gd - Wondering What to Choose 1976
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/76Grateful Dead Scrapbook CD
 gd scrapbook cd, 2009, interviews of jerry garcia and gd press conferences$A  ***
4/20/76Mickey's Barn, Novato, CA
 sbd rehearsal pcm dalton miller clugston141357 Not Reviewed Yet   
5/28/76Le Club Front Studios, San Rafael, Ca
 sbd vernon9769   ***
 rehearsals gems82947Ain comparison on eyes of the world 1, 82947 has a little fuller sound than 9769; 82947 also has more songs ***
6/3/76Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR
 sbd unknown7555A-in comparison of sbds on row jimmy; 7555 has the wamest most natural sound; bertha 17266 sounds similar but with added echo; serafin 7719 is a little harsher than those; bertha 20004 is harsher, narrower and less natural sounding than those; that carries over to speed increased bertha 86745 and matrix 91912; all the sbds are close in speed to each other except for speed increased bertha 86745; note that 7555 has some annoying unpatched drop outs which are reported repaired on bertha 86745; the speed increased bertha 86745 matches to the speed on the auds but when listening to 7555 the slowness was not noticed and was more pleasant than the speed increased bertha 86745; for last 2 songs still need bertha 86745drop d1t5 3:55, d1t6 6:03, d2t1 7:14, d3t4 7:54, 12:44, d3t5 8:40***
 sbd serafin7719   ***
 aud vernon7825   ***
 lee weiner14263B+in 3-way comparison these auds seem to be different recordings based on different crowd at end of row jimmy; 14263 has the fullest sound with most hiss and echo and is the preferred aud, 99910 has the warmest sound but is also suppressed; 7825 has the harshest narrowest sound; 123464 may be same recording as 99910 based on same crowd or could just be nearby tapers; 123464 has similar sound quality to 14263 but that is a little fuller and warmer ***
 sbd bertha17266   ***
 sbd bertha ashley20004   ***
 sbd seamons fix 2000486745A-in 3-way comparison on bertha sources, 17266 has too much added echo but is not as harsh as the others; the speed increase on 86745 matches close to the auds ***
 mtx seamons91912   ***
 aud berger99910   ***
 akgd224e , recording info:, akg d224e >123464   ***
 miller , recording info:, sbd > cassette123607Ain comparison on row jimmy, 7555 has a warmer but more muffled sound than 123607; 123607 is much fuller clearer upfront sound; in comparison on candyman mtx 123898 is harhser, echoier, hissier, and not as clear ***
 miller 24, recording info:, sbd >123608    
 mtx seamons ht06 , jerry garcia lead123898   ***
 sbd betty pcm kreider miller clugston fixed139643 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd betty pcm kreider miller clugston139643 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/4/76Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR
 aud vernon8034   ***
 sbd cotsman9797B+in comparison on sugaree, sbd 9797 has the clearest fullest upfront sound; aud moore 99872 has a fuller warmer sound with less hiss than aud 8034 which is also distant; 9797 and aud moore 99872 were patched with aud 8034; sbd portion rates A- and aud portion rates B to B+ ***
 aud berger99872B  ***
 sbd24 24, recording info:, sbd > cassette143064 Not Reviewed Yet   
 pt cm sbd miller, recording info:, sbd >143136 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/9/76Music Hall, Boston, MA
 set2 sbd gardner5426    
 hopkins vernon5982   ***
 sbd set2 cohen12207    
 set1 sbd cotsman12382    
 matrix chappell29323   ***
 sbd miller95399   ***
 aud maizner berger99063    
 aud maizner berger99064B+in comparison on high time, 99064 has a fuller warmer sound with less hiss than 5982 ***
 rtv4n5, road trips vol. 4 no. 5, $23.98, 1976 was a pivotal year for the grateful dead. after an 18-month hiatus that saw just four bay area appearances by the band, but also a phenomenal studio album, blues for allah, and a slew of solo projects, the dead returned to the road at the beginning of june '76. mickey hart was officially back in the fold after a long absence, and the band came back with a batch of new songs and fresh approaches to playing their old ones. it was the summer of america's much-ballyhooed bicentennial, the country was still going through watergate withdrawal, and we needed our grateful dead back!, this latest and last (more on that here) edition of our road trips series, vol. 4 no. 5, was drawn from two shows early on what was dubbed by many heads at the time as the gd's comeback tour. it contains the truly awe-inspiring complete june 9, 1976 boston music hall show (just the third of the tour, but you'd never guess that), and also a handful of hot tracks from the june 12 show at the same venue. for a band that hadn't played together in eons, the dead sound remarkably self-assured and on-the-ball throughout., this release does not contain a bonus disc., boston music hall concert from june 9, 1976, tracklist, cd 1:, 1. cold rain and snow, 2. cassidy, 3. scarlet begonias, 4. the music never stopped, 5. crazy fingers, 6. big river, 7. they love each other, 8. looks like rain, 9. ship of fools, 10. promised land, cd 2, 1. st. stephen>, 2. eyes of the world>, 3. let it grow, 4. brown-eyed women, 5. lazy lightning>, 6. supplication, 7. high time, 8. samson and delilah, 9. it must have been the roses, cd 3, 1. dancing in the street>, 2. wharf rat>, 3. around and around, 4. franklin's tower, bonus tracks from 6/12/76, 5. mission in the rain, 6. the wheel, 7. comes a time, 8. sugar magnolia>, 9. u.s. blues>, 10. sunshine daydream$Ain comparison on high time, this sounds very similar to sbd miller 95399; matrix Sick Bits 29323 is more echoey with more hiss making it less clear; the same with aud moore 99064; in comparison on the end of cold rain and snow, sbd miller 95399 has more hiss than this ***
6/10/76Music Hall, Boston, MA
 unk dunahee stube237   ***
 hopkins vernon5918   ***
 sbd miller14264   ***
 moore minches18425B  ***
 warburton minches18426   ***
 sbd bertha ashley23370   ***
 sbd gems82921A-in comparison on might as well, for sbds 82921 and miller 14264 have similar sound except miller 14264 is slightly warmer; bertha 23370 has more echo added; 237 is a little harsher; 82921 has more patches and fixes for problems on miller 14264; matrix 84985 is harsher, echoier, and less clear than the sbds; in comparison on sugaree for the auds, moore 18425 has the fullest warmest sound; next is Warburton 18426, and then Hopkins 5918 ***
 matrix tobin84985   ***
 sbd , lineage:, sbd > master reel (7in141690 Not Reviewed Yet   
 akg1000 warburton smith sirmick 24143003 Not Reviewed Yet   
 akg1000 warburton smith sirmick, source:145134 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/11/76Music Hall, Boston, MA
 sbd mccartj238  drop d2t4 1:05***
 hopkins vernon5919   ***
 sbd jmason7824B+in comparison on candyman; sbds 238 and 7824 have similar sound; 7824 has more between tuning and they have different digital flaws; in comparison on the auds they are similar B- quality with hopkins 5919 more distant than moore 18387static d1t5 4:15***
 moore minches18387   ***
 sbd unknown22803  (same md5 as shnid=238)***
 mtx seamons118256   ***
 sbd betty gastwirt miller clugston 48139552 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd master reel new , lineage:, sbd >141702 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fixed , lineage:, sbd > master reel (7in141709 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/12/76Music Hall, Boston, MA
 fm wren5556A-in comparison on friend of the devil for sbds, 5556 has a little fuller warmer sound than moore berger 100328 plus the aud wheel missing from the broadcast; fm is more upfront than the auds; the auds are different recordings based on different crowd at end of samson; in comparison on brown eyed for the auds, Warburton 110456 has the warmest most upfront sound; Hopkins 5983 is next warmest, digitalrbb miller111783 is harshest with more hiss; (some of this is filler on 6/9/76 road trips); in comparison on mission in the rain mtx 132933 is harsher than 5556 ***
 hopkins vernon5983   ***
 fm sbd moore berger100328   ***
 akg warburton berger110456B  ***
 aud digitalrbb miller111783   ***
 mtx nicksmix, matrix mix of shnid132933   ***
 fob akg d1000e warburton smith miller clugston143166 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fob akg d1000e warburton smith miller clugston143167 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fm warburton smith miller clugston 48143168 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fm warburton smith miller clugston 2496143169 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/14/76Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
 sony vernon10917B-  ***
 sbd hollister22804   ***
 set 2 sbd sirmick78433   ***
 sbd bettycantor gems82308   ***
 joe samaritano; story:, 6/10/76, 6/11/76, 6/14/76, and 6/29/76 are derived from betty cantor-jackson's, "intercut" reels. two tape machines were run, out of sync, so that no music, would be lost by reel changes. the shows were compiled to make these tapes by, splicing the complementary tapes together, and the levels were adjusted. the, 10th and 29th were compiled by david gans on his sonic solutions workstation, and david greenberg compiled the 11th and 14th using soundforge software. most, splice jobs are undetectable. source pcm and dat provided by dougal donaldson., dat and cd vines took place on the well in 1999 with the dat -> cd conversion, by joe samaritano. a standalone hhb cdr-850 professional (digital jacks) was, used for the cd conversion at the time., recording info:, sbd -> rm -> pcm -> dat -> soundforge -> cd -> dat, transfer info:, dat (fostex d5) -> audiophile 2496 -> samplitude professional v7.02 -> wav, notes:, --new transfer using more modern hardware and software., --cd -> dat stage becuase dougal had multiple dat decks at the time, but no cd burner., the cds were digitally transferred back to dat for him., --dropout between tennessee jed and pitb cleaned up with crossfade., --dropout between music never stopped and crazy fingers cleaned up with crossfade., --dropout between around & around and u.s. blues cleaned up with crossfade., --this source not seeded to etree., transfered and edited by joe samaritano, december 2009, set 1:, d1t01 - cold rain & snow, d1t02 - mama tried, d1t03 - row jimmy, d1t04 - cassidy, d1t05 - brown eyed women, d1t06 - big river, d1t07 - might as well, d1t08 - lazy lightning ->, d1t09 - supplication, d1t10 - tennessee jed, d2t01 - playing in the band, set 2:, d2t02 - the wheel, d2t03 - samson and delilah, d2t04 - high time, d2t05 - the music never stopped, d3t01 - crazy fingers ->, d3t02 - dancin' in the streets, d3t03 - cosmic charlie, d3t04 - help on the way ->, d3t05 - slipknot! ->, d3t06 - franklin's tower, d3t07 - around & around, d3t08 - u.s. blues Athis has more tuning between songs than the other sbds; in comparison of sbds on high time, this, SIRMick 78433, Hollister 22804, and gems 82308 have similar sound and spectral view except gems 82308 looks noiser above 16k but did not hear it; mtx 128772 had similar sound plus a lot of audence noise on comparison sample ***
 mtx dusborne, 2 source matrix, soundboard128772   ***
 sbd betty composite dalton miller clugston143026 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/15/76Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
 sbd kempa241   ***
 sbd unknown8323 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd bertha ashley8732   ***
 sony vernon10307B-  ***
 sbd cantor gmb96088   ***
 sbd miller110148Ain comparison on candyman for sbds, miller 110148, cantor crouch dilbert gmb 96088, and Kempka 241 have similar sound; Kempka 241 does not have the patches; cantor crouch dilbert gmb 96088 has more compression and more minor digital flaws than miller 110148; bertha 8732 has more bass and may be overly bassy but does not have the patches ***
 mtx dusborne, 2 source matrix, soundboard130335 Not Reviewed Yet  ***
 sbd betty dalton miller clugston , source143119 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/17/76Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 sony vernon10178B  ***
 sbd miller80739Ain comparison on cold rain, Miller sbd 80739 has the most upfront clearest sound, then matrix 91861, then aud 10178 ***
 mtx seamons91861   ***
6/18/76Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 aud vernon9796   ***
 aud jackson13052   ***
 warburton vernon14449B-14449 is same recording as 9796 based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t3 and different than jackson 13052 based on different crowd on sugaree; in comparison on sugaree, 14449 has a warmer sound with less hiss than 9796; jackson 13052 has a wider fuzzier sound than 14449 but the piano is more in the background ***
 ds outtakes sbd miller92266A  ***
 download series vol 4;, download series volume 4 (06/18, 06/21, 06/22 & 06/28 1978), initial release : august 2005, grateful dead records, the fourth in a series of shows made available by downloading from the official grateful dead site. music from the june 18, 1976 show at the capitol theater, passaic, nj. also includes bonus tracks from other shows in late june 1976. the downloads, are available in both 128 & 256 mp3 and high quality lossless flac formats.., tracklist:, disc 1, 01 - the music never stopped, 02 - sugaree, 03 - mama tried, 04 - crazy fingers, 05 - big river, 06 - brown-eyed woman, 07 - looks like rain, 08 - row jimmy, 09 - cassidy, 10 - mission in the rain, 11 - promised land, disc 2, 01 - samson and delilah, 02 - st. stephen >, 03 - not fade away >, 04 - st. stephen >, 05 - eyes of the world >, 06 - drums >, 07 - the wheel >, 08 - sugar magnolia, 09 - u.s. blues, disc 3 (bonus tracks), 6/21/76 tower theatre, philadelphia, 01 - scarlet begonias, 02 - lazy lightning >, 03 - supplication, 04 - candyman, 6/22/76 tower theatre, philadelphia, 05 - playing in the band >, 06 - drums >, 07 - the wheel >, 08 - playing in the band, 6/28/76 auditorium theatre, chicago, il, 09 - high time, musicians:, * jerry garcia - lead guitar, vocals, * donna jean godchaux - vocals, * keith godchaux - keyboards, * mickey hart - drums, * bill kreutzmann - drums, * phil lesh - electric bass, * bob weir - rhythm guitar, vocals, credits:, * recording - betty cantor-jackson, * mastering - jeffrey norman, notes:, one song, tennessee jed, is missing from the 6/18/76 show due to technical problems on the master tapes.$Aneed miller 92266 for missing song ***
6/19/76Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 fm sbd seff1859 in spectral view this has high end streaking as if transferred through a cheap soundcard ***
 prefm nickspicks10186 in spectral view this has almost all above 16k removed so possibly from 32k dat ***
 prefm unknown12077 this is lossy in spectral view as if from mini-disc ***
 encore only fm cousinit23024   ***
 sbd digitalrbb miller111852Ain comparison on high time for sbds, digitalrbb miller 111852, 1859, and 10186 were closer in sound while 12077 was noticably less full; digitalrbb miller 111852 has a cleaner transfer and full show; matrix is not as upfront or clear of sound as sbds; ***
 aud digitalrbb miller111875   ***
 mtx seamons121140   ***
 pre fm gastwirt miller sirmick, source:143174 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fm glassberg warburton smith sirmick 24143275 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fm glassberg warburton smith sirmick145155 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/21/76The Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
 aud vernon6679   ***
 aud digitalrbb miller112162B  ***
 sbd digitalrbb miller112171    
 sbd digitalrbb miller112191Ain comparison on sugaree, sbd digitalrbb miller 112191 has a fuller warmer more upfront sound than mtx seamons 121045; aud digitalrbb miller 112162 has a warmer fuller but less clear sound than Shure 6679this has a few occasional spots of static***
 mtx seamons121045   ***
 sbd miller , recording info:, sbd > master124828 Not Reviewed Yet   
 mtx seamons ht98 , jerry garcia lead124864 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/22/76The Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
 aud vernon6680B  ***
 akg moore berger minches99093   ***
 sbd digitalrbb miller112218Ain comparison on comes a time, sbd digitalrbb miller 112218 has a fuller warmer more upfront sound than mtx seamons 112900; the auds are different recordings based on different crowd at end of US Blues; aud digitalrbb miller 112789 has most hiss and least clear; then shure 9976 and then 99093 which was also narrower sound than those ***
 aud digitalrbb miller112789   ***
 mtx seamons112900   ***
6/23/76The Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
 aud vernon6681B+in comparison on high time, moore 15534 has the warmest sound, then shure 6681, and then aud miller 95321; aud miller 95321 was least clear; moore 15534 and shure 6681 sound like they were taped near each other; moore 15534 is less full than shure 6681 and sounds suppressed; shure 6681 is missing yellow dog story and tuning on moore 15534 ***
 moore vernon15534   ***
 aud miller95321   ***
6/24/76The Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
 aud vernon6682   ***
 fm unknown11937B has the reported occasional small pops***
 set2 sbd wiley14498A-in comparison on help on the way, fm 14498 has a fuller sound than fm 11937 which is more muffled; fm 14498 has a more upfront sound than the mtx 87163 which is more echoey with more distortion; in comparison on it must have been the roses, fm 11937 has a fuller more natural sound with a little more hiss than fm 25478; fm 11937 has a more upfront less distorted sound than mtx 87163 and auds 6682, 76290, 112290; aud 112290 has a fuller less distorted sound than mtx 87163 and auds 6682 76290; so need fm 14498 for 2nd set and fm 11937 for first set ***
 sbd dudeman25478 first 10 tracks have nothing above above 8k as if stripped away by noise reduction and sound very narrow and unnatural; seems like started with 11937; the rest of the tracks seem from 14498 ***
 shure tobin76290 as indicated this is sped up 6682 ***
 mtx tobin87163   ***
 aud digitalrbb miller112290C  ***
 mtx dusborne, 3 source matrix, soundboard135606 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd digitalbrb miller sirmick , source:140031 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/26/76Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
 aud vernon7340B  ***
 sbd miller95306A-in comparison on stella blue, sbd 95306 has most upfront sound, then mtx is more echoey and less clear; aud 7340 has a fuller sound with less hiss than 112790 ***
 mtx seamons95355   ***
 s2 aud digitalrbb miller112790   ***
6/27/76Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
 aud vernon7341   ***
 aud moore berger minches98796B+  ***
 sbd digitalrbb miller112295A-in comparison on friend of the devil, sbd digitalrbb miller 112295 has a more upfront sound; aud 98796 has a fuller warmer sound than 7341; mtx 123462 is harsher and more echoey than 112295static in big river as noted***
 mtx dusborne, 2 source matrix, soundboard123462   ***
6/28/76Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
 aud unknown vernon9776B  ***
 shure minches18388   ***
 sbd digitalrbb miller112296A-in comparison on high time, sbd digitalrbb miller 112296 has a clearer sound than mtx seamons 112676; for the auds these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of promised land, aud unknown vernon 9776 has a much the fuller upfront but harsher sound than shure 18388 and aud digitalrbb miller 112417 ***
 aud digitalrbb miller112417   ***
 mtx seamons112676   ***
6/29/76Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
 sbd parrillo1812A-  ***
 sbd unknown2594   ***
 sbd bertha31144  drops between tracks***
 aud digitalrbb miller112407B-  ***
 mtx seamons112458   ***
 s2 sbd miller113556Ain comparison on candyman sbds, s2 sbd miller 113556 has a little fuller sound but a little more hiss than Bertha 31144 and BBD 1812 which sounded close to each other; bootleg 2594 has most hiss and narrowest harshest sound; mtx seamons 112458 is more echoey and distant; aud digitalrbb miller 112407 is more so; so need s2 sbd miller 113556 and BBD 1812 for the rest ***
 sbd betty gastwirt miller clugston , source139633 Not Reviewed Yet   
7/12/76Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA
 sbd aj7771A-i7771 is a close eac match on d1t5 to10362; they have same digital flaws so chose the first one; in comparison on candyman, mtx 14455 is more echoey, distant and less clear; aud 18508 has a fuller warmer more natural sound with life in the vocals while than sonyecm270 menke motb 0167 113813 had flat and dull vocals with less hiss; aud 123474 has closer sound to 18508 than the motb and with the pitch correction is the most natural soundingdrop d1t13 6:26***
 sbd unknown10362   ***
 menke minches18508   ***
 sonyecm270 menke motb 0167 , motb release:113813   ***
 mtx motb 0168, motb release: 0168 16/44 1 matrix114455   ***
 ecm270 , recording info:, (front row123474   ***
7/13/76Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA
 sbd ashley bertha9978   ***
 menke minches18427B  ***
 sbd vernon18480B  ***
 ecm270 , recording info:, (front row123475Bin comparison on peggio, bertha 9978 has more bass and less hiss and is warmer sound and loses some fullness in the midrange and buries the vocals over 18480; aud 18427 is more natural sound than those but more echoey and not as upfront but still gets to B+ quality sometimes; 123475 has a warmer sound than 18427 ***
7/14/76Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA
 sbd miller backus11938  big static d1t10 0:48***
 menke vernon18159   ***
 sbd vernon18594B+in comparison on ship of fools, sbds 11938 and 18594 have similar sound; 18594 has the patches and fewer digital flaws; aud 18159 is more echoey and harsher and fuller with more hiss; so could choose either as sort of similar quality; 123476 is probably same same recording as 18159 based on same clapping and crowd at beginning of d1t2 but could be nearby tapers; 123476 is not as harsh as 18159 ***
 ecm270 , recording info:, (front row123476   ***
7/16/76Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA
 fob sonyecm180 menke ashley bertha8666B+  ***
 aud menke10377   ***
 menke cribbs16943   ***
 set1aud set2sbd miller23569A-in comparison on high time, sbd 23569 has a warmer sound than bertha 27488 and that has more bass; mtx 28042 is more echoey; in comparison on peggy-o for the auds, 16943 has same checksums as 23569 and has a fuller harsher sound than 8666 which has more hiss; bertha 27488 has less hiss and more bass and is harshest but is easiest to hear the vocals but less natural sound; 123477 is very similar to 16943 except 123477 is a little warmer; so need 23569 for the 2nd set and 123477 for the 1st set ***
 set 2 sbd bertha ashley27488   ***
 mtx dan28042   ***
 davpic bonus, dave's picks 2016 subscriptions: volume 18 & bonus disc; Tracklist:, 1. Playing In The Band > 15:54, 2. Cosmic Charlie 8:03, 3. Spanish Jam > 9:07, 4. Drums > 3:53, 5. The Wheel > 6:34, 6. Playing In The Band 5:52, 7. High Time 10:08, 8. Sugar Magnolia 9:50$   ***
 ecm270 , recording info:, (front row123477B+  ***
7/17/76Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA
 sbd unknown243  static d2t1 4:47; drops between tracks in first set; clicks around patch***
 menke minches18389   ***
 sbd fricker fix tetzeli34708A-34708 matches st5 of 243 except for d2t5 where it improves the transitions for the aud splice; in comparison on mississippi halfstep, sbd has a more upfront clearer sound than mtx 95734 and aud 18389static d2t1 4:47; drops between tracks in first set***
 mtx chappell bertrando91827 in comparison on mississippi halfstep, 91827 has more hiss than 95734 ***
 mtx chappell sb2595734   ***
 davpic, dave's picks volume 18:, price $28.98 this product is sold out., tell the folks back home this is the promised land callin', we're not only headed back to the bay area with the release of july 17, 1976, the 5th of a phenomenal six-night run at the orpheum theatre, but back to the basics - smaller venues, lighter loads (post-wall of sound) - and the results are electric! while the operations may have been stripped down, the grateful dead and their music were anything but. 7/17/76 packs plenty of surprises from the chuck berry bookends of the first set to the double encore featuring one the finest versions of not fade away you're likely to hear, clocking in at almost 15 minutes. the hour-plus seamless second set jam includes a dream setlist, featuring such classics as "comes a time," "eyes of the world," "goin' down the road feeling bad," and a recurring "other one" that takes us on some spectacular journeys. the venue's superior acoustics coupled with the band's tight intuitive playing lend to a warmer sound and plenty of golden moments. a short one, we've rounded dave's picks volume 18 out with a handful of favorites from the previous night's first set, including a magical coupling of "the music never stopped>scarlet begonias"., as always, dave's picks volume 18 has been mastered to hdcd specs by jeffrey norman and is limited to 16,500 individually numbered copies. grab your copy here., product details, 3 disc set, limited to 16,500 individually numbered copies, mastered to hdcd specs by jeffrey norman, digipak made of 100% recycled and pcw materials, release date: may 1, 2016, disc 1, 1. promised land [4:37], 2. mississippi half-step uptown toodeloo [9:42], 3. mama tried [3:04], 4. deal [5:03], 5. new minglewood blues [4:58], 6. peggy-o [9:14], 7. big river [6:23], 8. sugaree [11:30], 9. johnny b. goode [4:24], 10. samson and delilah [7:41], disc 2, 1. comes a time [16:00], 2. drums [1:39], 3. the other one [5:46], 4. space [10:00], 5. eyes of the world [7:37], 6. jam[7:21], 7. the other one [3:36], 8. goin' down the road feeling bad [7:10], 9. one more saturday night [6:12], 10. u.s. blues [7:16], disc 3, 1. not fade away [14:26], 2. big river [7:02], 3. brown-eyed women [5:50], 4. looks like rain [7:35, 5. peggy-o [9:19], 6. the music never stopped [5:53], 7. scarlet begonias [10:56], 8. u.s. blues [6:33]$   ***
 ecm270 , recording info:, (front row141966 Not Reviewed Yet   
7/18/76Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA
 sbd ferguson244  has heavy tv band d1t2 into d2; drops between tracks, d1t3 0:57, d2t7 10:48***
 sbd bertha14838A-in comparison on stella blue, 14838 has more bass and less hiss than 107832 and 244; 244 has a buzz; in comparison on first let it grow, 14838 has more bass and seems fuller sound although the vocals are more buried and sounds less natural than on 107832 and 244; 107832 is harsher with more crowd; in comparison on wheel and loser, 14838 has a fuller harsher sound with more hiss than 244; so overall chose 14838 but may be able to take some of 244 toohas heavy tv band d1t2 into d2; drops between many tracks;***
 pre fm kbfh berger107832 in comparison on stella blue, both versions on this sounded similar ***
 pre fm kbfh berger 107832107833    
8/2/76Colt Park, Hartford, CT
 gatto aj245B+in comparison on Mississippi Half-Step, 245 has a warmer sound than 81456 but lots of digital flaws; 81456 is missing the encores that 245 has at end of d2lots of drops on d1t6, d1t9 1:01, repetitive clicks on d1t11; (stopped listening at this point and went to my trade cdrs of this recording)***
 fob singer motb 181456B wind noise***
 fob singer motb 181971    
 aud , cassette audience master recorded by132697 Not Reviewed Yet I have not listened to it but did a quick compare and your new version has more tuning and crowd between songs and does not have the drop at beginning of minglewood, It could be improved from an older version with patches for, digi-static in deal 3:15-3:24, Drop in wharf rat missing 1sec of guitar at 10:23, Drop in crowd end of around and around 9:38, But maybe better to wait to see if someone will do a new transfer ***
 sony ecm 99a warburton lee smith sirmick141900 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sony ecm 99a warburton lee smith sirmick141900 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sony ecm99a warburton lee smith sirmick145157 Not Reviewed Yet   
8/4/76Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ
 jones vernon12078C  ***
 sbd cotsman12830   ***
 sbd miller tobin35171Ain comparison on loser, 35171 has the warmest sound closely followed by 99698; 12830, mtx 120684, and aud 12078 are harsher ***
 sbd berger99697    
 sbd berger99698   ***
 mtx dusborne120684   ***
 matrix tobin , sbd + aud matrix 3 source127240 Not Reviewed Yet  ***
 upg aud tobin , patched and pitch corrected127248 Not Reviewed Yet  ***
 upg sbd tobin , patched and pitch corrected127249 Not Reviewed Yet  ***
8/26/76Club Front Studio, San Rafael, CA
 studio bershaw , source/lineage: studio140933A-   
9/23/76Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke U, Durham, NC
 sbd backus14687   ***
 pa restoration dan117651B+in comparison on It Must Have Been The Roses and high time, these are both suppressed with 14687 having a slightly fuller sound but not enough to compensate for the hiss that is removed on 117651; some songs are A- quality while others are B quality ***
9/24/76William and Mary College Hall, Williamsburg, VA
 aud unknown16901A-  ***
 davpicv4, initial release : 2012, grateful dead / rhino, a three cd release of the complete grateful dead show at the college of william and mary, williamsburg, va on september 24, 1976., tracks, cd 1;, promised land, deal, cassidy, sugaree, looks like rain, row jimmy, big river, tennessee jed, cd 2;, playing in the band>, supplication>, playing in the band, might as well, samson and delilah, loser, new minglewood blues, cd 3;, help on the way>, slipknot!>, drums>, slipknot!>, franklin's tower>, the music never stopped>, stella blue, around and around, u.s. blues, musicians, jerry garcia - lead guitar, vocals, donna jean godchaux - vocals, keith godchaux - piano, bill kreutzmann - drums, mickey hart - drums, phil lesh - bass, vocals, bob weir - rhythm guitar, vocals, credits, produced for release by - david lemieux, blair jackson, cd mastering - jeffrey norman, booklet essay - nicholas meriwether$A  ***
9/25/76Capital Centre, Landover, MD
 sbd aj246   ***
 sbd vernon10511   ***
 dp20;, initial release : january 2001, grateful dead records gdcd-4040, four cd set of nearly two complete shows - the september 25, 1976 show at the capital centre, landover and the september 28, 1976 show at the onondaga county war memorial, syracuse., buy from, tracks, disc 1, bertha (garcia/hunter), new minglewood blues (trad. arr. by bob weir), ramble on rose (garcia/hunter), cassidy (weir / barlow), brown-eyed woman (garcia/hunter), mama tried (haggard), peggy-o (trad. arr. by grateful dead), loser (garcia/hunter), let it grow (weir / barlow), sugaree (garcia/hunter), lazy lightnin' (weir / barlow), supplication (weir / barlow), disc 2, mississippi half-step uptown toodeloo (garcia/hunter), dancing in the streets (stevenson, gaye, i. hunter), cosmic charlie (garcia/hunter), scarlet begonias (garcia/hunter), st. stephen (garcia/lesh/hunter), not fade away (petty/hardin), drums (hart/kreutzmann), jam (grateful dead), st. stephen (garcia/lesh/hunter), sugar magnolia (weir/hunter), disc 3, cold rain and snow (grateful dead), big river (cash), cassidy (weir / barlow), tennessee jed (garcia / hunter), new minglewood blues (trad. arr. by bob weir), candyman (garcia/hunter), it's all over now (b. & s. womack), friend of the devil (garcia/dawson /hunter), let it grow (weir / barlow), goin' down the road feeling bad (trad. arr. by grateful dead), disc 4, playin' in the band (weir/hart/hunter), the wheel (garcia/kreutzmann/hunter), samson and delilah (trad. arr. by bob weir), jam (grateful dead), comes a time (garcia/hunter), drums (hart/kreutzmann), eyes of the world (garcia/hunter), orange tango jam (grateful dead), dancing in the streets (stevenson, gaye, i. hunter), playin' in the band (weir/hart/hunter), johnny b. goode (berry), musicians, jerry garcia - lead guitar, vocals, donna jean godchaux - vocals, keith godchaux - piano, bill kreutzmann - drums, mickey hart - drums, phil lesh - bass, vocals, bob weir - rhythm guitar, vocals, credits, live recording - dan healy, cd mastering - jeffrey norman, tape archivists - dick latvala, david lemieux, archival research - eileen law/grateful dead archives, photography - ed perlstein, cover art and design - tina carpenter, cover photos - david denoma, special thanks - bob minkin, discs 1 and 2 recorded on september 25, 1976 at the capital centre, landover, discs 3 and 4 recorded on september 28, 1976 at the onondaga county war memorial, syracuse$Aalso need Dick's Picks 20 Leftovers 10511 ***
9/27/76Community War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY
 aud parrillo3821B+  ***
 mtx tobin87661   ***
 sbd miller87664A-in comparison on loser, sbd 87664 has a more upfront sound than mtx 87661 and aud 3821 ***
9/28/76Onongada County War Memorial, Syracuse, NY
 sbd vernon10512B+(needed to fill in dp20); in comparison on its all over now, 4044 seems like from a 32k dat and is warmer but less natural sounding than 10512; in comparison on bertha, 14355 looks noiser in the high end than 10512 but not sure I could hear it; so need this plus dp20; Its al over now raes A-, bertha rated B+ ***
 sbd vernon14355   ***
 aud vernon14356Bin comparison on comes a time, 14356 has a fuller sound than 100071 ***
 set2 aud unknown andrewf100071   ***
9/30/76Mershon Auditorium, OSU, Columbus, OH
 fob patched unknown11939   ***
 sbd18107A-  ***
 sbd gans cribbs30225A-30225in comparison on sugaree aud 11939 has a fuller sound than 30225 but 30225 is clearer ***
 mtx dusborne, 3 source matrix, soundboard137537 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/1/76Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN
 akgd200e vernon pujol10151   ***
 moore weiner14558  *tape flip in Drums cross faded at 1:01***
 sonyecm33p moore berger tallmadge84358   ***
 sbd miller111819A-   
 sbd miller112800 in comparison on friend of the devil, sbd miller 112800 has a fuller clearer more upfront sound than the auds; aud unknown 118468 has a fuller harsher sound than auds 10151, 14558, and 84358 which were closer in sound to each other ***
 aud unknown118467    
 aud unknown118468Bquality seems to vary by cassete sides with first cassette side having best sound and last cassette side having worst sound ***
 mtx dusborne, 2 source matrix, soundboard137657 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/2/76Riverfront Arena, Cincinnati, OH
 aud vernon10152    
 moore weiner14560Bin comparison on row jimmy, 14560 has a fuller warmer sound than 10152; first 2 songs are lower quality on 14560; some songs get to B+ ***
 aud moore weiner droncit , shnid:134416 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/3/76Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI
 fmsbd jerugim248   ***
 set2 sbd jim12829   ***
 sbd aud cotsman12832   ***
 aud weiner19415B  ***
 s2 sbd miller121945A-in comparison on comes a time the sbds have a similar sound, 12829 and 12832 sounded similar and each had more distortion in the vocals on the comparison segment; 248 had slightly more hiss than 121945; need aud for the beginning of the show from either 12832 or 19415 as they have matching md5 ***
 thirty trips, 30 trips around the sun, cd1, bertha 5:13, mama tried 2:54, sugaree 10:39, new minglewood blues 4:49, ramble on rose 7:02, looks like rain 7:40, loser 7:41, el paso 4:36, scarlet begonias 11:54, the music never stopped 7:27, cd2, samson and delilah 8:20, it must have been the roses 6:56, playing in the band > 9:45, drums > 2:20, cd3, the wheel > 10:43, good lovin' > 8:07, comes a time > 9:53, dancing in the street > 8:25, not fade away > 13:57, dancing in the street > 4:05, around and around 7:13$A  ***
10/9/76Oakland-Alameda County Stadium, Oakland, CA
 sbd unknown249   ***
 aud vernon10179   ***
 set2 sbd miller12519   ***
 aud fix 10179 tetzeli83819   ***
 set 2 mtx dan89544   ***
 aud falanga berger99002    
 aud falanga berger99003Bin comparison on mississippi halfstep, 99003 has a fuller warmer sound with more bass than 83819 ***
 dp33;, initial release : november 2004, grateful dead records, four cd set of music taken from the day on the green shows on october 9 and 10 1976 at oakland stadium in oakland., buy from, tracks, disc 1 (10/9/76), promised land (berry), mississippi half-step uptown toodeloo (garcia / hunter), cassidy (weir / barlow), tennessee jed (garcia / hunter), looks like rain (weir / barlow), they love each other (garcia / hunter), new minglewood blues (traditional), scarlet begonias (garcia / hunter), lazy lightnin' > (weir / barlow), supplication (weir / barlow), sugaree (garcia / hunter), disc 2 (10/9/76), st. stephen > (garcia / lesh / hunter), not fade away > (holly / petty), st. stephen > (garcia / lesh / hunter), help on the way > (garcia / hunter), slipknot! > (garcia / godchaux / lesh / weir), drums > (hart / kreutzmann), samson and delilah > (traditional), slipknot! > (garcia / godchaux / lesh / weir), franklin's tower > (garcia / kreutzmann / hunter), one more saturday night (weir), u.s. blues (garcia / hunter), disc 3 (10/10/76), might as well (garcia / hunter), mama tried (haggard), ramble on rose (garcia / hunter), cassidy (weir / barlow), deal (garcia / hunter), el paso (robbins), loser (garcia / hunter), promised land (berry), friend of the devil (garcia / hunter / dawson), dancing in the streets > (stevenson / gaye / hunter), wharf rat > (garcia / hunter), dancing in the streets (stevenson / gaye / hunter), disc 4 (10/10/76), samson and delilah (traditional), brown-eyed women (garcia / hunter), playing in the band > (weir / hunter), drums > (hart / kreutzmann), the wheel > (garcia / kreutzmann / hunter), space > (grateful dead), the other one > (weir), stella blue > (garcia / hunter), playing in the band > (weir / hunter), sugar magnolia (weir / hunter), johnny b. goode (berry), musicians, jerry garcia - lead guitar, vocals, donna jean godchaux - vocals, keith godchaux - piano, mickey hart - drums, bill kreutzmann - drums, phil lesh - electric bass, bob weir - rhythm guitar, vocals, credits, recording - betty cantor-jackson, tape archivist - david lemieux, cd mastering - jeffrey norman, archival research - eileen law / grateful dead archives, photography - richard mccaffrey, ed perlstein, steve schneider, package design and layout - robert minkin, special thanks - joe gastwirt, ryan p fuller, vickie holbrook, recorded live on october 9 and 10, 1976 at oakland stadium, oakland, ca$A  ***
10/10/76Oakland-Alameda County Stadium, Oakland, CA
 sbd clugston3381A-in comparison on loser, sbd 3381 has a more upfront sound and aud 11670 is echoey and boomy ***
 hollwein vernon11670B  ***
10/14/76Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
 bertrando vernon12079   ***
 sbd cotsman12614B+in comparison on peggio, 12614 and 12079 sounded similar; in comparison on ship of fools 12614 has a warmer fuller more upfront sound with less hiss than 12079; aud portion rates B to B+, sbd portion rates A- ***
 s2 sbd goodbear, set ii, recording143276 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/15/76Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
 sbd sacks251  has drops between tracks***
 bertrando vernon11655   ***
 sbd miller84260B+in comparison on comes a time, sbd 84260 and 251 sound similar and 251 has more digital flaws; aud 105824 has a fuller warmer sound with less hiss than 11655; sbds are more upfront than the auds; for 84260 sbd portion rates A-, aud portion rates B to B+ ***
 fob sonyecm270 menke motb 0125105824B  ***
12/31/76Cow Palace, Daly City, CA
 fm ksan3863 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fm hollister15114   ***
 pre fm sbd winters18524   ***
 prefm warner 1852420760   ***
 cow palace cd, $24.00, 12/31/76, mixed from the original 16-track analog master tapes and mastered in stellar hdcd sound, grateful dead: live at the cow palace, a 3-cd set from the band's historic new year's eve 1976-1977 show is the latest of our official multi-track vault releases. over 13,000 fans shared a transcendent celebration and peak grateful dead experience that renowned ksan-fm dj and concert co-host glenn lambert described as, one of those nights when they're airborne from the start, and climbing fast on a jet to the promised land., this legendary show features highlights such as, playing in the band, morning dew, samson & delilah, eyes of the world, and, scarlet begonias, ., grateful dead, jerry garcia - lead guitar, vocals, donna jean godchaux - vocals, keith godchaux - piano, mickey hart - drums, bill kreutzmann - drums, phil lesh - electric bass, vocals, bob weir - rhythm guitar, vocals; Disc One, 1. The Promised Land, 2. Bertha, 3. Mama Tried, 4. They Love Each Other, 5. Looks Like Rain, 6. Deal, 7. Playing In The Band, Disc Two, 1. Sugar Magnolia >, 2. Eyes Of The World >, 3. Wharf Rat >, 4. Good Lovin' >, 5. Samson and Delilah, 6. Scarlet Begonias, Disc Three, 1. Around and Around, 2. Help On The Way >, 3. Slipknot! >, 4. Drums >, 5. Not Fade Away >, 6. Morning Dew, 7. One More Saturday Night, 8. Uncle John's Band >, 9. We Bid You Goodnight, Bonus disk, The bonus disk is a compilation called "The Spirit of '76"., The Music Never Stopped 9 Jun 1976, Crazy Fingers 9 Jun 1976, Let It Grow> 2 Oct 1976, Might As Well 2 Oct 1976, Playing In The Band> 24 Sep 1976, Supplication> 24 Sep 1976, Playing In The Band 24 Sep 1976, Scarlet Begonias 30 Sep 1976$A  ***