JG - Wondering What to Choose 1962
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6/11/62Boar's Head Coffee House, San Carlos, CA
 unknown source, shn105874 has severe noise reduction ***
 Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers: Master Audience (?) Reel (Scotch 150) > playback on Technics RS 1520 @ 7-1/2 ips no dolby > first gen reel (Scotch 207 recorded via Otari MX5050 @ 7-1/2 ips no dolby) > playback on Technics RS1506 > Tascam DA-40 DAT >, Ta12004B+in comparison on little birdie, this has fullest sound; motb 87474 has less hiss but also lost some fullness in sound with the noise reduction; 105874 is muffled by severe noise reduction; 13040 is most muffled from a worse source; pre-warlocks comp has a fuller sound with more hiss but is too harsh; need motb 87474 for bonus tracks ***
 Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers: AUD > R2R? > C? > CDR > SHN. Posted to abgd by Greenbaum.13040   ***
 Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers, flac16: MOTB Release: 0051 16/44.1; Master Audience Reel [Possibly from mics placed on stage, onto Scotch 150 1/4" tape] > Technics RS-1520 [No Dolby, 7.5 IPS] playback > Otari MX-5050 [No Dolby, 7.5 IPS, Scotch 207 1/4" tape87474 d2 has noise reduction and has less hiss than the version on the pre-warlocks 1960 comp, but that has fuller sound ***
 Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers, flac24: MOTB Release: 0051 24/96; Master Audience Recording [Possibly from mics placed on stage]; Media: MAR = Scotch 150 1/4" Reel, R1 = Scotch 207 1/4" Reel; Lineage: Unknown > MAR > Technics RS-1520 [No Dolby, 7.5 IPS] >88262    
 jjoops, this source was labeled 11 10 1962 from jjoops., it was almost unlistenable it was recorded with such low levels., i remember a year ago or more i tried to improve it a tad while not losing an ounce of "what i had"., consider this a restoration in progress, if needed. would love a master transfer really, but its what we have, so here what i think is the earliest jerry i know of that doesn't circulate, could be totally wrong., please download this one 24 bit 88.2 file if you want to be a detective and chime in, if you are going to make some comment like, "where's the tracked 16 bit folder with a shnid", don't., thats not what this torrent is about., help me figure this out and then we will get a proper seed for it, arfarf wrote:, //the miller's will//, //cannonball blues//, //raging sea//, //little birdie//, little birdie, walkin' boss, the miller's will, deep elem blues, will the circle be unbroken, i truly understand, cousin elmer//  this seems to match to College of San Mateo Folk Festival College of San Mateo, San Mateo, CA November 10, 1962 based on it matches songs although in different order to pre warlocks 8 compilation filed under 1960; I am unable to compare because the wav file aborts half way though the load process in cooledit2000 and plays at the wrong speed for me in foobar