nr - Wondering What to Choose 1974
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xx/xx/74Home, Home on the Road and Brujo
 home home on the road brujo, 1974, in 2004, collectables reissued two obscure albums by the new riders of the purple sage that had been out of print for years, home, home on the road and brujo. both albums were originally released on columbia in 1974, with the best material being on the jerry garcia-produced live recording home, home on the road, which combined rock & roll favorites such as ricky nelson's "hello mary lou," chuck berry's "school days," and the rolling stones' "dead flowers" with nrps originals "kick in the head," "henry," and "sutter's mill." fans of the grateful dead's overt country material will find this a welcome addition to their collections., tracks, 1. hi, hello, how are you, 2. she's no angel, 3. groupie, 4. sunday susie, 5. kick in the head, 6. truck drivin man, 7. hello mary lou, 8. sutter's mill, 9. dead flowers, 10. henry, 11. school days, 12. old man noll, 13. ashes of love, 14. you angel you, 15. instant armadillo blues, 16. workingman's woman, 17. on the amazon, 18. big wheels, 19. singing cowboy, 20. crooked judge, 21. parson brown, 22. neon rose, performance credits, new riders of the purple sage primary artist, armando peraza bongos, skip battin bass,guitar,piano,bass guitar,vocals, buddy cage pedal steel guitar, john dawson guitar,vocals, spencer dryden drums,vocals, ed freeman mellotron, david hewitt sounds, frank hubach sounds, neil larsen keyboards, mark naftalin piano, david nelson guitar,vocals, andy stein baritone saxophone, dave torbert bass,bass guitar,vocals, dan patiris english horn, john venable sounds, bill culhane sounds, michael zasuly sounds, technical credits, chuck berry composer, bob dylan composer, jerry garcia producer,audio production, mick jagger composer, robert hunter composer, skip battin composer, johnnie wright composer, john dawson composer, bob edwards sound effects,engineer, tom flye engineer,remixing, ed freeman producer,audio production, kalifornia kurt kinzel sound effects,engineer, keith richards composer, dave torbert composer, don wood engineer, gage taylor paintings, cayet mangiaracina composer, wanda ballman composer, clambourine society of marin contributor, james f. corson casting, show less$    
2/2/74Keystone, Berkeley, CA
 set i, source: aud 1st gen reel, mastered w/sony87239B+  ***
 berger , *set ii with jerry garcia on116002B+87239 has matching ffp to first set of 116002; cuts into first song and then sound is shaky for first 15 seconds; d1t12 Down In The Boondocks repeats d1t11 ***
2/16/74Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA
 fmmr > ? > r > dat > wav > shn, a>d by noah18300A- analog pop t5 0:57; analog cut.drop t6 1:50, levels drop t8 1:xx for about 30sec; analog drop t11 0:45, t17 0:44, 0:49***
 w/commander cody, fm>?>cdr; excellent sound; 01 tuning, 02 Hi, Hello, How Are You, 03 Panama Red, 04 On Too Many Stories, 05 Sweet Loving One, 06 Dim Lights,//Thick Smoke, And Loud, Loud Music, 07 Some Day Susie, 08 I Don't Know You, 09 Singing Cowboy, 10 Henry, 11 Teardrops In My Eyes, 12 Sutter's Mill, 13 Truck Drivin' Man*, 14 Should've Seen Me Runnin', 15 She's No Angel, 16 Lonesome LA Cowboy, 17 Down In//The Boondocks, 18 Glendale Train A-this is a close eac match on t1 and t2 to 18300 with same digital flawsanalog pop t5 0:57; analog cut.drop t6 1:50, levels drop t8 1:xx for about 30sec; analog drop t11 0:45, t17 0:44, 0:49***
3/8/74JJ's Club, San Diego, CA
 sony ecm 22p mics > revox b77 (reel) >sony90882B+some of this is at A- sound quality ***
4/12/74Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA
 audience mono, sony tc 55 with built in condenser95482   ***
 source: aud cassette master, taped by100522B+in comparison on One Too Many Stories, 95482 is harsher, narrower, clearer, and more upfront than 100522 but prefer 100522 for its warmth as 95482 is too harsh; need 95482 for nadine ***
4/13/74Academy Of Music, New York, NY
 late aud moore berger100289B  ***
4/14/74Academy of Music, New York, NY
 set i:, 1 panama red, 2 lonesome l a cowboy106633B+  ***
 aud mc>cdr, comment late show, john dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals, david nelson - lead guitar, vocals, skip battin - bass, vocals, buddy cage - pedal steel guitar, spencer dryden - drums, *w/ commander cody on piano; very good sound; first 1:24 of t1 is pre-show audience and seems like a different show/source; Panama Red, Lonesome LA Cowboy, Austin, Texas >, Instant Armadillo Blues, One Too Many Stories, I Don't Know You, Singing Cowboy, She's No Angle, You Should Have Seen Me Runnin', Tico Tico, LA Lady, Henry, Sutter's Mill, Crooked Judge, Neon Rose, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Whiskey, Portland Woman, Set 2 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, And Loud, Loud Music*, Six Days On The Road*, Dead Flowers*, Take A Letter, Maria*, Glendale Train*, Tear Drops In My Eyes*, Last Lonely Eagle*, On The Amazon*, Honky Tonk Women*, encore:, Nadine* B+this is a sort of close eac match on d1t1 and d1t2 to 106633 with same digital flaws plus discontinuiites between tracks ***
8/16/74Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth, MA
 w/ david bromberg, extra electric guitar18302B+  ***
8/17/74Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA
 aud warburton weiner ; audmc > r > dat >18306B+  ***
8/20/74Central Park, New York, NY
 purple sage music tree, round 03 march, 200318066B+  ***
9/xx/74Unknown venue, NYC*
 berger;, source: sbd, lineage:, sbd reel master>?>reel>dat>cdrs>eac>cd wave>flac, seeded to ll by rob berger, disc one: 52:12, set i, 01: /i don't know you, 02: sunday susie, 03: austin texas>, 04: instant armadillo blues, 05: lonesome la cowboy, 06: panama red, 07: one too many stories, 08: teardrops in my eyes, 09: singing cowboy, 10: henry, 11: you angel you, 12: working man's woman/, 13: truck drivin' man, disc two: 39:37, set ii, 01: the masked thrower, 02: she's no angel, 03: neon rose, 04: parson brown, 05: big wheels, 06: rainbow, 07: old man noll, 08: ashes of love, 09: portland woman/, * notes: i don't think the riders played nyc between august and november of 1974. i suspect that this is either 9/13 stonybrook or 9/24 cw post but that is only my guess. any help in clearing up the date and venue of this show would be greatly appreciated Bsome of the songs go to A- but others are at B- as distortion varies ***
10/10/74Unknown, Tucson, AZ
 source: sbd cassette master, lineage:96093B+quality improves after first few songs and reaches A- by theend of show ***
10/13/74Denver University Arena, Denver, CO
 disc 1:, 1-i don't know you, 2-sunday suzie, 3-tuning, 4-austin, texas >, 5-instant armadillo blues, 6-lonesome la cowboy, 7-parson brown, 8-rainbow, 9-you angel you, 10-singing cowboy, 11-take a letter maria, 12-she's no angel, 13-big wheels, 14-portland woman, 15-instrumental, 16-henry, 17-crooked judge, disc 2:, 1-last lonely eagle, 2-louisiana lady, 3-dead flowers, e: 4-glendale train, lineup:, john dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals, david nelson - lead guitar, vocals, skip battin - bass, vocals, buddy cage - pedal steel guitar, spencer dryden - drums, source: audience > master cassette > r > c > dat > ? > trade cdr(circa 12/04) > eac(secure) > wav > flac8(tlh), notes: recording received in trade on in 2004, eac/flac by jagrahamatroanokedotedu on 11/8/09. C  ***
11/15/74Winterland, San Francisco, CA
 bear gems ; mixed and recorded by bear108997B+  ***
11/29/74Academy Of Music, New York, NY
 nrps1974 11 29aud18069Bsound quality ranges from B to B+; this has more songs than MSR ***
 version "a'; msr>?>cd, master soundboard reel > ? > cd [te], excellent sound; 1 //Crooked Judge 2 Glendale Train, 3 Last Lonely Eagle, + Truck Drivin' Man, 4 Nadine, 5 Parson Brown, 6 Dead Flowers//, 7 w/unknown filler in very good sound School Days// 8 Sailin' 9 Dim Lights// 10-11 unknown filler/group Teenager in Love A- drop beginning of d1t10***
11/30/74Academy Of Music, New York, NY
 nrps1974 11 30aud18070B+  ***
12/8/74John's Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
 disc 1:, 1-i don't know you, 2-sunday suzie, 3-austin, texas > instant armadillo blues, 4-lonesome la cowboy, 5-panama red, 6-you angel you, 7-henry, 8-singing cowboy, 9-teardrops in my eyes, 10-rainbow, 11-take a letter maria, 12-old man knoll, 13-ashes of love, 14-portland woman, disc 2:, 1-unknown nelson song(?), 2-lochinvar, 3-she's no angel, 4-whiskey, 5-instrumental(?), 6-big wheels, 7-truck drivin' man, 8-sutter's mill, 9-dim lights, thick smoke, 10-louisiana lady, 11-workingman's woman, 12-on the amazon, 13-talk, 14-crooked judge, 15-glendale train, 16-dead flowers, 17-nadine, lineup:, john dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals, david nelson - lead guitar, vocals, skip battin - bass, vocals, buddy cage - pedal steel guitar, spencer dryden - drums, source: audience > master cassette > r > cd > trade cdr(circa 12/07) > eac(secure) > wav > flac8(tlh), notes: trade cdr received from trade 12/07, eac/flac by jagrahamatroanokedotedu on 11/8/09. B-  ***