jg - Wondering What to Choose 1976
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
1/7/76Club Front, San Rafael, CA
 sbd , jerry garcia: guitar, james booker:4466   ***
 with james booker, source: msr > ? > 1c > 1d >8385B+in comparison on first goodnight irene, 8385 is more suppressed than 28366 but 28366 is harsh; 8385 also has extra songs ***
 rehearsal with james booker, ?>cd>eac>flac28366 4466 is a close eac match on t1 to 28366; 28366 has more digital flawsdidipops t12 4:12***
1/9/76Sophie's, Palo Alto, CA
 with james booker, msr > ? > 1c > 1d > 1cd > eac8386B+  ***
1/10/76Sophie's, Palo Alto, CA
 with james booker, a:c>?>cd, recorded by david8077B  ***
1/25/76Club Front, San Rafael, CA
 msc > dats > sony pcm r500 > hhb 800 cd/0 >, hhb12504B+  ***
1/27/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 source: msr>1cass>1dat>cd, rating: a, cassette4467   ***
 msr (2 track 7" reels @ 15ips) > cassette (tdk17120A17120 and 4467 are exact eac matches on d1t1 and d1t7; 17120 has the additional patches ***
1/28/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 mac (taped by bob menke and louis falanga, sony17695A-  ***
 sbd , msr > cass > dat > cd r > xld >135944 Not Reviewed Yet   
1/31/76KPIX-TV Studios, San Francisco, CA
 interview 14mins unk harrison , interview122025B-  ***
2/13/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 came listed as mac > dat > cd , the jerry site83947B+sound quality is close to A- but their is sort of a fuzziness in the background which may be the noted "persistent, (but usually light) static problems" ***
 sbd smith miller sirmick 24,, source:137466 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd smith miller sirmick , source: master137467 Not Reviewed Yet   
2/14/76Keystone, Berkley, CA
 source: sbd> mreel> cassette> dat> cd> (eac)wav4465   ***
 bertha remaster of the master reel>cassette28330Ain comparison on catfish john to 4465, 28330 has less hiss probably through noise reduction and loses some fulleness in the high end but eliminates some scratchiness and bertha also makes the recording warmer with some more bass giving it an overall fuller better sound ***
2/15/76Sophie's, Palo Alto, CA
 set one, mac (taped by bob menke and louis18743B+as reported there is some distortion on The Harder They Come which gives it a B sound quality for that song, but then improves; in comparison on friend of the devil, 18743 has the fullest sound and can hear the other instruments; 133782 has more bass and hiss and most upfront vocals and is needed for rest of show; 133622 is most muffledmissing right channel for last 1.5 songs***
 aud all , s1t01 crowd, s1t02 the harder133622   ***
 sbd boswell smith , recording info:, mr > r133782B  ***
 sbd boswell smith 24, recording info:, mr133783    
2/21/76La Paloma Theater, Encinitas, CA
 late sbd mis ; late show, msr (2 track 7"108055Ain comparison on moonlight mile, 108055 has less hiss than 9466; 108055 has more of the show than 9466; ***
 early show, jerry site lists:, sbd > 1c > dat4463   ***
 early and late shows, sbd: mr > c > dat > cd9466 missing around 3 minutes of end of moonlight mile; timing reported in setlist are off; d3t7 is an unknown version of don't let go ***
 early show, source: sbd > mr > c > dat > wav >32834Ain comparison on friend of the devil, 32834 has less hiss than 4463 and 9466; 4463 and 9466 have similar sound to eac other but 9466 cuts out some between song time ***
2/22/76La Paloma Theater, Encinitas, CA
 late show, mac > 2c > dats > cds > hp 9350i15182A-  ***
 early show, mac > 2c > dats > cds > hp 9350i15181B+  ***
2/24/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 mac (taped by bob menke and louis falanga, sony17424B  ***
 setii 2ndgensbd; msr>cassette>cassette>maxell ud100710B+in comparison on who was john, sbd 100710 has a fuller more upfront sound and makes aud 17424 sound suppressed; need 17424 for rest of show ***
2/26/76Del Mar Theater, Santa Cruz, CA
 early show, mac (taped by michael parrish15183C  ***
2/28/76Crabshaw Corner, Sacramento, CA
 mac (unknown mics, unknown deck) > reel > cd, >19016B+  ***
3/3/76Lane County Fairgrounds, Eugene, OR
 set ii, mac > r > d > cd > eac > shn , recorded9588B+in comparison on friend of the devil, 107296 is warmer with less hiss but is more suppressed than 9588; 9588 has a couple minutes of crowd and tuning at end of mystery train not on 107296; 107296 has the filler from set 1 not on 9588 so need 107296 for thatdrops between tracks***
 partial aud wolfe smith motb 0140 ; motb107296B+  ***
3/6/76Moore's Egyptian Theater, Seattle, WA
 lineage: aud > mac > dat > cd, thanks to4462A-4462, 15247 and 107734 are same recording based on same clapping wavs at end of who was john; in comparison on catfish john, 4462 has fullest warmest sound, then 107734, and then 15247; 4462 is missing some tuning and crowd at end of They Love Each Other that is on 15247 and 107734; ***
 lineage: a:mcass>cd, sony ecm 18n mics>sony15247   ***
 fob lee smith motb 0142 ; motb release:107734   ***
3/12/76Cahn Auditorium (Northwestern University), Evanston, IL
 audience recording, audmc > c > dat > wav > shn20700B  ***
 late aud , late show, 01 the harder they139524 Not Reviewed Yet   
3/13/76Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
 source: aud(unk mics/taper):mac>1c>dat>cd>29133B  ***
3/14/76Ohio Theatre, Columbus, OH
 source: aud(unk mics/taper):mac>1c>dat>cd>29134B- has some occasional static***
 aud doc west, s1t01 i second that emotion141590 Not Reviewed Yet   
3/20/76Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
 set ii, unknown source > cd > eac > flac, notes:30809B-very close to mono; as indicated sound improves over the show ***
3/26/76Music Hall, Kansas City, MO
 mac > 1c > 2d > cdx3 > eac > shn, extraction8387B  ***
3/27/76Ambassador Theater, St. Louis, MO
 b aud dan; with keith and donna godchaux110281B-  ***
3/30/76Calderone Theatre, Hempstead, NY
 early show; source:29135Bearly show ***
 late show, source:29135B-late show  
4/1/76The Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT
 jgb aud ladner ; source: aud > dat > cdr >7322 same recording as moore 18602 based on same crowd at beginning of d2t2; in comparison on catfish john, 7322 has a harsher sound and moore 18602 has a warmer sound ***
 mac (taped by jerry moore, sony ecm 33p mics >18602B+in comparison on catfish john, moore 18602 has a more natural warmer sound and 110489 has a fuller harsher sound with more hiss; 133978 has a similar sound to 18602 ***
 recording by steve rolfe:, master audience34728   ***
 ecm99 rolfe miller ; recording info:, sony110489 110489 is same recording as 34728 based on same crowd at beginning of d2t2; in comparison on catfish john, 110489 has a harsher brighter fuller sound and 34728 has a warmer more suppressed distant sound; 110489 is recommended for this recording over 34728 ***
 aud moore berger 24, 24 bit, source: aud133978    
4/3/76Lisner Auditorium (George Washington University), Washington, DC
 late show, mac (taped by scott jones, shure mics17328   ***
 early show, mac > c? > cd > eac > wav > shnv382761B+  ***
 sure mics,sony cassette,master123020B+same recording or patch as 17328 based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t1; in comparison on friend of the devil, this has a warmer more natural sound and 17328 has too much mid and high end and more hiss ***
 early aud peters zombiwoof, early show138204 Not Reviewed Yet   
4/4/76Page Auditorium, Duke University, Durham, NC
 early late aud , early show, s1t001 how134922B+  ***
4/5/76Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
 aud unknown ; disc one set one (54:22)100303C  ***
5/20/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 mac (taped by bob menke and louis falanga, sony17382   ***
 fob menke hohlwein motb 0094; motb101352B+in comparison on catfish john; 101352 has a harsher fuller sound and 17382 had a warmer fuzzier sound; some of this is A- quality ***
 fob menke hohlwein motb 0094 24; motb101353    
5/21/76Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA
 aud unk , audience recording, trade tapes122143B+  ***
 dont let go;, jerry garcia band, initial release : january 2001, grateful dead records, double cd release of the complete jerry garcia band show from the orpheum theatre, san francisco on may 21, 1976., buy from amazon.com, tracks, disc 1, sugaree, they love each other, that's what love will make you do, knockin' on heaven's door, sitting in limbo, mission in the rain, don't let go, disc 2, after midnight, strange man, tore up over you, i'll take a melody, the way you do the things you do, my sisters and brothers, lonesome and a long way from home, mighty high (bonus track), musicians, jerry garcia - guitar, vocals, john kahn - bass, keith godchaux - keyboards, donna godchaux - vocals, ron tutt - drums, credits, recorded live at the orpheum theatre, san francisco, may 21, 1976, mighty high recorded live at the keystone, berkeley, september 11, 1976$A   
5/23/76Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA
 aud 2448, 24bit/48khz file set, s1t01142564    
 aud, 16bit/44 1khz file set, s1t01142565    
 sonytc50 tarzwell martin , jerry143280Bin comparison on t2 142565 is more muffled than 143280; sound quality starts at B- for several songs then gets better getting close to B+  
 sonytc50 tarzwell martin 24, jerry143281    
7/8/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 source: sbd>?>dat>wav(via analog cables)>shn17836   ***
 source: msc>cx>dat>wav>shn , cassette>dat22510   ***
 sbd seaweed ; s1t01 crowd & tuning, s1t02110474A-in comparison on who was john, 22510 is harshest with most hiss; 17836 is most suppressed; 110474 has best sound ***
 sbd minkin miller clugston 48, this is a144553 Not Reviewed Yet   
 sbd minkin miller clugston 2496, source144554 Not Reviewed Yet   
7/9/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 set 2; source: msr>1r>p>dat>cdr>wav>shn313539   ***
 sbd gastwirt sirmick , source: unknown111584A-in comparison on they love each other, 111584 has a warmer sound with more of the between song tuning than 13539 ***
 sbd gastwirt miller noelt , set ii, from138376 Not Reviewed Yet   
7/20/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 source: sbd > master reel > pcm > dat (44 1khz)16478A-  ***
 betty wise sirmick 48, source: sbd > 7145935 Not Reviewed Yet   
8/16/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 sbd r/? > cdr, a>d transfer and shn seed by hanno13041Bsometimes this sounds like a B and other times a B+ ***
8/22/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 msr (2 track 7" reels @ 7 5ips) > 1c > dat > cd >15762   ***
 original shnid information , unknown81065   ***
 original shnid 15762 information , msr (281255   ***
 sbd + aud matrix 2 source mix, (60% sbd/40% aud)89446B+in comparison on second that emotion, sbd 15762 and 81255 have similar sound except levels raised for 81255 and patched; they are narrower and more suppressed than the aud 81065 and the matrix 89446; aud 81065 is harsher than the matrix 89446; at times the instruments go up to A- but the vocals do not ***
9/10/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 aud r/1 > dat > cdr, occasional left channel12629   ***
 msr (2 track 7" reels @ 7 5ips) > 1c > dat > cd >16643   ***
 jgb fob menke motb 0031 ; motb release:96791   ***
 fob menke motb 0031 24; motb release: 003196792B+in comparison on they love each other; 96792 has fullest harshest sound and makes 16643 and 12629 sound suppressed; some of this gets to A- quality  
 wavf 4.21gig; unknown 96k32bit wavf;, this is assumed to be the raw 32bit 96k, raw 4 cassette transfers of the following show, (no txt file was provided for this torrent on losslesslegs), motb release: 0031 24/96, release date: 2009-01-05, special: rhinotrocity #6, band:     
9/11/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 msr (2 track 7" reels @ 7 5ips) > 1 cassette > 215764B+  ***
9/12/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 msr (2 track 7" reels @ 7 5ips) > 1c (tdk15765B+in comparison on who was john, 15765 and 26457 sound similar while bertha 26999 has less hiss and added bass which made it a little less natural but some may prefer it; 15765 handled the cut in tore up better as it was smooth while 26457 has a pop there ***
 recording info, rm (2 track 7" reels @ 7 5ips)26457   ***
 bertha remaster of master reel/cassette26999   ***
9/15/76S.S. Duchess "Pirates Ball", New York Harbor, NY
 ss duchess (new york city harbor), new york, ny86326B-in comparison on catfish john, remaster 96924 is much harsher and tinnier than 86326 ***
 aud remaster unknown ; (taper unknown) ohr96924   ***
9/16/76The Dome (C.W. Post College), Greenvale, NY
 mac > dat > cds > eac > shn, recorded by barry12005   ***
 24, <<24 bit>>, source: aud cassette111543Bin comparison on sitting in limbo, 111543 and 12005 are of similar sound quality with 111543 warm but suppressed and 12005 is harsh; on some songs 111543 seems like a B+  
9/17/76Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ
 120 aud:25612C+sound quality varies from C to B ***
9/18/76Ben Light Gymnasium, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
 source: fob>sony stereo mics>d5?>d>cdx2>eac>shn20100B+  ***
9/20/76Astor Theater, Reading, PA
 mac (shure mics, unknown model, unknown deck) > c18745Bthis is on the harsh side with some hiss but has a very full upfront sound ***
 late aud peters zombiwoof, (late), jerry138205 Not Reviewed Yet   
11/8/76Sophie's in Palo Alto, California
 flac2444 2.83gig; garcialive vol7 2444, garcia live volume seven, disc 1, first set:1."the way you do the things you do" (smokey robinson, bobby rogers) 9:00, 2."knockin' on heaven's door" (bob dylan) 14:14, 3."after midnight" (j. j. cale) 13:50, 4."who was john?" (traditional) 14:28, 5."mission in the rain" (jerry garcia, robert hunter) 8:20, 6."stir it up" (bob marley) 12:21, disc 2, 1."midnight moonlight" (peter rowan) 9:25, second set:2."tore up over you" (hank ballard) 10:43, 3."friend of the devil" (john dawson, garcia, hunter) 7:54, 4."don't let go" (jesse stone) 22:23, 5."strange man" (dorothy love coates) 6:10, 6."stop that train" (peter tosh) 11:44, 7."ride mighty high" (dave crawford, richard downing) 9:02 A   
11/12/76Freeborn Hall (U.C. Davis), Davis, CA
 partial, msr > d > cd > eac > shn; t03 ride15850A-in comparison on Don't Let Go, 15850 sounds similar to 132401 and have same ditortion around t3 4:30; for the fillers t4 can matches to 11/13/75 132402; t5 matches to 11/15/75 132402 ***
 jw , recorded by betty cantor jackson, 7132401 nothing above 22k in spectral view as if previously at 44k ***
11/13/76Humbolt State College, Arcata, CA
 late show partial, msr > dat > cd > eac > shn15851A-in comparison on Stop That Train, 15851 sounds similar to 132402; missing song can be found on t4 11/12/75 15850 ***
 jw , recorded by betty cantor jackson, 7132402 nothing above 22k in spectral view as if previously at 44k ***
 aud , s1t01 sugaree, s1t02 after midnight137750 Not Reviewed Yet   
11/15/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 set 1, master soundboard reel > dat > cd, eac12501A-missing song Ride The Mighty High can be found on t4 11/12/75 15850 ***
 jw , recorded by betty cantor jackson, 7132353A-this is full spectrum 48k; 132353 has t1 and tuning and dead air end of t2 and t3 not on 12501 and that has more on other songs; in comparison on Second That Emotion, 132353 seemed to have a slightly warmer sound than 12501 ***
11/16/76Sophie's, Palo Alto, CA
 originally seeded as: aud mc>r>d>cd, info updated13030B  ***
11/19/76Pismo Theater, Pismo Beach, CA
 source: msc>c3>dat>wav>shn , cassette>dat22411B+some of this is A- but loud songs like tore up rate B and bring rating down ***
11/20/76Pismo Theater, Pismo Beach, CA
 source: msc>c3>dat>wav>shn , cassette>dat22409B+  ***
12/21/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 mac (no taping information) > richard foster's20474B  ***
12/22/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 msr > dats > cds > hp 9350i extraction (eac v0 914982   ***
 wolf; msr (md) > cass (md) > cass (me) > nero31802B+in comparison on simple twist of fate, 31802 has a fuller sound than 14982 and sbd miller; sbd miller also sounded slow ***
 sbd miller , recording info:, sbd > master136571 Not Reviewed Yet  ***
12/23/76Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 sbd seaweed ; s1t01 //sugaree, s1t02110266B  ***