jg - Wondering What to Choose 1974
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xx/xx/74Garcia Hells Angels Interview
 hellsangelsinterview, this is a very short clip i recorded off the tv in about 1974. i believe it was a documentary about the hells angels. they had advertised that garcia was in it. this was all that he appeared in in the documentary. basically, it's just geraldo rivera asking him about the hells angels. i had it on the end of another tape, and thought some people might like to hear it. it's about a mnute and a half long., because i was transferring something else, it was transferred from the reel at 24-bits, 96khz, and then converted down to 16-bit, 44.1 overkill for mono spoken audio taken off the tv speaker. i ran a wire from the speaker to a mic plug and plugged that into the recorder., comments: droncit@yahoo.com B  ***
1/17/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 saunders,, the lineage: sbd=>mr =>dat (44 1khz)20678   ***
 & saunders, original shnid 20678 information76398 sbd patched with aud and sbd ***
 & saunders, original shnid 10024 information76399 aud 10024 patched with sbd ***
 & saunders, original shnid 10024 information76471 aud 10024 patched with another aud ***
 & saunders, original shnid 20678 information76474Asbd patched with two auds and sbd; in comparison on second that emotion sound board is much clearer, warmer and fuller and less distorted than mtx 90365 and aud 76399; in comparison on harder they come 76474 has a fuller tinnier sound with more bass than 136780 so could choose either ***
 & saunders, sbd + aud matrix 4 source mix90365   ***
 see jg73-05-05-dicks-gift-a.flacf; version "a"; trade dat     
 s2t sbd mr dat48k , and merl saunders, set136780   ***
1/18/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 garcia & saunders, mac > d > cd > eac > shn8873 see 1/17/74 ***
 & saunders, mac > d > cd > eac > shn, recorded by10024B+this is a close eac match to 8873 on d1t1 and reports to reduce pops; most of this is reported as 1/17/74 but need d2t7 to end for 1/18/74; harsh ***
1/19/74Pauley Ballroom, U. of California, Berkeley, CA
 saunders, benefit concert, s:r > p > d > cd > eac8064A-  ***
2/xx/74Venue Unknown
 saunders, generic genealogy: a:c>d>cd, specific8654B+  ***
2/2/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 berger , *set ii with jerry garcia on116002B+87239 has matching ffp to first set of 116002; cuts into first song and then sound is shaky for first 15 seconds; d1t12 Down In The Boondocks repeats d1t11 ***
2/5/74Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
 & saunders, probable msr > ?r > dats > cds > eac11254A-  ***
 & merl saunders, source: msr (sony tc 377, 7"32088 in comparison on someday baby, 32088 and 11254 have similar sound, 11254 has more clipping, compression, and limiting which causes distortion in a few spots on it; 32088 has more between song time than on 11254 and 32088 has the other reported improvements ***
2/9/74Rheem Theater, Moraga, CA
 jerry garcia, merl saunders, john kahn, bill6381Ain comparison on second that emotion, 30597 and 6381 sounded similar while 126304 and 17787 was more compressed and not as warm with 17787 less so; in comparison on mystery train, 30597 was warmer than 126304; 30597 has some bad flaws so select all of 6381, then what comes after on 30597, and then 126304 for Roadrunner ***
 garcia & saunders, master soundboard reels (7"17787A-  ***
 legion of mary, source:, sb reel 15 ips (baked30597A digipop d1t4 8:57, d2t1 9:25; drop/cut d1t1 1:17; drop/pop d1t1 1:34***
 sbd boswell smith , & merl saunders126304   ***
2/10/74Keystone Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
 1song sbd mf noid , and merl saunders, 7122026A-  ***
2/16/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 saunders, generic genealogy: a:c>d>cd, specific8063   ***
 and merl saunders, msr>dat3x>delta dio 249691471A-in comparison on second that emotion, 91471 has a fuller clearer sound than 8063; 91471 has more songs; 136781 sounded the same and is an alternate ***
 sbd mr dat48k , and merl saunders, source:136781   ***
3/xx/74Compliments Of Garcia Outtakes, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California
 sbd gmb ; march xx 1974, source: soundboard96895B+this was originally listed as Unknown 1973; in comparison to bootleg 28695 (xx/xx/73) on road runner, 96895 is harsher but has less distortion ***
3/8/74Unknown Venue, Stinson Beach, CA
 (rehearsal), master(?) cassette > 20 bit transfer32377A-  ***
3/9/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 /merl saunders, smr>dat3x>delta dio33750A-in comparison on the harder they come, 136782 sound sthe same as 33750 ***
 s2 sbd mr dat48k , and merl saunders, set136782   ***
4/20/74Pilgrimage Theater, Los Angeles, CA
 great american music band, show sponsored by20699   ***
 gamb sbd smith ; great american music band93823Ain comparison on Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms, 93823 has a fuller warmer sound than 20699; bootleg Jerry Garcia Box Set on Deadman label lists Ebbets Field Denver 5/11/74 which matches to this show based on same intro and has a less full sound than 93823 and is incomplete; the bootleg version also circulated on etree servers with the same wrong date and venue with legion of mary filler described as SBD>?>CD and was a close eac match to the bootleg ***
4/26/74Marin Veterans' Memorial Building and Grounds, San Rafael, CA
 gasb all 1 aud moran ; great american99532Bthis is not the same show as that on the Marin County Bluegrass Festival, April 27-28, 1974 compilations based on different introduction of My Plastic Banana Is Not Stupid ***
4/28/74Marin County Veterans' Aud and Grounds, San Rafael, CA
 old and in the way, recording: aud ma?>?>d>cd21525 21525 is same show as that on the Marin County Bluegrass Festival, April 27-28, 1974 compilations based on same talk after High Lonesome Sound; 21525 is more muffled so recommend the berger version of the compilation  
 see various-bluegrass 04/27/74; dates of particular sets are noted if known. otherwise, the material is in the order that it appeared on the reels., lineage: sbd reel > dat > cdr, (playback: sony tc 765 reel > sbm1 > sony d8 > tascam cd-rw4u > soundforge), thanks to jeff korona for this fine gem!, any info contact usalai@nycap.rr.com, stellablue.etree.org; disc one 75:25, unknown act:, 01 - instrumental, 02 - i don't believe you met my baby, 03 - fire on the mountain, homestead act:, 04 - i've been everywhere, 05 - take five (brubeck), 06 - way down in georgia?, 07 - chime bells, 08 - diggy liggy lo, 09 - the foggy mountain breakdown, emmylou harris:, 10 - jambalaya, 11 - instrumental, tut taylor and norman blake:, 12 - southern railroad blues, doc & merle watson:, 13 - footprints through the snow, 14 - man walking on the water >, keep on the sunny side, 15 - wabash cannonball, unknown act:, 16 - mule's done gone away, 17 - are you missing me, doc & merle watson:, 18 - poor boy blues, 19 - wabash cannonball, 20 - salt creek, 21 - tennessee stud, great american string band:, 22 - my plastic banana, 23 - dawg's rag (with richard green), 24 - i'll be the gambler if you'll deal the cards, disc two 73:23, great american string band:, 01 - sweet georgia brown, the hired hands:, 02 - bear tracks, 03 - standin' on the mountain, 04 - pick away, 05 - cotton mill man //, 06 - the river of jordan, great american string band: 4/27/74, (jerry garcia, david grisman, richard green, taj mahal, david nichtern), 07 - mabeline, 08 - johnny b. goode, jim & jesse mcreynolds and the virginia boys:, 09 - dueling banjos, tut taylor and norman blake:, 10 - instrumental, 11 - instrumental, mac wiseman:, 12 - the wreck of the old 97, 13 - catfish john, 14 - love letters in the sand, 15 - shackles and chains, 16 - prisoner song, 17 - jimmy brown, 18 - i wonder how the old folks are at home, 19 - man walking on the water, 20 - keep on the sunny side of life, frank wakefield with jerry garcia:, 21 - jesus loves his mandolin player #1, 22 - heartbreak hotel, 23 - orange blossom special, doc & merle watson:, 24 - doc bog's country blues, 25 - movin' on, 26 - wabash cannonball, 27 - tennessee stud, disc three 79:50, ramblin' jack elliot:, 01 - talking fishing blues, 02 - don't think twice, it's alright, 03 - down the line, 04 - pretty boy floyd, doug dillard & frank wakefield:, 05 - dixie breakdown, nitty gritty dirt band with garcia & vassar clements, doc watson, dave nelson, john hartford & jerry mills:, 06 - tulane and johnny, 07 - cosmic cowboy, 08 - jambalaya, 09 - sally goodin, 10 - battle of new orleans, 11 - teardrops in my eyes, 12 - bonie maronie, 13 - randy lynn rag, 14 - flint hill special, 15 - mr. bojangles, 16 - honky tonkin', 17 - diggy liggy lo, 18 - will the circle be unbroken, 19 - way downtown fooling around, 20 - down yonder, disc four 19:31, old and in the way: 4/28/74, 01 - high lonesome sound (brief tape munch), 02 - pig in a pen, 03 - panama red, 04 - wild horses, 05 - the hobo song  Jerry on Great American String Band, Greenbriar Boys, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Old and in the Wayhas some discontinuity pops expecially on d2t26 
 part of jerrities vol 1 cd, nitty gritty dirt band, w/ jerry garcia, frank wakefield & vassar clements, source info:, the 1974 recording comes from a soundboard cassette of unknown geneology; 25 Heartbreak Hotel*, 26 Orange Blossom Special*, 27 Jambalaya**, 28 Sally Goodin'**, 29 Battle Of New Orleans**, *Jerry Garcia on banjo, Frank Wakefield on mandolin, Vassar Clements on fiddle, ** Jerry Garcia on telecaster!  this looks like from 32k dat; this is more muffled with more hiss than berger comp 84849 on heartbreak hotel  
 see various bluegrass 04/27/74; april 27 2884849A-Jerry on Great American String Band, Greenbriar Boys, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Old and in the Way; the berger comp is a not close eac match on d4t5 to the Korona comp; the berger comp has less digital flaws than the Korona comp  
5/11/74Denver, CO
 great american string band, sbd>?>cd; Dawg's Bull, My Plastic Banana, Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms, Midnight At The Oasis + filler legion of mary for 2 songs  this is 4/20/74 and matches intro; this is same as bootleg Jerry Garcia Box Set on Deadman label and a close eac match ot it on t3 and t3; in comparison on ***
6/4/74The Lion Share, San Anselmo, CA
 garcia/saunders, sndbd >reel >pcm >dat >cdr6379A-in comparison on harder they come, 6379 has similar sound to 90003, but 90003 has more digital flaws;drop/cut between cdrs***
 & merle saunders, source: msr > pcm > dat90003  drop/cut between cdrs; static/drop d1t1 0:35***
 sbd gems, and merl saunders, venue141971A-in comparison on The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down, 141971 and 6379 sounded similar; it ssemed 141971 has a slightly better sound but hard to say why ***
6/5/74Lion's Share, San Anselmo, CA
 saunders, set 2,, s:r?>?>cd, extraction (eac)8062A-this is lossy as if from minidisk ***
6/6/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 generic genealogy: a:c>d>cd, specific genealogy:6375A-  ***
6/12/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 great american string band, s:r>c>d>cdx1>eac>shn7331A-  ***
 great american string band, aud cassette83232   ***
 great american string band, sbd > rm > cass >83290A-7331 and 83290 sounded similar on I'll Be A Gambler If You Deal The Cards so could choose either; 83290 has higher levels than 7331; aud 83232 has a less full sound ***
6/13/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 great american string band, ms? > ? > cd > eac >13768A-13768 looks like from 32k dat; in comparison on I'll Be A Gambler If You Deal The Cards, 13768 has a fuller sound than 110663; need 110663 as it has more complete songs ***
 gasb aud castelli menke motb 0159 2496;110798    
 gasb aud castelli menke motb 0159 ; motb110663B+  ***
6/14/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 gasb aud castelli menke motb 0156 ; motb110664B+  ***
7/2/74The Bottom Line, New York, NY
 all aud moore , garcia/saunders, recorded112133   ***
 saunders, mac (taped by jerry moore, two akg14984Bin comparison on That's The Touch I Like, 112133 is more suppressed than 14984 ***
7/3/74Bottom Line, New York, NY
 & saunders, source: unknown audience, transfer:6611B+in comparison on Harder They Come, 6611 has a warmer sound than 112339 and 14985 ***
 saunders, mac (taped by jerry moore, two akg14985   ***
 all aud moore , garcia/saunders, recorded112339   ***
7/12/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 saunders, generic genealogy: a:c>d>cd, specific8072B+  ***
7/13/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 and merle saunders, source: sbd>?>c>dat>wav>shn25623B+  ***
7/21/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 93mins sbd betty , and merl saunders117653B+first half rates A- but second half gets more distortion in it bringing it to B+ ***
7/22/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 set 1, disc 1, i dunno??, boogie on reggae woman4488 4488 looks lossy as if from minidisk ***
 legion of mary, source: msr>c>dat>cdrs>eac>shn10127 10127 looks lossy as if from minidisk ***
 & merl saunders, source: sbd: msr > pcm > dat86198A-in comparison on How Sweet It Is, 86198 has a fuller clearer sound than 10127 and 4488 which are similar to each other; 86198 has more of the show ***
8/9/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 generic genealogy: a:c>d>cd, specific genealogy:8073B+  ***
8/11/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 saunders, generic genealogy: a:c>d>cd, specific6382B+last 2 songs rate B quality ***
 flac24 2.32gig; garcialive vol9 24, & merl saunders -, digital download flac, 24 bit, 88.2 khz : $14.99, garcialive volume nine presents jerry garcia & merl saunders' august 11th, 1974 performance at keystone in berkeley, ca. joining garcia & saunders this evening were john kahn on bass, martin fierro on saxophone & flute and the grateful dead's bill kreutzmann on drums. as the site of over 200 performances by garcia in various configurations, the keystone berkeley stage likely felt more like an extension of the saunders' family garage where the group would often practice. it was a space without pressure or pretense one in which they could freely experiment with arrangements, new repertoire and, most of all, just jam., saunders' influence on garcia's musical development is plainly heard on garcialive volume nine. as garcia once noted in an interview, "[saunders] filled me in on all those years of things i didn't do. i'd never played any standards; i'd never played in dance bands. i never had any approach to the world of regular, straight music. he knew all the standards, and he taught me how bebop works. he taught me music. while the evening's setlist focuses primarily on standards, the approach is anything but regular or straight. a free-spirited version of the four tops's r&b classic ain't no woman (like the one i've got), one of the evening's easy highlights, showcases garcia & saunders' ability to reimagine standards through inventive arrangements and fiery virtuosity permeated with soul. other standouts from this performance include a surging (i'm a) roadrunner and an extended take on jimmy cliff's the harder they come which clocks in at nearly 20 minutes., item #: jydd20, tracklist:, set 1:, 1.) that's what love will make you do, 2.) la la, 3.) it ain't no use, 4.) mystery train, set 2:, 1.) the harder they come, 2.) ain't no woman (like the one i've got), 3.) it's too late, 4.) (i'm a) road runner, 5.) the night they drove old dixie down$A   
8/15/74Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
 **note: this previously circulated as 8/14/748650B+in comparison on how sweet it is 116253 has a harsher sound than 8650 and that harshness makes the distortion in the vocals more upfront; 8650 does have the noted digital flawsdrop d2t6 1:30***
 sony f995 menke mccabe , and merl saunders116253   ***
8/23/74Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
 saunders, mac > c > r > d > cd > eac > shn9416B-  ***
8/24/74Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
 saunders, 0" msr > c > dat > cd > eac > shn10612A-  ***
8/30/74Freeborn Hall (University of California Davis), Davis, Ca
 legion of mary, source: msr>c>dat>cdrs>eac>shn6380A-  ***
8/31/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 garcia/saunders, generic genealogy: a:c>d>cd8078B+  ***
9/1/74Pure Jerry: Keystone Berkeley
 pure jerry;, jerry garcia & merl saunders band, initial release : 2004, jerry made jgcd0004, 3 cd archive release of music from the jerry garcia and merl saunders band show at the keystone on september 31, 1974., tracks, disc 1;, neighbor, neighbor (valier), keepers (saunders / kahn), sitting in limbo (bright / chambers), favela (jobim), tough mama (dylan), la la (fierro), disc 2;, someday baby (hopkins), think (mccracklin / robey), roadrunner (dozier / holland / dozier), the harder they come (cliff), i second that emotion (robinson / cleveland), going, going, gone (dylan), disc 3;, soul roach (saunders / shanklin), mystery train (parker / philips), wondering why (carrier / saunders), people make the world go round (bell / epstein), keystone jam (garcia & saunders band), it's too late (willis), the night they drove old dixie down (robertson), musicians, jerry garcia - guitar, vocals, merl saunders - organ, vocals, martin fierro - saxophone, flute, percussion, john kahn - bass, paul humphrey - drums, mystery artist - trumpet (on some tracks), credits, executive producer - christopher sabec, peter mcquaid, recording - betty cantor-jackson, research and tape compilation - david lemieux, engineer - tom flye, second engineer - robert gatley, mastering - john cuniberti, album coordination - jeff adams, special thanks to martin fierro, recorded live at keystone, berkeley on september 1, 1974, notes, the rear cover of this cd set contains the following message;, keystone berkeley presents remastered versions of certain garcia sanders band two-track work tapes from the late summer of 1974. not to be confused or compared with studio recordings, these cd compilations may present sonic characteristics as unique as the performances from which they were taken and are therefore perhaps best enjoyed with that in mind. fear not - while the audio standards associated with this music may occasionally wander, out commitment to its production does not, and almost always rewards even the most finicky with a truly transcendent listening experience., the cd package includes a keystone berkeley napkin., related releases, keystone jam was included on;, pure jerry sampler: vols. 1 to 6, jerry garcia, 2005$A   
9/2/74Marx Meadow (Golden Gate Park), San Francisco, CA
 jgms sbd gkelley ; & saunders, partial8652 looks like from a 32k dathas some discontinuity pops like at t1 1:49, t2 0:07, t3 3:51***
 and merl saunders, msr>pcm>dat>cdr, my31903A- drop d2t2 5:25, t3 0:33, 1:04 plus more pops/glitches***
 mr>?>cd>eac>mkw>shn, notes, incomplete , but76174A-looks like from a 32k dat; in comparison on how sweet it is, 76174 and 8652 have similar wav and spectral view and levels and sound; 8652 has more digital flaws than 76174; 31903 has a warmer and less clear and less full sound but more songs ***
10/4/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 saunders, audmc (taped by bob menke and louis8649B+  ***
10/5/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 jgms aud falanga , garcia/saunders, mac8665B+  ***
 saunders, generic genealogy: a:c>d>cd, specific genealogy:, audmc (bob menke and louis falanga's sony ecm-270 +, sony ecm-250 [onstage, one mic directly in front, of jerry's amp, the other pointed stage center to catch, the rest of the band] > sony tc-152) > datx1 >, cd > eac > cd > eac > shn; via jack warner>cd >eac >shn; via rsinko@neo.rr.com, notes, no flaws noted.; Disc One (6) 71:51, Set I, 1. Harder They Come [15:53] [1:23], 2. Finders Keepers [10:51] [1:42], 3. He Ain't Give You None [11:29] [2:59], 4. La-La [14:42] ->, 5. Space [1:57] ->, 6. Mystery Train [10:45] [0:09], Disc Two (6) 60:02, Set II, 1. Tuning [0:42], 2. Freedom Jazz Dance [12:47] [1:19], 3. Neighbor Neighbor [8:28] [1:19], 4. Sitting in Limbo [11:30] [0:50], 5. Someday Baby [8:28] [0:46], 6. Second That Emotion [13:25] [0:06]  this is a close eac matrch on d1t1 to 8665 ***
10/6/74Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
 saunders, ip, msr > ? > d > cd > eac > shn9026B+  ***
 sbd mr dat 48k set1 , and merl saunders136783A136783 has more tracks than 9026; in comparison on Bossa Nova, 136783 has a fuller sound with less hiss than 9026 ***
10/27/74Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA
 and merle saunders, late show, source:23676B+  ***
10/31/74Memorial Gymnasium (University of San Francisco), San Francisco, CA
 source: msr>r>c>dat>wav>shn , c>shn conversion by19436A-has the typical cousinit noise reduction and spectral bands on theleft channel ***
11/2/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 gs aud castelli menke motb 0158 , motb110552Cdistortion in vocals ***
 gs aud castelli menke motb 0158 24, motb111191    
11/5/74Bottom Line, New York, NY
 & saunders, early show, mac (taped by jerry16806B111498 and 16806 have similar sound quality with 111498 a little warmer and 16806 a little fuller; 111498 looks like it has noise reduction ***
 & saunders, early, <<24 bit>>, source:111494    
 & saunders, early, source: aud cassette111498   ***
11/6/74Bottom Line, New York, NY
 & saunders, early show, mac (taped by jerry16807Bin comparison on how sweet it it, 16807 has less distorion in the horns than 117248; 117248 is harsher ***
 early aud moore 2496, garcia & saunders117248    
11/7/74Bottom Line, New York, NY
 garcia & saunders, early show, mac (taped by14306B+in comparison on harder they come, 34741 was harshest, then 117247, and then 14306 ***
 & saunders, (legion of mary cast), early show34741   ***
 early aud moore 2496, & saunders, early117247    
11/8/74The Dome (C.W. Post College), Greenville, NY
 & saunders, mac > dat > cd > eac > shn, recorded9711  has some discontinuitiy pops***
 & saunders, mac (taped by jerry moore, akg d16839Bin comparison on how sweet it is, 9711 was slightly more suppressed than 16839 and 9711 has more digital flaws than 16839; 94547 is not as suppressed as those but is harsher than those ***
 sony ecm; garcia & saunders, taper:, gerry94547   ***
11/9/74Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 /saunders, late show, aud (ihor slabicky, akg8661B+  ***
11/10/74Palace Theatre, Albany, NY
 b; and merl saunders/legion of mary, disc 1, set95767   ***
 jgms all sbd 2448; and merl saunders98713    
 legion of mary, legacy: sb:a> mr> dat 48k> pcm>18202    
 jgms all sbd ; and merl saunders, source:98704A-in comparison on let it rock, 98704 has the fullest warmest sound, then 18202, and then 95767 ***
11/13/74Paul's Mall, Boston, MA
 and merl saunders, early show, uher hand held10128A-this is lossy as if from minidisk ***
 late aud seaweed , & saunders, late show121034B+  ***
11/14/74Paul's Mall, Boston, MA
 & saunders, early show, mac (taped by jimmy16461B  ***
 and merl saunders, late show, uher hand held6383B+looks like from 32k datbig static at beginning of d1t2, d1t5; lots of digi-pops on d2t2***
 early aud , garcia & saunders, early show135968B+135968 has t1 not on 16461; in comparison on let it rock, 135968 has a fuller more upfront sound with easier to hear vocals and 16461 sounds suppressed; 135968 does have a very talkative crowd ***
11/15/74Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA
 legion of mary featuring jerry garcia4487   ***
 saunders, late show, s:c > 1c > 2d > cd (sony pcm8071Ain comparison on second that emotion, 8071 and 4487 have a similar sound; 8071 has an extra song ***
11/16/74The Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
 & saunders, early show, mac (taped by jerry16808B+  ***
 & saunders, late show, mac (taped by jerry moore16809B+  ***
11/27/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 and merle saunders, msr>p>d>cd, from the89216  drops between tracks***
 and merle saunders, the compilation of these two91343A-91343 has the extra songs missing from 89216; 89216 is more compressed than 91343 but sound quality is otherwise similar except 89216 has slightly more hiss; 91343 has worse digital flaws than 89216 and recommend that for d2t4static d1t1 1:22; has some small drops on d2t4***
11/28/74Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
 & merl saunders (pre legion of mary), jerry site4486A- has some square wav static and digipops***
 & merl saunders, source: msr > pcm > dat85987A-in comparison on second that emotion, 85987 seemed more suppressed than 4486, 85987 is longer than 4486 with more between song time; 4486 has more digital flaws; 4486 levels are not as consistent between songs; 4486 has some bass distortion on freedom jazz dance not heard on 85987 ***
12/7/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 gs aud castelli menke motb 0160 ; motb110683Blooks like has noise reduction ***
12/14/74Garcia Live Volume Three:, Pacific Northwest
 flac24 3.37gig; livevol3 24, december 14-15, 1974, download, flac, 24 bit, 88.2khz, liner notes, the third installment from the newly minted archival series celebrating the music of jerry garcia. garcialive volume three features newly mastered original two-track recordings from one of jerry's most experimental, improvisational and revered projects: legion of mary. culled from two pacific northwest performances on what is thought to be the band's first tour, garcialive volume three presents over 2 1/2 hours of previously unreleased music accompanied by a liner note essay by dead notes author darryl norsen, and previously unpublished live photos., legion of mary is: jerry garcia, merl saunders, john kahn, martin fierro, and ron tutt, track list:, disc one:, 1. boggie on reggae woman, 2. the night they drove old dixie down, 3. freedom jazz dance, 4. mystery train, 5. how sweet it is (to be loved by you), disc two:, 1. you can leave your hat on, 2. neighbor, neighbor, 3. the night they drove old dixie down, disc three:, 1. it's no use, 2. valdez in the country, 3. i second that emotion, 4. wondering why, 5. roadrunner$    
12/15/74EMU Ballroom (University of Oregon), Eugene, OR
 saunders, most, "s:r>p>d>cd", extraction, slight8177B-  ***
12/28/74Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA
 and merle, source: ma > ? > c > dat > wav > shn24317B  ***
 jerry & merl, jerry garcia guitar121743Bin comparison on harder they come, 24317 has more hiss and 121743 has a warmer sound ***
 24, jerry & merl, jerry garcia guitar121744    
12/29/74Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA
 late dalvo shure jjoops , garcia &8643B+17019 is a not close eac match on d1t1 to 8643; 17019 has same digital flaws as 8643 plus more digital flawssquare wav static d2t3 13:40***
 jgms shure cbass ; & saunders, late show17019B+ has some digipops; square wav static d2t3 13:40***
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