GD - Wondering What to Choose 1974
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/7474 Mars Hotel Sessions
 mars hotel12468A-nothing above 16k like from a 32k dat; first 5 songs listed have vocals and rest are instrumental; has acoustic unbroken chain lesson ***
2/22/74Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sndchk serafin8623 8623 is from a lossy source with nothing above 16k except lego parapets ***
 sbd unknown11654  digipops d2t1 2:20, 3:19 plus a few more***
 sbd snchk sirmick21128 21128 is from a lossy source with nothing above 16k except lego parapets; this is a close eac match on t1 to 8623 ***
 sbd patched sirmick21539  digipops d2t1 2:20, plus a few more digital flaws***
 sbd gans latvala samaritano26763  has some small digital drops that are hard to hear***
 sbd miller114556A-in comparison on soundcheck Attics Of My Life. 114556 and serafin 8623 sound similar; in comparison on It Must Have Been The Roses, 114556, 11654, 21539, and 26763 sound similar; 114556 has less digital flaws; sound quality is not full enough to get A rating ***
2/23/74Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd kaplan serafin198 198 is from a lossy source having nothing above 16k except lego parapets ***
 sbd clugston3382  discontinuitiy pop d3t5 9:41***
 sbd bertha ashley26362   ***
 sbd miller115607Ain comparison on dire wolf, 198, 115607, and 3382 have a similar sound; bertha is of similar sound quality with a much stronger bass ***
2/24/74Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd serafin hollister200  discontinuity pop d2t1 11:01; discontinuiites and drops between some tracks***
 sbd sssb sbe fix sirmick21370A21370 is a sort of close eac match on d1t1 to 200; 200 has more digital flawsthis is sbefix of shnid=13961; discontinuity pop d2t1 11:01***
 sbd miller116902Ain comparison on candyman, 116902 and 21370 sounded similar; 116902 has less digital flaws; 116902 is 12 minutes longer ***
3/23/74Cow Palace, Daly City, CA
 sbd lai1186A-  ***
 sbd clugston1689A-some of 1689 has noise reduction like d1t9 and d3t1, d3t3, and d3t4 plus some more but not all; in comparison on It Must Have Been The Roses, the auds obv 83453 and gems 78599 sound similar to each other and the matrix 82507 sounds more distant to the sbds; sbd 1186 is the most listenable and a big upgrade over 1689 which is muffled by noise reduction on that track; dp24 is incomplete so need to fill in missing songs from sbds; so need Mexicali Blues, Tennessee Jed, It Must Have Been The Roses, El Paso, Ship Of Fools, Ramble On Rose, Me And My Uncle, Around And Around,Casey Jones, One More Saturday Night; in comparison on Mexicali Blues, tennessee jed, and el paso, 1689 has a little fuller sound with a little less hiss than 1186; on It Must Have Been The Roses, ship of fools, Ramble on Rose, and Me and My Uncle, the sometimes noise reduction on 1689 makes it more muffled than 1186 especially noticable on beginning of It Must Have Been The Roses where another comparer said it was like Jerry was being strangled; so get 1689 for missing songs except need It Must Have Been The Roses, Ship of Fools, Ramble on Rose, and Me and My Uncle from 1186shnid=1995 is sbe fix of this and shares the md5 on all tracks except d2t4, d2t5, d2t6***
 aud connors hughey gems78599   ***
 sbd matrix tobin82507   ***
 aud obv gems83453   ***
 Dick's Picks$A   
5/12/74University of Nevada, Reno, NV
 sbd sacks2224A-in comparison on ship of fools, sbds 2224 and 16749 have same sound and have fullest and most upfront sound; auds 90176 and 10529 have a much less fuller sound and the matrix 90172 is in between; use 16749 for d3 for the patches; sound starts weak on promised land (B) and gets better during sugaree (A-) and ranges up to A at timesdiscontinuity skip d3t8 4:59***
 aud vernon10529  Flaws - @1:44 diginoise Mississippi Half Step***
 sbd patch disk3 cribbs16749 16749 has same wav and spectral view and levels on beginning of d3t1 as 2224discontinuity skip d3t8 4:27***
 sbd matrix tobin90172   ***
 aud patched warner90176   ***
5/14/74Adams Field House, U of Montana, Missoula, MT
 sbd murphy1823  discontinuity pop d2t4 0:45,7:25, d3t4 13:14, 20:15***
 sbd miller114462A-in comparison on loser 1823 and 114462 sound similar; in comparison on china doll 1823 has a little more hiss 114462; 1823 has more digital flaws than 114462 ***
5/17/74P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, BC
 sbd gustin202   ***
 partial aud28041   ***
 sbd miller89972A-in comparison on dire wolf, 89972 and 202 have similar sound while aud 28041 is more distant and less full; 89972 has less digital flaws than 202 ***
5/19/74Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR
 sbd clugston6957   ***
 sbd clugston thir13en remaster79781   ***
 sbd miller106716   ***
 sbd fix miller107165Ain comparison on it must have been the roses and Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo, 6957 and 107165 sound similar while 79781 has the hiss and bass turned up; aud 115876 has much narrower harsher tinnier sound than the sbds; in comparison on wharf rat 6957, 79781 and 107165 sounded similar ***
 aud patlee cousinit115876   ***
 sbd miller116983    
5/21/74Edmundson Pavilion, U of Washington, Seattle, WA
 sbd belkin2597   ***
 lee weiner gdadt10150   ***
 sbd patched wier22801Ain comparison on It Must've Been The Roses, sbd 22801 and 2597 have similar sound; matrixes 87114 and 98901 have similar sound to each other which are a little warmer than the sbds but sound a little less full and more distant and less hiss; the auds are all more distant and less full with more hiss than the sbds; aud 10150 and 87143 sound the same while miller 98822 is brighter and harsher with more hiss; a non etree assigned cousinit version of that aud is harsher with more hiss and a humm; the alternate aud 114321 has a tone closer to miller 98822 and has a less full and less echoey more upfront vocal sound and has more hiss ***
 sbd matrix tobin87114   ***
 aud fixed tobin87143   ***
 sonyecm18n lee miller98822   ***
 sonyecm18n lee miller98901    
 mtx seamons109887   ***
 amick prescott114321   ***
5/25/74Campus Stadium, UC Santa Barbara, Goleta, CA
 sbd jmiller205A2635 is a close eac match on d1t1 with same digital flaws; in comparison on sugaree, the sbd 205 has a fuller more upfront sound than the aud 111301 which has more distortion; the matrix 111432 is in between ***
 sbd moog2635   ***
 aud gems111301   ***
 mtx sirmick111432   ***
6/8/74Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA
 aud clugston2365   ***
 fob sonyecm250 falanga motb94594   ***
 fob sonyecm250 falanga motb94596    
 sbd smith lee gems97182A  ***
 sbd miller97268Ain comparison on It Must Have Been The Roses. sbds 97268 and 97182 have a similar full sound with good strong bass and could choose either; auds have a less full more distant sound; motb 94594 has a brighter but harsher sound with more hiss than 2365; ***
xx/xx/74Road Trips - Vol. 2, No. 3
 Road Trips$A  ***
6/16/74Des Moines State Fair Grandstand, Des Moines, IA
 sbd bryan207  discontinuity skip d2t2 0:00; drops/skips beginning of d4t5***
 sbd fink15781  discontinuity skip d2t2 0:00; drops/skips beginning of d4t5***
 sbd fink17701 17701 shares some md5s with 15781discontinuity skip d2t2 0:00; drops/skips beginning of d4t5; drop d3t4 3:08***
 sbd cribbs26452A-26452 is a sort of close eac match on d1t1 to 17701; 207 has higher levels than 26452, 17701, and 15781 but otherwise similar sound; so to fill in missing songs from road trips, chose 26452 for improvement at beginning of casey jones; need d1, d2t3, d3t2, d3t3, d3t6, d4t7discontinuity skip d2t1 8:20; drop d3t4 3:08***
6/18/74Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY
 sbd sacks209   ***
 sbd bertha ashley18150   ***
 sbd pitch fixed sacks32528   ***
 sbd miller89690   ***
 roadtrips miller corrected$Asbd roadtrips miller corrected, This is a combination of Road Trips Volume 2.3 and shnid=89690, -- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with the pitch correction; in comparison on Morning dew, this, miller 89690, speed corrected 32528, and 209 sound similar; this has a cleaner fuller looking spectral view than those except had slightly more hiss with a spectral band near 8k on the right channel; bertha 18150 has a bassier warmer sound with less hiss than the others ***
6/20/74Atlanta Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta, GA
 sbd set2 finney211   ***
 sbd clugston2179Athe left channel of this has asymetric wavs limited on the top; in comparison on ship of fools, 2179 has a fuller sound than 211; 211 does not have the noted flaws on 2179drop/cut between cdrs; discontinuity pop d2t5 0:51, 4:35***
 sbd remaster105427 I compared 105427 this to 2179 and found the remasterer raised the levels beyond the maximum so this clips some; 105427 is 4:14 shorter and the "dead air" cut between songs includes lots of between song tuning ***
6/22/74Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL
 sbd sacks212   ***
 moore weiner gdadt1314193  *tape flip cross faded at 12:53***
 sbd obv30972   ***
 aud obv30999   ***
 sbd matrix sb21a chappell83488   ***
 sbd miller90200Ain comparison on sugaree, sbds 90200 and 212 sound similar while obv 30972 has a narrower sound; 90200 and 212 have different flaws but 90200 has the patches so selected it; 90200 and 212 may be missing between song time as they are 26 minutes less than the auds, matrixes and 30972; on the auds 14193 and 105825 are similar in sound while obv 30999 has less hiss but is more muffled; on the matrixes, seamons 106179 had a little fuller sound than sb 83488; the sbds are the most upfront, then the matrixes and then the audsdiscontinuity pop in music d3t4 0:00 (not on shnid 212)***
 akgd1000e moore berger105825    
 mtx seamons106156    
 mtx seamons106179   ***
6/23/74Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL
 sbd sacks213    
 aud merin weiner7894   ***
 moore weiner gdadt14265   ***
 sbd cribbs16780  * 24 seconds (05:08-05:32) of t03 patched with AUD, Patches supplied by the following AUD source:, AudMC > DAT > WAV > SHN***
 sbd obv30846Ain comparison on to lay me down, for the sbds, obv sbd 30846 had least hiss and warmest sound; smith 116312 was narrowest sound; 16780 and 213 had similar sound and most hiss; for the auds 105755 has the least hiss and was clearest, then obv aud 96890 , then tree 14265, then berger 84615, then weiner 7894; the sbds are more upfront and fuller sound than the auds; the matrixes sb 83489 and seamons 105983 sound sort of similar and are in between the sbd and auds in sound quality; mostly A sound quality except for some patches ***
 sbd matrix sb21b chappell83489   ***
 aud moore berger84615   ***
 aud obv96890   ***
 akgd1000e moore berger105755    
 mtx seamons105867    
 mtx seamons105983   ***
 sdb smith116312   ***
 flac16; sbd>?>cd Mastered via the Apogee mini me>Mini DAC>FLAC Transfer and Mastering by: Matt Smith - Patched and speed corrected version of shnid 116312 by Kevin Tobin122255 in comparison on too lay me down, 122255 sounded similar to sdb smith 116312; obv sbd 30846 had a lttle warmer fuller sound than 122255 ***
 mat tobin122270 in comparison on too lay me down, 122270 has a more muffled sound than obv sbd 30846 ***
 mat tobin122269    
6/26/74Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI
 sbd oleynick214Ain comparison on ship of fools, the sbd 214 is harsher but is clearer and more upfront than auds 16037 and 105919 which sound similar to each other; need this to fill in missing tracks from dp12; the matix 119613 had similar sound but more distortion in the vocals ***
 moore weiner gdadt1716037   ***
 akgd1000e moore berger105919    
 mtx dusborne119613   ***
 Dick's Picks$    
6/28/74Boston Garden, Boston, MA
 set1 sbd snider10984Ain comparison on It Must Have Been The Roses, the sbd 10984 is harsher but is clearer and more upfront than auds 16038 and 106003 which sound similar to each other; need this to fill in missing tracks from dp12driops between some tracks***
 moore weiner gdadt1816038  note: taping stopped in US Blues due to security pressure***
 sonyecm99 moore berger106003    
6/30/74Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA
 sbd tiedrich skank andy stern216   ***
 moore weiner gdadt1615537   ***
 sbd weiner17814  *SBDMR flip in Eyes patched with AUD, cross faded 10:27 to 10:54, note: Truckin' contains a loose Nobody's Fault But Mine Jam, technical notes:, There are mix adjustments, typical of this era of GD, SBD recordings, in the early minutes of Don't Ease Me In, There were a number of spots on the source DAT that, exhibited digital snits and pops. These were either, removed with the pencil tool in Sound Forge, or, when, they were of the nature that could not be eliminated, by digital tools, patched over with the previously, circulating SBD version, SBDMR > DATx3 > C > DATx2 >, ZA2 > CDRx1 > EAC > SHN (source 2), as listed below:, d01t04 00:54 - digi-zap patched from source 2, d01t05 00:03 - digi-zap patched from source 2, d01t05 00:05 to 00:08 - digi-crackle patched from source 2, d02t06 02:06 - digi-zap patched from source 2, d03t02 10:13 - digi-pop penciled out, d03t02 13:15 - digi-pop penciled out, One digi-snit appearing in US Blues (d03t01 at 01:34), existed on both sources and thus could not eliminated, completely.***
 sbd set2 matrix sirmick82179   ***
 mtx set2 sirmick89998   ***
 sbd miller96275Ain comparison on sugaree, on the sbds 96275 has the least hiss, then 17814, abd then 216; the auds 15537 and 106027 sounded similar and were more distant, harsher, and less full sound as the sbds; in comparison on stella blue for the matixes, haugh 97185 has a fuller sound with less hiss than sirmick 89998; haugh 97185 was not as clear or full sounding as sbd 96275 ***
 mtx haugh97185   ***
 akgd1000e moore berger106027    
7/19/74Selland Arena, Fresno, CA
 sbd symons12381   ***
 sbd miller32634Ain comparison on row jimmy, 32634 has a little fuller sound with a little more hiss than 12381; in spectral view 12381 looks like it has some noise reduction; the aud 102866 is much more distant and echoey and less clear than the sbds; mtx sirmick 103132 is in between but closer in quality to the sbd ***
 shure unknown102766   ***
 shure unknown fix102866   ***
 mtx sirmick103132   ***
7/21/74Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA
 sonyecm bertrando gustin gardner8102   ***
 bertrando weiner8241   ***
 fob patched miller31436   ***
 sony22p bertrando miller88553B+in comparison on sugaree, 8102, 31436, 8241 sound similar; 88553 and 88979 sound similar to each other and have more bass and fuller sound than the others; all seemed to be same recording based on same crowd noise; 88553 has least digital flaws ***
 ecm22p bertrando motb005688979  has discontinuiites between tracks***
 ecm22p bertrando89033    
7/25/74International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL
 sbd fink1072  drop d1t6 6:31, d2t1 6:16, d3t1 23:37, 23:53, discontinuity pop d2t7 1:01***
 sbd miller12656Ain comparison on loser, 12656 and 1072 sound similar; 12656 has less digital flaws so chosen except still need 1072 for me and my uncledrop d1t5 6:05; missing me and my uncle***
7/27/74Civic Center, Roanoke, VA
 sbd kaplan2420  pop/squeak at d1t9 1:52***
 sbd miller107804Ain comparison on it must have been the roses, 107804 and 2420 had similar sound and as indicated 107804 has less flawspop/squeak at d1t9 1:51***
7/29/74Capital Centre, Landover, MD
 sbd goodbear2277  static d2t4 5:08, d2t6 2:21***
 moore weiner gdadt2017968   ***
 matrix chappell29482  static d2t8 5:08, d2t10 2:23***
 akgd1000e moore berger106066    
 sbd miller107756A-in comparison on to lay me down, for sbds, 107756 has a more natural sound than 2277; for mtx, 107990 seemed a little more upfront than 29482; 107990 used the better sbd and 29482 carried over the flaws from 2277; for the auds 106066 and 17968 sounded similar; the sbds are more upfront than the mtxs, which are more upfront than the auds; in comparison on sugaree to dp2012 bonus, 107756 has a similar sound ***
 mtx seamons107990   ***
 mtx seamons108281    
 s2 aud unknown seaweed123816 different recording than moore 106066 based on different crowd at end of peggio; they have similar sound quality with 123816 warmer and 106066 fuller with a little more hiss ***
 Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland:$A-  ***
7/31/74Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT
 sbd ziggy1019   ***
 degen weiner gdadt7363   ***
 sbd miller32353A-in comparison on it must have been the roses, sbds 32353 and 1019 sound similar; 32353 is chosen over 1019 as it has patches and cleanup; 112951 has levels raised so clips, compression, more hiss and is harsher plus added a bunch of digital flaws some of which can be heard as pops like at d3t5 5:37; for the auds they are different recordings than each other based on different crowd noise; 115499 has a fuller warmer more natural sound than 7363 while 7363 is more upfront; the sbds are more upfront than the auds; in comparison on to lay me down, daves picks 2 has similar sound except it has less hiss than this ***
 sbd matera112951   ***
 aud anderson bershaw berger115499   ***
 mtx tobin121836   ***
 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT$A  ***
8/4/74Philadelphia Civic Arena, Philadelphia, PA
 sbd sacks1574A1631 has same wav and spectral view and levels as 1574, but 1631 has more digital flaws; in comparison on peggio, the auds 9112 and 20369 are more suppressed and distant than the sbd; the sbd is clearer than the mtx 100653; use 1574 to fill in for songs missing from dp31 ***
 sbd unknown1631  has a lot of small discontinuity pops***
 aud moore weiner gdadt9112 in comparison on peggio and weather report, 9112 has a fuller less fuzzy sound but with more hiss than 20369 which sounds warmer but overly suppressed like muffled from noise reduction; 9112 seems to be at least 2 different recordings; some the same recording is 20369 based on same clapping wavs at end of big river and just before playing in the band; there is different crowd at the beginning and end of casey jones ***
 aud moore weiner20369  notes:, -d1t02 "Bertha": Drop out (less than .5 sec) on new DAT at, 02:03 patched from previously circulated version. Lineage, was MC>DAT for patch, but this is certainly suspect after, comparing the two DATs. More likely patch is simply MC>?>DAT., -d3t06 "Let It Grow": Master Cassette tape flip at 8:28 cross, faded in Soundforge.***
 mtx seamons100653   ***
 Dicks Picks$A   
8/5/74Philadelphia Civic Arena, Philadelphia, PA
 sbd sacks1826Ain comparison on promised land, 108814 has a lot of very bad static while 1826 does not; the info file says 108814 is an upgrade but it makes one wonder if it was listened to; in comparison on dire wolf, they sounded similar except spectral view showed a little more noise on 108814; the aud 21294 was more muffled and distorted than the sbds; so need this to fill in for dp31 ***
 aud weiner21294   ***
 sbd jfishman108814 4 tracks share ffp with 1826; has a heavy tv band on some tracksa lot of bad static on d1t1 up to 1:30; light static on d3t2 25:55, 27:00.. 28:11, 29:43***
8/6/74Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ
 sbd deadlists1463Ain comparison on sugaree, 1463 has a clearer more upfront and natural sound over aud 5914 ; so need this to fill in for dp31 ***
 merin weiner gdadt5914  see track list***
9/9/74Alexandra Palace, London, England
 sbd sly12846   ***
 sbd dp7 outtakes sirmick32642   ***
 sbd dp7 outtakes sirmick fix97013A-in comparison on jack straw soundcheck, 12846 has a fuller sound than 32642 and 97013 which sounded similar to each other; so need 12846 for that; in comparison on it must have been the roses, those 3 had same wav and spectral view and levels and sounded similar; 97013 has some cleaned up flaws so need it for the rest of what is not on dp7; both versions have some occasional crackles in the vocals when they get loud like from clipping or limiting like on t3 1:43 which bring the quality down to an A- ***
 Dick's Picks$A   
9/10/74Alexandra Palace, London, England
 sbd willy11601A-in comparison on loser, 11601 has less hiss and is warmer sound than 18806 but 11601 has the indicated static flaws which are not on 18806; they both have the indicated cuts; so choosing 11601 for a little better sound and a few more flaws to fill in for dp7; 11601 is faster than 18806has the indicated static***
 sbd samaritano18806A-  ***
9/11/74Alexandra Palace, London, England
 sbd bertha ashley7365  Scarlet Begonias drops out due to technical problems in original recording 2:05-3:10., Sugar Magnolia cuts at 5:38.***
 sbd powell12183Ain comparison on sugaree, bertha has a harsher sound with more bass and seemed less natural in the vocals than 12183; 12183 fills in around dp7; in comparison on wharf rat, 121207 and 12183 sound similar; one reviewer thought 12183 was a little fuller less warm sound than 121207 and the other reviewer could not tell; in spectral view when compared to 12183, 121207 looks sound processed as if someone tried to clean up a little noise below 10k and had more noise above 10klots of drops on d4t4 and d4t5 and some static noise***
 sbd partial cribbs121207   ***
9/14/74Olympia Halle, Munich, Germany
 aud hanno6162   ***
 philips schinzel teute greenberg9890   ***
  28353   ***
 sbd miller30653 all of the auds including the patch are lossy transfers probably from minidisk in the lineage; in comparison on me and my uncle, the auds 6162, 9890, and 30653 sound similar while sirmick 32641 has a fuller sound so need it for aud portion; in comparison on sugaree, sbds 30653 and 28353 have similar sound while auds are less upfront and full sounding ***
 aud sirmick32641B  ***
9/18/74Parc des Expositions, Dijon, France
 prefm eurodead5807   ***
 sbd miller20675   ***
 sbd miller20732 in comparison on to lay me down, 5807 sounded similar to 20732 except 5807 had a little more hiss, bertha 21925 has less hiss and more bass but seems a little less full of sound in the vocals ***
 sbd bertha ashley21925   ***
 sbd snchk miller32292A  ***
9/20/74Palais Des Sports, Paris, France
 sbd gasperini5648A- drop d1t3 3:05***
9/21/74Palais Des Sports, Paris, France
 sbd eurodead5649  notes:, - set I doesn, t circulate, - 3:40 added from SBD cassette at start of Seastones., master reel (probably) dropout between Seastones and Playin, repaired with a crossfade, - Around & Around patched in from unknown generation AUD tape by Alasdair Macdonald***
 sbd miller30654 in comparison on morning dew, 5649 and 30654 sound similar with same digital flaws; 30654 is more completesmall discontinuitiy pops d2t1 4:11, d3t2 0:32***
10/xx/74Steal Your Face
 Steal Your Face$A   
10/xx/74Movie Soundtrack
 Movie Soundtrack$A   
10/16/74Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd patched unknown fails md5222   ***
 sbd fishman12577   ***
 sbd miller88180   ***
 sbd eaton miller88251   ***
 sbd patched eaton miller90145Ain comparison on it must have been the roses, 90145 and 88180 have similar sound to each other and have less hiss than 88251, 222, and 12577 which have similar sound to each other; in comparison on jack straw and deal, 90145 has a warmer sound with more hiss than 107036 which looks like has noise reduction; 90145 was noticably fuller sound than 107036 on deal ***
 fob sonyecm250 falenga motb107036   ***
10/17/74Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd royer10360  big static distortion d1t1 1:34***
 sbd barbella16189  big static distortion d1t2 1:19 to 1:13***
 sbd smith gems99031Ain comparison on stella blue, 99031 has a more natural sound in the vocals with less hiss than 10360 and 16189big static distortion d1t2 1:10 to 1:14; has occasional spots that sound like either Mickey or a speaker is blown and distorts***
 sbd smith gems99032  big static distortion d1t2 1:10 to 1:14 
10/18/74Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd romanski5436   ***
 sbd hollister miller21213   ***
 sbd miller21785  Notes:, -- Normalized and removed pops with Cool Edit Pro v2.0***
 sbd bertha ashley22796   ***
 sbd miller34950   ***
 bear gems110515   ***
 bear gems110558    
 sbd miller110771   ***
 gems boswell smith111459Ain comparison on morning dew, 111459 has warmest sound, then 110771 and 21785 are similar, and then bertha 22796; 110558, 34950, 21213, and 5436 have more hiss; in comparison on peggio, 111459 has warmest sound, then 110771, then 21785, and then bertha 22796 and 21785 had more hiss; so for warmest sound get 111459 and fill in missing beginning with 110771 or can settle for 111459 as there is not a big improvementsome static on d2t1 19:23 to 19:25, 20:07; digi-pop s3t5 4:22 
10/19/74Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd fink227  Flaws:, cd3, Beginning of Sugar Magnolia is cut***
 sbd miller21927Ain comparison on it must have been the roses, the partial bear sbds 112531, 112791, and 116170 had a similar sound and are the warmest; next warmest is 116341, then 227, and then 21927; 116341 and 227 have the most hiss; next most hiss are the partial bear sbds 112531, 112791, and 116170; 21927 has the least hiss; 21927 has much more upfront sounding vocals than the others ***
 sbd bear partial twotapesides112531    
 sbd pset1 bear gems stevesw112791   ***
 sbd set1 partial bear gems116170    
 sbd boswell smith116341    
10/20/74Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd finney229 sound quality decreases as hiss goes way up for d3t6 to d3t9 for aud portion ***
 sbd alligator gems94851  static/po d1t6 6:04, drop/cut d2t3 4:42, d2t5 5:12, d3t01 2:53***
 sbd smith lee gems97193 in comparison on stella blue, 97193 has the least hiss, then 94851, and then 229; 97193 has the warmest sound ***