kd - Wondering What to Choose 1975
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xx/xx/75Keith and Donna
 keith and donna lp, initial release : march 1975, round records rx 104, keith and donna godchaux's first album. jerry garcia plays guitar on the album., tracks, river deep, mountain high (barry / greenwich / spector), sweet baby (godchaux / godchaux), woman make you (godchaux / godchaux), when you start to move (godchaux / godchaux), showboat (godchaux / godchaux / godchaux), my love for you (godchaux / godchaux), farewell jack (godchaux / godchaux / godchaux), who was john (traditional), every song i sing (godchaux / godchaux), musicians, donna godchaux - vocals, keith godchaux - keyboards, vocals, jerry garcia - guitars, vocals, denny seiwell - drums, chrissy stewart - bass, brian godchaux - violin on every song i sing, merl saunders - organ on sweet baby, bernard purdie - drums on river deep, mountain high, john kahn - bass on river deep, mountain high, jim brereton - drums on farewell jack, bill wolf - bass on farewell jack, credits, producers - keith and donna godchaux, recorded - "at great expense" (studio r), engineer - bill wolf, engineering assistant - fred bradfield, mixed by gene eichlberger and merl saunders at his master's wheel, mastered at artisan sound recorders - hollywood, front cover photograph: andy leonard, back cover photograph: cadillac ron, zion's thoughts by garcia$A  ***
4/17/75Lion's Share, San Anselmo, CA
 sb; debut performance, keith godchaux108888B  ***
6/17/75Winterland Arena, San Francisco, California, USA
 keith and partial sbd marks russjcan, low gen sbd>nak cr-3a>sony pcm m10@24/44.1, m10>audigyse>sound forge>cdwave>tlh, tape from the dr bob marks tape collection, transferred and mastered by russell cansler, 01) showboat, notes:last track of set found at begining of kingfish tape A-  ***
8/20/75Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
 see garcia jerry 08/20/75; kdb fob holwein menke106912B+   
 source: msc>1 reel>dat>cdr>wav>shn; shn converted21672A-  ***
 see garcia-jerry 08/20/75 rmsbp, 60m, 2cdr, 86min, reel master sbd>beta>pcm?, dat trade > otari cdr-18 > cdr > eac > wav > flac;, exellent sound, has some occasional very faint crackling/pops; A-in comparison on how sweet it is 21672 seemed fast and was not as warm; this also allows one to hear more of the between song tuning and talk; 21672 and this have same cut in straight life but this comes back with what looks like an 80 second overlap); 21672 is needed for more songs in sbd quality; aud 106912 is less upfront and less clear than the sbds and is needed for extra songs ***
8/30/75The Orphanage, San Francisco, CA
 msr (sony deck) > 1 reel (black maxell udxl35 90b91759B-91765 has matching ffp; instruments are sometimes up to B+ quality while vocals are mainly at B- quality as more muffled with distortion ***
11/7/75Beacon Theater-NYC
 "a"; late show, aud mc>rr>dat>cdr, 'a';; 1)Intro>Farewell Jack 2)It Takes Alot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 3)Ain't That Peculiar 4)Can't Turn You Loose 5)My Love For You 6)River Deep, Mountain High 7)Strange Man 8)I've Got Jesus, 9)Scarlet Begonias 10)Showboat (Encore) B+in comparison on river deep, this has a warmer sound than "Source: Aud" which has more hiss ***
 source: aud; 01. tuning, 02. intro > Farewell Jack, 03. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry, 04. True Love?, 05. Can't Turn You Loose, 06. My Love For You, 07. River Deep, Mountain High, 08. Strange Man, 09. I Got Jesus, 10. Scarlet Begonias, 11. Showboat    ***
11/10/75War Memorial, Trenton, NJ
 source: aud cassette master, taped by rich petrunis, sony recorder, maxell ud-c90, low bias, no nr, nak dragon > tascam hd-p2 24/96 > pc >, adobe audition 2.0 > cd wave > tlh flac, transfer & seed by rob berger march 2013, one disc: 41:49, 01 - it takes a lot to laugh -, it takes a train to cry, 02 - can't turn you loose, 03 - farewell jack, 04 - strange man, 05 - true love, 06 - scarlet begonias, 07 - knock on wood, notes: opened for kingfish, incomplete?, kdb1975-11-10d1t01.flac: B  ***
11/14/75Whitman Auditorium, Brooklyn College, NYC
 keith godchaux, donna jean godchaux, bill kreutzman, ray scott, steve schuster, michael larschied, source: aud 1st gen reel, taped by jimmy warburton, lineage: aud>sony ecm99a>sony tc-152 cassette master>, 7" reel @ 3.75 ips, dolby b, transfer:, technics rs-1506>teac an-180>hd-p2 24/96>hd>, adobe audition 2.0 (levels, dither, edits)>cd wave>tlh flac, transferred & seeded by rob berger 2010-10-01, one discc: 79:18, 01 - /knock on wood, 02 - my sweet angel?, 03 - ain't that peculiar, 04 -, 05 - strange man, 06 - can't turn you loose, 07 - my love for you, 08 - it takes a lot to laugh, 09 - river deep mountain high, 10 -, 11 - scarlet begonias, 12 - i got jesus, kdgb75-11-14d1t01.flac: B+  ***
11/21/75Palace Theater, Albany, NY
 90m, 66min, 48k; 1st gen aud, excellent sound, a little hiss;, + nrps, 8/14/71, berkeley community theater, 48k, 4th gen sbd, 47min, excellent sound but a little hiss, + nrps, 8/15/71, berkeley community theater, 4th gen sbd, 32min, excellent sound but a little hiss, 4 spots of static at 1:54:xx; +nrps, 5/14/70, kirkwood, mo, 35min, 48k, excellent sound but a little hiss, this has a warmer sound with less hiss than other dat but only goes through cecelia; trade dat > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit > wav > flac B+  ***
11/23/75Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
 ecm99 rolfe miller; recording info:, sony ecm 99111168A-111168 is a different recording than "AUD MC>C>DAT>CDR" based on different crowd at end of t2; in comparison on river deep, they both have full sound; 111168 is a little harsher with a littl emore hiss but is more complete ***
 aud mc>c>dat>cdr, 'a'; 1)stage banter 2)It Takes Alot To Laugh... 3)River Deep, Mountain High 4)My Love For You 5)Can't Turn You Loose 6)Scarlet Begonias A- drops between tracks***
11/24/75Palace Theater, Albany, NY
 source: aud 1st gen reel, master taped on a sony87353B+87353 is very similar to "AUD MC>RR>DAT>CDR" in wav and spectral view and levels and sound; 87353 has less digital flaws ***
 "a"; aud mc>rr>dat>cdr, 'a''a-'; 1)Intro>River Deep, Mountain High 2)Stuck On You 3)Farewell Jack> 4)It Takes Alot To Laugh... 5)Scarlet Begonias> 6)Jam> 7)Can't Turn You Loose 8)Strange Man 9)Showboat 10)I've Got Jesus   drop t10 0:33***
11/29/75Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA
 source: aud cm> 7" reel @ 7 5 ips w/dolby b87468B+same recording as version "a" and version "b" with higher levels and digiflawfinder reports no flaws on this while lots on version "a" ***
 version 'a"; source: aud?; 1. /It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry, 2. My Love For You, 3. Stuck On You, 4. River Deep, Mountain High, 5. Farewell Jack > Drums > Jam > Farewell Jack, 6. Sweet Inspiration, Showboat, 7. Scarlet Begonias   Notes:, There is a small cut at the beginning of track 1, Track 5 is over 22 minutes long, Track 6 has two songs, Track 7 has crackling for the final 2 minutes or so 
12/5/75Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
 keith godchaux, donna jean godchaux, bill110254A-  ***
12/20/75Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 mac > ? > cd > eac > shn hp 9350i extraction12493B+  ***
 "b"; with jerry garcia, aud mc>c>dat>cdr, 'a'; excellent sound, levels get slightly harsh occasionally mainly near the beginning; jerry gets lead vocals on t6; 1)Stuck On You 2)River Deep, Mountain High 3)It Takes Alot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 4)Can't Turn You Loose 5)Strange Man 6)Scarlet Begonias>Drums>Scarlet Begonias B+this has same wav and spectral view and levels as 12493 with same digital flaws plus some discontinuities between tracksdiscontinuity t4 0:06; drop/square wav static t6 14:51***