jg - Wondering What to Choose 1969
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2/19/69The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 jgdn sbd goodbear ; odbear4500   ***
 sbd lai , garcia & nelson siting in with6390    
 (banjo), david nelson, and frank wakefield20918   ***
 high country w/jerry garcia & david nelson, sbd :35270  was shnid=63389 but md5 matches this one***
 & nelson sitting in with high county(san82039   ***
 sbd unknown , high country, (feat jerry102796 102796 has similar spectral view to 6390 with levels raised ***
 sbd smith boswell , high country, (with113810B+in 9-way comparison on teardrops in my eyes, 113810 and fixed untracked 113810a have the fullest sound and could not tell which was better; I do not know if Robman de faganization kit is an improvement; next best was 82039; mike lai version has narrowest sound through noise reduction; both goodbears 4500 and its remaster are next narrowest through noise reduction; 20918 had a scratchiness in it; 35270 was very fast sounding; 135007 has noise reduction and is narrower sound than 113810 ***
 remastrer of shnid 4500, from: teddy goodbear , subject: 2/19/69, posted: alt.binaries.gdead, date: tuesday, september 7, 1999, garcia, nelson & others, lineage: ?>tiedrich dat>my computer (edited*)>wav>shn, *speed adjustment, noise/hiss reduction, bass boost eq, stereo expand/pan & more!; INSTRUMENTAL 02:02, ON AND ON 03:31, COME TO YOU WHEN I DIE 05:01, HIGH COUNTY 03:42, TEARDROPS IN MY EYE 03:00, BIG RIVER 02:44, WORKING ON THE BUILDING 05:09, BRAND NEW PAIR OF SHOES 02:51, SOLDIER'S JOY 04:27, SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT 03:12, I'M BLUE I'M LONESOME TOO 03:41, BLUEGRASS STOMP 05:14, I WONDER WHERE YOU ARE TONIGHT 02:39, BLUEGRASS BREAKDOWN 04:18, TELL ME YOU DON'T MEAN GOODBYE 03:08, FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN 03:38    ***
 de faganization kit, high country, dave nelson (gtr) jerry garcia (banjo) richard willbour (bs,vc) butch waller (mand), this fileset contains the last three tracks of shn 113810, edited to remove the overtaped section in which the "60-year-old parading around as a hippie" searches for an ashtray and directs the mysterious fagan to sit somewhere less distracting. no other changes were made., edits are as follows:, (1) beginning of "taped over" section moved from end of track 15 to beginning of track 16., (2) hippie/fagan section in left channel from new 0:00 to 1:11 deleted and replaced by music from untaped-over right channel., (3) volume of new left channel gradually increased (with no clipping or compression) to match level at point where original left channel resumes., (4) brief staticky tapeover of both channels at 1:09-1:10 replaced by silence., (5) resulting sector boundary errors fixed., enjoy!, robman, june 4, 2011, original source notes:, mr(bill abrams)>r@7.5 ips.(peter kafer)>r@ 7.5 ips(will boswell)>cd, transfered and mastered by matt smith 5/11, 1. tuning 2:02, 2. instrumental 2:43, 3. on and on 4:19, 4. come to you when i die 4:38, 5. high county 2:41, 6. teardrops in my eye 3:09, 7. big river 3:06, 8. working on the building 5:01, 9. brand new pair of shoes 2:50, 10. soldier's joy 4:08, 11. swing low sweet chariot 3:08, 12. i'm blue, i'm lonesome too 4:04, 13. bluegrass stomp 3:45, 14. i wonder where you are tonight 3:31, 15. bluegrass breakdown 3:20, 16. tell me you don't mean goodbye 2:40, 17. foggy mountain breakdown 4:07, my notes;, big thanks to matt, i bow to your kindness., cd to flac dbpoweramp, checksums tlh gballen 5/26/2011     
 garcia & nelson siting in with, high county (san francisco area bluegrass band), source: sbd> mreel> reel> dat >wav>shn, seeded by mike lai, seeded to etree jan27 by mike lai via jerrylives2000.etree.org, please send corrections to jerrylives2000@aol.com, nb: there was a sbe on track 16 which i have fixed, so the md5 will not match the one at etree, sirmick, march 2005; 01. Instrumental 02:00, 02. On And On 03:41, 03. Come To You When I Die 04:44, 04. High County 03:40, 05. Teardrops In my Eye 02:58, 06. Big River 02:41, 07. Working On The Building 04:50, 08. Brand New Pair Of Shoes 03:06, 09. Soldier's Joy 04:21, 10. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 03:10, 11. I'm Blue And Lonesome Too 03:36, 12. Bluegrass Stomp 05:10, 13. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 02:41, 14. Bluegrass Breakdown 04:12, 15. Tell Me You Don't Mean Goodbye 03:06, 16. Foggy Mountain Breakdown 03:34, filler: 4-24-69, 17. You Win Again 03:38, 18. The Bottle Let Me Down ??? 02:55, 19. Like you Used To ??? 02:33, 20. Riot In Cell Block #9 03:49  st5 matches to 6390 except on filler which is from 4-24-89, ***
 fixed untracked 113810a, i played with a little on the imaging and width..all tools available in audition, wavelab, soundforge etc..100% plugin free, i kept the volume and eq 100% the same    ***
 goodbear tiedrich remastered , date:135007   ***
9/6/69Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
 sbd selby ; jefferson airplane, jerry95936B+in 3-way comparison, 95936 and ja "MSR>?>Cassette>dat>cdr" and ja "CD > EAC > FLAC" all had similar sound ***
10/28/692400 Fulton Street - Jefferson Airplane House, San Francisco, CA
 source: sbd > mr > cass > dat > cdr >, wav > cdr12687B+ also known as shnid=4503 on 10/21/68 and both have matching md5***