nr - Wondering What to Choose 1975
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xx/xx/75Live On Stage
 liveonstage1993 rrcd2059, relix records rrcd2059, accurate eac rip, logs & high res artwork included, -------, live on stage is an album by the country rock, band the new riders of the purple sage., it was recorded live in 1975 at the beacon, theatre in new york city and at the keystone in, berkeley, california. it was released by relix, records in 1993., -------, tracks 1 6 were recorded on november 14, and/or november 15, 1975 at the beacon theatre, in new york. tracks 7 10 were recorded on, may 17, 1975 at the keystone in berkeley., bluegrass fiddle player vassar clements sits in on, two songs "glendale train" and "nadine"., the cover photo, by mary ann mayer, depicts, from, left to right, spencer dryden, john "marmaduke", dawson, david nelson, skip battin, and buddy cage., according to a statement by dawson on the back cover, "this cd was originally released in europe in 1992, without my permission. not only that, the new riders, and the authors of the songs haven't seen any royalties, and probably won't from the release. because of that, i decided that we should release it 'legally'. the, material here is quite enjoyable, and i like it! i hope you, do too!", -------, "panama red" (peter rowan) 3:17, "little old lady" (richard wilbur) 3:16, "austin, texas" (skip battin) / "instant armadillo blues" (john dawson) 5:18, "henry" (dawson) 5:00, "glendale train" (dawson) 5:31, "nadine" (chuck berry) 6:39, "singing cowboy" (battin) 4:39, "take a letter maria" (r. b. greaves) 5:14, "i will never make you blue" (c. cline, r. cline) 4:03, "la bamba" (traditional, arranged by ritchie valens) 4:52, -------, new riders of the purple sage, john dawson guitar, vocals, david nelson guitar, vocals, buddy cage pedal steel guitar, skip battin bass, vocals, spencer dryden drums, additional musicians, vassar clements fiddle on "glendale train" and "nadine", production, dave tamarkin tape archivist, mary ann mayer cover photographer, -------, ffp>, 01 panama red.flac:$A didgipop t9 1:41***
4/30/75Walt Whitman Auditorium, Brooklyn College, New York, NY
 source: aud cassette master, akg d1000e's spread86007B+ crackles d2t10 4:08, cut d2t10 4:18, digi-drop/static d2t16 1:20, 1:31, 1:51***
 aud'a-' aud mc>cdr; excellent sound B+this is a sort of close eac match to 86007 on d1t1 with same digital flawscrackles d2t10 4:08, cut d2t10 4:18, digi-drop/static d2t16 1:20, 1:31, 1:51***
5/17/75Keystone, Berkeley,CA,USA
 rowan sbd betty davmar77, there's a bit of a back story on this. if you are a new riders fan, you are probably familiar with the 1993 release nrps live on stage from relix recorded in 1975. the story went that it was originally a king biscuit radio show from the beacon theater in nyc and released overseas as a boot. the group wanted to release it here but wanted extra songs to make their version more desirable to purchase than the boot. my brother jeff had been editor for relix and knew les kippel. they asked if i had any material from that period to add. years back i had been given my brother's old reel collection and among the shows he had was this 5/75 keystone show. i gave relix a few songs to use and they put the cd out legally.i have recently dug out the 42 year old reels and after a baking, have transferred them to digital. on the tape box there was a note that the master recording was done by betty cantor-jackson. this info doesn't appear to be listed anywhere under her credit or anywhere else for that matter making this an important discovery showing that there's probably more betty boards around than previously thought. i was intent on getting the ok from the bands involved to circulate the complete show although i knew i had a few obstacles to overcome. first off, the new riders do not allow unapproved sb recordings in public circulation. next was the fact that a few songs had been released officially meaning some sites would not allow it without an official ok. lastly, the fact that peter rowan, who also does not allow boot recordings, guests on two songs. i got in touch with the folks representing the new riders. after a bit of back and forth, not only did they give me the ok let this out, they gave me the ok to allow it in it's entirety including the few released songs. next up was getting in touch with peter rowan who i have known since the mid 70's. after some discussion with him and his rep, they too gave me the ok include the two songs he plays on. just a side note, the beacon theater show tracks used on the official release took place in the fall of 1975 and have nothing to do with this show so the king biscuit aspect that some sites are concerned with do not matter here., so, to be clear, this concert, which took place in may of 1975, has the following allowances., the new riders' people have given their full blessing to share this in it's entirety., peter rowan and his people have given the same permissions., these are one time permissions so don't think this opens the flood gates for other recordings by these artists to be shared without their specific ok., processing this recording took some time. the levels were all over the place and the reels needed baking to be completely playable. i wanted to get this as right as i could and i think the final transfer came out pretty well considering i was working with 42 year old reels., enjoy, dave, always more to come..., new riders of the purple sage, keystone, berkeley,ca,usa, may 17,1975, john dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals, david nelson - lead guitar, vocals, skip battin - bass, vocals, buddy cage - pedal steel guitar, spencer dryden - drums, peter rowan - vocals, guitar **, cd 1 set 1, 1-austin, texas > instant armadillo blues, 2-on top of old smokey, 3-you angel you, 4-louisiana lady, 5-peter rowan intro, 6-panama red **, 7-lonesome la cowboy **, 8-teardrops in my eyes, 9-rainbow, 10-henry, 11-ashes of love, 12-portland woman, cd 2 set 2, 1-good news, 2-singing cowboy, 3-take a letter maria, 4-i will never make you blue, 5-whiskey, 6-la bamba, 7-old man noll, 8-on the amazon, 9-crooked judge, 10-glendale train, 11-dead flowers, 12-nadine, sbd > betty cantor-jackson's master reels >, two memorex reels @ 7 1/2 ips (possibly 1st gen) >, baked to restore > played back on teac x-2000r >, edirol usb ua-1ex audio interface >, cool edit > cd wave editor >, traders little helper > flac, you can find more info on the official release here:,,, credits, tape archivist - dave tamarkin, live at beacon theatre, new york, 1975 and keystone, berkeley, may 17, 1975, this cd was originally released in europe in 1992 without my permission. not only that, the new riders and the authors of the songs havn't seen any royalties, and probably won't from the release. because of that i decided that we should release it 'legally'. the material here is quite enjoyable, and i like it! i hope you do too! - john dawson B+in comparison on louisiana lady, MAC>CD has a less full and less clear sound than this; a lot of this rates Afirst 30sec of d1t2 has higher hiss on left channel***
 mac>cd, sony ecm 270 mics on stage, placed on monitors >, sony tc152 master cassette > hhb850 stand alone cd burner [nw], taped by bob menke; very good to excellent sound; (a bittorrent from 12/09 has same digital flaws plus a bad drop/pop at d1t4 2:46; described as "source: sony ecm-270 + ecm0250(on stage) > sony tc-152 > dat > cdr > ? > trade cdr > eac(secure) > wav > flac8(tlh), notes: trade cdr received with stated lineage circa 2004. eac/flac by jagraham 12/20/09., jagrahamatroanokedotedu, -jason" with filenames like "nrps1975-05-17d1t01.flac"); Set 1: 1 Austin Texas > 2 Instant Armadillo Blues, 3 On Top Of Old Smokey, 4 You Angel You, 5 Louisiana Lady, 6 Panama Red*, 7 Lonesome LA Cowboy*, 8 Teardrops In My Eyes, 9 Rainbow, 10 Henry,11 Ashes Of Love, 12 Portland Woman, 13 Set 2: Good News, 14 Singing Cowboy, 15 Take A Letter Maria, CD2 1 I Will Never Make You Blue, 2 Whiskey, 3 La Bamba, 4 Old Man Noll, 5 On The Amazon, 6 Crooked Judge, 7 Glendale Train, 8 Dead Flowers, 9 Encore: Nadine, w/*Peter Rowan, vocals B+ drop/cut between cdrs; end of d1t10, d1t12, d2t5***
6/13/75Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
 livedownload;, download flac $9.71, austin, texas, 1975. the outlaw country movement was reaching its peak with weekly musical meetings of hippies and rednecks at the 1500 capacity armadillo world headquarters. whether the charge was being led by local luminaries like willie nelson, waylon jennings and freddie king, or by california country-rock imports like the new riders of the purple sage and commander cody and his lost planet airmen, the armadillo's legend was becoming well known throughout the country. before it was all said and done, the armadillo hosted everyone from bruce springsteen, jerry garcia and frank zappa to bill monroe, gram parsons and ray charles. the new riders of the purple sage had been making austin a home away from home for a few years by the time this middle night of a three-night run of performances came about. bassist skip battin, formerly of the byrds, had been in the band for a full year now, contributing heavily to the riders' 1974 album brujo, and his unique playing style and energy are an essential element to the band's good time vibe that permeates this recording. 6/13/75 features crisp versions of lonesome l.a. cowboy, henry, louisiana lady and glendale train. the austin atmosphere kicks into high gear as battin sings his ode to the lone star state capital, austin, texas, which jams right into dawson's austin inspired instant armadillo blues. long before there ever was the term jam-band,' the new riders strut some psychedelic stuff on fan favorites dirty business and portland woman. other highlights and rarities include a very early take on the battin penned strangers on a train, my dog peaches, a never before released dawson song, david nelson singing merle haggard's i'm bringing home good news, dawson going tex-mex on freddy fender's before the next teardrop falls and a very rare riders performance of the gary u.s. bonds hit new orleans. the new riders live at the armadillo was mastered directly off of the original 1/4 track reel to reel recording and captures this night just as it wasin all of its hot, sweaty, beer-soaked and smoke-filled glory., disc one, set one, i don't know you, (3:55), panama red, (3:06), lonesome l.a. cowboy, (3:59), austin, texas, (2:59), instant armadillo blues, (3:05), teardrops in my eyes, (2:42), dirty business, (8:04), henry, (4:58), sutters mill, (2:26), dim lights thick smoke and loud loud music, (4:16), louisiana lady, (3:51), strangers on a train, (3:07), portland woman, (14:09), disc two, set two, i'm bringin' home good news, (3:54), you angel you, (3:26), she's no angel, (3:06), my dog peaches, (4:09), on the amazon, (3:55), before the next teardrop falls, (2:26), over and over, (3:05), whiskey, (4:15), crooked judge, (8:54), i will never make you blue, (3:53), new orleans, (3:45), la bamba, (3:26), glendale train, (5:01), dead flowers, (5:15), nadine, (6:34)$A  ***
8/30/75Music Inn, Lenox, MA
 audmc > r > dat > wav > shn, recorded by jimmy18305C  ***
9/19/75Mackey Auditorium, Boulder, CO
 disc 1:, 1 tuning, 2 panama red, 3 lonesome la105516B-  ***
11/14/75Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
 late107711Athis is lossy ***