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xx/xx/77Ed Sciaky Interview
 this radio station working set of jerry garcia interview clips was conducted by ed sciaky and was extracted from (what is most likely) his personal disc from a past sunday night alternative or some such show where he would edit in the music and past interviews with his live voice over., this interview was conducted in philadelphia when the jerry garcia band was in town sometime in 1977. A-  ***
1/29/77Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 mac (no taping information) > richard foster's20473B+  ***
 fob menke motb 0089 ; motb release: 008997083B+in comparison on simple twist of fate, 20473 is more muffled than 97083 and is a different recording based on different background talking ***
 fob menke motb 0089 24; motb release: 008997084    
1/30/77Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 fob menke motb 0090 24; motb release: 009097142    
 fob menke motb 0090 ; motb release: 009097144B+  ***
2/5/77Campbell Hall, Goleta, CA
 early and late shows, sbd > cassette? > cd > eac16838   ***
 source: msr>?>cx>cdr>wav>shn , comments: this is24757Bin comparison on sugaree, 16838 is warmer with more bass but is more muffled than 24757; sound quality is generally B+ but get lesser quality of B- for last 3 songs ***
4/9/77Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
 mac (unknown taper, equipment, location) > reel13361B  ***
6/23/77Santa Rosa High School, Santa Rosa, CA
 source: sony ecm > sony tc 152 mac > d > cd16714B+  ***
 sbd bryan207   ***
 aud motb 0207, motb release: #207 16/44.1, release date: 2012-08-17, analog audience source: sony ecm 270 mics sony tc 158sd, medium stock brands: tdk sa c90, analog sound preservation: mac > nak dr-1 > korg at 5.6 mhz, aud source taped by: bob menke, transfer by: bob menke, matrix & mastering by: derek mccabe, (missing), - set 1 -, sugaree, catfish john, stir it up, mystery train, sitting in limbo, the way you do the things you do, (missing), - set 2 -, s2t01: they love each other, s2t02: knockin' on heaven's door, s2t03: tore up over you, s2t04: night they drove old dixie down, s2t05: don't let go, show advertised as "maria muldaur and special guest"., only this set 2 circulates., musicians:, jerry garcia guitar, vocals, john kahn bass, keith godchaux keyboards, donna jean godchaux backing vocals, ron tutt drums, * represents standard lineup during this period, but may not be completely accurate for this show B+in comparison on Knockin' On Heaven's Door, the motb version which has a little warmer sound than 132812; could choose either; both have same donít let go beginning  
 s1 realistic mcclary miller sirmick , set137527 Not Reviewed Yet   
7/2/77Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
 aud mc>r>cd16589B+  ***
7/3/77Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
 ii, msc > 1c > dat > cd > eac > shn15852   ***
 *set 2 only*, source: sbd > cm > 1 cassette >76904   ***
 source: soundboard cassette master > dat83722Ain comparison on Simple Twist Of Fate, 83722 has less hiss than 76904 and 15852; 76904 is harsher than the others ***
7/8/77Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, NY
 early show, mac (taped by jerry moore, spaced akg17054   ***
 early show, source: a:c:cd, recorded by jerry21478B+21478 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 17054 with less digital dlaws as 21478 does not have the digital drop between cdrs on 17054; 21478 has the extra song ***
 late show, mac (probably taped by jerry moore13204   ***
 (late) early show, mac (taped by jerry moore17055B+in comparison on Russian Lullaby. 17055 has a warmer fuller sound with less hiss than 13204 ***
 late sonyf50 lee hance sirmick , late show138060 Not Reviewed Yet   
7/9/77Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ
 aud:c (unknown equipment, taped by mark mattson)8659B8659 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 76441; 76441 has more digital flaws like around d3t3 18:13 but not sure I could hear it ***
 seeded 6/2006 by teddy "goodbear" selby, teddy76441   ***
 set 2 sbd, late show, pro shot video w/sbd feed audio extraction > flac16, utube pro shot video capture done with the firefox plugin download helper >, convertxtodvd used to make a dvd video file >, that video file was burned to a verbatim dvd5 blank >, dvd audio extractor v6.3.0 was used to extract the audio tracks and encode them to flac., the end result audio can speak for it's self., i make no claims to really know what these programs do to the audio, all i know is what we hear as the final result., the utube video is a black & white pro shot & a little "cloudy" looking but has a sbd audio feed & that's the audio we get here after the steps described above., late show:, the harder they come, they love each other, midnight moonlight, russian lullaby, tore up over you, knockin' on heaven's door, tangled up in blue, encore:, not fade away  Not Reviewed Yet   
 late miller strange , recording info:, hand124426B+in comparison on knockin, 124426 has a fuller warmer sound than 8659; 8659 has a more upfront sound making the choice between them hard; need 8659 for first set ***
 sbd , mono sbd > ? > flac, sound is134707B+in comparison on Midnight Moonlight, sbd 134707 has a more upfront sound than aud 124426; still need 8659 fro beginning of show ***
 encore mtx, late show encore, *matrix141228 Not Reviewed Yet   
 mtx tobin , sbd + aud matrix 2 source mix145473 Not Reviewed Yet   
7/23/77Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 recording info:, sbd > cassette master > dat30662A-in comparison on sitting in limbo, bertha remaster 31319 has less hiss with harsher bassier less full and natural sound than 30662; as indicated on bertha there are a few occasional spots of distortion like from a blown bass speaker ***
 bertha remaster of the master cassette source31319    
7/29/77Theatre 1839, San Francisco, CA
 mac (taped by bob menke, setup not yet17217B+  ***
 sbd , soundboard , lineage: sbd>?>cassette112136B+in comparison on sugaree, 112136 has much more upfront sound than 17217; so need this to fill in around pure jerry which is only part of show ***
 pure jerry;, july 29 & 30, 1977, jerry garcia band, initial release : 2004, jerry made jgcd0001, 3 cd archive release of music from the jerry garcia band shows at the theatre 1839 in san francisco on july 29 and 30, 1977. this is the first in a proposed series of archive jerry garcia releases., tracks, disc 1, mystery train (parker / phillips), russian lullaby (berlin), that's what love will make you do (campbell / thigpen / banks / marion ), stir it up (marley), simple twist of fate (dylan), the way you do the things you do (robinson / rogers), catfish john (mcdill / reynolds), disc 2, friend of the devil (garcia / hunter / dawson), don't let go (stone), the night they drove old dixie down (robertson), they love each other (garcia / hunter), i second that emotion (robinson / cleveland), let me roll it (mccartney), disc 3, the harder they come (cliff), gomorrah (garcia / hunter), tore up over you (ballard), tangled up in blue (dylan), my sisters and brothers (johnson), musicians, jerry garcia - guitar, vocals, donna jean godchaux - vocals, keith godchaux - keyboards, vocals, john kahn - bass, ron tutt - drums, vocals, credits, executive producers - christopher sabec, peter mcquaid, recording - betty cantor-jackson, production supervisor - tom flye, mastering - paul stubblebine, tape research - david lemieux, photography - jonathan hyams, special thanks to carlos and star, recorded live at theatre 1839, san francisco, july 29 & 30, 1977, notes, the back cover of the cd includes the following information;, as the jerry garcia soundboard tapes of july 29 and 30, 1977 are incomplete, the cds contained herein compile the best performances among those available. please accept our assurance that every step has been taken to overcome the various challenges presented by 27 year old 7.5 ips reel tapes - mysterious interferences, frustrating omissions, and some sticky stuff of unknown origin - in order to transfer, edit and master this music in a way that faithfully celebrates its original performance., related releases, a sampler cd containing 3 tracks from this pure jerry releases was included with some pre-ordered copies of the all good things box set;, pure jerry: theatre 1839 sampler, jerry garcia band, 2004, friend of the devil was included on;, pure jerry sampler: vols. 1 to 6, jerry garcia, 2005$   ***
7/30/77Theatre 1839, San Francisco, CA
 mac (taped by bob menke, setup not yet17218B+  ***
 sbd tc3 , sbd>?> cass gen unk> (2) maxell121534B+in comparison on stop that train, 121534 has a more upfront but narrow sound than 17218 so could go with either; so need this to fill in around pure jerry which is only part of show; need 17218 for beginning of Knockin' On Heaven's Door ***
8/6/77Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 msc > dat > digi001 > shn, set 2 (partial)4448   ***
 source: soundboard cassette master > dat83754   ***
 s2 sbd miller ; recording info:, sbd >106922Ain comparison on sugaree, 106922 has a warmer more natural sound with a little more hiss than 83754; 4448 was warmest and a little more muffled than those and very close to mono with a little hiss ***
8/7/77Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 note: cd contains the end of set i and all of set6371  drops between some tracks***
 source: soundboard master cassette > dat86045  drop/static d2t4 10:58***
 sbd miller ; recording info:, sbd >106923B+in comparison on simiple twist of fate, 106923, 6371, and 86045 sounded similar; 86045 has extra songs and less digital flaws; has distortion on d1t1 to d1t5 whic rates B quality while after that it goes to A- quality ***
10/2/77Paramount Theater, Portland, OR
 interview backstage15246A-   
 garcia talks to unknown people backstage , topics23113A-has same st5 as 15246 ***
11/20/77Forum, Binghampton, NY
 sbd , set ii, source: sbd, thanks to132097   ***
 sbd 24, set ii, source: sbd, thanks to132098    
 sbd all , s1t01 how sweet it is, s1t02 they141495 Not Reviewed Yet   
11/21/77The Playhouse (Hofstra University), West Hempstead, NY
 late show, mac (taped by mark mattson, unknown15853   ***
 early show, complete show (68:55 minutes)76442   ***
 early sbd , early show111582Bfor set1 in comparison on gomorrah, 111582 has a more upfront sound than 76442; for set2 in comparison on love in the afternoon, 15853 and 76442 sounded similar ***
11/23/77The Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT
 mac (taped by jerry moore, sony ecm 33ps [ledge16204B+in 3-way comparison in gomorrah these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of song; 16204 has fullest sound, 123904 has warmest sound, 25622 is much harsher and narrower; liked 16204 best as it is more upfront sounding than 123904 but also need 123904 for end of show ***
 late show (partial), source aud cass tascam25622   ***
 reported as "sbd reel -> dat" but is an aud, todd hinden archives suicidesound@nyc.rr.com, posted by betaman@rawtimes.com, jerry garcia, maria muldaur, keith & donna godchaux, john kahn, buzz buchanan; set 1 cd 1, how sweet it is, catfish john, love will make you do, ill take a melody, simple twist, mission, set 2 cd2, let it rock, they love each other, mystery train, love in the afternoon, reuben + cherise, midnight moonlight, lonesome and a long way from home  seems same recording as 16204 based on same crowd at end of d1t2; this has higher levels with clipping and high end streaking ***
 aud commander berger , source: aud cassette123904B  ***
 aud moore berger , new 24 bit transfer of a123905    
11/25/77The Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
 unknown aud > cassette? > cd > eac > shn v316837B  ***
 aud morris ; late show, unknown low end107799B+this is 2 versions with files named and presented so they do not sort properly; in comparison on gomorrah, the eq version is harsher with more hiss but with a fuller sound making it preferred version but it is close on choice; 133584 has a harsher less full sound than 107799 eq version ***
 late unk aud , late show, 01 the way you do133584   ***
 early aud peters zombiwoof, (early), jerry138209 Not Reviewed Yet   
11/26/77Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 early & late shows, mac > cass > dat > cdr > eac76486C+  ***
 late show, source: aud 1st gen cassette85051Bin comparison on gomorrah, these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of song; 85051 has a much fuller sound with more hiss and 76486 is very hollow sounding but needed for early show ***
11/27/77The Palladium, New York, NY
 my source: andy bear g , aud (dat:6621B+has unidentified filler on d2t5 moonlight mile which does not match rest of show in spectral view or sound quality; for late show in comparison on gomorrah 6621 has a slightly fuller sound and seemed the more correct speed over 16914 which sounded a little slow; in comparison on catfish john 16913 has little fuller sound than 6621; however 16913 has more distortion in jerry's guitar when it gets loud; a lot of second set is A- quality  
 early show, mac (taped by barry glassberg, sony16913B  ***
 11/27/77 late show, mac (taped by barry16914   ***
 early sony minkin miller clugston 2496141957 Not Reviewed Yet   
 early sony minkin miller clugston , early141958 Not Reviewed Yet   
11/29/77Elting Gym, SUNY, New Paltz, NY
 cooper , source: aud cassette master, taped124216B  ***
 cooper 24, <<24bit/96>>, source: aud124217    
 s2 aud 2448, second set, s2t01 the way you146764 Not Reviewed Yet   
11/30/77Gymnasium, Buffalo State College SUNY, Buffalo, NY
 mac > reel > dat > cdx1 > eac > shn , taper10635B+  ***
 aud spitalny berger 24, source: aud 1st131911B+in comparison on catfish john, 10635 has harsher tinnier sound and 131911 has warmer but more suppressed sound; liked 131911 better but some will prefer the other  
12/2/77Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
 dat: sony ecm9463   ***
 recording by steve rolfe:, master audience34739 34739 is same recording as 9463 based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t5 ***
 recording by steve hopkins:, master audience81493B+in comparison on gomorrah, 81493 has the fullest sound; 34739 is harshest with most hiss; 9463 is a little muddier than 81493 ***
12/3/77Binder Gym, Hartwick College, Oneonta NY
 mp3f 200meg; aud mp3f, partial show, s1t01 catfish john, s1t02 the way you do the things you do, s1t03 let it rock, s1t04 the harder they come, s1t05 the night they drove old dixie down, s2t01 don't let go, s2t02 tore up over you, other songs said to be from this show:, i'll take a melody, mystery train, mission in the rain, lonesome and a long way from home, source: aud of unknown lineage > ? > mp3., *320kbps mp3..., **do not convert to wav..., *...or the thought police will get you. B+   
12/4/77The Barn (Rutgers U.), New Brunswick, NJ
 set i + one song from set ii, msc > dat > cd >13819A-  ***
12/6/77The Dome, C.W. Post College, Greenvale, NY
 sdb>>mr>>c>>d>>cd, any info send to4446   ***
 sdb>>mr>>c>>d>>cd, cd1, any info send to12028 12028 is a close eac match on d1t1 to 4446 with same digital flawsstatic d3t3 9:27; has some big digipops***
 mac>cd* per mark mattson, who sent this to me76443   ***
 patch edit of shnid 12028, using shnid 76443 as83740A-83740 d2t1 has matching ffp to 12028; 83740 still has some of the digital flaws on 12028 but has less plus the patches; aud 76443 is not as clear as the sbds; aud portion rates Bthis has occasional digital pops when the music clips***
12/8/77Palace Theatre, Albany, NY
 sbd seff ; jerry garcia, maria muldaur4445A-16858 has same wav and spectral view and levels as 4445 but 16858 has a drop at end of d2t4 not on 4445 ***
 unknown aud > cassette? > cd eac> shn v316858   ***
 recording info:, sbd > cm > apogee ad1000 >20680A-20680 has a fuller sound than 4445; 20680 has more hiss than 4445 and 4445 states it was hiss reduced; there are some bass distortion pop noises on Mystery Train on both 4445 and 20680; 4445 is very close to mono while 20680 is not ***
12/9/77Gym, S.U.N.Y., Stony Brook, NY
 aud set2 sbefixed, source:, fob nakamichi4444   ***
 unknow aud > ? > cd > eac > shn v3, set 2 only16859 16859 has same wav and spectral view as 4444 ;4444 has less digtial flawsdrops between tracks***
 aud, second set only , note: this is a77713B+77713 is same recording as shn set described as "2nd Set, ., fob>sure mics>mc>cd>eac>wav>flac, Recorded By Jeff Stevenson, jeff.stevenson@verizon.net" based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t2; in comparison that looks like a little noise reduction was applied to it and for speed that is 2 minutes longer; 77713 seemed slightly better on simple twist of fate; 77713 seems derived from 4444 and is about 8 minutes longer ***
 2nd set, ., fob>sure mics>mc>cd>eac>wav>flac, recorded by jeff stevenson, jeff.stevenson@verizon.net; disc 1., 1. Midnight Moonlight, 2. Gomorrah, 3. Tore Up Over You, 4. Simple Twist Of Fate, disc 2., 1. Rubin And Cherise, 2. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, 3. Lonesome And A Long Way From Home    ***
 aud matera hance salah 24, phil matera's137720 Not Reviewed Yet   
 aud matera hance salah fix 24, phil137720 Not Reviewed Yet   
 aud matera hance salah fix , phil matera's137721 Not Reviewed Yet   
 aud matera hance salah , phil matera's mc >137721 Not Reviewed Yet   
12/10/77Warner Theater, Washington, DC
 aud lai sbefixed, cd, aud>>mics?>>master4443   ***
 early & late shows, source: (fob) electra voice29162Bin comparison on catfish john, 29162 has a warmer sound and 101750 has a harsher fuller sound; 4443 has a warmer but more suppressed sound than 29162; need 101750 for late show and 29162 for early show; these are different recordings based on different crowd on catfish john ***
 sonyecm ; late show, taper :, gerry101750B+  ***
12/11/77Rec Hall, Penn State U, State College, PA
 sdb>>master reel>>cassette>>pcm>>dat>>cdr, any6622  (shnid 12029 fixes sbes)***
 sbd ladner ; sdb>>master12029B+12029 is a close eac match to 6622 with same digital flaws; in comparison on catfish john, 12029 has the warmest fullest sound with most hiss; 13418 is more suppressed; 80773 is harshest and least full; some of this gets to A- quality but gets so,e distortion on some songs ***
 serafin; rtr @ 7 5 i p s > vault pcm > unk # of13418   ***
 source: sdb > master reel > cassette > pcm > dat80773   ***
12/23/77Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
 mf? (no taping information) > richard foster's20475B-  ***