JG - Wondering What to Choose 1973
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/73unknown rehearsal
 Old & in the Way. Rehearsal Session, date unknow. This source is the seek tables appended version of74160B (same as 21855 except with seek tables)***
xx/xx/73Unknown Venue
 OAITW: unknown sbd; MA-R 90 Cassette Transfer: Tascam mkII > Korg MR1000 at 1bit/5.6mHZ > Korg Audio Gate Software > 32 bit float/96kHz > GEMS Edit Station > Weiss-Saracon for SRC and Pow-r3 Dither to 16 bit 44.1 kHz TLH for FLAC8 SBE FREE Transfers99499A-reported to be released on 10/8/73 Boarding House livedownloads; that has that has all the songs on 99499 plus more; 99499 has more hiss and has more bass which has more distortion in it ***
xx/xx/73unknown, unknown
 OAITW: MSR > ? > R @ 7.5 ips > AKAI GX 625 > Apogee Mini Me(24/96) > Apogee MiniDac (monitoring/mastering) > Wavelab 5.0 (dithered to 16/44 via Apogee) > CD > EAC > WAV (TLH confirms no sbes) > FLAC (TLH).99222Bmost of this is B+ quality but some of this is harsh and the tape stretches some in the last part ***
xx/xx/73rehearsal sessions
 Old And In The Way; Two discs containing two seperate rehearsal sessions on two unknown dates in 1973; Session One (disk 1) SBD M?>?>D>CD; Session Two (disk 2) M?>?>D>CD24074B-cd1 rates B, cd2 rates B- ***
xx/xx/73Demos for 2nd Garcia LP
 Demos for 2nd Garcia LP, sourced from Bootleg CD "Unsurpassed Vol. 7".28695Bnothing above 16k as if from a 32k dat; (some of this music is on shnid=96895 which was re-filed under 3/xx/74) ***
xx/xx/73That High Lonesome Sound, Old & In The Way
 That High Lonesome Sound, Old & In The Way$A   
xx/xx/73Old & In The Way, Old & In The Way
 Old & In The Way, Old & In The Way$A   
xx/xx/73Breakdown, Old and In The Way
 Breakdown, Old and In The Way$A   
xx/xx/73Fire Up, Merl Saunders
 Fire Up, Merl Saunders$A   
1/15/73Inn Of The Beginning, Cotati, CA
 Garcia & Saunders: MSR>PCM>DAT>CD. Find A Rainbow has a substantial cut.Go Climb A Mountain has a 12 second splice presumably due to reel flips. The sound is greatly distorted for first 2 songs and partly distorted for songs 3 and 4 due to problems on5428   ***
 Garcia & Saunders: MSR > PCM > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN. This set has an edited disc one from the9573B+9573 has same md5 as 5428 for d1 and d2; 9573 has the additional edit fix of d1; the d1 fix is recommended; vocals are very hard to hear and sounds very narrow for first song and improves afterward up to A- sound quailty ***
1/16/73The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA
 Mislabel of 1/24/73, confirmed by a user. Do not circulate.Was said to be Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders: Early Show - FM > reel > cassette (?) > PCM > flac34810B+has some hiss and some crackles ***
1/19/73Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 Betty Cantor's 10" master sbd reels @ 7.5ips 1/2trk > ? > CD > EAC > CDWave > , TLH (FLAC level 8).99636A-levels start low on d1t1 and then come up after frist minute ***
1/24/73Boarding House, San Francisco, CA
 Garcia & Saunders, Late Show: MSR > PCM > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN9783A-  ***
 Garcia & Saunders: Early Show: MSR > P > D > Digi001 > SHN; d2 filler: Expressway from late show; via R. Shriver and D. Metz4492A-  ***
 Early & Late: MSR > ? > DAT; Transfer: DAT > Sony D10P > Coax SPDIF > Audiophile-2496 > , Wavelab > R8Brain > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC 1644.100216 this seems to be from a 32k dat; in comparison on The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, 100216 has more hiss than 4492 and 4492 has a fuller warmer sound; in comparison on After Midnight,100216 has more hiss than 9783; as indicated 100216 does fix a number of flaws such as pops that are on 4492 and 9783 and those have the clipping and compression ***
1/25/73Boarding House, San Francisco, CA
 Garcia & Saunders: Early & Late Shows: MSR>C>D>CD, , Slightly re-tracked using WavMerge and CDWave,, .shn encoding using mkwACT, and proper sector, boundaries verified using shntool.7670A-  ***
3/2/73The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA
 Old & In The Way: Probable MFR > R > D > CD > SHN.11886  drop t3 3:40***
 Old & In the Way: FM MSR>R>D>CD; appears to be identical to http://db.etree.org/shninfo_detail.php?shnid=11886 seed but with different md5s; obtained from tol.20465 20465 is a close eac match on t1 to 11886 with same digital flaws except 20465 has moredrop t3 3:40; discontinuities between tracks***
 OAITW: KSAN-FM BROADCAST > OFF THE AIR REEL MASTER > CD > EAC > WAVE > FLAC, via Dave Tamarkin.84871B+in comparison on going to the races, 84871 has a little fuller harsher sound with less hiss than 11886; 84871 is longer than 11886 with 4 more unlisted tracks : 1 just a tramp on the street 2 waiting for a train 3 midnight moonlight 4 orange blossom special which are listed as on 85027 as from 11/4/73; 85027 has everything from both dates with matching ffp to the portion on 84871 ***
3/7/73Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 Garcia & Saunders, partial set II: MSR > DAT3x > Delta Dio 2496 > Soundforge > WAV > FLAC.31501A-  ***
4/16/73The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA
  SBD > ? > WBAI-FM Broadcast > SAE-2 Receiver > Sony DTC-670. Transfer: MFD > Sony D10P> Coax SPDIF > Audiophile 2496 > Wavelab > R8Brain > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC 1644.100404B+nothing above 16k as if from a 32k dat ***
 Old & In The Way, set I: Unknown source FM-SBD (WBAI Morning Dew show) > ? > CD > EAC > SHN.18422B+18422 has a fuller sound but more hiss than 100404 ***
4/21/73The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA
 Old & In The Way: Possible MFR > D > CD > EAC > SHN.11860Blooks and sounds suppressed and muffled with noise reduction ***
 fm flying m, old & in the way, ksan-fm, the source is from my reel-to-reel collection, 01. (end of) going to the races (patched from shn 11860), 02. willow garden, 03. kate hill, 04. 'till the end of the world rolls 'round *, 05. panama red, 06. hard hearted heart breaker, 07. bonaparte's retreat (soldiers joy), 08. wild horses, 09. lost in a world without you, 10. knockin' on your door, 11. lonesome l.a. cowboy (w/ the end patched from shn 11860), 12. fanny hill, 13. white dove, 14. land of the navajo, 15. the blue mule, [57:29], lineup:, peter rowan guitar, vocals, david grissman mandolin, vocals, jerry garcia banjo, vocals, richard green fiddle, john khan bass, source:, stereo fm radio broadcast > unknown > r2r > teac 4070g (1970's), transfer:, pioneer r2r > audigy 4 pro @ 24/44 (done back in 2010), preparation:, audacity (clean up a few flat spots and dropouts) > audiogate (16-44) >, audacity (patched missing segments as noted from shn 11860 source) > cd wav > flac (level 8) > stamp id3 tag editor, this one is from the record plant in sausalito, california (across the bay from san francisco)., for this live radio show richard green replaced vassar clemens and joins with the new boy, jerry garcia on the banjo., tom donahue, the father of fm radio is the dj and engineer for this broadcast., the lineage prior to my tape copy is unknown., the quality is very good, with a slight hiss noticeable in the quietest sections., my tape did not have the opening portion and included a cut in "lonesome l.a. cowboy"., patches were inserted using the shn 11860 source to complete the show ., * "'till the end of the world" has a squiggly spot in it, there is a slight speed difference between the tape and the shn 11860 patch source., someone with a better ear than mine can figure out which pitch is correct and tweak as needed., hope this makes some people smile., for historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use., enjoy what may be an upgrade for some, -m- (september 2013), flying m productions, fan recordings for collectors, trade freely but please do not buy or sell, logfiles:, flac conversion, jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr01.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr01.flac' (ratio = 0.315; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr02.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr02.flac' (ratio = 0.416; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr03.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr03.flac' (ratio = 0.470; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr04.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr04.flac' (ratio = 0.437; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr05.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr05.flac' (ratio = 0.441; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr06.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr06.flac' (ratio = 0.461; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr07.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr07.flac' (ratio = 0.467; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr08.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr08.flac' (ratio = 0.423; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr09.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr09.flac' (ratio = 0.431; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr10.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr10.flac' (ratio = 0.411; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr11.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr11.flac' (ratio = 0.439; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr12.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr12.flac' (ratio = 0.462; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr13.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr13.flac' (ratio = 0.397; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr14.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr14.flac' (ratio = 0.416; no need for sector alignment)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr15.wav: successfully encoded to 'jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr15.flac' (ratio = 0.462; 1824 zero-bytes appended for sector alignment)., no errors occured., verification, jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr01.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr02.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr03.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr04.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr05.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr06.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr07.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr08.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr09.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr10.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr11.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr12.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr13.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr14.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr15.flac: tested ok (file is decodable without error)., no errors occured., ffp, jg73-04-21-oaitw-record plant-tr01.flac:125747B+in comparison on willow garden, 11860 is much more muffled than125747 ***
5/4/73Homer's Warehouse, Palo Alto, CA
 Garcia & Saunders: MSR > DAT3x > Delta DIO 2496 > Soundforge > wav > flac.31283B+ static on d2t1, d2t2, d2t7 is annoying and hard to listen to these songs; also a little more elsewhere but not as long and bad***
5/5/73Homer's Warehouse, Palo Alto, CA
 Garcia & Saunders, "Dick's Gift": mSR> DAT> circulation; Jam through After Midnight portion of 5/5/73 Set 1 circulates as part of "Dick's Gift", rest is assorted from winter '73- spring '74 (material allegedly found unlabeled by Dick Latvala in the vaul4502 this comes from trade dat > otari cdr 18 > cdr > unknown number of trade cdrs > shn; this has had levels raised on d1 so clips where original transfer dat and cdr did notstatic d1t2 4:27***
 Garcia & Saunders: MSR > DAT3x > Delta Dio 2496 soundcard > Soundforge > Flac.32030A-32030 and 4502 are similar sound quality with 32030 being more complete for 5/5/73 ***
 60m, 108min, 48k, S>R>D; version "a"; unlabelled (reported to be 5/5/73 & 1/17/74), excellent to outstanding sound (some rare crackling in the music) the jerry site describes this as a 1973 unknown, comments:this tape circulates labled "lom mystery tape", these songs are from the winter or spring of '74, before martin fierro became a fulltime member. supposedly found in vault unlabled by dick latvala. it is doubtful that all these songs are from the same show. recordings:71 sbd (dat: msr>d); Set One: (4 songs and 36 minutes long)Jam >2:56 Jam >11:57 Are You Lonely For Me Baby? >11:37 After Midnight 8:12; probably from the winter or spring of '73. Supposedly found in vault unlabled by Dick Latvala. There is a guest guitarist for all four songs, possibly Tom Fogerty. Recordings:36 SBD (DAT: MSR>D); B 1974 Unknown Set One: (5 songs and 71 minutes long) Finders Keepers 10:12 Think 9:12 Lala 11:34 I Second That Emotion 14:31 My Funny Valentine 23:59  this is a close eac match on d2t2 to 4502 which means it has trade cdr generations in it off of this transfer from dat; they have same digital flaws for this 5/5/73 portion; however d1 on 4502 has had levels raised so clips where this does notstatic d2t2 4:26***
5/23/73The Ash Grove, Los Angeles, CA
 JGMS, Late Show: MAR (The Night Crew's Sony ECM-22Ps > Sony 770) > 2R > CD > EAC > SHN.9587B+sound is suppressed ***
6/5/73Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
 Old & In The Way: MA? > ? > D > CD > SHN.11889C+  ***
 OAITW: allsoundz's mono master audience cassette (unknown mic > Sony deck) > Tascam 122MKIII playback > Numark 20 Band Equalizer > HHB CDR 830 Tracked and slight editing in CD Wave > cdr > eac (secure mode) > flac (level 6).83303Bin comparison on Lonesome LA Cowboy, these are different recordings based on different crowd about 30 seconds into it; 11889 is less clear with a lot more hiss and 83303 has more songs in easier to hear quality; 83303 has some large analog drops on d1t2 not on 11889 so need that for full song ***
6/6/73Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 Old & In The Way: MA? > ? > D > CD > SHN.11887  static and drop d1t4 0:22***
 Old & In the Way: SBD master reel > 3rd gen cassette; playback on Nak CR7E; via Hanno Bunjes & Uli Teute25494   ***
 Old & In The Way: MATRIX> FLAC+SHN> WAV> Adobe Audition> FLAC-16T; Matrix Source: Legacy 1: SBRM>3rd Gen C>Nakamichi CR7E> DAT> CDR> FLAC,Legacy 2: AUDMA?> ?> DAT> CD> SHN and Legacy 3: AUDMA?> ?> DAT> CD> SHN Matrix Mastering by RJ 28929 (not all ffps match as this is a fixed verison of 28929); 25494 and 28929 have similar wav and spectral view and sound with a little different levels; 28929 has the song inserted from a different showd1t10 pig and a pen is from 6/5/73 shnid=11889 matching in wav and spectral view***
 OAITW: 7" 1/2 track master soundboard reels @ 7.5ips > Sony TC-388 (4-track) playback > Revox A77 1st gen reel (no Dolby) > AKAI GX-625 playback > Apogee Mini Me @ 24 bit/48K > Apogee Mini DAC (for monitoring) > Lynx One soundcard > Wavelab 5.0 >84446A-11887, 25494 and 28929 do not have any pig and a pen from this show where 84446 has a partial; 84446 also has more tuning at end of show; in comparison on down in the willow garden, 84446 has least hiss, then 25494 and 28929 have similar and then 11887 has much more ***
 flac2496: 7" 1/2 track master soundboard reels @ 7.5ips > Sony TC-388 (4-track) playback > Revox A77 1st gen reel (no Dolby) > AKAI GX-625 playback > Apogee Mini Me @ 24 bit/96K > Apogee Mini DAC (for monitoring) > Lynx One soundcard > W105568    
6/7/73Jerry Garcia interview by Dennis McNally, Graneray Park Hotel NYC
 aud interview mcnally tc3 128394, lineage: interviewer's recorder>cass>>>trade., transfer: dragon nr-out>zoomh4 16/44.1>hcsd 8gb >audacity>tlh>flac16., taperchuck3 april, 2014 enjoy!, 01 on record shop in boston, 02 the frame of the interview (last chapter in book 'desolate angel'), 03 the scene at north beach, art school 14-15 years old (1957), 04 first pick up guitar the scene started 1950? 55?, 05 the ne scene with neil: on tom wolf's book - accuracity (1960), 06 start of jerry's art inspiration. near palo alto, 7th grade 1953, quits high scholl at 15,16,17 ??, 07 jerry's guitar, 08 on neil: muscians, music gets neil off....., 09 after a watts' acid test, movie showing neil in action, 10 neil's reinactments during his story telling.., 11 how to tell when you are on or off.., 12 met neil, threw i-ching before test, 13 neil, 14 recordings of neil 1) matrix - comedian after hour rap! - ray anderson, record by bill graham, rock scully, 2) full tape -, 4) film, 5) ?, 15 neil's charachter, 16 jerry comment on 'acid graduation' from wolf's book., 17 neil's effect, metaphysical stuff ., 18, comment: 73 minutes. b- quality. voices, not hi-fi., a tape from rich petlock. thanks to rich and those who shared this tape before him. - chuck., jg1973-06-07.aud.interview.tc3.t-01.flac:128394B-sound improves after first few tracks ***
6/8/73Lake Whippoorwill, Warrenton, VA
 Old & In The Way: MAC (Taped by Jerry Moore, Sony 126 w/ built-in mic, right in front of stage) > ? > digital cleanup > CD. NB this originally circulated as "unknown aud" but has been confirmed to be from the Moore master.20681B  ***
7/5/73Lion's Share, San Anselmo, CA
 Garcia & Saunders: MSR > DAT4x > Delta DIO 2496 > Soundforge > WAV > CD Wave Editor > FLAC.79032A-mostly A quality except the trumpet distorts ***
7/8/73Record Plant, Sausalito, CA
 Garcia & Saunders: Probable MSR (pre-FM) > 1C > D > CDs > EAC > SHN11039A13066 and 11039 have same wav and spectral view and levels; 13066 has a lot more drops and discontinuity popsdrop/cut between cdrs, drops discontinuity pops***
 Source: KSAN FM > MR > DAT > CD13066  drops between tracks. discontinuity pops***
7/10/73Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 JGMS, partial: MSR > 2P > 3D > 1CD > EAC > SHN.8074  has a lot of digipops t1 2:36 to 2:53***
 JGMS: MSC > PCM > HHB CDR 800 master CD > Plextor PX-708A extraction (EAC v0.95 prebeta 5) > tracking (CD Wave) > sector boundary verification (shntool v2.0.3) > .flac encoding (flac v1.1.0).27279   ***
 flac1644: Matt Smith 24bit 96kHz Reel Transfer.Multitracks (Bob and Betty Ampex MM110)>2 track mixdown MR>R @ 7 1/2 ips.(WB) > DVD; Editing and Mastering by Jamie Waddell on the **GEMS** Edit Station. Weiss-Saracon for SRC and Pow-r3 Dither105262A-105262 has more of show than 8074 and 27279 and has a warmer fuller sound; but get the keystone boxset; still need this reportedly for the harder they come and second that emotion missing from that ***
 flac2496: Multitracks(Bob and Betty Ampex MM110)>2 track mixdown MR>R @ 7 1/2 ips.(WB)>DVD. Editing and Mastering by Jamie Waddell on the **GEMS** Edit Station , Weiss Saracon for Pow-r3 Dither105264    
 Live at the Keystone, Volume 2$   ***
 Keystone Companions: The Complete 1973 Fantasy Recordings$Athis has very similar wav and spectral view and levels and sound on d1t1 to t1 of keystone encores; in comparison on d2t5 to keystone vol1 t2 they are more different in wav and spectral view but sounded similar  
 Keystone Encores$   ***
 Live at the Keystone, Volume 1$   ***
7/11/73Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 Garcia & Saunders: MSR > 2P > 3D > 1CD > EAC > SHN.8075Aget keystone boxset but reported to need first 5 minutes or so of that's alright mama from 8075 missing from that ***
7/19/73Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
 Saunders & Garcia (w/Martin Fierro). Source: MSR > PCM > C > C > DAT > WAV >SHN. Partial recording of second set.24318B+has hiss  
7/21/73The Lion Share, San Anselmo, CA
 MR@7.5 ips(Recorded by Betty Cantor on her Nagra)>R@ 3.3/4ips.(Jerry Garcia copy)>R @3.3/34 ips(Will Boswell).
, Transfer info:Akai GX636>Apogee Mini Me @24/96>Mini DAC(monitoring/mastering)>Lynx One soundcard>Wavelab 5.0(dithered to 16/44 via
113805B+(early) in comparison on hobo song, 113805 has the fullest sound, then 20507, then 6386 which seems muffled by noise reductionanalog drop d1t 4:16, 4:18***
 Lineage:MR@7.5 ips(Recorded by Betty Cantor on her Nagra)>R@ 3.3/4ips.(Jerry Garcia copy)>R @3.3/34 ips(Will Boswell)
, Transfered and mastered by Matt Smith 5/11
, Cd > flac using dbpoweramp, Checksums created with TLH gballen 05-29-2011,
113845A-(late)analog drop d1t12 2:06, d2t10 4:29***
 Old & in the Way: This was a rehearsal session in a back room at The Lion Share. SBD> ???> Cass> cdr6386    
 Old & In the Way: Pitch-corrected version of11462 11462 has same wav and spectral view and levels as 6386, except 11462 fixes a drop on that ones t1 right channel by pasting over the left channel and 11462 has been slowed down; they both look like they have noise reduction which is more severe on the second half of the show ***
 Old & in the Way, rehearsal: SBD (unknown lineage). Unclear how this might relate to other circulating .shn sets for this date.20507 20507 is a close eac match to 21835 on t1; 20507 has more digital flawsdiscontinuities between tracks***
 Old & in the Way: SBD (unknown lineage), From Bluegrassbox ftp.21835   ***
7/23/73Boarding House, San Francisco, CA
 Old and in the Way; MSR>D>CD; Wicked Path Of Sin, Blue Mule and Hobo Song are all cut and appear to be cut on the Master SBD Reel; Filler: O&ITW "Reunion" - AUD ??/??/9?; via T. MacLachlan4490A-in comparison on hobo song, 4490 has a warmer sound than 11888 which has more hiss as if the tone was adjusted harsher  
 Old & In The Way: Possible MSR > ? > D > CD > SHN.11888   ***
7/24/73Homer's Warehouse, Palo Alto, CA
 Old & In The Way: Possible MSR > D > CD > EAC > SHN.11861A-  ***
 see the band 07/27/73, tech notes:, 2 sony ecm-22p electret condenser, microphones into, hitachi trq-222 stereo cassette recorder, using tdk sd-90 cassette tape, transferred the mc using a sony tc we-175 deck with a dbx 2231 eq, to a sony rcd w500c, which is a standalone cd recorder, master audience cassettes > eq > cdr > eac > cdr >, eac > wave > trader's little helper > flac, jim cooper january 2010, disk 4 disc 4, saturday july 28, 1973, the concert part 3, summer jam (various members of), allman brothers, the band & grateful dead), watkins glen, ny. raceway, july 28, 1973, after the main event, rick danko, 1 a change is gonna come (1st take), 2 a change is gonna come, 3 rick & crowd converse, 4 rainin' in my heart, 5 it hasn't been planned, 6 tuning & direction as various musicians converge & proceed to mill about & play, 7 richard manuel vocal have you ever been mistreated, 8 go jerry, 9 da di de day rick vocal, 10 not fade away, 11 level checking, 12 let me wrap you in my warm & tender love rick and jerry vocals, 13 reelin' & rockin', 14 we want our money back, 15 mountain jam, 16/17 amazing grace, 18 mountain jam B+   
9/5/73S.S. Bay Belle (NYC Harbor), New York, NY
 JGMS, I/IIp: SBD > ? > Maxell XLII90 > Nak CR3A > HP Computer > Sound Forge > CDWav > Flac.85468B+  ***
9/6/73Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 Garcia & Saunders: MAC (Jerry Moore, AKG D1000Es > Sony TC-110) > D > CD.8076  drop in music d2t4 6:53***
 Garcia & Saunders: MAC (Taped by Jerry Moore, single AKG D-1000E [hand-held from left mezzanine, Row N, Seat 10A for first song, then on ledge from first row of mezzanine] > Sony TC-110 [TDK C-120SD]) > Tascam 112MK-II playback > Sony R500 {SBM} > Del16878Bin comparison on one kind favor, 8076 sounds similar to 16878; 8076 has more digital flaws and rougher tape transitions; this is harsh ***
9/30/73Community Center, Stinson Beach, CA
 Old & In The Way: Possible FOB MAR > D > CD > EAC > SHN.11862B+  ***
10/xx/73Unknown date/venue in October of 1973
 Old & In The Way: MSR > 2R > DAT > CD [> SHN]14216Bsuppressed sound ***
10/2/73Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 JGMS: MSR > DAT4x > Delta DIO 2496 > Soundforge > WAV > CD Wave Editor > FLAC.83809B+  ***
10/8/73The Boarding House, San Francisco, California
 The Boarding House, San Francisco, California$   ***
11/3/73Keystone, 2119 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704
 s1s2p sbd 123279, and merl saunders, (saturday), 123 minute soundboard, --set i (7 tracks, 83:05)--, s1t01. ... after midnight [7:26] (1) [2:48], s1t02. expressway (to your heart) [10:59] ->, s1t03. collective improvisation [15:50] ->, s1t04. transition to merl's tune [2:13] ->, s1t05. merl's tune [7:58] [2:34], s1t06. someday baby [16:19] [1:55], s1t07. i second that emotion [14:50] (2) [0:11] %, --set ii (2 tracks, 39:51, incomplete)--, s2t01. .. mystery train [10:01] [0:15], s2t02. my funny valentine [29:05] (3), ! band: jerry garcia and merl saunders, ! lineup: jerry garcia - el-g, vocals;, ! lineup: merl saunders - keyboards;, ! lineup: john kahn - el-bass;, ! lineup: bill vitt - drums;, ! lineup: martin fierro - saxophone, flute., jgmf:, ! recording: symbols: % = recording discontinuity; / = clipped song; // = cut song; ... = fade in/out; # = truncated timing; [ ] = recorded event time. the recorded event time immediately after the song or item name is an attempt at getting the "real" time of the event. so, a timing of [x:xx] right after a song title is an attempt to say how long the song really was, as represented on this recording., ! tjs: http://www.thejerrysite.com/shows/show/907., ! db: none as of 12/31/2012., ! map: http://goo.gl/maps/z22bn, ! metadata: the show seems originally to have been booked, and was billed, as old and in the way . it was listed that way in "scenedrome," berkeley barb, november 2-8, 1973, p. 17 and hayward daily review, october 26, 1973, p. 34. however, the staska-mangrum column from 11/2 listed it as jgms (staska, kathie, and george mangrum. 1973. rock talk from kg: country song goes to town. hayward daily review, november 2, 1973, p. 44), and the tape is, plainly, jgms. of course, the next night would feature the least complete oaitw show, and it only occurred as late as november 4th because of a rainout at sonoma state on the initial date of october 7th., ! r: the recording information i report is pieced together from available information, and may not be definitive., ! r: analog source tapes 1) betty cantor jackson's 10" master soundboard reel [msr] @ 7.5ips 1/2 trk (nagra iv-s, uncertain tape stock) (3rd betty batch, tape #53, 11/3/73 reel #1, set i, 83 minutes); 2) betty cantor jackson's 10" msr @ 7.5ips 1/2 trk (nagra iv-s, uncertain tape stock) (3rd betty batch, tape #36, 11/3/73 reel #2, end of show; first part of reel blank)., ! r: analog to digital transfer by re, winter 1996: otari 50/50 reel to reel > apogee 500 a/d converter > panasonic sv3700 dat @ 16 bits, 48 khz. the story of these tapes was written up in the late 2012 new yorker article (paumgarten 2012)., ! r: subsequent: uncertain dat > wav > cd > eac (extraction) > cdwave (tracking) > tlh (flac8 encoding) > foobar2000 (tagging) by jgmf., ! r: this recording is nothing short of spectacular. it enters in the pocket and stays there. betty cantor-jackson, thank you! listeners: we are truly blessed to care about the music that betty cared enough to record for us. it's like rudy van gelder or something. we are truly lucky music fans. and thanks to whoever had the foresight to salvage these tapes, and to have re, a grammy-winning recording engineer, preserve them. posterity thanks you., ! historical: so good to hear this show. as of this writing, the only garcia/saunders shows in circulation after the thoroughly-documented (and now completely officially released as keystone companions: the complete 1973 fantasy recordings, fantasy, 2012 [allan | deaddisc] ) july 10-11, 1973 keystone shows are the fragment of the 9/5/73 hell's angels show, the complete capital theatre (passaic, nj) show of september 6, 1973, and another hell's angels thing at winterland on october 2, 1973. after that, it's all the way out to january 17-18-19, 1974. hearing this november show is potentially really important in stitching together a musical analysis of the band's evolution., ! s1t01 (1) @ 7:58 jg: "mr. p.a. man, turn up the monitors and the p.a. please, would ya? that is, could ya?", ! p: s1t02 the jam portion of expressway is very, very nice., ! setlist: s1t02-s1t05: i had a real bear of a time deciding how to track the 40-minute continuous piece of music between after midnight and someday baby. it's pretty extraordinary! i used to prefer more markers to fewer, then i eased off of that for some years, and now i am feeling that they have great value. one way or another, we need good metadata on what was actually performed, and the timings of the various pieces. future musicologists will thank us, or not. and with a jam like this, it's an exercise in false precision and linearity no matter how you slice it. this is how i slice it. i feel reasonably comfortable with s1t02 as expressway. they leave the song structure, key, tempo, etc. at that point, which is when i drop in the "jam" track (something else that i have gotten away from). the "collective improvisation" covers lots of terrain. it even contains hints of the tune to follow, the merl saunders original "merl's tune". so, obviously, i split the baby with the tracking of merl's tune. what i do is just logically indefensible, not least since there are hints of merl's tune all through the "jam". merl's tune has a pretty distinctive three-note start. once merl plays that and it "takes" (i.e., he doesn't wander away from it until merl's tune has definitely been played), i start the transition track. then i track the song proper, well, when i think the song proper starts. finally, though, they bail out of merl's tune before the end of the track i have made for it. so, if i were being consistent, i'd probably track this out, too. i am not being consistent., ! personnel: the personnel identified is per the tape box as noted by re., ! setlist: the start of the second reel was blank, and we clearly have an end of show announcement (see note (3), below). so we appear to be missing the start of set ii., ! r: s1t01 after midnight very low amplitude, lots of mix and level fluctuations, first minute and a half or so., ! p: s1t03 neat little jam jg descending at 3:44, gdish ... @ 4:00 martin jumps in with a descending, decaying run of five notes, and then a more melodic, higher, quicker five-note melody that he copped from somewhere. garcia starts vamping a little bit, and things really swing for a nice little 90 second thing, check it out around 4:45. martin doing some very distinctive lines @ 5:10, really smooth (quoted again @ 5:30 ... garcia playing very structured melody. if this were the gd, this jam would have gone somewhere, i hate to say it. then jerry is articulating some long sentences toward the late 7- and early 8-minute range. again, late in the 8-min mark, with some very distinctive clusters of notes, definitely saying something. starts bending @ 9:19 .. mmmm ..., ! p: s1t03 john kahn locks in on the three-note opening bass line of "merl's tune" for awhile @ 9:30, ! p: s1t03 @ 10:15 martin is playing his after midnight thing. john joins him and so does jerry. merl is doing the mt line at 10:44 but since he abandons it for awhile again i don't start tracking it here. for a few minutes, if you started playing this at any point here and forced me to say what song it is, i think i'd say after midnight. jerry is strumming his after midnight strum. john could be repetitively doing his after midnight bass line toward the end of this segment, too. i guess these are their merl's tune lines? maybe it's just that merl's tune has a melodic structure that sounds (to me) a little like after midnight., ! p s1t03 martin some copped cti-type line @ 10:54, 11 ish., ! p: s1t03 this jam is @@ extraordinary. this may be one of the finest pieces of garcia-saunders jamming on tape., ! s1t05 merl's tune is a neat composition. it has the voodoo bite of lots of merl saunders's tunes, but also has a little swing break that puts me in mind of a carnival whirlicue, a spinning thing., !p: s1t05 mt merl switches @ 1:59 to an electric piano or clavichord kind of sound, back to organ @ 2:14. martin comes in on flute @ 2:13. @ 2:42 garcia enters a descending grateful dead kind of space ... descending 8-note lines ... absolutely gorgeous. some beautiful, fragile, melodic stuff. this is a @@ beautiful jam. then martin comes in cheek-squealing and spitting and farting, and the moment passes. martin hits a familiar lick @ 3:38. by about 4:45 they return do a dark space pretty well unmoored from the song. @ 5:15 jg does some mournful whale-wailing that's too brief., ! s1t07 (2) jg: "we're gonna take a break for a little while. we'll be back in a few minutes. thank you.", ! setlist: s2t01 has traditionally been listed as "that's alright mama", but it's actually mystery train., ! r: s2t01 mystery train enters in progress., ! s2t02 (3) jg: "well, it's closin' time in berkeley, everybody. thanks a lot for comin' by and all that.", ! s2t02 after the show-closing announcement, garcia strums after midnight. funny. as i heard in the long set i jam, "after midnight" permeates this show, thematically. and since the announcement probably came sometime near or after 2 a.m., that chord might just be a musical accompaniment to the announcement. "after midnight", indeed. if i were bootlegging this, that's what i'd call it. how original., ! thanks to all involved in making and preserving this music., ! url: http://jgmf.blogspot.com/123279B+this is close to A- sound but seemed a little to harsh for that ***
11/4/73California State College Sonoma, Cotati, CA
 Old & In The Way: MSR > ? > D > CD.10126   ***
 OAITW: SB REEL MASTER > CD > EAC > WAVE > FLAC, via Dave Tamarkin.85027A-has same ffp as 84871 ; in comparison on hobo song, 84871 and 10126 sounded similar; 85027 has more songsanalog drop***
11/28/73Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco, CA
 Garcia & Hart; flac1644; MOTB 0153; Robert Castelli's Sony ECM 270 >> Sony TC-110 (mono)  >> MAC >> Nakamichi CR7a => Korg MR-1000 >> DSF [1-bit 5.6448 MHz Stereo] >> Korg MR-1000 => Korg AudioGate >> WAV [24/96] [>> FLAC1644]. Transfer By109237A  ***
12/31/73Cow Palace, Daly City, CA
 Interview by Tom Donahue with Jerry Garcia. Unknown lineage from radio.102450Bmuffled ***
 source: master reel-> DAT-> CDR-> SHN, 1155Ado not have shnid 119889 or 115498 to compare against; in comparison on linda lou, "Source: Wolfgang's Vault 44.1 kHz Stream -> Soundforge 6.0, Transfer: Soundforge 6.0 -> WAV -> Split Tracks -> FLAC 16" was harsher and lossy; "from master reel, Soundboard - Excellent (from master reel)" was similar sound but lossy