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xx/xx/67710 Ashbury in Spring 1967 (Interview), + Richard Starlight's Radio Effluvia
 & co., both the interview and the filler came to me through fm radio broadcasts in the early-to mid-nineties. the audio quality reflects that, but for this project off-the-beaten path, i hope you will bear with it., i've never seen a complete tape of this justly famous interview on any torrent site. the tape does not fit on one disc, but takes up a mere 3.5 minutes on disc two. that leaves a huge amount of space for some fascinating filler i wanted to offer to you, the avid trader, some examples of the unconventional details of our homegrown subculture., consider the filler the sonic equivalent of old, hand-drawn & photocopied j-cards, or much-loved, do-it-yourself concert tie-dyes., part one, the taper's compendium vol. 1 lists this interview as 80 min. this copy is just over 83 minutes (or somewhere in there, perhaps the author of that piece was estimating, too)., for this tape db.etree lists only the what's available on the acid test compliation set. that source is either different from this one or has been cleaned up considerably. it is woefully incomplete, however. here is the complete interview for cleaning up., lance neal broadcast this source in the mid-ninties on the wbai program "morning dew," and i taped it to cassette. happily, the atc soure patches tape flips from both lance's source and my cassette made during the broadcast. lance's source even sounds like a compliation to me. the quality is markedly different between noisy beginning and cleaner end. i dropped in many track breaks as i was transferring both sources to disc. this gives a chance to locate specific quotes or topics that may interest the researcher. i hope the abundance of them does not put anyone off too badly., this is a highly-entertaining historical document of life at 710. pigpen, mountain girl, weir (speaking, playing acoustic), and a child named jason all appear at some point. weir and someone who sounds like it might be jon mcintire tell of the exploits of bear and laird grant out on the streets in the haight. (i thought i also heard reddy kilowatt asking a brief sarcastic question in passing early on.), most entries on this interview are reluctant to date any more specifically than its year (1967), though internal markers set it in the spring. the february newsweek article referenced in the conversation ("drop-outs with a mission") was recent, the dead were vaguely planning their june trip to nyc, and interviews were underway on the look magazine article featuring the airplane at the end of may (though for some reason, jeffersonairplane.com lists this as appearing in march.) the film blowup, released late in 1966, was apparently also still in the theaters., no one knows the identity of the interviewer, though on the tape he refers to his friend operating the tape recorder by name ("kramer"). he also indicates that he himself was garcia's former banjo student, is acquainted with the local bluegrass scene, and was in a band with bay area guitarist and mandolinist bert johnson. he knows the ins and outs of the changes in personnel of rick shubb's band (before the shubb capo days). apparently this interviewer had also seen the warlocks play at magoo's pizza parlor in 1965! perhaps his identity can still be discovered., let the sound quality issues of this post serve as a call to locate the better master!, (see disc two info below for a run-down of the special filler rounding out the disc.), fm radio broadcast > cassette > cd with shn to cd patches > eac > flac, disc two notes:, t04) bill graham intro, t05) bob young's "thursday lunch" program announcement from 1990 or 1991 on kpfk, 90.7 fm in los angeles, t06) bob young announces "new year's lunch" on kpfk, t07) taped form "thursday lunch," with program's theme cart playing behind source tape has jerry being interviewed by another dj at an unknown earlier time, t08) tbwwp comes up as "thursday lunch" theme cart fades down, t09) from lance neal's "morning dew" program on wbai, 99.5 fm in new york city taped some time between 1993 and 1996, t10) i think that what i am here calling "acid test overture" was originally broadcast by david gans on "dead to the world" or the "grateful dead hour." i taped it in the early- to mid-nineties on lance neal's "morning dew" program. ken kesey, weir, pig and the "more power" rap from the fillmore acid test, 01.08.66. timothy leary montage, including excerpts of allen ginsberg reading "howl." much else. terrence mckenna excerpt. "i did all my acid. . ." : artist unknown., t11) wbai program announcement, early- to mid-nineties, t13) see note to track 11, t18) the story behind what i call "lsd window pane" is similar to track 10., t19) excerpt: "music is love" on david crosby's if i could only rember my name, t20) tracks 19 & 20 sequenced like this on a tape i once copied from someone, t21) gorgeous dark star filler from who knows where on some tape i once had, t22) joni mitchell from 1968 (perhaps) in philadelphia (for sure) taped from bob young's show in la during the wee hours of new year's day, 1991, which was the evening of a blue moon., t23) see note for track 22, t24) the great society (featuring grace slick), recorded at the matrix in san fransisco, 09-xx-1966. same broadcast information as tracks 22 & 23. fades up at the tail end of a firesign theater track from the dear friends album., t25) home grown, t26) same broadcast information as track 11, t27) "morning dew" special produced by randy jackson and lance neal for wbai, 99.5 fm nyc. broadcast in the early- to mid-nineties. includes interviews with bonnie dobson and the dubious fred rose., t28) grateful dead hour intro from not to long ago, t29) better quality copy now available on aoxomoxoa remaster (golden road box), along with other ads like this one, t30, 31, 32) same broadcast information as track 11, t33) from disc one of the acid test set from lama. fillmore acid test., "good night. we've enjoyed having you here.", e pluribus effluvium, may 2007; JG@710 disc One (Interview), d1t01 - I Never Thought Garcia Would Go Electric!, d1t02 - The Whereabouts of Bill Keith, Dave Grisman, Shubb's Band, d1t03 - Garcia's Guitar Gear, d1t04 - Hey, Pig, d1t05 - Our Music, d1t06 - Some Rock'n'Roll, d1t07 - Surrealistic Pillow Sessions, d1t08 - 'Someone to Love', d1t09 - Here's Your Pistol, d1t10 - SF Sound, d1t11 - v. English Groups, d1t12 - SF Scene, d1t13 - Forward Motion, d1t14 - The Term 'Psychedelic', d1t15 - Control Over Your Product, d1t16 - Artistic Pride, d1t17 - Commercial Sound, d1t18 - The Airplane and Great Ideas, d1t19 - Would You Answer That Phone?, d1t20 - Phonies at the Fillmore?, d1t21 - 'Really People', d1t22 - Obvious Music & Reciprocal Excitement, d1t23 - NYC Soon, d1t24 - SF - Good Place to Live, d1t25 - 'Drop-Outs with a Mission', d1t26 - Social Drop-Out, d1t27 - Play, Not Teach, d1t28 - Hold-Outs, d1t29 - Gradual Changeover, d1t30 - At Magoo's, d1t31 - English Groups, d1t32 - Long Hair, d1t33 - Success, d1t34 - Viet Nam and Anti-Life, d1t35 - The Stupidity of Killing, d1t36 - Illusory Power, d1t37 - Get Along, d1t38 - An Act of Love, An Act of Joy, d1t39 - NY, d1t40 - 'In' Things, d1t41 - Buffalo Springfield, Moby Grape, Jefferson Airplane, d1t42 - Jorma, d1t43 - Matt Cates, d1t44 - The Radio Stations Are Our Friends, d1t45 - Program Directors and Monkees, d1t46 - Top 10 Singles, d1t47 - Our Album, d1t48 - Future of SF Sound, d1t49 - Stolen Gear - Spiritual Dues, d1t50 - SF v. GV, d1t51 - Do It Ourselves, d1t53 - Light Shows, d1t54 - Surviving, d1t55 - Hell's Angels, d1t56 - Pounded into the Ground, d1t57 - They Found It!, d1t58 - Do You Want Some Dope?, d1t59 - Left Alone, d1t60 - Danger, d1t61 - What Are You Rejecting?, d1t62 - Crunchy-Style Epiphone, d1t63 - You Win the Oreo!, d1t64 - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, d1t65 - Only Certain Ideas, d1t66 - Cops = OK, d1t67 - Do You Play Better on Dope?, d1t68 - Legalize It, d1t69 - Cigarette, d1t70 - Sped-Up Rolls - Tell Her Jerry Sent You, d1t71 - Bluegrass, Rock, d1t72 - No Dime, No Nickel, d1t73 - CaYooo, CaYoooo!, d1t74 - Existentialism, d1t75 - Flicks - Blowup - Coburn Offer, d1t76 - Look Magazine, d1t77 - Grace, the Airiplane, and Jazz, JG@710 disc Two (Conclusion of Interview, first three tracks only), d2t01 - We Got Everything Back!, d2t02 - Owsley's Rap, Big Medicine, d2t03 - That's Your Gun, PART TWO, * * * Richard Starlight's Radio Effluvia, "Radio Effluvia" is a lo-fi labor of love, a tribute to the days when for me tapes were a bit harder to come by, and local GD radio Shows were my main source. Here are some of the finest moments of several of those listener- sponsored broadcasts, mixed in with some homegrown treasures found as anonymous filler on the ends of tapes I copied from who knows who at some point who knows when. Here's to those Great Days when all this was still new and one still had to find a way in!, FM broadcasts > cassettes > CD > EAC > FLAC, d2t04 - Charles Atlas, d2t05 - Thursday Lunch, d2t06 - New Year's Lunch, d2t07 - Jerry on TBWWP, d2t08 - The Barbed-Wire Whipping Party, d2t09 - Hello, There!, d2t10 - Acid Test Overture, d2t11 - Here Comes Healy, d2t12 - Jerry Station IDs, d2t13 - Phil for Morning Dew, d2t14 - Tax-, d2t15 - Deductible, d2t16 - Charity, d2t17 - Organizations, d2t18 - LSD Window Pane, d2t19 - %Music Is Love%%, d2t20 - %Sunshine Daydrream%%, d2t21 - %Dark Star%%, d2t22 - Psychedelic Coke, d2t23 - Michael from Mountains, d2t24 - Sally Go Round Roses, d2t25 - Chud, d2t26 - Wake Up!, d2t27 - Morning Dew Special, d2t28 - GD Hour Titles, d2t29 - Aoxo Ad (Dupree's), d2t30 - Ancient Past, d2t31 - Lance for RAN, d2t32 - Jerry Tribute Announcement, d2t33 - Star Spangled Banger, Closing Remarks Bhas a lot of hiss on some tracks; overall this had more hiss and was harder to hear than 3/1/67 89961 ***
3/xx/67Grateful Dead House, 710 Ashbury Street, San Francisco,
 interview with a former banjo student and someone89961   ***