GD - Wondering What to Choose 1975
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
2/28/75Bob Weir's Studio, Mill Valley, CA
 sbd smith93779A-d1t2 sounded to me more like a sugar magnolia jam ***
3/xx/75Blues For Allah Studio Outtakes
 sbd terrapin station4231A-did not compare to see if overlaps with other rehearsals ***
3/17/75Ace's, Mill Valley, CA
 sbd vernon10111B+  ***
 Ned Lagin's Birthday Jam (see info file for performers): MSC > Sonic Solutions > CD > SHN10509B+this session is also filed under jerry garica at etree; this is interview and music which sometimes gets harsh; did not compare to see if overlap with 10111missing d2t2 as noted***
3/21/75Ace's studio, Mill Valley, CA
 sbd backus14288B  ***
3/23/75Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA
 sbd skankweed13585   ***
 fm unknown32299B heavy spectral band at 19k, light tv band 
 pre fm sbd hope ross32539B drop d2t2 4:35; heavy spectral band at 19k, light tv band***
 fm lee smith94026B+  ***
 sbd miller110126A-need 110126 for the sbd portion; in comparison on the fm portion johnny b goode, 94026 has a warmer sound with more bass while 110126, 13585, 32539, and 32299 sound sort of similar to each other; 94026 has additional radio interview and closing bill graham announcement ***
3/26/75Ace's Studio, Mill Valley, CA
 sbd backus14289B+  ***
4/2/75Ace's Studio, Mill Valley, CA
 sbd backus14290B+  ***
4/17/75Ace's Studio, Mill Valley, CA
 sbd backus14291   ***
 All instrumentals. Superb sound quality straight from my reel to reel masters & rare session122863A-in comparison to 14291, 122863's music 21:10 to 49:10 matches to that ones music 0:00 to 24:57; 122863 repeats a track from 50:20 to 56:00; 56:13 to 62:05 matches to 24:57 to 30:40; 62:07 to 1:12:43 matches to 31:44 to 77:10; 122863 has extra at beginning and end; in comparison on d2t16 to t29, that has similar sound but with more hiss especially on the right channel ***
6/xx/75San Rafael - Club Front
 sbd hanno21936A-did not compare to see if overlaps with other rehearsals ***
6/5/75Club Front, San Rafael, CA
 sbd backus14292A-  ***
6/7/75Bob Weir's Studio, Mill Valley, CA
 bluesruffs sbd smith94427A-did not compare to see if overlaps with other rehearsals ***
6/17/75Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 bertrando unknown233   ***
 sbd partial backus20084   ***
 mtx chappell sb729465   ***
 aud unknown87560   ***
 sbd gems96125A-in comparison on me and my uncle, for sbds 96125 had a fuller sound than 20084 and 20084 was more suppressed; sbd 96125 is more upfront fuller and clearer sound than the matrixes or auds; for the matrixes gems 97079 had warmest sound, then sick bits 29465, and then tobin 96148; for the auds motb 97077 has the warmest sound, sony 87560 has the fullest sound; 233 has the harshest narrowest sound; most of 96125 is A quality except the patches ***
 mtx tobin96148   ***
 fob menke motb97077   ***
 fob menke motb97078    
 mtx menke gems97079   ***
7/7/75Ace's Studio, Mill Valley, CA
 sbd backus14293A-  ***
8/13/75Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
 fm cousinit18512    
 fm vernon23661    
 One From The Vault$    
9/28/75Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
 unknown beggs236   ***
 sbd fink9392A-in comparison on it must have been the roses; the sbd bertha 22257 has a little fuller less warm sound than 9392 but sounds unnatural as if some effects like echo were added; the matrix 102155 uses the effected bertha source and sounds like it; the auds are less full with motb 91769 being fuller sound than 86250 and 236; 86250 and 236 are very similar to each other except 236 has 45 seconds more tuning at the beginning of show; 91769 is not as warm and has more hiss ***
 sbd bertha ashley22257   ***
 aud gofob86250   ***
 fob menke falanga motb91769   ***
 fob menke falanga motb91770    
 mtx seamons102155   ***