jg - Wondering What to Choose 1981
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
1/22/81Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
 jgb aud partial latvala knudsen df ;97266A-  ***
1/23/81Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
 jgb aud latvala knudsen df ; source:97205B+  ***
1/27/81Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA
 incomplete, mac? > ? > cassette > cd > eac > cd31284B+  ***
1/29/81The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
 mac (taped by steven martin, modified nakamichi17145   ***
 source:, set 1: mac (nakamichi cm 700s>sony21137A-set1 has matching md5 to 17145;has drops between tracks***
 ev re10 js , recorded, transferred111412A-d1t1 is a not close eac match to 17145; 17145 has more digital flaws; in comparison on dear prudence, the sbd portion of 21137 is more upfront and clearer and 111412 is warmer, choose 21137 first and 111412 for rest ***
1/31/81Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 source: sbd > cassette(x) > cdr >wav >shn19831B+  ***
 source: sbd > cass master > dat(x) 48khz31055A-in comparison on dear prudence, 31055 has a fuller sound with less hiss than 19831; need 19831 for first set and missing part ***
2/1/81Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 sbd unk , soundboard>?>cassettes received132178B+excellent sound but has some hiss and speed problems ***
2/4/81Warner Theater, Washington, DC
 taped by dave redman, nak 300s > sony tc d5m30859A-in comparison on dear prudence, 30859 is tinnier than 83742 and that is more suppressed except guitar om 83742 can sometimes be piercingly harsh as on how sweet it is; 30859 has a lot of annoying crowd talking especially in first set while 83742 has very little so may choose 83742 for that reason but still would need 30859 for missing parts ***
 notes:, terrific show garcia is ripping off83742B+  ***
2/5/81Stabler Arena (Lehigh University), Bethlehem, PA
 audmc > cdr, audience recording by ted eng nak9043   ***
 source: jim vita, nakamichi dm 500s (bob, on a83743   ***
 aud schley , s1t01 how sweet it is, s1t02136789A-in comparison on catfish john, 83743 is most muffled and then 138208; 136789 has a fuller warmer sound than 9043 ***
 aud peters zombiwoof, jerry garcia138208   ***
2/6/81The Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
 jim vita's mac w/ nak dm 500's>, sony13985   ***
 source: jim vita, fob nakamichi dm 500s > sony88819B+in comparison on dear prudence, 88819 has a fuller warmer sound than 13985 ***