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xx/xx/80Arista Years
 arista years;, initial release : october 1996, arista 18934-2, double cd compilation of tracks taken from the eight grateful dead albums released on the arista label between 1977 and 1990., buy from, tracks, the tracks are presented on the cd grouped by source album., disc 1, terrapin station, estimated prophet (weir/barlow), passenger (lesh/monk), samson and delilah (weir), terrapin station:, - lady with a fan (garcia/hunter), - terrapin station (garcia/hunter), - terrapin (garcia/hunter), - terrapin transit (hart/kreutzmann), - at a siding (hart/hunter), - terrapin flyer (hart/kreutzmann), - refrain (garcia), shakedown street, good lovin' (resnick/clark), shakedown street (garcia/hunter), fire on the mountain (hart/hunter), i need a miracle (weir/barlow), go to heaven, alabama getaway (garcia/hunter), far from me (mydland), saint of circumstance (weir/barlow), reckoning, dire wolf (garcia/hunter), cassidy (weir/barlow), dead set, feel like a stranger (weir/barlow), franklin's tower (garcia/kreutzmann/hunter), disc 2, in the dark, touch of grey (garcia / hunter), hell in a bucket (weir / barlow / mydland), west l.a. fadeaway (garcia / hunter), throwing stones (weir / barlow), black muddy river (garcia / hunter), built to last, foolish heart (garcia/hunter), built to last (garcia/hunter), just a little light (mydland/barlow), picasso moon (weir/barlow/bralove), standing on the moon (garcia/hunter), without a net, eyes of the world (hunter/garcia)$    
xx/xx/80Postcards Of The Hanging
 postcards of the hanging;, initial release : march 2002, arista 14069 / grateful dead records 4069, a collection of live tracks of the grateful dead performing dylan songs. the majority of songs are from the 1980s. also includes one track from 1973 and one with bob dylan from 1987. the initial release of this cd included a second cd with two additional tracks., buy from, tracks, when i paint my masterpiece (dylan), she belongs to me (dylan), just like tom thumb's blues (dylan), maggie's farm (dylan), stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again (dylan), it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry (dylan), ballad of a thin man (dylan), desolation row (dylan), all along the watchtower (dylan), it's all over now, baby blue (dylan), man of peace (dylan), studio talk (hidden track), the first release of this cd included a second cd with bonus tracks;, queen jane approximately (dylan), the mighty quinn (quinn the eskimo) (dylan)$   ***
1/13/80Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA
 sbd popi6145  aquarw wav statiic and drops d2t1 5:17***
 sbd miller106517Ain comparison on tennessee jed, 106517 and 6145 sound similar but 6145 has the digital flaws; 110680 has a warmer sound than those so preferred it, but need 106517 for beginning of show plus the end of playing in the band so it is difficult to piece together into full show; they all have static at 2:2x on tennessee jed ***
 bear gems110680A  ***
3/30/80Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 glassberg barbella4740   ***
 sbd miller27752   ***
 sbd miller92666   ***
 fob glassberg motb 008296014   ***
 fob glassberg motb 008296015    
 mtx motb96455A-in comparison on peggio, sbd 92666 has the upfront sound but lacks some fullness and warmth, aud 4740 is tinner than 96014; 96014 has the warmest sound and most bass but is distance; mtx 96455 seems to balance the two with a warmer fuller sound than sbd 92666 and not as distant as aud 96014; some may prefer the sbd for clearer more upfront vocals ***
3/31/80Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 senn barbella4741A-this has some cuts as indicated plus a briefly upset audience member, and an analog drop/pop d1t5 1:05 and some levels that go way too high and then go too low ***
4/1/80Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 glassberg barbella4742   ***
 sbd willy9670   ***
 sbd miller12386   ***
 sbd bertha ashley26178Ain comparison on candyman, for sbds 26178 has the fulest sound with more bass, next is 12386, and then 9670; sbd is more upfront than auds and mtx which have more echo; for auds 96452 has a warmer fuller sound than 4742 ***
 fob glassberg motb 007696452   ***
 fob glassberg motb 007696453    
 mtx motb96454   ***
4/5/80NBC Studios, New York, NY
 aud wise minches119040B  ***
4/28/80Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham, AL
 fob nak700 non dank3402   ***
 fob nak700 dank4993 4993 matches st5 to 3402 except on d1t10, d2t1, and d2t10  
 fob glassberg motb 004088858   ***
 fob glassberg motb 004088906    
 fob sonyecm990 morris99886   ***
 naks mason , mason b taylor was a taper128382B+n comparison on tennessee jed, 128382 has the warmer fuller sound than 3402, 99886, and 88858 ***
4/29/80Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
 nak700 glassburg lutch3403   ***
 glassberg lutch5455 5455 matches st5 to 3403 except for d1t1  
 fob glassberg motb 004188772   ***
 fob glassberg motb 004188864    
 sonyecm250 walker scotton miller88872   ***
 sonyecm990 morris99887   ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128627B+in comparison on friend of the devil, 128627 and 88872 have the fullest sound with 128627 having warmer sound than 88872 which may be an alternative for some; 88772, 99887, and 3403 have less full sound than those ***
5/xx/80"King Biscuit Flour Hour", Nassau Coliseum, May 14-16, 1980
 thru 05 16 fm kbfh34685 reported to be 5/15 and 5/16; this is lesser quality than the sbds from those dates and the glassberg aud ***
5/1/80Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC
 aud unknown3418   ***
 glassberg lutch5917 5917 matches st5 to 3418 except for d1t12  
 fob glassberg motb 008496313B+in comparison on candyman, 96313 has the fullest sound; 128684 is next fullest and warmer but bassier and more suppressed; 99951 and 3418 have less full sound than those ***
 fob glassberg motb 008496316    
 aud morris99951   ***
 aud morris106612    
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128684   ***
5/2/80Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
 hance wise3202    
 sonyecm250 walker scotton miller88873   ***
 fob glassberg motb 008596450   ***
 fob glassberg motb 008596451    
 fob beyer morris99952   ***
 aud morris106613    
 beyer morris cleanup111142    
 hampton stankiewicz , 24bit/96khz file set128515B+in comparison on candyman, 3202 is tinnier than the others; 128686 is more suppressed than the others; the rest have full sound with 128515 warmest, 111142 has most hiss, 88873 has most echo and then 96450; 96450 would be second choice  
 naks masom , "mason b taylor was a taper128686   ***
5/4/80Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD
 naks munder11768   ***
 aud glassberg motb 003796584  this is flawed version - this has Franklins and Fire switched***
 nak700 glassberg96585    
 nak700 glassberg motb fix 9658496910 in comparison on Mississippi Half-Step, 11768 and 118912 are harsh and 118912 is also narrow; 106081 is distant with most hiss; 128688 is warmest but has some echo and is more distant than 96910 ***
 nak700 glassberg motb fix 9658596925    
 nak morris99953   ***
 aud morris106081   ***
 aud morris106622    
 aud morris106622 Not Reviewed Yet   
 akg1000 wise minches118912    
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128688   ***
5/6/80Rec Hall, Penn State U, State College, PA
 unknown popi5075   ***
 senn kaplan6691   ***
 sonyecm990 morris99954   ***
 aud morris patch111027   ***
 rtv3n4 miller;, recording info:, sbd -> cassette master -> cd -> flac, transfer info:, flac -> adobe audition v3.0 -> samplitude professional v11.1 -> flac, (2 discs audio / 2 discs flac), all transfers and mastering by charlie miller,, september 21, 2010, patch info:, (fob) sennheiser 421 -> cassette master -> dat -> cd (shnid=6691) supplies:, alabama getaway, greatest story ever told, far from me and brokedown palace, notes:, -- disc change is seamless, -- this is a fix of my remaster of road trips v3.4 (last version had skips), -- thanks to joe b. jones for his help with the pitch correction, set 1:, d1t01 - alabama getaway ->, d1t02 - greatest story ever told, d1t03 - peggy-o, d1t04 - me and my uncle ->, d1t05 - big river, d1t06 - loser, d1t07 - far from me, d1t08 - lazy lightnin' ->, d1t09 - supplication, d1t10 - althea, d1t11 - lost sailor ->, d1t12 - saint of circumstance, set 2:, d1t13 - take a step back ->, d1t14 - china cat sunflower ->, d1t15 - i know you rider, d2t01 - feel like a stranger ->, d2t02 - he's gone ->, d2t03 - the other one ->, d2t04 - drums ->, d2t05 - space ->, d2t06 - wharf rat ->, d2t07 - around and around ->, d2t08 - johnny b. goode, encore:, d2t09 - brokedown palace$A-in comparison on peggio, rtv3n4 miller sounds same as rtv3n4 and is a clearer sound than the auds; for the auds 6691 has the best sound with 128608 more distant and echoey than 6691, 111027 is more narrow than 6691; 5075 is warmer and bassier but more suppressed and muffled with more hiss but some may like it better as the other auds may be too harsh ***
 rtv3n4;, road trips vol. 3 no. 4, road trips vol. 3 no. 4, $23.98, road trips, vol. 3, no. 4 combines two back-to-back college shows in a 3-cd set. the dead performed dynamic versions of a number of favorites on may 6, 1980, at penn state and may 7, 1980, at cornell university. every instrument has its place in the wide stereo spread of these two performances., this release does not contain a bonus disc., disc 1: penn state (5/6/80) and cornell (5/7/80), 1. jack straw, 2. peggy-o, 3. me and my uncle, 4. big river, 5. loser, 6. cassidy, 7. row jimmy, 8. lazy lightning, 9. supplication, 10. althea, 11. lost sailor, 12. saint of circumstance, disc 2: penn state 5/6/80, 1. china cat sunflower, 2. i know you rider, 3. feel like a stranger>, 4. he's gone, 5. the other one, 6. rhythm devils, 7. space, 8. wharf rat, 9. around and around, 10. johnny b. goode, disc 3: cornell 5/7/80, 1. shakedoown street, 2. bertha, 3. playing in the band, 4. terrapin station, 5. rhythm devils, 6. space, 7. saint of circumstance, 8. black peter, 9. playing in the band, 10. good lovin'$A-  ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128608   ***
5/7/80Barton Hall, Ithaca, NY
 naks clugston3294    
 sbd miller26349   ***
 fob sonyecm999 morris100242   ***
 nak700 wise minches118940    
 rtv3n4 miller;, recording info:, sbd -> cassette master -> cd -> flac, transfer info:, flac -> adobe audition v3.0 -> samplitude professional v11.1 -> flac, (2 discs audio / 2 discs flac), all transfers and mastering by charlie miller,, september 21, 2010, patch info:, sbd -> cassette master -> reel -> dat -> cd (shnid=26349) supplies:, tennessee jed, el paso, take a step back, easy to love you, althea, feel like a stranger, don't ease me in and alabama getaway, notes:, -- encore moved to end of set 1 to fit show onto 2 discs, -- encore can be rejoined with set 2 seamlessly, -- this is a fix of my remaster of road trips v3.4 (last version had skips), -- thanks to joe b. jones for his help with the pitch correction, set 1:, d1t01 - jack straw, d1t02 - take a step back, d1t03 - tennessee jed, d1t04 - cassidy, d1t05 - row jimmy ->, d1t06 - el paso, d1t07 - take a step back, d1t08 - easy to love you, d1t09 - althea, d1t10 - feel like a stranger, d1t11 - don't ease me in, set 2:, d2t01 - shakedown street ->, d2t02 - bertha ->, d2t03 - playing in the band ->, d2t04 - terrapin station ->, d2t05 - drums ->, d2t06 - space ->, d2t07 - saint of circumstance ->, d2t08 - black peter ->, d2t09 - playing in the band ->, d2t10 - good lovin', encore:, d1t12 - alabama getaway$A-in comparison on jack straw, for sbd rtv3n4 miller has a fuller less harsh with less hiss than 26349; sbds are moreupfront than the auds; for auds 3294 has the best sound; 100242, 118940, and 128832 more distant and less clear although warmer in sound; 100242 has more hiss than the others; 118940 is rumbliest ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128832   ***
5/8/80Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY
 wise vernon13189   ***
 sbd carman15034A-9 tracks of 15034 match md5 to 7538; 82434 does not have the patch in supplication and has levels raised so clips some but otherrwise sounds similar except 82434 has slightly less hiss if turn way up in a quiet part; the sbds are more upfront than the auds; for the wise recording 119061 has the warmest sound, then 100401, and then 13189; for the other aud recordings 119061 is the warmest; 120093 sounds the most upfront; 100243 has more hiss than the others ***
 sbd remaster82434   ***
 fob sonyecm999 morris100243   ***
 nak700 wise miller100401   ***
 nak700 wise119061    
 nak700 dyche120093   ***
5/10/80Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT
 aud willy7559    
 rolfe vernon18158   ***
 aud wise83063   ***
 set2 sbd miller91938Athe sbd for set2 91938 has a more upfront sound than the auds; for the auds in comparison on peggio, for the wise recordings, 132518 has the warmest sound, then 100402 which also has pitch correction and patches in second set but has more bass giving it a fuller sound, and then 7559 and 83063 are harsher than those; for the rolfe recordings 98724 has a fuller warmer sound than 18158; friend 107543 is most distant with most crowd noise and echo; morris 100248 has a lot of crowd noise on this song and also seemed distant; rolfe 98724 had a lot of stray clapping on the listening segment; first chose miller wise 100402 for fullness but it was close choice to 132518 and glassberg 110830 and rolfe 98724; but there are some spots of distortion on minglewood that are emphasized more by the tone on the wise recordings so ended up choosing glassberg 110830 for first set  
 nak700 rolfe minches98724   ***
 fob sonyecm999 morris100248   ***
 nak700 wise miller100402   ***
 nak300 friend andrewf107543    
 nak300 friend andrewf107544   ***
 fob nak700 glassberg motb0161110830B+  ***
 fob nak700 glassberg motb0161110832    
 aud nak700 24, cassette audience master132517    
 aud nak700 , cassette audience master132518   ***
5/11/80Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
 aud willy7539    
 sbd terrapinstation12259    
 sbd nawrocki13087 matches md5 to 12259 except on 9 tracks ***
 rolfe pujol vernon19266   ***
 sbd terrapinstation tetzeli fix 12259 reflac33501 has same levels as 12259 ***
 sbd miller89577B+in comparison on loser; sbds 89577 and 12259 sound similar and chose 89577 since it says pitch correction; sbd has a warmer sound than mtx 126880; for the rolfe auds 98929 has a warmer sound than 19266 and the warmest sound of the auds; morris 100250 has the most hiss; friend 107227 has the fullest sound and then glassberg 97522; chose friend 107227 with glassberg 97522 and rolfe 98929 close to it over 19266, 100250, and 7539 ***
 fob glassberg motb 005297522   ***
 fob glassberg motb 005297523    
 nak700 rolfe minches98929   ***
 fob sonyecm990 morris100250   ***
 aud morris106615    
 nak300 friend andrewf107226    
 nak300 friend andrewf107227   ***
 mtx dusborne , 2 source matrix, soundboard126880   ***
5/12/80Boston Garden, Boston, MA
 rolfe weiner5922    
 sbd miller91931   ***
 sbd miller92239A-in comparison on jack straw, sbd 92239 is clearer than mtx 127287 and more upfront than the auds; for the auds rolfe 5922 has fullest most upfrot sound, then friend 107022, and morris 100251 is very distant ***
 sonyecm990 morris100251   ***
 nak300 friend andrewf107021    
 nak300 friend andrewf107022   ***
 mtx sirmick , matrix 70% sbd/30% aud127287   ***
5/14/80Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
 sbd clugston3295A-in comparison on candyman, sbd 3295 is clearer than mtx 126608 and more upfront than the auds; for the auds morris is most distant; glassberg 111136 and wise 125962 are closer to each other with wise 125962 a little warmerthis is from a lossy source such as a mini-disk***
 aud morris111028   ***
 aud glassberg motb 0163111136   ***
 naks wise minches 2496, recording by jim125962    
 mtx dusborne, 2 source matrix, soundboard126608   ***
 sbd nixon clugston , source info:, master141890 Not Reviewed Yet   
5/15/80Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
 aud schlissel12790   ***
 aud long34721   ***
 sbd cantor miller93426Ain comparison on peggio, go to nausau has the fullest sound with more bass than 93426 but 93426 is a little warmer and better balanced in tone; mtx 126692 is noiser and harsher than the sbds; sbds are more upfront than the auds; for the auds 34721 has the fullest sound and most hiss; glassberg 103182 is slose and next fullest, and then wise 126082 which is warmest; for aud would choose glassberg 103182 ***
 fob glassberg motb 0097103182   ***
 fob glassberg motb 0097103183    
 go to nassau;, initial release : october 2002, arista, two cd set of music from the two may 1980 shows at nassau veterans memorial coliseum., buy from, tracks, disc 1, jack straw (weir / hunter), franklin's tower (garcia / hunter / kreutzmann), new minglewood blues (traditional arr. weir), high time (garcia / hunter), lazy lightnin' (weir / barlow), supplication (weir / barlow), peggy-o (traditional), far from me (mydland), looks like rain (weir / barlow), china cat sunflower (garcia / hunter), i know you rider (traditional), disc 2, feel like a stranger (weir / barlow), althea (garcia / hunter), lost sailor (weir / barlow), saint of circumstance (weir / barlow), alabama getaway (garcia / hunter), playing in the band (weir / hunter), uncle john's band (garcia / hunter), drums (hart / kreutzmann), space (grateful dead), not fade away (petty / holly), goin' down the road feeling bad (traditional arr. grateful dead), good lovin' (resnick / clark), musicians, jerry garcia - lead guitar, vocals, mickey hart - drums, bill kreutzmann - drums, phil lesh - electric bass, brent mydland - keyboards, vocals, bob weir - rhythm guitar, vocals, credits, mixing - jeffrey norman, compliation producer - david lemieux, album coordination - cassidy law, archival research - eileen law/grateful dead archives, assistant engineer - rudson shurtliff, package design - amy finkle, photography: front and back cover - robert minkin, photography: booklet and inside tray - jim anderson, recorded live at the nassau coliseum, uniondale, ny on may 15 and 16 1980$   ***
 ecm280 wise minches 2496, recording by jim126082    
 mtx dusborne, 2 source matrix, soundboard126692   ***
 16 fm kbfh beckwith smith miller clugston144274 Not Reviewed Yet   
 16 fm kbfh beckwith smith miller clugston144275 Not Reviewed Yet   
5/16/80Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
 sbd clugston7472B+in comparison on row jimmy, sbd 7472 has a warmer fuller clearer sound than mtx 126718; sbd has more upfront sound than auds; in comparison on brokedown palace, glassberg 111170 has the fullest sound, then cousinit 100160, and then wise 126104 and moskal 107187 are much more narrow; glassberg 111170 has a fuller warmer sound than kbfh 34685; so chose sbd 7472 for main part of show and glassberg 111170 for missing end of show ***
 sbd clugston hempel89473   ***
 nak300 cousinit100160   ***
 sonyecm moskal mandel107187   ***
 fob glassberg motb 0164111170B+  ***
 ecm280 wise minches 2496, recording by jim126104    
 mtx dusborne, 2 source matrix, soundboard126718   ***
5/29/80Des Moines Civic Center, Des Moines, IA
 aud vernon14836B  ***
 pset1 set2 nak300 braveman25993B+in comparison on ship of fools, 25993 has a fuller warmer sound with less hiss than 14836; so need 14836 for beginning of show and end of us blues and 25993 for rest of show ***
5/30/80Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI
 aud vernon14837   ***
 set2 sbd miller91932   ***
 sbd miller92217B+in comparison on friend of the devil, sbd 92217 has a more upfront sound than the auds; auds 14837 and 128381 are similar quality both suppressed with 14837 most suppressed; first set rates B+ and second set Astatic d2t7 1:39***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128381B+  ***
5/31/80Metropolitan Sports Center, Bloomington, MN
 aud munder11927B+  ***
 set2 sbd miller91763 in comparison on ship of fools sbd 91763 has a more upfront sound than 11927 ***
6/5/80Compton Terrace Amphitheatre, Tempe, AZ
 senn421 jeffm4663   ***
 fob sonyecm990 morris100252B+in comparison on they love each other, 100252 has a fuller more natural sound with more hiss than 4663 which is warmer ***
 aud morris106616    
 s2sbd24 24, recording info:, sbd >141714 Not Reviewed Yet   
 s2 sbd cm miller, recording info:, sbd >141902 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/7/80Folsom Field, U. of Colorado, Boulder, CO
 aud munder11533   ***
 aud sirmick31348   ***
 sonyecm250 walker scotton miller88451B+in comparison on loser, 31348 has the narrowest tinniest sound; 11533 sounds most distant and nuddy; for the rest 96567 is warmest and most suppresed; then 128414 is next warmest and next suppressed when compared to 88451; 88451 has a fuller more upfront sound than 100253 which has more hiss ***
 nak700 severson minches96567   ***
 sonyecm990 morris100253   ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128414   ***
 1st set aud sterry beckwith miller clugston142841 Not Reviewed Yet   
 1st set aud sterry beckwith miller clugston142842 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144747 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144748 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/8/80Folsom Field, U. of Colorado, Boulder, CO
 eaton tome7193B+in comparison on uncle johns band, 128415 had less natural and less full sound as the others; the following 4 had similar sound quality; 100260 was less upfront than 7193; 7193 has warmer and more upfront sound; 88452 and 7563 were harsher than the others; some of 7193 is only B sound quality while other parts get to B+ ***
 senn421 clugston7563    
 sonyecm250 walker scotton miller88452   ***
 sonyecm990 morris100260   ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128415   ***
 2nd set aud sterry beckwith miller clugston142843 Not Reviewed Yet   
 2nd set aud sterry beckwith miller clugston142844 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144749 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144750 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/12/80Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR
 set2 akgse5 clugston7007A-in comparison on black peter all 4 sounded at least a B+, 7007 has the most upfront sound, then 104967, and then 11361, and then 100261; 100261 was full and warm but suppressed; 104967 was second fullest and chosen for first part of show ***
 aud willy11361   ***
 sonyecm990 morris100261   ***
 fob menke motb 0108104967B+  ***
 sbd24 24, recording info:, sbd > cassette141798 Not Reviewed Yet   
 portland or sbd cassette master new , this141805 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/13/80Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA
 akg clugston7196   ***
 aud severson minches91220A-in comparison on sugaree, 7196 has narrowest sound; 100259 is more distant than 91220; 91220 has a few spots of wind noise ***
 fob sonyecm990 morris100259   ***
 fob nak700 severson miller clugston 48144767 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fob nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144768 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/14/80Spokane Coliseum, Spokane, WA
 akg clugston7198   ***
 aud severson minches91362   ***
 fob sonyecm990 morris100258   ***
 fob menke motb 0030105537B+in comparison on sugaree, 105537 has the most upfront and fullest sound; next best is 100258; 7198 was harshest and tinniest; 91362 was warm but suppressed;  ***
 aud morris106617    
 fob nak700 severson miller clugston 48144771 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fob nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144772 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/19/80West High Auditorium, Anchorage, AK
 sbd munder10056   ***
 sbd miller80127   ***
 sbd miller80631   ***
 nak700 severson minches89125   ***
 sbd miller 113301113300Ain comparison on they love each other, sbds 113300, 80631, and 80127 sound similar and have a fuller warmer sound than 10056; aud 89125 is more distant; 113300 has the pitch correction ***
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144904 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144905 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/20/80West High Auditorium, Anchorage, AK
 sbd hicks1474   ***
 sbd donahue13532  shnid=17268 is sbe fixed version***
 akg claridge healy vernon20205   ***
 sbd miller bertha25468   ***
 sbd miller25469   ***
 sbd bertha tetzeli fix 25468 reflac73846   ***
 nak700 severson minches89188   ***
 mtx seamons92783   ***
 sbd miller113301Ain comparison on friend of the devil, for sbds 113301 sound similar to 25469 but 113301 has the pitch correction; 25469 and 73846 have less warm sound than 113301; 13532 is tinnier; 1474 is more muffled; mtx is tinnier than sbd 113301; auds 89188 and 20205 are much more distant sounding than the sbds with 89188 having awarmer sound than 20205 ***
 fob nak700 severson miller clugston 48144906 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fob nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144907 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/21/80West High Auditorium, Anchorage, AK
 sbd wise321    
 akg vernon23531   ***
 sbd samaritano27448   ***
 sbd bertha ashley27590   ***
 mtx dan28470   ***
 mtx dan28475    
 sbd clugston tetzeli fix 8639 reflac74407   ***
 nak700 severson minches89214   ***
 mtx seamons112150   ***
 sbd miller113302Ain comparison on sugaree, sbd 113302 and 27448 sound similar with 113302 having pitch correction and sounded alittle better; bertha 27590 has strong bass than 113302 which some may prefer; 321 and 74407 sound similar and have less full sound than 113302; sbd 113302 is clearer and more upfront than mtxs; mtx 28470 has more bass than mtx 112150; sbds and mtxs are more upfront than auds with 89214 having warmer sound than 23531 ***
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144908 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144909 Not Reviewed Yet   
6/29/80Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
 set2 sbd munder10057   ***
 set1 sbd16438Bfor set1, in comparison in loser, 16438 is narrower and more muffled than 128523 but that has a background crowd roar that the music gets lost in; in comparison on deal, the background crowd roar is not as strong on 128523; 128523 is missing more at the beginning of show; for set2 in comparison on donít ease me in, sbd 10057 is narrow and muffled, aud 29917 is harsh while 88976 and 128523 are similar in fullness and warmth but suppressed but still better than 29917; there is no clear choice but either could choose both sbds 16438 and 10057 and using either aud 88976 and 128523 to fill in missing parts of set2, or choose 128523 filling in missed beginning with 16438; I chose the latter ***
 aud set2 unknown29917   ***
 set2 md421 mase french88976   ***
 set2 md421 mase french88977    
 naks mason , recorded by mason taylor set128523B  ***
7/1/80San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
 sbd cole9361B+in comparison on jack straw, 9361 has a warmer sound with less hiss than 125844; sound quality varies ***
 sbd mason , source: sbd > ? > dat, however125844   ***
 aud , s1t01 jack straw >, s1t02 franklin's136754 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd moore berger , source: sbd, jerry139308 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd moore berger 24, source: sbd, jerry139309 Not Reviewed Yet   
8/16/80Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL
 aud vernon14044   ***
 fob walker lemieux20137   ***
 sonyecm250 walker scotton miller88959B+in comparison on they love each other, 14044 was harshest, 128616 was warmest but suppressed; 20137 is warmer than 88959 but does not seem as full and you can hear a much wider crowd on 88959 than on 20137 so could choose either of thosepa like static around 1:15 in deal (also on 20137)***
 naks mason partial , "mason b taylor was a128616   ***
8/17/80Kansas City Municipal Auditorium Arena, Kansas City, MO
 aud munder12107   ***
 sbd miller93037Ain comparison on sugaree 93037 has a more upfront fuller sound than 12107 ***
8/19/80Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL
 naks munder8739    
 sbd unknown28043   ***
 sbd miller88172Ain comparison on comes a time 8739 had a little more hiss and in spectral view a dirtier looking transfer than 88172; in comparison on dire wolf, sbd 88172 has more upfront sound than auds; for auds 131445 has fullest most upfront sound, then 8739 and then 127497 ***
 s1 stankiewicz 24, 24bit/96khz file set127497    
 naks mason partial , mason b taylor was a131445   ***
 record store milk crate tapes , set two140366 Not Reviewed Yet   
8/20/80Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL
 naks munder8740B  ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128619B+in comparison on loser, 128619 has a fuller more natural sound with a little more hiss than 8740; need 8740 for missing parts such as beginning of show and encore ***
 set two milk crate , set two, "the record140367 Not Reviewed Yet   
8/21/80Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL
 sbd munder7913   ***
 sbd miller99034A-in comparison on high time, sbd 99034 and 7913 sound similar with 99034 less flawed; sbd is more upfront than auds; auds are similar with 126369 slightly fuller than 128623 ***
 akg beyer stankiewicz 2496, 24bit/96khz126368    
 akg beyer stankiewicz , 16bit/44 1khz126369   ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128623   ***
8/23/80Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
 aud gillis11928   ***
 aud miller89130Bin comparison on candyman, 89130 is fuller but noiser and boomeir than 11928 which is more muffled so could choose either since similar in quality and some prefer 11928 nit chose 89130 for fullness ***
8/24/80Grand Center, Grand Rapids, MI
 naks eaton jim10531   ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128391A-in cmparison on peggio, 128391 has a fuller sound than 10531 ***
8/26/80Cleveland Public Hall, Cleveland, OH
 sbd hinko13815B+in comparison on loser; sbd 13815 has fuller more upfont sound than auds; for auds 82166 has more hiss than the others and is a little less full than 106342; 106342 is harshest and tinniest; most of this is A- quality but sometmies the vocal start to get over recorded ***
 aud barnhama minches82166   ***
 nak300 millner106342   ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128614   ***
8/27/80Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston, MI
 aud munder12160   ***
 sbd miller92385   ***
 sbd miller , recording info:, sbd > master123988B+in comparison on they love each other, sbd 123988 has much fuller upfront sound than aud 12160; most of this is A- quality but sometmies the vocal start to get over recorded ***
8/29/80The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
 sbd aud munder10033   ***
 sbd miller91694A-in comparison on candyman, sbd 91694 has a fuller more upfront sound than auds; aud 10033 has a little fuller sound than 100390 which is a little fuller than 102013; in comparison on wharf rat 102013 has warmest sound, then 100390, and then 123588 ***
 senn421 wise miller100390   ***
 nak300 morris102013   ***
 unknown aud set2 , second set, 01 greatest123588   ***
8/30/80The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
 set2 sbd munder8775   ***
 set1 sbd munder15408   ***
 wise vernon16039   ***
 sbd munder tetzeli fix 8875 15408 reflac34939   ***
 senn421 wise miller100392   ***
 nak300 morris102015   ***
 sbd fishman fix 34939107394   ***
 sbd miller110152B+in comparison on peggio, sbds 110152, 107394, 15408, and 34939 sound similar; 127431 is harsher and fuller than those and makes them sound suppressed so choose it for 1st set;; in comparison on Black Peter, 110152, 107394, 34939, and 8775 sound similar; all of set2 sbds have some discontinuity pops; the sbds are more upfront and fuller sound than the auds; for the auds 102015 has the warmest sound, then 100392, and then 16039; the sound on 110152 rates B+ for first set and A- for second set ***
 s1 sbd pasternak , 1st set, s1t01 feel like127431A-  ***
8/31/80Capital Centre, Landover, MD
 senn421 wise popi7456  light static d1t7 4:01***
 aud braverman8824 7456 and 8824 are same recording with same levels; 7456 has more digitalflaws than 8824 although they were not heard; 8824 is missing brokedown palace; 8824 has more between song crowd than 7456; 26353 matches to 8824 for the first setlight static d1t7 4:01***
 set1 senn set2 sbd miller26353B+in comparison on stella blue, sbd 26353 has a clearer more upfront sound than the auds; in comparison on they love each other, 34418 has the clearest sound; 26353 has the fullest warmest sound; 128509 is also full but has more echo and is less clear; 101718 is hardest to hear; audience rates B+ and sbd rates A-light static d1t7 4:01***
 aud cohen34418   ***
 nak300 morris101718   ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128509   ***
 aud sbd , recording info:, set 1:139642 Not Reviewed Yet   
 aud sterry beckwith miller clugston 2496142992 Not Reviewed Yet   
 aud sterry beckwith miller clugston 48142993 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fob nak700 cohen miller clugston 48, this144288 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fob nak700 cohen miller clugston 2496144289 Not Reviewed Yet   
9/2/80Community War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY
 aud unknown26094   ***
 aud skankweed26458   ***
 sbd miller28299   ***
 sbd miller tetzeli patch 28299 reflac34940B34940 is same as 28299 except 34940 has a few seconds of patch in drums; 34940 also has fade tracks to watch out for; in comparison on sugaree the sbd is most muffled and then the mtx 110785 and 34940 are more muffled than the auds; for the auds 128438 has the warmest fullest sound, then 102775, then 26458, and then 26094; in comparison on morning dew 34940 is most upfront and then mtx 110785, and then the auds; so chose aud 128438 for first 2cds and then 34940 (or 28299); if 128438 is too harsh then can choose mtx 110785 although not as full, it is warmer; CD3 on 34940 rates an A ***
 nak300 friend andrewf102775    
 nak300 friend andrewf102776   ***
 mtx sirmick110785   ***
 s2 beyer stankiewicz 2496, 2nd set127273    
 s2 beyer stankiewicz , 2nd set127274   ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128438A-  ***
9/3/80Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA
 aud cribbs12576   ***
 aud bass16925 16925 has same wav and spectral view and levels as 12576; 16925 has an extra 10 seconds of drums ***
 fob nak300 morris102016   ***
 fob nak300 friend andrewf103168    
 fob nak300 friend andrewf103169   ***
 aud morris106618    
 download series vol 7;, download series vol. 7 came about while working on the new "dead ahead" dvd. we found, ourselves immersed in 1980, one of the grateful dead's most under-appreciated years., although some of the many great shows of the year are missing from the vault (including, the bookends of download vol. 7, 9/2/80 in rochester and 9/6/80 in lewiston), we were, thrilled to find the master soundboard tapes for the entirety of the 9/3 show from, springfield and the second set of the providence show from 9/4. unfortunately, there's no, sign of the missing first set from 9/4., the music on download vol. 7 is typical of 1980: precise, inspired, energetic and downright, outrageous at times. from the opening "mississippi half-step>franklin's tower" combo (finally, seeing its first live release) to the closing "u.s. blues," these three cds worth of music, contain everything you could ask for from 1980: tender garcia ballads masterfully played, ("althea," "candyman," high time," "he's gone," "black peter," "brokedown palace" and, "wharf rat,"), the new songs from go to heaven ("easy to love you," "feel like a stranger", and "lost sailor>saint of circumstance") and a whole pile of classic-era grateful dead, songs, including "let it grow," truckin'," "eyes of the world," "the other one" and "goin', down the road feeling bad.", grateful dead, 9/3/1980, springfield, ma, 9/4/1980, providence, ri, disc one, 9/3/80 springfield, ma, 1 mississippi half-step uptown toodeloo> (garcia, hunter), 2 franklin's tower> (garcia, kreutzmann, hunter), 3 mama tried> (haggard), 4 mexicali blues (weir, barlow), 5 althea> (garcia, hunter), 6 little red rooster (dixon), 7 candyman (garcia, hunter), 8 easy to love you (mydland, barlow), 9 let it grow> (weir, barlow), 10 deal (garcia, hunter), start set 2:, 11 feel like a stranger (weir, barlow), disc two, 1 high time (garcia, hunter), 2 lost sailor> (weir, barlow), 3 saint of circumstance > (weir, barlow), 4 jam > (grateful dead), 5 drums with brent > (hart, kreutzmann, mydland), 6 rhythm devils > (hart, kreutzmann), 7 space > (garcia, lesh, weir), 8 he's gone > (garcia, hunter), 9 truckin' > (garcia, lesh, weir, hunter), 10 black peter > (garcia, hunter), 11 around and around > (berry), 12 johnny b. goode (berry), 13 brokedown palace (garcia, hunter), disc three, 9/4/80 providence, ri (set 2), 1 supplication jam > (weir, barlow), 2 estimated prophet > (weir, barlow), 3 eyes of the world > (garcia, hunter), 4 rhythm devils > (hart, kreutzmann), 5 space > (garcia, lesh, weir), 6 the other one > (weir, kreutzmann), 7 wharf rat > (garcia, hunter), 8 goin' down the road feeling bad > (trad. arr. by grateful dead), 9 good lovin' (resnick, clark), 10 us blues (garcia, hunter), grateful dead:, jerry garcia: lead guitar, vocals, mickey hart: drums, bill kreutzmann: drums, phil lesh: electric bass, brent mydland: keyboards, vocals, bob weir: rhythm guitar, vocals, recording by dan healy, mastering by jeffrey norman$Ain comparison on mississippi halfstep,download series vol 7 has much fuller upfront sound than the auds; for the auds 103169 has a fuller warmer sound than 126722, 102016, and 16925 ***
 fob sonyecm280 wise claridge minches 2496126722    
 aud sterry beckwith miller clugston 2496143030 Not Reviewed Yet   
 aud sterry beckwith miller clugston 48143031 Not Reviewed Yet   
9/4/80Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI
 aud munder12270   ***
 set1 sbd17432   ***
 sbd set2 vernon20014   ***
 wise cribbs24829   ***
 fob nak700 rolfe miller93752   ***
 sbd miller95497A-in comparison on wharf rat, 95497 sounds similar to download series vol 7 except download series vol 7 sounds slow; 95497 has a fuller sound than 20014 and mtx 95601; in comparison on peggio 95497 and 17432 sound similar and mtx 17432 has less full sound; sbds have fuller more upfront sound than auds; for auds 101719 and 126719 are more distant sounding; 104936 has least full sound; 12270 which is harshest; 93752 and 24829 are closer to each other; ***
 mtx seamons95601   ***
 nak300 morris101719   ***
 nak300 friend andrewf104936    
 nak300 friend andrewf104937   ***
 aud morris106619    
 fob sonyecm280 wise claridge minches 2496126719    
9/6/80State Fairgrounds, Lewiston, ME
 wise unknown322 the aud portion of 25560 is same recording as 322 with similar sound; the recording does have some spots of clipping which makes Bobs voice harsher; there is a rumbling of wind noise in the background sometimes  
 aud bass16926 in comparison on sugaree 16926 is same recording as 93782 with similar sound but more small digital flaws ***
 set1 sbd samaritano23371   ***
 aud rolfe wise cribbs25471   ***
 sbd_aud miller25560B+in comparison on sugaree, 23371 and 25560 sound similar except 23371 has lower levels; 23371 has louder volume on aud patches; soundboard portion rates A ***
 fob nak700 rolfe miller93782   ***
 fob nak700 rolfe miller93783    
 nak300 friend andrewf101684    
 nak300 friend andrewf101685   ***
 fob nak300 morris102017   ***
 aud morris106620    
 fob hance119726   ***
 commander berger , source: aud cassette126441   ***
 commander berger 24, source: aud cassette126539    
 fob nak700 rolfe wise minches 2496127165B+in comparison on sugaree, the sbd protion of 25560 has a more upfront sound than the auds; for the auds sourced from the rolfe/wise recordings 127165 has the most bass and may be too strong for some; 127165 and 25560 are the warmest and suppressed with 127165 sounding fuller than 25560; the rest seem not to have decoded dolby properly and are harsher with more high end; 322 is harshest and then 93782; rolfe/wise recordings have a fuller sound than the other auds so sugget choosing one of the rolfe/wise recordings; of the others 101685 is the fullest, then 126441, then 119726, and then 106620  
 fob nak700 rolfe wise minches t , set 1136807 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fob nak700 wise miller clugston 2496142971 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fob nak700 wise miller clugston 48, this142972 Not Reviewed Yet   
9/25/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 menke vernon7303   ***
 acoustic sbd hinko18740A-in comparison on rosalie mcfall, 18740 has a fuller more upfront sound than 7303; need 7303 for rest if show ***
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144696 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144697 Not Reviewed Yet   
9/26/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 menke vernon7304   ***
 acoustic sbd hinko18741   ***
 fob nak700 ellner marino gmb89536   ***
 sbd miller118444A-in comparison on To Lay Me Down, sbd 118444 has less hiss than 18741; sbds have fuller more upfront sound than auds 7304 and 89536 ***
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144650 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144651 Not Reviewed Yet   
9/27/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 menke vernon7305   ***
 nakcm700 jeffm7998   ***
 sbd clugston11590A-in comparison on it must have been the roses, for the sbds 11590 is slightly fuller than 96271 and 11590 has the patches; sbds are fuller and more upfront than auds; for the auds 7998 and 7305 sound similar while 89006 is harsher fuller sound; could choose any of the auds for rest of show ***
 nak300 walker scotton miller89006B+  ***
 sbd cantor gmb96271   ***
 s1 aud 2448, first set, s1t01 dire wolf144228 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144698 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144699 Not Reviewed Yet   
 s1 aud, first set, this file set is 16 bit145209 Not Reviewed Yet   
9/29/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 menke vernon12886   ***
 sbd hinko21926B+in comparison on too lay me down, aud 106783 has a warmer fuller less echoey sound than sbd 21926 and is the choise for the acoustic portion and also more complete; aud 106783 has a fuller sound than the other auds; in comparison on candyman, sbd 21926 has a more upfront sound (but sometimes with some distortion) than the auds 12886, 89075, and 106783; if the distortion on 21926, then choose aud 106783 for whole showN***
 nak700 ellner koucky89075B+  ***
 nak300 walker scotton miller106783 acoustic set rates A- ***
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144654 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144655 Not Reviewed Yet   
9/30/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 menke vernon12882   ***
 fob nak700 ellner marino gmb89554   ***
 set1 sbd miller96066   ***
 miller sbd , recording info:, sbd >132375Ain comparison on bird song, sbd 132375 has a warmer sound than 96066; sbd 132375 has a more upfront clearer sound than auds 89554 and 12882; mtx 132779 has a warmer sound than 132375; in comparison on black peter mtx 132779 has is less clear and slower when compared to sbd 132375analog pop d2t1 0:03***
 mtx dusborne, 2 source matrix132779   ***
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144727 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144728 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/xx/80San Francisco, California, Warfield Theatre
 xx sbd gems , selections from october135936 Not Reviewed Yet  ***
10/xx/80Dan Healy rough mixes for Dead Set
 xx dead set healy mix 2448, 01 feel like a144287 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/2/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 set3 sbd jerugim2204   ***
 acoustic sbd wiley8039   ***
 nak300 vernon16154 in spectral view this looks lossy and has noise reduction ***
 nak700 ellner mandell gmb89111 in comparison on peggio, 16154 is more muffled than 89111 ***
 acoustic mtx sirmick92204   ***
 set1 sbd miller96067   ***
 sbd aud miller114364A-in comparison on to lay me down, 96067 has a harsher hissier sound than 114364, mtx 114364 is more echoey than 114364 and has crowd talking; auds 16154 and 89111 are more distant the sbds; so 114364 combines the best ***
 set2 sbd , set two sbd, 1 bertha >, 2138019 Not Reviewed Yet   
 akg24 24, recording info:, akg mics (m/s)140819 Not Reviewed Yet   
 pt akg cm miller, recording info:, akg141014 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/3/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 set1 sbd aj2200Ain comparison on dire wolf, sbd 2200 is clearer than mtx 94131; they are more upfront than the auds; 16208 has a warmer sound than 94131 but otherwise similar in sound quality with 16208 having more music cut out as indicated ***
 nak300 vernon16208A- digipop d1t12 9:05 plus some more***
 nak700 ellner koucky89128   ***
 acoustic mtx seamons94131   ***
 acoustic mtx seamons ht17 , *matrix*146232 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/4/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 set1 sbd willy8778A drops in alabama***
 sbd blanchard14989B+in comparison on it must have been the roses, 14989 has the least full sound and is more muffled; 8778 has a warmer sound than 19147; choose 8778 for first part and 14989 for the rest; some of 14989 rates A- but some parts have some distortion in the vocals ***
 sbd bertha ashley19147   ***
 sbd 2p betty pcm dalton miller clugsto141334 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/6/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 acoustic sbd8779Ain comparison on dire wolf, sbd has more upfront sound than auds; aud 89169 has a warmer fuller sound than 13062 ***
 menke vernon13062   ***
 nak700 ellner koucky89169A-  ***
 sbd 2p betty pcm dalton miller clugsto141335 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144725 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144726 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/xx/80Betty's Favorites From The Warfield -
 sbd stanley blackwood waddell108882A10/7 is 108882, 10/14 is 108883  
10/7/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 menke vernon14046B+  ***
 partial sbd cousinit24664B+in comparison on too lay me down and cold rain and snow, sbd 24664 has a warm suppressed sound with a little hiss and sound gets warbly at times especially on deep ellum; for auds 89189 has a warmer sound than 14046 which sounds fuller and tinny in comparison but is missing some songs; chose sbd 24664 for warmth and then fill in with 89189 for completeness but could choose any as similar sound quality with different strengths and weaknesses; sbd bettys favorites 108882 has best sound but is only a few songs; ***
 nak700 ellner koucky89189   ***
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144738 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144739 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/9/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 sbd unknown11042A static d2t11 5:45***
 sbd partial stephens32402 in comparison on friend of the devil, 32402 has a clearer sound as 11042 has some hiss but need it for most of showpop t4 4:02; has some repeating segments of the show at end of show***
 1p sbd betty pcm dalton miller clugston140924 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd acoustic set betty pcm dalton miller clugston141349 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144734 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144735 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/10/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 menke vernon13989   ***
 acoustic sbd hinko14386Ain comparison on it must have been the roses, 14386 and 73820 sound similar; 14386 has levels raised so clips while 73820 has more other digital flaws that are easier to hear; mtx 28740 is more echoey than the first set sbds; auds are more distant the sbds with 13989 being more distant than 89560; in comparison on candyman sbd 24710 and mtx 28740 sound similar with very narrow sound and almost no bass while aud 89560 has fuller bassier sound; choose 14386 for acoustic set and 89560 for rest ***
 sbd cousinit24710   ***
 mtx chappell sb0328740   ***
 sbd set1 unknown73820  has several digi-pops and drops***
 fob nak700 ellner marino gmb89560B+ has a lot of background talking on d1t11, d2t4***
 nak700 severson miller clugston 48, this144765 Not Reviewed Yet   
 nak700 severson miller clugston 2496144766 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/11/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 sbd acoustic windsor clevenger fix 3236198A drops between tracks***
 sbd blanchard16336B+in comparison on direwolf 73821 and 6198 have a similar fuller sound than 16336, 73821 is harsher than 6198; in comparison on loser sbd 16336 has a more upfront sound than aud 89615 which has a fuller bassier sound; so need 6198 for acoustic set, then 16336, and then 89615 for rest of show; could choose 89615 for all of electric show ***
 sbd set1 unknown73821  drop t3 1:36 but did not hear it***
 fob nak700 ellner marino gmb89615B+  ***
 sbd smith miller clugston 48, this is a142010 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd smith miller clugston 2496, source142012 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/13/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 acoustic sbd munder13064A13064 has matching st5 to 25559 ***
 set1 set3 sbd miller25559 acoustic set sound rates A, ***
 sbd, recording info:, sbd > many cassette137256 Not Reviewed Yet   
 bershawsbdcomposite , upgraded soundboard137297 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/14/80Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 sbd aud gardner3828A-in comparison on dire wolf, 3828 has a warmer fuller sound than 89632 one person felt phils bass sounded worse on 3828 than 89632; in comparison on candyman sbd 3828 has a more upfront sound than aud 89632 and mtx 119320 ***
 fob nak700 ellner marino gmb89632   ***
 sbd stanley blackwood waddell108883    
 mtx electric dusborne119320   ***
 sbd eaton miller 48, recording info:, sbd137560 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/18/80Saenger Performing Arts Center, New Orleans, LA
 neumann vernon13596   ***
 sbd , recording info:, sbd > cassette133594A-in comparison on to lay me down,133594 has a clearer more upfront sound than 13596 ***
 sbd , recording info:, sbd > cassette135529   ***
10/19/80Saenger Performing Arts Center, New Orleans, LA
 set2 3 aud vernon13469   ***
 set1 aud vernon16908   ***
 s3 aud seaweed , third set, s3t01 scarlet125234 Not Reviewed Yet  ***
 beyer stankiewicz 2496, 24bit/96khz125632 Not Reviewed Yet   
 beyer stankiewicz , 16bit/44 1khz file set125633 Not Reviewed Yet  ***
 aud cas r2 48, two trade dats from the134368 Not Reviewed Yet  ***
10/22/80Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
 sony wiley8479   ***
 sonyecm280 wise miller100416   ***
 nak300 morris101778B+in comparison on peggio, 101778 has a little more upfront sound than 100416 anf those have fuller sound than 120053, 8479, and cousinit version; 8479 is the harshest ***
 fob nak700 gatto jaeger dusborne120053   ***
10/23/80Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
 sonyecm280 wiley8700  s***
 cohen vernon13140B+in comparison on ship of fools 13140 has a fuller sound than 8700, cousinit version, 101256, 102026. and 120072 ***
 fob sonyecm280 wise miller101256   ***
 fob nak300 morris102026   ***
 aud morris108016    
 aud morris fixed111029    
 fob nak700 gatto jaeger dusborne120072   ***
 fob nak700 cohen miller clugston 48, this143351 Not Reviewed Yet   
 fob nak700 cohen miller clugston 2496143352 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/25/80Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
 aud wiley8726   ***
 nak700 rolfe miller93804B+in comparison on high time, 93804 had a little fuller sound than 102405; 8726, 116769, 120163,and cousinit version have a less full sound ***
 fob sonyecm280 wise miller102405   ***
 nak300 morrone friend116768    
 nak300 morrone friend116769   ***
 fob nak700 gatto jaeger dan120163   ***
10/26/80Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
 sonyecm280 wiley8765   ***
 sony ecm fishman11837B+  ***
 sbd hinko18862A-in comparison on china doll, sbd 18862 has a warmer fuller sound than sbd 18896; in comparison on sugaree sbd 18862 has a clearer sound than mtx 101967; sbd is more upfront than auds; for auds 11837 has similar sound to 8765 but 8765 has more clipping and digital flaws; 11837 has a little fuller warmer sound than 94269; 116426 and 120169 have less full sound ***
 remaster18896   ***
 nak700 rolfe miller94269   ***
 mtx seamons101967   ***
 nak300 morrone friend116426   ***
 fob nak700 gatto jaeger dusborne120169   ***
10/27/80Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
 senn441 lai324   ***
 sonyecm270 larson7290 7290 is same recording with same wav and spectral view and levels as 324; 7290 has more crowd at beginnng of show and they have similar digital flaws of discontinuities between tracks ***
 senn441 wise miller101293B+in comparison on peggio. 101293 has a fuller sound than 116196, 7290, and cousinit version ***
 nak300 morrone friend116195    
 nak300 morrone friend116196   ***
10/29/80Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
 wise larson1953   ***
 sbd partial miller32538Ain comparison on candyman, sbd 32538 has a fuller sound than the auds; in comparison on candyman and birdsong, aud 126919 has a fuller sound than 1953, 101306, and 120307; in comparison on birdsong, sbd 122003 has a fuller more upfront sound than aud 126919 ***
 aud sbd tetzeli join 1953 32538 reflac35029   ***
 fob sonyecm280 wise miller101306   ***
 fob nak700 gatto jaeger dusborne120307   ***
 sbd p1122003B+  ***
 beyer stankiewicz , s1t01 dire wolf, s1t02126919B+  ***
 sbd partial miller sirmick , partial sbd140301 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd partial moore berger 24, partial140302 Not Reviewed Yet   
 partial sbd moore berger, partial, source:140496 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd aud, sbd, with audience patches, dat140899 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/30/80Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
 wise larson1954   ***
 fob sonyecm280 wise miller101427Bin comparison on to lay me down and peggio, 101427 has a warmer sound than 1954 and 120537; ***
 nak70 gatto jaeger dusborne120537   ***
 ultraplex>eac>wav>shn; 1 Heaven Help the Fool 2 Shakedown Street 3 Samson 4 He's Gone > 5 Truckin$A   
 sbd bershaw, source: 10 1/4 track sbd feed139599 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/31/80Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
 wise larson1955 1955 is same recording as 120839 based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t2, d1t13, and d3t10 and they have similar spectral view and sound to each other; (it is possible the mics were right next to each other and picked up the clapping in a the same way but they have same intermittent tv bands which are usualy caused by a nearby tv during transfer); 1955 is same recording as 132277 and 101428 based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t2 and 1955 has harsher sound; 1955 is a different recording than 94270 based on different crowd at the end of d1t2 and 1955 has harsher sound ***
 sbd prefm cousinit20377B+  ***
 prefm cousinit edited patched83158B+in comparison on cold rain and snow, sbd 83158 patches 20377; 122543 has a fuller but more echoey less natural sound than 83158; sbd and mtx are more upront than the auds; for auds stankiewicz 131907 has the warmest bassiest sound but is more suppressed than the others; for the jim wise recordings 132277 has the warmest fullest sound followed closely by 101428; 1955 and 120839 are similarly harsher; the rolfe 94270 recording is of similar sound quality to 132277 but is a little less warm and full ***
 nak700 rolfe miller94270   ***
 fob sonyecm280 wise miller101428   ***
 fob nak700 gatto jaeger dusborne120839   ***
 mtx dusborne, 3 source matrix, soundboard122543   ***
 stankiewicz , partial 2nd and 3rd sets131907    
 aud sony ecm , cassette audience master132277   ***
 aud sony ecm 24, cassette audience master132278    
 audmsc happyjack 24, a gratefully little137448 Not Reviewed Yet   
 partial show sbd2ndgenmsc happyjack 24, a137448 Not Reviewed Yet   
 audmsc happyjack , a gratefully little137449 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd2ndgenmsc happyjack , a gratefully137449 Not Reviewed Yet   
 partial sbd happyjack sirmick , source:137839 Not Reviewed Yet   
 partial sbd happyjack sirmick 24, source:137840 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd bershaw , source: 10 1/4 track sbd feed140416 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd pcm dalton miller clugston , source141354 Not Reviewed Yet   
11/26/80The Sportatorium, Pembroke Pines, FL
 wise munder13065   ***
 sbd clugston edited patched82278   ***
 beyerm160 wise miller101699   ***
 aud beyer m160 , cassette audience master132221   ***
 aud beyer m160 24, , cassette audience132222    
 mtx dusborne, 2 source matrix, soundboard132344   ***
 miller sbd , recording info:, sbd >134094A-in comparison on friend of the devil, sbd 134094 and 82278 sound sort of similar; on wharf rat 134094 has an analog drop at 5:28 while 82278 cuts out about 5 seconds including a phrase of the song; mtx 132344 is nor echoey and less clear than the sbds; auds 13065, 101699, and 132221 have similar sound to each other and are more distant than the sbd and mtx ***
 sbd , recording info:, sbd > cassette135530 Not Reviewed Yet  ***
11/28/80Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, FL
 naks clugston2222   ***
 sbd vernon20049   ***
 nak700 kocky76519   ***
 nak700 gmb89932   ***
 nak700 wagner miller90013   ***
 mtx tobin90057   ***
 sbd vernon tobin fix 2004990062   ***
 thirty trips, 30 trips around the sun, cd1, jack straw 6:05, peggy-o 6:47, little red rooster 9:36, tennessee jed 9:00, passenger 5:01, deep elem blues 5:08, looks like rain > 8:04, deal 6:41, cd2, feel like a stranger 8:40, to lay me down > 9:04, let it grow > 11:17, terrapin station > 11:56, drums > 10:21, cd3, space > 5:45, not fade away > 5:51, black peter > 9:27, sugar magnolia 9:29, u. s. blues 5:22$A  ***
 all aud wise , recording by bob wagner/jim127546   ***
 all aud wise 2496, recording by bob127547    
11/29/80Alligator Alley Gymnasium, U of Florida, Gainesville, FL
 aud barrick325   ***
 wise sacks2409   ***
 beyer160 wise gmb89938   ***
 nak700 wagner miller90104   ***
 beyerm160 wise miller101722   ***
 gainsville stankiewicz 24, 24bit/96khz127229A-in comparison on candyman, 127229 has the fullest sound but has some hiss; next fullest is 132456; 2409, 89938, 101722, 325, 134703, and 134704 are not as full as those  
 aud , cassette audience master recorded by132456   ***
 aud 24, cassette audience master recorded132457    
 aud schley 2448, 24bit/48khz file set134703    
 aud schley , 16bit/44 1khz file set, s1t01134704   ***
 s2sbd24 24, recording info:, sbd >139321 Not Reviewed Yet   
 beyerm 88 stankiewicz, 16bit/44 1khz145665 Not Reviewed Yet   
11/30/80Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
 sbd aud sacks2416   ***
 nak700 set2 wagner miller90497   ***
 nak700 set2 wagner miller90530    
 nak700 set1 wagner chappell110921   ***
 mtx chappell sb31110936   ***
 davpic8, 3 disc set, limited to 13,000 individually numbered copies, mastered to hdcd specs by jeffrey norman, digipak made of 100% recycled and pcw materials, release date: november 1, 2013, it's our last release of the 2013 dave's picks series and this next one's a fox, literally. we're making our first foray into the 80s (don't expect it to be the last!) with the complete show from 11/30/80, fox theatre, atlanta, ga. fans of "the fox" often debate the merits of this highly-esteemed performance, as in they find it hard to narrow down their favorite bits since this night is replete with many. from a spirited opener with an era-defining rendition of "deal" to a soaring and powerful second set featuring one of the best ever versions of "scarlet>fire," there's no doubt the band was on their game and sound man dan healy was too. as the liners put it, "fast or slow, jerry or bob, routine or rare: they nail them all." multiple listens have been said to yield un-ending revelations (even auras!), you'll just have to tune in to see where you land on the spectrum. wherever this exceptional show takes you, it all adds up to over 3 hours of extremely fun listening. hotlanta, indeed!, disc 1, 1 feel like a stranger [9:19], 2 loser [8:17], 3 cassidy [5:14], 4 ramble on rose [7:55], 5 little red rooster [9:33], 6 bird song [9:22], 7 me and my uncle> [2:59], 8 big river [5:55], 9 it must have been the roses [7:13], disc 2, 1 lost sailor> [6:34], 2 saint of circumstance [6:31], 3 deal [8:03], 4 scarlet begonias> [11:44], 5 fire on the mountain [10:50], 6 samson and delilah [7:40], 7 ship of fools [8:49], disc 3, 1 playing in the band> [15:53], 2 drums> [11:25], 3 space> [4:23], 4 the wheel> [6:49], 5 china doll> [6:50], 6 around and around> [4:01], 7 johnny b. goode [4:49], 8 uncle john's band [7:46] A  ***
 24, partial, >>24 bit<<, source: aud123306    
 aud set1 pset2 oade stankiewicz wise127319    
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128440   ***
12/6/80Mill Valley Recreation Center, Mill Valley, CA
 cantor clugston5478B+  ***
12/12/80Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA
 set2 aud munder13192   ***
 set1 aud vernon16906   ***
 sbd miller31509B+  ***
 fob glassberg motb89134   ***
 fob ellner motb89347    
 aud goldshine sennheiser mkh406 flying m124542B+in comparison on friend of the devil, sbd 31509 is more upfront than the auds; for the auds 124542 has fuller warmer sound than 13192 and 89134; 124542 has a fuller warmer sound than 13192 on hes gone; 124542 has a more natural sound than sbd 31509 but could choose either ***
 mtx dusborne, 3 source matrix, soundboard136722 Not Reviewed Yet   
12/13/80Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA
 set2 sonyecm280 clugston revell1633    
 nak700 miller13412   ***
 nak300 walker scotton miller88964   ***
 sbd miller91939B+  ***
 sbd miller bertha92889    
 aud goldshine sennheiser mkh406 flying m124551B+in comparison on to lay me down, sbd 91939 has the fullest most upfront sound with some hiss; I did not compare 92889; for the auds 124551 has a fuller sound than 128617, 13412, and 88964; in comparison on wharf rat 124551 has a fuller sound than 1633; aud 124551 has a more natural sound than sbd 91939but could choose eitheras noted in description this is missing beginning of scarlet begonias***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128617   ***
 mtx dusborne, 3 source matrix, soundboard136725 Not Reviewed Yet   
12/14/80Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA
 nak700 munder13193   ***
 nak700 miller89003   ***
 nak300 walker scotton miller89058   ***
 all sbd minches108813B+in comparison on loser, sbd 108813 has a fuller more upfront sond than the auds; for the auds 124583 has the fullest sound followed by 13193 and 89003; 13193 has a wamer sound than 89003 and 124583; 89058 and 128626 are less full than the others ***
 aud goldshine sennheiser mkh406 flyingm124583   ***
 naks mason , "mason b taylor was a taper128626   ***
 mtx dusborne, 3 source matrix, soundboard136726 Not Reviewed Yet   
12/26/80Oakland Auditorium Arena, Oakland, CA
 walker vernon15880   ***
 sbd cousinit17279   ***
 nak300 aolong34400   ***
 nak300 walker scotton miller89260   ***
 upg sbd tobin121531   ***
 matrix tobin121533   ***
 aud stankiewicz 24, 24bit/96khz file set127564B+in comparison on peggy-o, sbd 17279 and 121531 are muffled with some hiss; mtx 121531 is fuller than sbd but has a lot of hiss; aud 89260 is fuller sounding than the sbd and upfront but also harsh with hiss; 127564 is warmer than 89260 and still full with less hiss; 34400 and 15880 are less ufll than the other auds; could choose mtx 121531 or aud 89260 for being more upfront and fuller but chose 127564 for warmth and less hiss than those  
12/27/80Oakland Auditorium Arena, Oakland, CA
 sbd mccloskey327   ***
 sbd cousinit18736A-in comparison on sugaree, sbd 18736 has a fuller sound than 327 which seems muffled some by noise reduction and has less hiss and is warmer; sbd 18736 is more upfront than the auds; aud 127152 is warmer than 89269 and that is fuller; 107791 has narrowest sound ***
 nak300 walker scotton miller89269   ***
 nak700 wagner miller107791   ***
 oakland aud stankiewicz , 24bit/96khz127152    
 sbd , soundboard, unknown lineage, sony135987 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd gems fix , soundboard, unknown lineage136139 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd pcm dalton miller clugston , source141648 Not Reviewed Yet   
12/28/80Oakland Auditorium Arena, Oakland, CA
 sbd willy8862A-in comparison on stella blue, sbd 8862 is a little more suppressed than 17421 but that is much harsher with more hiss and a buzz and less pleasant to kisten to; so could choose either but if choose 8862 still need 17421 for missing song; sbds 34638 and 35036 are built on 17421 with ame sound; mtx 122408 is more echoey than the sbds; auds are less full and less upfront than sbd with 1329 9less full and more distant than 107792 ***
 rolfe munder13299   ***
 sbd cousinit17421   ***
 sbd long34638   ***
 sbd cousinit tetzeli fix 17421 reflac35036   ***
 nak700 wagner miller107792   ***
 mtx sirmick , matrix: sbd 70%/aud 30%122408   ***
 sbd gems , soundboard, unknown lineage135991 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd pcm dalton miller clugston , source141649 Not Reviewed Yet   
12/30/80Oakland Auditorium Arena, Oakland, CA
 rolfe munder13300B+in comparison on friend of the devil, mat 121396 has a fuller warmer more upfront sound than aud 13300, but aud 13300 was more natural and pleasant to listen to as mat 121396 made my ears sore after listening for several songs for unknown reason ***
 senn421 walker scotton miller90468Bhas a lot of background crowd talking through the music ***
 mtx tobin121396A-  ***
 aud 2448, s1t01 minglewood blues, s1t02146511 Not Reviewed Yet   
12/31/80Oakland Auditorium Arena, Oakland, CA
 sbd gorinsky6391   ***
 rolfe vernon16911B+in comparison on wharf rat, for sbds 17693 has the harshest sound, then 105027 which is derived from 17693, then 17693 and then 6391 and 35083 which is derived from 6391 and more complete than that with the patches; mtx 105029 is harsher than the sbds; for the auds 123336 has the warmest sound, then 16911, and then 104968 and 107822 are much harsher; so chose 35083 for completeness but 123336 would also be a good choice for end of show ***
 sbd cousinit17693   ***
 sbd gorinsky tetzeli fix 6391 reflac35083 I ***
 aud anon motb 0106104968   ***
 sbd tobin patched105027   ***
 mtx tobin105029   ***
 nak700 wagner miller107822   ***
 gems sbd108290   ***
 s3 , set iii only, source: aud cassette123336B+  ***