jg - Wondering What to Choose 1971
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/71Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 sbd smith ; and merl saunders, xx xx 197193137Bhas the distortion as indicated and background crackling which bring its rating down to B but otherwise clear sound; gets better for last third (d2t2 and d2t3) where quality moves up to mostly A- as it does not have as much distortion; this is same show as 5/20/71 100855; the background crackling and distortion on that is less prominent making it better ***
xx/xx/71Interview With Jerry Garcia, Swedish Radio 1971
 mp3f 53meg; interview swedish radio mp3f, mp3 format, graciously shared by chrisgoes., "we can say that this file is a present from me to this forum.", "interview with jerry garcia w. grateful dead 1971-10-12 (57 minutes, 32 seconds)". i believe it is from a unknown swedish radio program from 1971. the file is 52.6mb and is in 128 kbps/s mp3. the interview begins in swedish language and tell the listernes about jerry's three 1971 albums: "grateful dead's live 2lp album", "howard wales - hooteroll" and "new riders of purple sage", the rest is in english.", this is like a swedish version of a gd hour., the garcia interview parts, (i counted 3 of them), are brief at about 1 minure each, the first one starts at about 11 minutes in., most of the dj talk is in swedish., there are a few gd snippets, plus some other artists to finish it up at the end., it's unknown at this time if the interview parts have surfaced before., anyone who can help identify them, please do., a huge thanks to chrisgoes for the share., november 18, 2014 Aswedish language radio announcer speaking, some nrps first album, hooterroll, dead album music, joan baez and then other muciians album tracks; snippets of a jerry interview are interspersed; jerry speaks at 4:4x and 10:5x on small clubs, 17:0x as sidemen for other musicans albums and practicing, 24:2x on community thing  
xx/xx/71Wally Heider Recording Studio, San Francisco, Ca.
 planet earth rock & roll orchestra, the perro87499   ***
xx/xx/71The PERRO Sessions, Wally Heider Recording Studio, San Francisco, Ca.
 barncard jcannon, planet earth rock & roll117066Ain 5-way comparison on loser, 87499 has a cleaner looking transfer than 4498 and 81260; pinkrobert's "The Ultimate PERRO Tapes: 2008 Edition" is lossy like from mini-disc and cleaner than 87499; (note that cleaner may sometimes involve noise reduction removing fullness of sound); 4498 has the fullest sound, then 117066, then 81260, then this, and then pinkrobert; these sets are confusing as they are not all the same length, the content is not in the same order, tracks are cut differently, and track names are sometimes different so hard to match up for completeness; I am not an expert nor do i have great familiarity with the material; longest is 117066=120min, pinkrobert=119min, 4498=113min, 87499=111min, 81260=101min; so i have selected 117066 for greatest length and second best sound and least digital flaws; the first track on 117066 is reported by torrenter to be previously uncirculated ***
xx/xx/71The Ultimate PERRO Tapes: 2008 Edition, Wally Heider's Studio, San Francisco
 david crosby & planet earth rock'n'roll orchestra, january 2-14, 1971, excellent quality, in the history of bootleg collecting rarely a single set of tapes, aroused so many speculations and undivided interest during, very long period of time as it was in the case of the recordings, od david crosby during and after recording of his solo album, if i could only remember my name, commonly called perro, tapes., it all started in 1991 with 120 minutes perro dat tape that, paul kantner made from the original tapes that were in the, possession of graham nash and at the same time c-90 cassette, with, presumably at the time, if i could only remember my, name outtakes started to circulate. later, the set of three c-90, cassettes was labeled, perro tapes, although a lot of materials, were instantly recognised as david and the dorks matrix tapes, and so called hart jam. in 1997, the first set of four cd-rs, included the most of non-perro tracks from the mentioned, cassettes. a year later, double cdr, if i could only remember, the outtakes, joint venture of a dutch collector and eastern, european collector started making turns in the trades among, the collectors of crosby and company. although often blamed, as the set of outfakes it was widely circulated for a long time., the first true reference set of perro discs showed up in 2001, and it was consisted of 2 cdr named, perro: the stephen, barncard rough mixes, and 2 cdr named, the perro, supplement: a collection of perro-related tracks, the first, two discs consisted of the complete legendary perro dat, recording in the best quality., the first, new, recordings started to circulate in 2007 with, the compilation of iicormn and perro tracks in the superior, quality than ever before. the bootleg was called, everybody, here can be in the band, but on the torrent sites it was called, david crosby sessions, or, iicormn - the sessions, . later in, the year, three sets of tracks started to circulate under titles:, acoustic, electric, and residue, all in similar superior, quality. some of the tracks were of suspicious origin, but the, improvement in quality was obvious., the set in your hands is the best quality and the most complete, collection of genuine iiormn outtakes and the best quality, versions of perro tracks. all outfakes were disregarded, same, as the tracks that were not the integral part of david crosby, sessions, such was jefferson airplane bark session that was, included in perro supplement., until something new would show up, i hope that this could serve, as true reference of magnificent david crosby sessions, from 1970-1971., pr, january 2008; Disc 1:, 1. Is it Really Monday, 2. You Sit There (Under Anesthesia), 3. Loser (Garcia's Tune), 4. Over Jordan (Wayfaring Stranger), 5. The Mountain Song #1, 6. The Mountain Song #2, 7. The Mountain Song #3, 8. The Mountain Song #4, 9. Walkin' In The Mountains, 0. Wild Turkey (Leather Winged Bat), 1. Jorma & Jerry's Jam #1, Disc 2:, 1. The Wall Song, 2. The Wall Song, 3. EEP Hours (Rounds), 4. Slide Jam, 5. Dope Rap with Piano, 6. Jorma & Jerry's Jam #2, 7. The Wall Song, Disc 1, tracks 1-4, 9: January 2, 1971, Disc 1, tracks 5-8: January 3, 1971, Disc 2, tracks 3-6: January 11, 1971, Disc 1, tracks 10-11 - Disc 2, tracks 1-2: January 14, 1971, Disc 2, track 7: November 9, 1971    ***
1/xx/71Perro Ruffs
 perro ruffs, recorded by stephen barncard4498   ***
1/2/71Wally Heider's Studio, San Francisco, CA
 recorded by stephen barncard 1970 197181260   ***
5/11/71The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 & saunders, partial, unknown source > reel > cd >28784B+   
5/20/71Keystone Korners, San Francisco, CA
 gems debbiestash smith 24; and merle100855B+nothing above 24k; clear sound but has some distortion an background crackling  
 boswell smith 24, and merle saunders126365    
 boswell smith , and merle saunders, here's126389B+in comparison around t1 1:40, 126389 has a little more hiss but less distortion and cracklies than on 100855 with otherwise similar sound ***
7/2/71Fillmore West Closing Week
 see rowan-peter 07/02/71; twofthrs, the rowan brothers, with jerry garcia, june 30th thru july 4th 1971, this was a mega tree i was involved in awhile ago when the archival group was around. they have since disbanded and are sorely missed. i'm sure that certain members are still around and sharing many different shows, but the "group" is gone., this set of show s i'm going to share were all compiled from that group. they are varied fm, pre- fm recordings from ksan-fm back in the day. these are how i got them on cdr. i will run them through eac and make them into flac files. art will be included with all torrents., this was a huge undertaking by some hard working folks and i would like to thank them for all they have done. thanks., cheers, twofthrs, first night 6/30/71, stoneground, cold blood, boz scaggs, second night 7/1/71, lamb, grotna, it's a beautiful day, elvin bishop, third night 7/2/71, rowan brothers w/jerry garcia, new riders of the purple sage w/jerry garcia, greatful dead, forth night 7/3/71, yogi phlegm, quicksilver messenger service, hot tuna (not allowed), fifth night 7/4/71, ccr, tower of power, santana/closing jam, http://members.tripod.com/ignatzmouse2/fw.htm B+in comparison on hickory day, twofthrs has a fuller sound with more hiss and off-air FM master reel>CDr is suppressed but has an extra song and different between song; this show is available for streaming at the concertvault.com in better quality  
 see various-san-francisco-bay 07/02/71; fillmore west closing week (30th anniversary tree) rowan brothers w/jerry garcia (off-air fm master reel>cdr); rowan brothers w/jerry garcia, (off-air fm master reel>cdr, 31:16), -----, --lacks grumbling angel, --lacks we're gonna get higher, 1. bill graham introduction (0:53), 2. hickory day (2:40), 3. heavens to betsy (2:59), 4. outside clover (2:51), -edit, 5. don't you worry about a thing (3:03), -edit, 6. better off dead (3:34), 7. peace and happiness (2:50), -edit, 8. mama don't you cry (4:20), 9. livin' the life on the farm (5:29), 10. move on down (2:37),  this is a close eac match on d5t1 to twofthrs version with same digital flaws  
 see rowan-peter 07/02/71 - rowan brothers w/jerry garcia, (off-air fm master reel>cdr), good to very good sound, mainly music is only on 1 channel; 1 Hickory Day, + Heavens To Betsy, 2 Outside Clover, 3 Grumbling Angel, 4 Better Off Dead, + Peace And Happiness, 5 Mama Don't You Cry, 6 We're Gonna Get Higher, 7 Livin' The Life On The Farm, 8 Move On Down, Peter Rowan - guitar, vocals, Lorin Rowan - guitar, vocals, Chris Rowan - guitar, vocals Bthis is suppressed by noise reduction with weak right channel  
9/24/71The Lion Share, San Anselmo, CA
 & merl saunders, early and late shows msr > 1c4497B+has some distortion but otherwise harsh and clear; in comparison on one kind favor, 4497 has a warmer fuller sound with more bass than 137584 and 138213 which were similar to each other ***
 sbd scotton miller sirmick , and merl137584 this is 24bit  
 jgms sbd scotton miller sirmick 137584, and merl138213   ***
12/7/71Jetty's Theater Music Hall, Washington, DC
 garcia & cage, picked up something i haven't seen6609B+in comparison to nrps 5/14/70 dat, 6609 has levels raised and compressed and has an easier to hear much fuller sound; 6609 is also 18 minutes longer; the nrps 5/14/70 dat is similar in content and sound quality to "Source: MR(See Notes Below)>?>C>DAT>WAV>SHN, C>SHN Conversion by Cousinit, Seeded to abgd August 2003" (which was filler on cousinits mars hotel outtakes 1973) except it also has noise reduction; 6609 is a close eac match on t1 and t2 to nrps 12/9/71 83606 with same digital flaws except 6609 has an additional discontinuity near the beginning of t7 but did not hear ithas some occasional pops***
 see filler on nrps 5/14/70 dat; garcia & cage,; My attempt at a setlist:, 1. unknown (Garcia & Cage duet), 2. Runnin' Back To You ( G&C no vocal), 3. unknown (G&C), 4. noodle (G&C), 5. Take Me Home Country Roads (G&C Marmaduke and others on vocals), 6. jazz riff (Cage), 7. Long Black Veil (G&C McDuke on vocals), 8. Anybody Goin' To San Antone (G&C plus McDuke), 9. unknown (Jerry out? - he mentions having to get to hotel at the airport), 10. unknown, 11. equipment fu, 12. unknown, 13. Seasons// (Weir on vocal)     
12/31/71Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 or march 5th, 1972 (3/5/72) sons of champlin, i104957B+