GD - Wondering What to Choose 1977
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
2/17/77Sound City, Van Nuys, CA
 sbd outtakes16745  static t1 3:51; discontinuity pop t5 4:29, t8 16:01; big pop t9 0:04***
2/20/77Sound City, Van Nuys, CA
 sbd moreno9470A-9470 is a sort of close eac match on sunrise to 2/17/77 16745; they have same digital flaws except that has more on the fillerstatic t8 3:51; discontinuity pop t4 4:29, t7 16:01***
2/26/77Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA
 sbd steve253   ***
 sbd alphadog9752  drops between tracks***
 sbd owen23808  reported to be an sbe fix of shnid=32009 and has different tracking***
 sbd wizard32009Ain comparison on sugaree, sbds 253, obv 23808, and obv 32009 all have same wav and spectral view with same levels; the obvs have the patches; obv 23808 and obv 32009 have different tracking with similar digital flaws; 9752 is more compressed than the others and a little harsher; 83283 has a similar sound but a little different but no patches; mtx 110037 is more distant and echoey but not as much as aud 110231drop d2t7 5:07; digipop d2t2 3:38***
 sbd cantor deibert83283   ***
 mtx seamons bertrando110037   ***
 aud bertrando110231   ***
2/27/77Robertson Gym, UC Santa Barbara, Goleta, CA
 bertrando vernon10378B+sound quality varies between B+ and A- ***
3/18/77Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd unknown254   ***
 sbd clugston patch79098   ***
 sbd123285A-in comparison on ship of fools aud portion, 123285 has the fullest sound and made 254 and 79098 sound slow; in comparison on sugaree sbd portions sounded similar ***
3/19/77Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd chinacat255   ***
 mtx hansokolow96856   ***
 sbd123190Ain comparison on loser, sbd 123190 and 255 sounded similar while mtx 96856 was more distant and echoey; 123190 has more between song tuning ***
3/20/77Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd kempa sbefixed257   ***
 sbd miller25610Ain comparison on stella blue,sbd 257 has a lot more hiss than 25610 which has a fuller warmer sound; aud 100022 is more muffled than the sbdslight static d1t8 4:30 not on shnid 257***
 aud unknown100022   ***
4/22/77The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
 sony unknown8673  NOTES: Samson is missing due to a tape flip***
 sbd cotsman10148   ***
 sbd miller27747Ain comparison on peggio, sbd 27747 has much fuller upfront clearer sound than auds 8673 and 10148 which sounded similar to each other; in comparison on ***
4/23/77Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA
 sbd jerugim1827   ***
 hopkins vernon17178   ***
 moore minches18438  notes, d1t06 ~ 1:00-1:10 slight panning to left then recentering of (at least) Jerry's voice, d1t07 - presumed tape flip after song, d3t04 - 4:13 thru 4:48 patch from different aud source***
 sbd unknown27421  has dome digipops like d1t2 2:52 and square wav static drops d2t1 3:58 plus more of these***
 sonyecm99a hopkins minches83685   ***
 sbd miller88401Ain comparison on loser, sbds 1827, 27421, and 88401 have similar sound; 88401 has less digital flaws; mtx 97596 is less clear with harsher vocals than the sbds; sbds have more upfront clearer sound than the auds; for auds moore 18438 has the fullest warmest most natural sound, then hopkins 83685 and then hopkins 17178 ***
 mtx seamons97596   ***
4/25/77Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 aud goodbear259C  ***
 sbd symons15879B-in comparison on peggio, sbd 15879 has a muffled warmer more natural sound than aud 259 which is harsh, hollow, and blairy; 15879 is muffled by noise reduction ***
4/26/77Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 aud goodbear260B  ***
4/27/77Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 sbd braverman7799 this is lossy with drops between tracks so probably from mp3 source ***
 sbd samaritano20331   ***
 fm doinker91889   ***
 fm moore berger98429    
 fm moore berger98430A-in comparison on loser, 98430 has the warmest sound, then 20331, then 91889, and then 7799; 98430 has the most bass ***
4/29/77The Palladium, New York, NY
 moore unknown7113B+  ***
4/30/77The Palladium, New York, NY
 sonyecm33p moore vernon4949    
 moore minches17952    
 dead download$A  ***
5/1/77The Palladium, New York City, NY
 set2 sbd unknown4763   ***
 aud goodbear11941B drops between tracks***
 moore minches17953   ***
 set sbd miller81739 in comparison on comes a time, sbds 4763 and 81739 sound similar with 81739 having less digital flaws; sbds are fuller more upfront sound than the auds or matrix; aud moore 17953 is very suppressed while 11941 has a fuller easier to hear sound; mtx 87285 is also suppressed sounding; need aud 11941 for first set ***
 mtx sirmick87285   ***
5/3/77The Palladium, New York, NY
 aud gorinsky6710 6710 is same recording as 17954 based on same clapping wavs but inverted and levels different with similar spectral view and sound; they have different digital flaws but 6710 has moredigipops d3t1 0:30, square wav static d3t5 9:46; drops between dome tracks***
 moore minches17954  digipop d3t2 0:51; discontinuity pops between cdrs***
 set1 sbd miller21646B+in comparison on peggio, sbd 21646 has the most natural sound although suppressed for a sbd; the auds are more echoey; 17954 has a warmer more suppressed sound than motb 86241 which is more upfront, harsher, tinnier and clearer; liked motb 86241 better for the second set because it was easier to hear; 21646 has warm sound and may be A-; need motb 86241 for second set ***
 aud glassberg motb86241B  ***
5/4/77The Palladium, New York, NY
 sbd mccarthy sbefixed1321   ***
 moore minches17686  notes, - No encore was performed, - d3t4 1:05, 1:09, 2:11 brief tape speed changes***
 set1 sbd minches17967   ***
 sbd miller91970Ain comparison on they love each other, sbds 91970 and 17967 sound similar while 1321 is harsher and not as full sounding; 91970 s more complete than 17967; mtx 99106 is not as full and upfront sounding as sbd 91970; aud 17686 is more echoey and distant; ***
 set2 mtx seamons92159   ***
 mtx seamons ht0999106   ***
5/5/77Veterans' Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT
 sbd cantor7725Ain comparison on sugaree 123485 and 8832 have similar sound and 123485 cleans up flaws as indicated; 7725 has a fuller warmer sound than 123485 but has more digital flaws and is missing some tuning between tracks found on 123485; a comment at etree on 7725 indicates a cut at beginning of scarlet begonias but 123485 does not have more of just a better transition; so prefer 7725 except for tennesee jed and need 123485 for that plus some tuningseveral drop/static d1t5 0:55 to 1:34, 5:58 to 6:27, d3t2 1:36, d3t7 1:05***
 sbd stephens8832   ***
 sbd123485   ***
5/7/77Boston Garden, Boston, MA
 sbd unknown262   ***
 rolfe weiner6021  * master tape flip in Wharf Rat at 8:16 repaired by, cross fade in Soundforge.***
 sbd eaton wizard26085Ain comparison on peggio, sbds 26085 and 262 sounded similar; bertha 26361 had more bass added which was not too much but did not seem needed; 88525 was not as warm of sound; aud 6021 was lesser sound quality; encore and some patches have lesser quality sound down to B ***
 sbd bertha ashley26361   ***
 sbd miller88525   ***
5/8/77Barton Hall, Ithaca, NY
 sbd cantor sacks266   ***
 sbd hicks4982Ain comparison on loser and scarlet begonias, sbd 4982 has a little fuller sound than 266; 4982 is more compressed than 266; sbds have a fuller warmer clearer sound than auds and mtx 29511, 35086, 26857, and 111493; for the auds 117027 has the fullest sound then 5002, then 29303, and then 28301 and 28354; 29303 is not as murky as 117027 so 29303 is an alternative aud and is a different recording than the others; sound quality on patches are of lesser quality ***
 maizner hicks5002   ***
 dts dan26856   ***
 matrix dan26857   ***
 aud moore cribbs28301   ***
 aud moore berger28354   ***
 shure57 stevenson29303   ***
 mtx dan29511   ***
 mtx dan35086    
 sbd cube87486 87486 is a close eac match on d1t2 to 266; as noted 87486 is patched from other dates ***
 mtx seamons97274   ***
 mtx seamons111493   ***
 ecm33p moore berger miller117026   ***
 ecm33p moore berger miller117027    
5/9/77Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY
 sbd trick jason268   ***
 aud maizner vernon8036  drops between many tracks***
 sbd connor8304   ***
 sbd painoman77462   ***
 mtx seamons98168   ***
 sbd123480Ain comparison on peggio, 123480, 77462, and 8304 sounded similar while 268 was a little harsher; 123480 is more seemless; 77462 cuts out a lot of the between song tuning; mtx 98168 and aud 8036 are also harsher ***
5/11/77St. Paul Civic Center, St. Paul, MN
 sbd barbella8374   ***
 sbd miller32274   ***
 sbd miller32305   ***
 sbd miller83196Ain comparison on loser, 83196 and 8374 sounded similar; 83196 has more between song tuning than 8374 ***
5/12/77Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
 aud clugston6484B+in comparison on peggio, 110253 and 6484 sounded the same both very harsh but has a full sound with jerry's guitar out front; 6484 has an extra second of music at the beginning of bertha; see 6/7/77 winterland box set bonus disk for part of this show ***
 shure96 gatto110253   ***
5/13/77Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
 sbd unknown6690   ***
 sbd miller9393B+in comparsion on friend of the devil, 9393 has the warmest sound, then 14942 and then 6690; 6690 has a less full sound than those; 6690 has some more between song like tuning intro into brown eyed women which makes the others mssing the song beginning for me; sound on 9393 starts at A quality but turns harsher for the other one to B+ then down to B- by the end ***
 sbd ashley14942   ***
5/15/77The Arena, St. Louis, MO
 sbd gorinsky7008  Cut at beginning of Lazy Lightning***
 sbd unknown18333   ***
  28916   ***
 sbd bertha31605Ain comparison on jack a roe, sbds 31605 and 28916 had similar sound quality but liked 31605 as was a little clearer and more natural sound and 28916 sounded more suppressed; sbds 7008 and 18333 are more muffled than those; mtx 91911 is more echoey and not as clear as 31605; auds are more echoey with 99099 having clearere and more upfront sound than 84714  
 aud maizner minches84714   ***
 mtx sirmick91911   ***
 aud maizner berger99098    
 aud maizner berger99099   ***
5/17/77Memorial Coliseum, U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
 sbd stretch5420 in comparison on jack a roe, for the sbds the left channel of 18554 matches in wav and spectral view with same level to 5420 but the right channel of 18554 has been raised and in spectral view looks like that step was slightly noiser than could be done digitally today with 5420; however did not hear that noise; 18554 has more digital flaws than 5420; mtx 121485 is more echoey than the sbds; aud 88771 is more echoey than those; in comparison on sugar magnolia the aud portion of 18554 is harsher and narrower than 88771; so need the last track of 88771 for sugar magnolia and the end the track before that for some tuning and talk ***
 sbd weiner18554  square wav static d3t5 5:50***
 aud maizner minches88771B  ***
 mtx dusborne121485   ***
5/18/77Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
 sbd ladner4618   ***
 sbd murphy5596   ***
 sbd miller79012 in comparison on jack a roe, 79012 has a warmer sound than 4618 and 5596 ***
5/19/77Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
 sbd clugston2461   ***
 sbd direwolf3120   ***
 sbd bertha9394   ***
 Dick's Picks$A  ***
5/21/77Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, FL
 sbd boyle271 see 5/19/77 dp29 for everything but US Blues ***
5/22/77The Sportatorium, Pembroke Pines, FL
 sbd dp leftovers18803   ***
 sbd terrapin dp3 rip31789   ***
 Hollywood Sportatorium$ All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller,, April 3, 2011, Notes:, -- Set 2 is seamless, -- Thanks to David Gans for the discs, -- Portions of Dick's Picks 3 was used for this, ***
 Dick's Picks$   ***
5/25/77The Mosque, Richmond, VA
 sbd hamilton1071   ***
 sbd shannon13399  shnid=82048 is same except sbe fixed and flac-ed 
 sbd shannon fix82048   ***
 sbd miller87539   ***
 sbd miller87591   ***
 aud lee minches107757   ***
 matrix tobin123381   ***
 upg aud tobin123382   ***
 The Mosque, Richmond, VA$A  ***
5/26/77Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD
 sbd sacks3224   ***
 sbd serafin11614   ***
 aud vernon18746   ***
 sbd ashley bertha31291   ***
 aud wizard32092   ***
 sbd wizard32302Ain comparison on sugaree, sbds obv 32302, ssb 11614 and 3224 sounded similar while bertha 31291 was more compressed harser and bassier and less natural sounding; mtx sb was more distant and not as full; aud 32092 has a fuller warmer sound than 18746 and may be same recording based on same nearby crowd talking and coughing ***
 mtx chappell sb30a97016   ***
5/28/77Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT
 sbd sacks4983   ***
 sbd ashley bertha12827   ***
 moore minches18439   ***
 sbd obv31952   ***
 aud wise goodbear77267   ***
 mtx chappell sb30b97017   ***
 To Terrapin$A  ***
6/4/77The Forum, Inglewood, CA
 bertrando goodbear3417   ***
 fob menke motb97140    
 fob menke motb97183B+in comparison on peggio, 97183 has a fuller warmer sound than 3417; a lot of this is A- quality ***
6/7/77Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd sacks1861   ***
 sbd hollister bode24291   ***
 aud bertrando31951   ***
 mtx seamons99001   ***
 box$Aselected also for 6/8 and 6/9 ***
6/8/77Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd parmer4184   ***
 sbd clugston15421   ***
 sbd miller25621   ***
 bertrando hollwein winters26342   ***
 mtx seamons95361   ***
6/9/77Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd dauria3372   ***
 sbd murphy5597   ***
 akg bertrando winters26450   ***
  28614   ***
 mtx seamons98801   ***
9/3/77Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ
 sbd unk sbefixed276   ***
 aud stiegler91230   ***
 aud wagner minches91650   ***
 aud flemming berger102409    
 aud flemming berger102410   ***
 Dick's Picks$A  ***
9/28/77Paramount Northwest Theater, Seattle, WA
 sbd connor10482Ain comparison on peggio, 10482 and 95952 sound similar; they both have different digital flaws that were not heard and they have similar compression so could choose either; mix is heavy on bass and drums ***
 sbd cantor gmb95952   ***
9/29/77Paramount Northwest Theater, Seattle, WA
 sbd cantor clugston7289   ***
 sbd cotsman9003   ***
 sbd cantor gmb96027Ain comparison on stella blue; 7289 and 9003 sound similar while 96027 has warmer fuller sound with less hiss; 96027 is very close to monohas several clicking static noises starting at 7:19 on Franklins Tower not on 9003; happens again at 8:58, 10:20, 10:46, 15:46; plus some more in samson***
10/1/77Paramount Theater, Portland, OR
 sbd unknown277  analog static d2t2 2:45***
 sbd cantor ashley bertha10689  analog static d2t2 2:45***
 sbd cantor gmb86234  analog static d2t2 2:45***
 sbd miller123090   ***
 sbd patched123211 in comparison on dire wolf, 277 and 10689 have louder bass and drums than the others; 86234 has the tv band removed and 123211 sounded a little warmer than that; 123211 has the patch not in the others which also includes 123090; 123211 also has some digital flaws not on 86234drop d3t1 10:17, digipop d3t3 1:08; analog static d2t5 2:41 which is also on other versions***
10/2/77Paramount Theater, Portland, OR
 sbd unknown278   ***
 sbd cantor gmb86354Ain comparison on sunrise and the wheel, 86354 has a little warmer sound than the others; it has had its tv band removed; on sunrise in the low level portions 123102 was least warm and had more hiss; 278 is most compressed and limited and clips; 123102 is least compressed of the three ***
 sbd123102   ***
10/6/77Hoax Compilation, Various, Various
 sbd gorinsky5804  d3t1 repeats track d2t6; drops between many tracks; digipop d2t1 2:11***
 sbd heath19138A-19138 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 5804 with same digital flaws plus a small drop that was not heard; this has the advantage that it removes the duplicate track on that one; in comparison on black peter this has a warmer sound than 113808 and 77476 is more suppressed and distorted; sound quality varies by song from A to A-drops between many tracks; digipop d2t1 2:11***
 sbd unk101801 in spectral view this looks like several different recordings; reported by charlie miller to be a compilation of fall shows; comment from poordevil on losslesslegs: "The broadcast FM parts are on ID 77476. True., (exact broadcast copy off the airwaves), ...the other copies of 10-6-77 are a mix of shows from the same tour with SOME of 10-6-77, (usually Black Peter & NFA ARE from 10-6-77), (I may be wrong ^ but - I don't think so ?), All other copies/versions are mixes from same tour put together to form what looks like the 10-6-77 show. There are legit reasons to have ALL sources for the date. The 77476 FM is the most complete version of the real 10-6-77., The not real versions contain maybe 2 tracks that are REALLY from 10-6-77 & in better quality than the 77476. So, it's good to have ALL ID's., ONLY the 2 tracks are from the real 10-6-77., 77476 = most real complete version (a must have), All others = better quality but fake except for 2 tracks." ***
 fm kbfh77476   ***
 kbfh fm tamarkin113808   ***
 kbfh fm tamarkin113809    
xx/xx/77Road Trips - Volume 1 Number 2
 Road Trips$A   
10/7/77University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
 pset2 sbd kiefe fiske sbefixed1191   ***
 sbd set2 miller79020   ***
 sbd set2 miller80753 in comparison on the wheel, 1191 and 80753 sound similar but 80753 has a lot of flaws not on that; so need 80753 for the first part and 1191 for the end; as noted 79020 has more flaws than 80753drops d3t1 2:56, 4:07, d3t5 0:33; has a lot of digipops such as d2t2 0:01, d2t3 8:47, 8:58 plus many many more***
10/9/77McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, CO
 sbd unknown3918   ***
 sbd clugston6954   ***
 sbd miller88961   ***
 sbd miller109972B+in comparison on dire wolf, 109972, 3918, and 6954 sounded similar; 109972 had less digital flaws than those; some of this is A- ***
10/11/77Lloyd Noble Center, Norman, OK
 sbd orf279  drops between many tracks***
 sbd bettyborad19239   ***
 sbd cotsman19290  drops between many tracks***
 sbd clemens32796   ***
 sbd miller87514Ain comparison on dire wolf, 87514, 32796, 19290, and 279 sounded sort of similar; 87514 has least digital flaws ***
10/12/77Manor Downs, Austin, TX
 sbd cotsman19291A-in comparison on black peter, 19291 has a clearer more upfront fuller sound than 121616 ***
 set2 aud miller121616   ***
 set2 aud miller121618    
10/14/77Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX
 sbd gorinsky6693   ***
 sbd gorinsky tetzeli fix34260   ***
 sbd miller110400   ***
 sbd fixed miller110419A-in comparison on loser, 110419 has a fuller warmer sound than 6693this has some digital drops but the only ones in the music I could hear are at d3t5 1:32, d3t7 0:55***
10/15/77Moody Coliseum, S.M.U, Dallas, TX
 sbd cotsman19154B+  ***
10/16/77Assembly Center, Lousiana State U, Baton Rouge, LA
 sbd lai3350A-in comparison on loser, 86712 has an incomplete warmer more distant sound with more hiss and crowd noise than 3350; 86712 is a very good aud for this period and has full sound ***
 aud freezer86712B+  ***
10/28/77Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS
 sbd munder8520   ***
 sbd miller96159A-in comparison on stella blue, 8520 has a warmer sound than 96159 wiht similar fullness but 8520 does not have the patches on 96159; the mtx 101196 and aud 96569 are more distant and echoey than the sbdsdigipops d1t7 2:11, d3t5 7:12, d3t6 1:54***
 sonyecm990 minches96569   ***
 mtx tobin101196   ***
10/29/77Field House, Northern Illinois U, De Kalb, IL
 sbd kempa280   ***
 maizner vernon8035  drops between many tracks***
 sbd cribbs28613   ***
 sbd miller92085Ain comparison on dire wolf, sbd 280 has the warmest sound but is missing patches and a lot of between song crowd and tunings; 28613 has more bass than 92085; the auds and mtx 98032 is more distant and less clear than the sbds; aud 8035 is warmer and clearer than aud 108010 which is echoier ***
 mtx hansokolow98032   ***
 ecm990 maizner miller108010   ***
10/30/77Assembly Hall, Ind, Bloomington, IN
 sbd nawrocki14946 this is lossy as if from mini-disk ***
 sbd miller99765   ***
 sbd miller99838Ain comparison on candyman, 14946 has more hiss than 99838; auds are much more echoey with 100165 having a little fuller sound than 99939drop d2t6 1:54***
 aud berger99939   ***
 sonyecm990 maizner minches100165   ***
11/1/77Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI
 sbd jeffm2485   ***
 sbd miller82574Ain comparison on dire wolf, 82574 has a warmer sound than 2485 ***
11/2/77Field House, Seneca College, Toronto, ON
 sbd samaritano14743Ain comparison on candyman, sbd 14743 has fullest clearest sound, for the mtxs, 86546 sounded weird and less full than 86233; the aud was murky ***
 aud zimmerman minches81012   ***
 mtx chappell sb2386233   ***
 mtx sirmick86546   ***
11/4/77Cotterrell Gym, Colgate U, Hamilton, NY
 sbd unknown2595A- brief level fluctuation d1t2 0:34; bonus track is shnid=2595; drops between many tracks***
 sbd braverman3739 3739 has same md5 on all tracks as 2595 except d3t6 to d3t11 which are the filler and has a new longer patched d2t1 along with the original onedrop d1t05 3:54, d1t06 1:13, d1t07 1:40, d1t08 0:35, d2t06 1:16, 7:32, d3t02 0:37, d3t03 7:32; square wav static d1t02 3:42, d1t03 0:22, d3t03 3:18; d1t02 3:42***
 moore jupile weiner15208   ***
 mtx chappell sb529091   ***
 aud zimmerman minches81110   ***
 master reel sbd  this has similar wav and spectral view and sound to 2595 except levels are a little lower; was unable to get a good eac on d2t7 and d2t8 but did not hear them significantly but should be patched over with 3739 to be safe and sure; 3739 has more severe digital flawseac suspicious position d2t7 2:31 to 3:37, d2t8 0:03 to 0:07, 0:09 to 0:020, 0:22 to 0:33, 0:35 to 0:44 but these did not show up as flaws; drop/square wav static d1t03 0:05, missing some of jones gang intro; 
11/5/77Community War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY
 aud clugston alternate3293   ***
 sbd clugston6934   ***
 moore cribbs16757   ***
 aud zimmerman minches81180   ***
 Dick's Picks$A  ***
11/6/77Broome County Arena, Binghamton, NY
 sbd nawrocki283A122296 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 283; they have different digital flaws with 122296 having more; in comparison on friend of the devil, mtx 92273 and aud 16758 are more muffled and echoey than sbd 283discontinuity pop d3t2 0:00, static d2t3 0:04***
 moore cribbs16758   ***
 mtx seamons92273   ***
 sbd122296  drop and discontinuity pop d1t4 1:48; static d2t1 0:35, d2t3 0:04***
12/27/77Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd redbeard2989   ***
 sbd cotsman19288Ain comparison on dire wolf, 19288 and 2989 sounded similar while bertha was warmer and fuller with more bass but also more distant and echoey; 19288 has patches missing from 2989; sbd portion rates A and aud portion rates B ***
 sbd ashley bertha24069   ***
12/29/77Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 dp10outtakes backus18675A-in comparison on It Must Have Been The Roses, 20370 has a warmer but more muffled sound with more hiss than 18675; aud 92374 and 108432 ***
 sbd cousinit20370   ***
 aud92374   ***
 holwein audience jfishman108432   ***
 Dick's Picks$A  ***
12/30/77Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd dp leftovers20009   ***
 sbd cribbs30624Ain comparison on dire wolf, 30624 has a fuller warmer clearer sound than 20009; aud 112745 is more muffled ***
 gems taback partial112745   ***
12/31/77Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 sbd purvis286A has spectral fuzz band at 20k; drop/cut between cdrs, d2t4 0:37; digi-pop d1t5 1:17 plus several more***
 sbd heath20596Ain 3-way comparison on loser, 20596 and 286 sounded similar but 286 had more digital flaws; wgv stream was mono, harsher, and less full soundsmall digipop d2t2 1:03***
 sbd purvis tetzeli fix35291 35291 checkums match to 286 for all tracks through d2t5 but differ afterward; has spectral fuzz band at 20k;digi-pop d1t5 1:17 plus several more***