NR - Wondering What to Choose 1969
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xx/xx/69Before Time Began
 Before Time Began$A   
xx/xx/69KFSX interview w/ marmaduke John Dawson
 60m, 21min, 48k; late 69/early 70 with rough mixes for first lp in progress at the time of broadcast; interview between songs (see nrps 4/28/71 (mr>r1>3.75 ips r2>dat)); interview with how Marmaduke got the name plus some upcoming show dates at Fillmore West which may identify the date for this, Louisiana Lady, Garden of Eden, Whatcha Gonna Do, All I Ever Wanted, Henry A-   
8/2/69San Francisco, CA - Matrix
 60m, 69min, 44k; afternoon, soundboard direct 3.75ips m-reel-> (tuning edited out) 3.75ips reel->cdr/dat; was rated a, but very good sound because of a touch of occasional harshness; has analog pops between some tracks; trade dat > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit > wav > flac; 1 Kawliga, 2 Mama Tried, 3 Games People Play, 4 Me & My Uncle, 5 Delilah, 6 Long Black Veil, 7 If You Hear Me When I'm Leavin',(Can't Pay the Price) 8 talk - formerly the murdering punks 9 Superman, 10 Last Lonely Eagle, 11 Truck Drivin' Man, 12 All I Ever Wanted, 13 Henry, 14 Don't Kiss Strangers, 15 Six Days on the Road Bhas hiss and some distortion; turns out to actually be 8/7/69 based on same t8 talking and same talking at end of superman; this has songs shuffled; this has more hiss and a more muffled right channel ***
8/7/69The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
 dat 60m 48k; (76min) + 5/2/70 (30min, incomplete) =>60m, 48k,master sbd reel>dat, excellent sound, occasionally sort of scratchy distortion in sound in 8/7/69, 5/2/70 has excellent sound; 5/2/70: 1:16:32 can't pay the price, 1:22:0x whatcha gonna do on the planet (maybe cut prematurely at the end) bob weir joins for lead (except the weight) /shared vocals: 1:26:4x saw mill, 1:30:2x the race is on, 1:32:4x mama tried, 1:36:1x me & my uncle, 1:40:0x the weight; trade dat > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit > wav > flac; 1 Kaw-Liga, 2 If You Hear Me When I'm Leavin',(Can't Pay the Price) 3 Superman, 4 Mama Tried, 5 Games People Play, 6 Last Lonely Eagle, 7 Truck Drivin' Man, 8 Me And My Uncle, 9 Delilah, 10 Long Black Veil, 11 All I Ever Wanted, 12 Henry, 13 Don't Take Chances, 14 Last Lonely Eagle 15 Six Days On The Road Bharsh with some distortion ***
9/18/69Inn Of The Beginning, Cotati, CA
 lineage: sbd reel>?>cdrs>eac>flac, encoded by Rob Berger87622B+has hiss with full sound; voacls on t1, t5, t7 gets a little harsh from over recording and lower sound quality to B ***