   ***
9/12/73William and Mary College Hall, Williamsburg, VA
 sbd sly14010B+14010 close eac match on d1t2 to 21618; they seem to have the same digital flaws except 21618 has longer 9 second drops between cdrs; sound quality varies from places where mix is bad, a few loud pops, over recorded like distortion causing scratchiness in vocals and instruments, and other places that are close to A- ***
 sbd susan21618   ***
9/15/73Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI
 sbd set2 levy1077   ***
 aud sbd cotsman16174Bon sbd portion 16174 seems same as 1077 with levels higher on 16174 and has same digital flaws; aud portion rates B- and sbd B+ ***
9/17/73Onondaga County War Memorial, Syracuse, NY
 sbd jensen10082   ***
 sbd cotsman d3fixed14473   ***
 sbd sirmick107542A-in comparison on sugaree, 107542 has less hiss than 14473 but did not hear a reduction in fullness because of noise reduction; in comparison on stella blue, 14473 has less hiss than 107542, but 14473 has a more muffled less natural sound; 10082 is too slow with more hiss than those ***
9/20/73The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
 aud sbd cotsman11618B+aud portion rates B- and sbd gets up to A- ***
9/21/73The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
 sbd lai4082   ***
 sbd miller17410B+in comparison on sugaree, 17410 has a little fuller sound with a little more hiss than 4082; missing song is on 33567; sound quality varies from B- overrecorded like on d1t4 to A- ***
 d3t6 unknown33567B+  ***
9/24/73Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA
 sbd stephens5839   ***
 sbd aud cotsman11620   ***
 aud gems95729   ***
 sbd tobin95740Bin comparison on china doll, for the sbds, 95740 has a fuller harsher sound with more hiss than 5839 and 11620 which are more muffled and narrow; 5839 and 11620 both seem possibly noise reduced with spectral view showing more noise on 5839 than 11620 and 5839 has some extra analog pops on the comparison section; the aud gems 95729 is less ful and more echoey than the sbd 95740 and when mixed in for the matrix 95744 adds its bad characteristics into it; sbd ranges from B+ to A- and aud is B-discontinuity pop d1t4 6:28***
 mtx tobin95744   ***
9/26/73Community War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY
 sbd brame16155 16155 is lossy with nothing above 16k and has lego parapets ***
 sbd repatched miller80198A-in comparison on loser, sbd 80198 has a fuller less echoey sound than aud 80665, and the matrix 82879 adds in the bad characteristics of the aud ***
 aud tobin80665   ***
 sbd mtx tobin82879   ***
10/19/73Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, OK
 sbd nayfield187   ***
 Dick's Picks$A   
10/21/73Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE
 sbd fishman8191  discontinuity pop d1t2 0:42, digipop static d1t2 3:17, d3t3 8:41; drop at d3t1 0:00, discontinuities between some tracks***
 sbd miller17413B+8191 is a close eac match on d1t2 to 17413; they have different digital flaws which are minor; 17413 has an extra tune up note at end of d1t5; some of this gets up to A sound quality but other portions are down at B quality and there is a lot of occasional staticdiscontinuity pop d1t2 0:42, digipop static d1t2 3:17, d3t3 8:41; drop at end of d1t1; analog static on and off on d1t5, d1t6, dt21 and some more elsewhere***
10/23/73Metropolitan Sports Center, Bloomington, MN
 partial sbd norman18227   ***
 sbd partial goetz18899   ***
 sbd miller92792Ain comparison on china cat, 92792 and 18899 sound similar while 18227 has a slight humm and a little more hiss; this also has the soundcheck not on those ***
10/25/73Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI
 set2 sbd cribbs188 has filler dark star and morning dew after show ***
 sbd buller189   ***
 sbd unknown9213  big digipop static d2t7 6:05***
 sbd vernon14451A-14451 is a sort of close eac match on d1t1 to 9213; 9213 has more digital flaws; in comparison on china cat, 14451 and 189 sound similar while 29668 has less hiss but narrower sound as if noise reduction was used; in comparison on stella blue, 29668 has a little less hiss and a little fuller sound than 14451 and 189 which sound the same; it looks like muffling noise reduction was used on 29668 except for the end of d1t7 through d2t2 and on those tracks 29668 has best sound while for the rest 14451 is best; sound quality is mainly A- but gets worse for uncle johns bandsquare wav static d1t9 0:28, discontinuity pop d2t7 9:44***
 set2 sbd cribbs29668 34837 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 29668 and 188; 34837 has same digital flaws as 29668; 188 has more than those ***
 set2 sbd cribbs34837   ***
10/27/73Indianapolis State Fair Coliseum, Indianapolis, IN
 sbd wier16583Bin comparison on loser, sbd 16583 is harsher and more upfront sounding with more hiss and has more distortion in the vocals than 107323; 107323 is echoey distant and murkey and also has some distortion; sound quality ranges from B- to B+ and is worse than that on some patcheshas some discontinuity pops***
 aud boswell motb107323   ***
10/29/73Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO
 sbd sacks1014   ***
 sbd kaplan1070   ***
 sbd powell mollman16817   ***
 sbd miller32352A-in comparison on row jimmy, 32352, 1070, 1014, and 16817 sounded similar; in spectral view 16817 looks like it has less hiss and possible noise reduction and in comparison on china doll it had less hiss but could not be sure I heard the less fullness of sound that can accompany noise reduction; 16817 and 32352 have aud patches not on 1070 and 1014; 32352 has less digital flaws; could choose either 16817 and 32352; sbd portion mainly rates A while aud portion is lesser quality; 116118 aud cousinit has a more muffled sound than the sbd ***
 aud cousinit116118 this has el paso before row jimmy which is different than the sbd ***
10/30/73Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO
 sbd hamilton969   ***
 sbd powell16818   ***
 sbd19809 19809 is a sort of close eac match to 969 on d1t1 with same digital flaws ***
 sbd miller32367A-in comparison on stella blue, 32367 and 969 sound similar; 16818 has less hiss but also a less full and natural sound probably because of what looks like noise reduction; 32367 has the patches not on 969 and 969 does not have the drop noted for 32367 at d1t5 4:18drop d1t5 4:18***
11/1/73McGaw Memorial Hall, Northwestern U., Evanston, IL
 sbd set2 goodbear2178   ***
 sbd parrillo8834   ***
 set2 sbd seff15759  drops d1t2 0:00, d1t4 0:00, 3:47,, d2t1 7:18, d2t3 0:02, 9:29; discontinuity pop d2t3 4:04, 8:23***
 sbd cribbs22795A-in comparison on morning dew, these sound similar except 15759 has the least hiss, then 8834 and 22795 are similar, and 2178 has the most; 80714 has least hiss of all but also is more muffled through noise reduction; 15759 has the most digital flaws mainly drops so 8834 and 22795 may be a substitute; choosing 22795 over 8834 mainly because of its description because did not easily find the de-popping difference in comparison sample ***
 sbd set2 goodbear80714 80714 is very similar in wav view to 2178, but in spectral view 80714 looks like it has more noise reduction and has less hiss and a little more supressed sound ***
11/9/73Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd kaplan2657    
11/10/73Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd unknown3290    
11/11/73Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd sacks1016    
 sbd gardner12178    
 sbd schlissel14105    
 sbd rolfe miller83318    
 sbd pitch corrected miller88485    
11/14/73San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
 sbd vernon5612   ***
 sbd hollister14716 14716 is a close eac match on d1t2 to 5612 ***
 sbd miller79049A-in comparison on sugaree, 5612 is a little harsher with more hiss than 79049 ***
11/17/73Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd gardner4749   ***
 sbd patched bec22799 4749 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 22799 ***
 sbd ashley fixed23731  fixes sbe of shnid=23472***
 sbd sirmick79548A-in comparison on morning dew, alternate tracks on 22799 had most hiss, then regular track on 22799, then bertha 23731 and sirmick 79548 had similar amounts; sirmick 79548 had warmest sound and then regular track on 22799 ***
 Dave's Picks Volume 5, Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA$A  ***
11/20/73Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO
 sbd hollister1234   ***
 wolfson warner22879   ***
 sbd patched sirmick76616A-in comparison on stella blue, sbd 76616 has the most upfront fullest sound, then matrix 83165, and then aud 22879; sbd 76616 has same wav and spectral view and sound as 1234 plus patches ***
 set2jam matrix vernon83165   ***
11/21/73Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO
 sbd barrick192   ***
 finley warner22096   ***
 sbd patched warner22097 22097 has same levels and wav and spectral view on d1t2 as 192 ***
 sbd miller88612   ***
 sbd fix miller97468Ain comparison on sugaree, 97468 has a little fuller sound than 22097; aud 22096 is much more muffled than the sbds; sound mainly rates A except for patches ***
 Road Trips$   ***
11/23/73County Coliseum, El Paso, TX
 sbd orf194   ***
 sbd miller112801Ain comparison on loser, 112801 sounded the same as 194; as indicated 112801 fixes some flaws on 194 and raises some levels ***
11/25/73Feyline Field, Tempe, AZ
 sbd sacks2213   ***
 sbd miller113007Ain comparison on sugaree, 113007 has less hiss and a little warmer narrower clearer sound than 2213 ***
11/28/73Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
 sbd seastones finney968B+reported on deadlists in 2002 by david gans: "This is discussed in the interview with Ned that will appear in the, expanded edition of CONVERSATIONS WITH THE DEAD, due out at the end, of March. Jim is right: it ain't Seastones. Phil and Ned, participated behind the scenes, but it was a Jerry and Mickey gig" ***
11/30/73Music Hall, Boston, MA
 sbd vernon8099Amost of these songs are on dp14 but need Beat It On Down The Line to black throated wind, el paso, big river, loser, bertha to jack straw; in comparison on morning dew, 8099 has a clearer fuller sound than aud 17277 and mtx 124131; most of this is A quality ***
 aud vernon17277   ***
 mtx dusborne124131   ***
 Dick's Picks$A   
12/1/73Music Hall, Boston, MA
 sbd gardner4337  has drops between many tracks***
 sbd clugston4972 4972 has matching md5 to all but 3 tracks of 3414 - d1t12, d2t1, d3t1 ***
 sbd clugston6648 6648 is a sort of close eac match on d4t5 to 4337 d3t8; 6648 has more digital flaws than 4337drops between many tracks; digipop d2t1 5:10***
 aud vernon18094   ***
 aud maloney98049   ***
 aud degen110781   ***
 sbd miller112205Ain comparison on mississippi halfstep, 112205 and 4337 sounded similar while 4972 has more hiss and harsher sound; 112205 is 21 minutes longer than 4972 some do to pitch but mainly 112205 has more between songs; 4972 has the drops between tracks not on 112205; in comparison on sugaree, mtx 124132 is less clear than the sbd; in comparison on sugaree, the auds had lesser quality sound than the sbds; among the auds, 98049 has the fullest sound, then 110781, and then 18094 was much narrower; 98049 has more hiss than 110781 which may have noise reduction missing most above 16k ***
 mtx dusborne124132   ***
12/2/73Music Hall, Boston, MA
 sbd clugston3415Amost md5s on 3415 match to 4733; dp14 is not the entire show so need this to fill in some songs of dire wolf, el paso to deal, and sugar magnolia; the auds 17278 and 110782 were lesser quality sound than the sbd 3415; in comparison on dire wolf, 3415 has a fuller warmer more natural sound than mtx 124133 ***
 aud vernon17278   ***
 aud degen partial110782   ***
 mtx dusborne124133   ***
12/4/73Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, OH
 sbd elliot11800   ***
 s1 sbd miller30656  static d1t4 1:54, d1t10 7:19 to 7:20***
 sbd miller86839  static d1t4 1:54, d1t10 7:19 to 7:20***
 sbd miller86845Ain comparison on sugaree, 86845, 86839, and 30656 seem the same; in comparison on going down the road, in comparison on one more staturday night 11800 and 86845 sound similarstatic d1t4 1:54, d1t10 7:19 to 7:20***
12/6/73Public Hall, Cleveland, OH
 partial sbd nayfield195 in comparison on stella blue, 105560 has less hiss than 195 ***
 sbd kaplan fink hamilton4452A- drop/cut between cdrs***
 sbd remaster102750 in comparison to 4452 102750 is harsher and hissier and has the newly added digi-static last 4 seconds of d1t2 repeats at beginning of d1t3drop/cut between cdrs; a little clipping added; lots of digi-static on around and around not on 4452***
 sbd miller105560Ain comparison on loser, 105560 and 4452 sound similar with 105560 seemless in 2nd set; in comparison on china cat, the road trips bonus disk has a more natural sound on the vocals than on 105560; mainly A sound but some songs like around and around are of A- ***
 Road Trips bonus$A  ***
 road trips bonus$    
 road trips bonus patch$   ***
12/8/73Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke U, Durham, NC
 sbd gustin1811   ***
 sbd remaster105268 in spectral view 105268 looks like it has noise reduction although it is not mentioned in the remaster notes; it has some very obvious flaws added from 1811 that are obvious to anyone listening which indicates the remasterer either did not bother to listen to this or did not start with 1811; this also added some clippinghas some very bad loud skipping and clicking noises around d1t11 2:53***
 sbd miller105607Ain comparison on the race is on, 105607 and 1811 sound similar except 105607 has levels raised; 105607 has less drops between tracks than 1811; 105268 has less hiss and less full and natural sound; aud 106139 is of lesser sound quality; so this is mainly A quality except on patches and some instrument distortion near the end of the other one and a few of the songs like Greatest Story were at A- ***
 aud moore berger106138    
 aud moore berger106139   ***
12/10/73Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
 sbd elliot11799A  ***
 dead download$   ***
12/12/73The Omni, Atlanta, GA
 sbd soundcheck from3401  this is filler on shnid=2595 
 sbd hobbs6023A- drop/cut between cdrs; digi-pops static d1t3 12:09, d2t7 8:01; cut in me and my uncle; short buzz at playin 16:5x***
 sbd remaster102910A-102910 has same digital flaws as 6023 plus new small discontinuities at d2t3 0:00 and d3t2 0:00; also has added light clipping; in comparison on first vocals of sugaree ,the speed reduction and hiss reduction was an improvement; however on the first vocals of morning dew the noise reduction resulted in less hiss but also very noticably made it less natural and more suppressed so not as good ***
 sbd miller105561A-in comparison on morning dew, 105561 and 6023 sound similar and 105561 has less flaws than 6023; a lot of this is A quality but sound gets harsh like overrecorded sometimes like on promised land and dont ease me in and me and bobt mcgee so rates A- ***
12/18/73Curtis Hixon Convention Hall, Tampa, FL
 sbd hamilton3119A-in comparison on peggio, these all sounded similar except in level of hiss; 12214 has most hiss and some clipping; 97511 and 113498 have next most hiss, and 3119 has least hiss; in comparison at the end of I know You Rider, the more hiss on 113498 was more easily noticed over 3119; 113498 was harsher than 3119; 3119 has a small digital flaw and 113498 has the patch; aud 122508 is more echoey and not as clear with more distortion than the sbdsdiscontinuity pop d2t1 3:41***
 sbd hamilton12214   ***
 sbd miller97511   ***
 sbd miller113498   ***
 aud adamg droncit122508   ***
12/19/73Curtis Hixon Convention Hall, Tampa, FL
 sbd finney outtakes197A discontinuity pop t8 3:23***
 aud clugston8602   ***
 sbd miller97361   ***
 sbd dan patch107984   ***
 sbd miller113503   ***
 Dick's Picks$ in comparison on stella blue, dp1 has least hiss and a clearest sound; 97361, 107984, 113503 have similar sound while aud 8602 is of lesser quality; in comparison on dire wolf, 197 has a clearer fuller sound with less hiss than 113503; 113503 is slower than dp1 and 197; need 197 to help complete dp1 ***