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xx/xx/78Jerry Garcia Band: Bay Area 1978
 bay area pure jerry;, $19.98, jerry garcia band: bay area '78, let me roll it to you, just in time to celebrate jerry's 67th birthday (august 1, of course) comes a new installment in the pure jerry series, this one an especially hot selection from 1978. this was a particularly exciting period for the jerry garcia band, which at that time included his perennial bass buddy john kahn (of course), buzz buchanan on drums (who'd played with jerry since the fall of '77), his partners in the dead, keith godchaux on piano and donna godchaux on vocals, and, at many shows that year, second singer maria muldaur, who blended so nicely with donna., we've drawn together the listenable/usable/releasable parts of four northern california shows from the first half of '78 to create this stellar compilation. much of the material was culled from consecutive shows in february of 1978, shortly after jerry, keith and donna had returned from fine, high-energy midwest tour by the dead (documented wonderfully on dick picks vol. 18). songs from the 2/18/78 jgb show at the 2,000-seat marin county veteran's auditorium include a barn-burning, mystery train, the loping, catfish john, and, best of all, a spectacular, lonesome and a long way home, that ambles through all sorts of fascinating moods and spaces over the course of more than 20 minutes. the next night, the jgb landed at the santa cruz civic, a similar-sized venue, and this time the fans (and now, you!) were treated to such tunes as the motown classics, second that emotion, and, the way you do the things you do, (a great version!), mission in the rain, dylan's, simple twist of fate, and, the piece de resistance, a 30-minute, don't let go, featuring generous solos all around and ultra-soulful guitar-and-vocals from jerry on the, hold me tight and don't let go, passage towards the end. wild!, rounding out this exceptional package are four tunes from june 1978: the 6/10 show at the tiny keystone berkeley gives us the bouncy, rockin', tore up over you, that opens disc two; then, after a couple more tunes, we move to 6/18 at the keystone palo alto, a favorite jgb haunt for many years, for what is arguably the greatest version of paul mccartney's, let me roll it, that the group ever played (and there weren't many), and then superb versions of the still-new, gomorrah, and the gospel tune, i'll be with thee, the latter always a fine showcase for donna and maria., if you loved the '78 pure jerry from the warner theatre (3/18/78), this one should be right up your alley, too, it's definitely primo jg! you can see the full track listing below, and order your copy here!, blair jackson, track list, disc one, 1. mystery train (2/18/78, veterans memorial auditorium), 2. catfish john (2/18/78, veterans memorial auditorium), 3. i second that emotion (2/19/78, santa cruz civic auditorium), 4. mission in the rain (2/19/78, santa cruz civic auditorium), 5. don't let go (2/19/78, santa cruz civic auditorium), disc two, 1. tore up over you (6/10/78, keystone berkeley), 2. simple twist of fate (2/19/78, santa cruz civic auditorium), 3. the way you do the things you do (2/19/78, santa cruz civic auditorium), 4. let me roll it (6/18/78, keystone palo alto), 5. gomorrah (6/18/78, keystone palo alto), 6. i'll be with thee (6/18/78, keystone palo alto), 7. lonesome and a long way from home (2/18/78, veterans memorial auditorium), .login$    
2/15/78Keystone, Berkeley CA
 aud partial , s1t01 love in the afternoon137826B   
2/18/78Marin County Veterans Auditorium, San Rafael, CA
 msc > ? > dat > cd > plexwriter px w4824a17750A-  ***
2/19/78Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA
 disc one:, mac (unknown taper/rig) > reel >21460B+  ***
3/9/78Cleveland Music Hall, Cleveland, OH
 msc > ? > dat > cd > eac > shn , the ? probably10505A-  ***
3/10/78Auditorium Theater, Rochester, NY
 unknown taper and equipment, unknown lineage80335   ***
 recorded by alan zimmerman, master audience80887Bin comparison on simple twist, 80887 has a fuller more natural sound than 80335 ***
 interview on wcmf 96 5 fm, recorded by alan82210A-Interview ***
3/11/78WBRU-FM Studios, Pawtucket, RI
 jgb akg friend ; disc one set one97682   ***
 source: sony ecm 99a mics > technics 646ds14931B+in comparison on catfish john, 97682 has warmest sound but is suppressed; 76444 has a harsher an tinnier sound than 14931 but is similarly full; 14931 has more between song audience cut than 76444; need 76444 for interview ***
 the interview is probably (just a guess):76444 interview rates A ***
 set ii msc , set ii, msc>dat>cdr>xld>flac135199 Not Reviewed Yet   
 set2 mtx, second set, *matrix*, 01 love in141085 Not Reviewed Yet   
3/12/78Suffolk Forum, Commack, NY
 source: fob shure audience > cassette master >4473B+in comparison on gomorrah, these are different recording based on different crowd and are close in sound quality making choice difficult; 4473 has a warmer sound with more hiss and is fuller with more bass that is a little rumbly and 82587 is clearer but drier sound ***
 aud source: unknown mac > cd, discs provided by82587   ***
3/14/78Music Hall, Boston, MA
 source: aud (sony ecm 99a mics) > technics 646ds14969A-in comparison on gomorrah, 14969 has a much fuller more upfront sound than 92367 and 111596 ***
 taped by claudette gardel, akg 501e mics > sony92367   ***
 all aud rolfe minches , field recordist:111596   ***
 aud gardel ashley pc , bertha remaster of137446 Not Reviewed Yet   
3/16/78Spectrum Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
 source: unknown mics/taper>cx>dat>cdr>wav>flac28790   ***
 source: aud cassette master, taped by124066Bin comparison on gomorrah, 124066 was fuller and warmer and sounded slow and 28790 was very harsh and narrow like from a transitor radio; need 28790 to fill in last 2.5min of Midnight Moonlight and first 7sec of tore uphas severe noise reduction so that almost everything above 10k is gone***
 sony tc , jerry garcia guitar/vox, john138300 Not Reviewed Yet   
3/17/78Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 early show, barry glassberg's master fm reel >15807   ***
 source: a(big)cardboard box, sbd >? > maxell85164   ***
 berger 24; early show, source: fm simulcast98255    
 berger; early show, source: fm simulcast 10/5"98256  bonus track:, 04: The Night Bird is non-jerry radio play wnew-fm stereo that appears to follow the concert***
 a , early show, source: aud 1st gen123123B+in comparison on catfish john; sbds have a narrow sound with 85164 harsher and narrower than 98256; for auds 123123 has a fuller sound than 15807 and also the sbds and and mtx 123179; mtx 123179 has a fuller sound than the sbds and is more upfront than the auds but not as full as 123123 ***
 early mtx tobin , early show, sbd + aud123179   ***
 lateshow sbd bershaw nolan , late show123184A-  ***
 c aud interview tc3, tape is labeled backstage128379Binterview ***
 late aud ,, late show, 01 jon scher intro138358 Not Reviewed Yet   
3/18/78Warner Theater, Washington, DC
 jgb late fm jtfc ; late show, b, disc i4441   ***
 sbd serafin , (late show), lineage: sbd >7326   ***
 late show18733   ***
 early show, source: master audience cassette (nak9465   ***
 late show, primary source (1):30119   ***
 pure jerry;, march 18, 1978, jerry garcia band, initial release : 2005, jerry made, 2 cd archive release of music from the early and late jerry garcia band shows at the warner theatre, washington, dc on march 18, 1978., tracks, disc 1, early show, i second that emotion (robinson / cleveland), they love each other (garcia / hunter), knockin' on heaven's door (dylan), that's what love will make you do, love in the afternoon (kahn / hunter), mystery train (parker / philips), late show, the harder they come (cliff), disc 2, mission in the rain (garcia / hunter), simple twist of fate (dylan), midnight moonlight (rowan), gomorrah (garcia / hunter), cats under the stars (garcia / hunter), i'll be with thee (love), lonesome and a long way from home (bramlett / bramlett / russell), palm sunday (garcia / hunter), musicians, jerry garcia - guitar, vocals, john kahn - bass, keith godchaux - electric grand piano, vocals, donna jean godchaux - vocals, maria muldaur - vocals, buzz buchanan - drums, credits, executive producer - christopher sabec, peter mcquaid, recording - betty cantor-jackson, tape research - david lemieux, engineering, mastering - joe gastwirt at joe's mastering joint, photography - bob minkin, album coordination - jeff adams, special thanks to tom craig, notes, the rear cover of the cd package includes the following note;, the fifteen songs presented within this package comprise the first ever official and complete release of the two widely acclaimed jerry garcia band concerts that took place march 18, and early palm sunday, 1978. selected and approved by our own patented - and often painful - evaluation process, these tunes are among the very best found within a trove of original jgb soundboard mater tapes. please accept no substitutes, and be assured that these cds authentically celebrate the music's original performance to the fullest legal extent., related releases, mission in the rain was included on;, pure jerry sampler: vols. 1 to 6, jerry garcia, 2005$A  ***
3/19/78Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA
 sndbd >cassette >cassette >dat >cdr >audio4440Ahas strong bass; has several spots digital flaws of drops and static ***
3/22/78Veteran's Hall, Sebastopol, CA
 source: sbd > cm(x) > cdr > wav > shn , multiple19832B-sound starts at B but gets worse in second half of second set ***
 flac2488 2.33gig; live vol4 2488, garcialive volume four:, veteran's hall highlights an oft-requested jerry garcia band line-up featuring jerry, john kahn, buzz buchanan, maria muldaur and keith & donna godchaux. falling just days after the conclusion of the garcia band's tour and days before the release of cats under the stars, this intimate performance in sebastopol, ca showcases a particularly relaxed, vibrant and soulful garcia band evident on moving versions of "mission in the rain," "the night they drove old dixie down," and the gospel standard "i'll be with thee." rocking takes on "mystery train," "i second that emotion" and "midnight moonlight" bring the surging tempos that offer beautiful balance to the performance and showcase the band's tremendous musical range. the performance also marks the first guest appearance from future jerry garcia band keyboardist ozzie ahlers., caveat: garcialive volume four celebrates an era of the jerry garcia band known for its sweet, soulful and expansive performances. this exemplary performance, as was common for the time, extended beyond the bounds of the original analog reels missing the final few measures of midnight moonlight, but is otherwise complete. listen comfortably with our promise that every effort was made to produce this performance for release in a manner which honors the spirit of its creation., available as a 2-cd set or digital downloads in 256kbps mp3, 44.1khz/16bit flac or 88.2khz/24bit flac format., garcia live: volume four: march 22nd, 1978 veteran's hall, jerry garcia band, initial release : 2014, ato records, a 2 cd set of music from the jgb shows at the veteran's hall in sebastopol, california on march 22nd 1978. this is the fourth release in a series of live jerry garcia releases., tracks, cd 1:, how sweet it is (to be loved by you), catfish john, simple twist of fate, i second that emotion, the night they drove old dixie down, cd 2: the harder they come, mission in the rain, cats under the stars, gomorrah, mystery train, love in the afternoon, i'll be with thee, midnight moonlight, musicians, jerry garcia - guitar, vocals, keith godchaux - keyboards, john kahn - bass, buzz buchanan - drums, donna jean godchaux - vocals, maria muldaur - vocals A   
6/11/78Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 i/iip, mac (taped by john angus and scott hart14111B  ***
 jgb s2p sbd miller ; recording info:, sbd97713A-in comparison on gomorrah, 14111 is more suppressed sound than 97713 but need 14111 for rest of show ***
6/18/78Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
 mac > cd > eac > shn, taped by john angus and12559B+in comparison on gomorrah, 101073 was slightly warmer than 12559 and otherwise similar sound; in comparison on rhapsody in red, 12559 was a little fuller and warming sound; there was more background talking on 101073 ***
 motb release: 0095 24/96, release date:101072    
 fob riley menke motb 0095 ; motb release:101073B+ background talking d1t2, d1t3, d2t3***
8/12/78Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 source: mac(mics unknown, possibly sony) > hd >22380Bmost of this is B sound quality but sound deteriorates during mission in the rain ***
10/3/78Shady Grove, San Francisco, CA
 merl saunders band, with special guest jerry20027B+in comparison 20027 has a warmer fuller much more lsitenable sound than 97200; 97200 is more complete ***
 aud cousinit; merl saunders band, with special97200   ***
10/7/78Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
 mac (taped by john angus and scott hart, sony14112   ***
 all aud angus hart ; recorded by john104978B+in comparison on gomorrah, 14112 and 104978 sounded the same; 14112 has more clipping but it was not heard; 104978 has a small drop at d2t5 9:52 that was not heard; 104978 has more between song crowd ***
 all aud angus hart 104981 2496; recorded by john105024    
10/8/78Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
 source: mac(sony mics?)>d>cd>wav>shn, taper: mike20924B+ drop d1t3 1:39***
10/10/78Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 source: sbd>mc>dat>cdr>eac>wav>shn, (ryan at14005   ***
 mac (taped by john angus and scott hart, sony14113   ***
 i thought it would be nice to put these two82886A-in comparison on simple twist, sbd 82886 has a fuller more upfront than auds; for auds 104920 has a deeper bassier sound than 14113 ***
 all aud angus hart 2496; recorded by john104919    
 all aud angus hart fixed ; recorded by104920   ***
10/24/78Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 mac (taped by john angus and scott hart, sony13472B+  ***
10/26/78Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR
 iip, msc > cassette > dat > cd > eac > shn13199Ain comparison on gomorrah, sbd 13199 has a fuller more upfront sound than the auds; aud 16805 has a fuller harsher sound with a little more hiss than 89962; need 16805 for rest of show ***
 source: mac>cd>eac>wav>ce2k (retracking, glitch16805B+  ***
 recorded by pat lee, sony 152 sd cassette deck w/89962   ***
 b gems t , iip, 8 microphone141497 Not Reviewed Yet   
10/27/78Pavillion East (Washington State College), Cheney, WA
 i, iip, ma? > ? > cd > eac > shn; notes/flaws:,18291B+18291 and 89723 are same recording based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t4; in comparison on catfish john 18291 has a warmer sound with less hiss than 89723; need 89723 for end of show ***
 mac > ? > cd > eac > flac, disc one (6 tracks89723B  ***
10/28/78Paramount Northwest Theater, Seattle, WA
 recorded by mark severson; 2 sony ecm 270s> sony89135   ***
 mac (taped by mike mccaw, nak 700s > sony tc 158)12679B+in comparison on gomorrah, 12679 was a little brighter sound than 89135 ***
11/3/78Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
 mac > r > cdx2 > eac > shn (i & iip) +, msr? > ?10032A-  ***
11/17/78Rambler Room, Chicago, IL
 source: gd vault master cassette > dat > sonic80703  this is a close eac match on t1 to grateful dead shnid=32879***