jg - Wondering What to Choose 1968
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/68Matrix, San Fran, CA
 mickey and hartbeats, (garcia, lesh, hart, &28077B-  ***
5/21/68Carousel Ballroom (Tuesday Night Jam), San Francisco, CA
 garcia, kaukonen, casady, bishop, miller, hart &15412B+in comparison on good shepherd 15412 has less hiss than 22727; need 22727 for extra 35 minutes at beginning of t1 not on 15412 ***
 tuesday night jam, garcia, hart, kaukonen22727B+  ***
7/28/68Rancho Olompali, Marin County, CA
 jack casady, mickey hart, sbd > ? > cd, notes:,27968B+ has some static t1 0:52 to 0:54m 17:27***
 sbd eaton miller, jack casady and mickey137652B+137652 has 40 seconds more at the beginning than 27968 and that has 7 more minutes at the end; in comparison 137652 has a brighter tinnier sound while 27968 is warmer and bassier; they sound very different to each other and recommended to listen to both; because 137652 is brighter, the noted static is worse on it plus it has morehas some static at t1 1:14 to 1:17, 1:43, 18:02***
10/10/68The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 hartbeats sbd dalton miller sirmick 48142425A-see grateful dead 5186 and 4513 for alternate selections ***
10/21/68Location unknown (presumed to be The Matrix, San Francisco, CA)
 flac24 sbd hartbeats knudsen gems fulton146189Bsee grateful dead  
10/30/68The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 hartbeats sbd dalton miller sirmick 48142342 see grateful dead ***
12/16/68The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 hartbeats sbd smith ; mickey hart & the97296Agd 4529 is more muffled ***
12/24/68The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 source: sbd>mr>??>dat>cdr, conversion: cdr >9475Bin comparison on the jam, 9475 has the fullest sound; 82321 has next best sound is needed for the rest of the show; 82321 is warmer but more suppressed than 9475; 25136 and 18152 are same as each other and less full, 74079 is harsher and scratchy with more hiss and distortion; 15051 is very suppressed iwth noise reduction ***
 sbd mckeown ; harvey mandel & elvin bishop15051C+looks like severe noise reduction was used and sounds unnatural ***
 sbd litfin ; source: sbd>mr>pcm>wav>shn18152   ***
 jerry garcia, harvey mandel & elvin bishop25136 this is an exact eac match to 18152 on t1 and this is broken into more tracks ***
 elvin bishop, harvey mandel, mickey hart &74079B-  ***
 & the harvey mandel band (appears to be a82321B  ***