nr - Wondering What to Choose 1973
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3/8/73Berkeley Community Theater, CA
 source: sbd 2nd gen cassette, jerry moore's copy, lineage: betty board rm>pcm>c>c, nak dragon>hd-p2 24/48>cd wave>adobe 16/44>flac, transferred & seeded to ll by rob berger, disc one: 44:56, 01: /teardrops in my eyes, 02: one too many stories, 03: hello mary lou, 04: henry*, 05: portland woman, 06: it's alright with me*, 07: whiskey**, 08: she's no angel, 09: you should have seen me runnin', 10: sailin', disc two: 49:12, 01: school days*, 02: rainbow, 03: glendale train*, 04: crazy arms, 05: workingman's blues, 06: i don't need no doctor*, 07: connection *, 08: willie and the hand jive, notes:, *w/ matthew kelly on harp, **w/ darlene di domenico - vocals, *w/ ramblin' jack elliot - vocals B+  ***
3/17/73Stonybrook, Stonybrook, NY
 livedownload;, download flac $9.71, disc one, set one, amazing grace tuneup / introduction, (1:25), teardrops in my eyes, (2:35), one too many stories, (5:28), take a letter maria, (6:03), school days, (3:28), portland woman, (6:47), it's alright with me, (4:39), rainbow, (3:33), hello mary lou, (3:01), lochinvar, (5:39), she's no angel, (3:03), you should have seen me runnin, (4:34), long black veil, (4:01), truck drivin' man, (4:11), contract, (3:33), sweet lovin' one, (3:54), groupie, (3:54), sutters mill, (3:10), i don't need no doctor, (6:49), disc two, henry, (4:41), crazy arms, (3:19), glendale train, (5:54), all i ever wanted, (10:14), whiskey, (3:31), who likes louie louie?, (2:36), california day, (3:36), louisiana lady, (4:15), last lonely eagle, (6:19), dim lights thick smoke and loud loud music, (4:24), willie and the hand jive, (14:45), connection, (5:44), honky tonk women, (4:58)$A  ***
3/18/73Felt Forum, New York, NY
 fm weiner21538A-in comparison on One Too Many Stories, nrps and dead lp set, sounded more muffled and slow ***
 nrps and dead lp set, the new riders of the purple sage and the grateful dead, mega-rare restored 2lp set felt forum nyc 1973-03-18 fm, i had some difficulties in verifying the location of this particular concert, but it now looks as if it's correct. what a nice set of music! this should be in heavy rotation if you like these two groups together., from an exceedingly rare, porly pressed 2lp set on berkeley records, this appears to be a new riders' concert with the dead stepping in as special guests., setlist (run time about 83 minutes) please verify song titles and date/location!, one too many stories, rock and roll jamboree, teardrops in my eyes, truck driving man, take a letter, maria, school days, crazy arms, connection, deep water, i hear a voice calling, swing low, sweet chariot, you should have seen me running, willie and the hand jive pt1, willie and the hand jive pt2, hello mary lou, henry, whiskey, glendale train, the race is on, johnny b. goode (fragment), lineage: 2030/1 lps -> audacity ->sound forge -> speed correction, click and crackle removal, many hand-painting of pops due to poor pressings -> stereo to mono to two-channel mono ->flac via tlh, level 6, sectors aligned and verified, flac integrity checked, enjoy!, a doinkertape, ps what's the deal with the second track?    ***
3/19/73Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
 source: aud 1st gen/master cassettes, taped by103444   ***
 source: sbd, lineage: sbd>?>cdr>flac, thanks to111801B+in comparison on rainbow, sbd 111801 has a much fuller warmer sound than aud 103444 which has distortion ***
3/25/73The Playhouse, Hofstra, Hempstead, NY
 aud moore berger , early show, source: aud100384C-100384 is later "fixed" version with no indication of what the fix is with same info file and nothing in torrent description to differentiate except different ffp; track timings are the same; wav and spectral view and levels are slightly different; most of sound quality tates C but drops to D for last several songs ***
 early show; source: aud reel, jerry moore's copy, lineage: aud>?>7" reel @ 3.75 ips, no nr, technics rs-1506>hd-p2 24/96>hd>, cd wave>adobe 2.0 16/44>flac, transferred & seeded by rob berger; disc one: 52:16, 01 - Teardrops In My Eyes, 02 - Rainbow, 03 - Lochinvar, 04 - Contract, 05 - One Too Many Stories, 06 - Duncan & Brady, 07 - Henry, 08 - She's No Angel, 09 - Take A Letter Maria, 10 - School Days, 11 - Truck Drivin' Man, disc two: 41:41, 01 - Crazy Arms, 02 - I Don't Need No Doctor, 03 - Sutter's Mill, 04 - Whiskey, 05 - Glendale Train, 06 - Last Lonely Eagle, 07 - Louisiana Lady, 08 - Connection*, notes: *w/Ramblin' Jack Elliot C-as severe noise reductionsound goes poor for last several songs and overall ranges from very good to poor***
3/30/73War Memorial, Rochester, NY
 john dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals, david nelson - lead guitar, vocals, david torbert - bass, vocals, buddy cage - pedal steel guitar, spencer dryden - drums, *w/ keith godchaux on piano, source: sbd, lineage: sbd>?>cdrs>eac>flac, seeded to lossless legs by rob berger, one disc: 61:22, 01: it's allright with me, 02: sutter's mill, 03: teardrops in my eyes, 04: hello mary lou, 05: one too many stories, 06: henry*, 07: groupie*, 08: crazy arms*, 09: take a letter maria*, 10: california day, 11: glendale train*, 12: you should have seen me runnin'*, 13: willie and the hand jive*, notes: opened for grateful dead B+  ***
3/31/73Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY
 source: sbd reel master betty board, lineage:87702B+  ***
4/2/73Boston Garden, Boston, MA
 aud; (with jerry garcia on pedal steel guitar)106378   ***
 sbd 3rd gen cassette, openers for gd, john115587A-in comparison on one too many stories 115587 has a warmer fuller clearer sound than 124482; 106378 is much more distorted than these; need 124482 for the soundcheck ***
 partial, source: aud cassette master124482B  ***
4/4/73Worcester, MA
 distributed by digitalsoundboard, inc.,, after wrapping up a spring tour opening for the grateful dead in various cities on the east coast, the new riders kept their tour bus wheels rolling into clark university in worcester on this april, evening, despite a massive snow storm. the dead's keith godchaux sits in the entire evening on piano, making this show a real treat with his honky tonk riffs and fills. donna jean godchaux also gets into, the act, singing background on "long black veil" and lead vocals on the loretta lynn classic, "you ain't woman enough." this is the new riders in their prime, and features classic, jammed out, versions of "dirty business," "portland woman" and " willie and the hand jive."; d1t01 I Don't Know You 00:03:48, d1t02 Lochinvar 00:05:06, d1t03 Rainbow 00:03:11, d1t04 It's Alright With Me 00:03:51, d1t05 Sailin' 00:03:01, d1t06 Whatcha Gonna Do 00:03:04, d1t07 California Day 00:02:53, d1t08 Linda 00:03:33, d1t09 Groupie 00:02:32, d1t10 One Too Many Stories 00:06:07, d1t11 Contract 00:03:59, d1t12 Teardrops In My Eyes 00:02:58, d1t13 Long Black Veil 00:04:29, d1t14 You Ain't Woman Enough 00:03:24, d1t15 Whiskey 00:03:30, d2t01 Dirty Business 00:10:08, d2t02 Down in the Boondocks 00:03:36, d2t03 Hello Mary Lou 00:02:56, d2t04 You Should Have Seen Me Runnin' 00:04:42, d2t05 Portland Woman 00:06:57, d2t06 Henry 00:04:37, d2t07 Glendale Train 00:05:24, d2t08 Last Lonely Eagle 00:06:19, d2t09 Louisiana Lady 00:03:50, d2t10 Willie and the Hand Jive 00:11:29$A-  ***
5/11/73ABC-TV In Concert
 01. willie and the hand jive, 02. groupie, 03. she's no angel, 04. sutter's mill, 05. hello mary lou B+  ***
5/26/73Kezar Stadium, S.F., CA
 sbd betty berger , 11:00am, john dawson142135B+   
 sbd betty berger 24, 11:00am, john dawson142136    
7/14/73Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI
 source: betty board reel master, lineage:87703A- static drops at t6 0:22, static t10 1:07, 2:21 plus some more; distortion in harmonica on t17***
7/21/73Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
 late show, source: sbd reel master, lineage:110215A-  ***
8/29/73Paul's Mall, Boston, MA
 fm weiner ; disc one, early show, fmmr >18243B+in comparison on one too many mornings, 106379 has warmest sound with most hiss and bass but sounds suppressed; 95466 is harsher than 18243; both 95466 and 18243 have some fm scratchiness in the listening sample with 95466 having most while there was none in 106379; 18243 has the extra late set portion which is lesser sound quality B; in comparison on one too many mornings, 18243 has a fuller sound than krw_co 1st gen reelhas some occasionall fm static***
 fm early; early show, wbcn fm broadcast > master95466A-  ***
 wbcn radio broadcast, from master cassette106379 t16 seems to repeat what is in lat part of t15 ***
 flac24 1.57gig; fm 1st gen reel 24, early show, wbcn fm broadcast, first generation reel @ 7.5 ips, from the collection of hezekiahx2, transferred and presented by krw_co, lineage fm reel master>reel (1st) @ 7 1/2 ips>akai gx-4000d reel to reel>, creative soundblaster x-fi hd model #sb1240 wav (24/96khz)>audacity for krw/gv, track marks volume adjustment and edits>wav 24/96>traders little helper flac 8, the band, john dawson guitar vocals, david nelson guitar vocals, buddy cage pedal steel guitar, dave torbert bass guitar vocals, spencer dryden drums, set list, 1 dj intro, 2 tuning, 3 panama red, 4 lonesome la cowboy, 5 groupie, 6 rainbow, 7 one too many stories, 8 hello mary lou, 9 henry, 10 parson brown, 11 important exportin' man, 12 lochinvar, 13 teardrops in my eyes, (tape flip edit @ 00:45:00.031), 14 you know it's alright, 15 last lonely eagle, 16 louisiana lady, 17 willie and the hand jive, 18 dj, 19 talk & tune, 20 encore: school days, 21 dj outro, thank you to hezekiahx2 for having us assist with transferring and presenting., if you have masters and/or known generation recordings that you need assistance with transferring/archiving, please contact us via pm., please don't post this on any other trackers., and please don't alter or sell this recording., as always enjoy cheers krw_co    ***
 fm mr>dat>cdr, early show; excellent sound; has some announcer station ids; 01 Panama Red 4:12, 02 Lonesome LA Cowboy 4:45, 03 Groupie 3:47, 04 Rainbow 3:33, 05 One Too Many Stories 3:28, 06 Hello Mary Lou 3:00, 06 Henry 5:57, 07 Parson Brown 3:59, 08 Importin' Exportin' Man 2:22, 09 Lochinvar 5:41, 10 Teardrops In My Eyes 3:07, 11 You Know It's Alright 3:31, 12 Last Lonely Eagle 6:43, 13 Louisiana Lady 4:04, 14 Willie And The Hand Jive 9:14, 16 DJ interlude 3:13, encore:, 17 School Days 3:05, 18 DJ outro 0:50 B+this is a not close eac match on t1 to 18243 with more digital flawssmall digi-pops & digi-glitches t1 0:06, 0:07, 0:09, 0:11, 0:32, 0:57, 1:04, plus many many more ongoing; fm buzz t3 2:xx, mic hit noises t13 2:xx 
9/1/73Staple's High School, Westport, CT
 nrps1973 09 01aud18303B  ***
9/5/73Philharmonic Hall, New York, NY
 early & late shows, source: aud cassette master84823B  ***
10/2/73Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
 john dawson guitar, vocals, david115575A-  ***
10/26/73Aquarius Theatre, Boston, MA
 set i:, 1 lonesome la cowboy, 2 panama red, 3 la105261B  ***
11/24/73Academy Of Music, New York, NY
 nrps1973 11 24aud18304B-Frank Wakefield announced as special guest at end of d2t9; commander cody guests on piano ***