nr - Wondering What to Choose 1976
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
5/30/76City Park Stadium, New Orleans, LA
 source: sony c 90(master cassette) >teac cassette95374B- hiss and occasional pops***
6/20/76Astor Theater, Reading, PA
 nrps1976 06 2033176B+33176 and 33179 have same ffp ***
 version 'a"; aud 'a-' Bthis is same recording as 33176; this has channels swapped and inverted; when compared on Lonesome La Cowboy this is a little harsher sound with more digital flaws; that has more crowd and tuning at beginning of showdrop/cut between cdrs; discontinuities near track boundaries***
 interview with alison steele the nightbird, source: original broadcast vinyl, broadcast on fm stations the week of 1976-12-12, transferred & seeded by rob berger 2010-11-15, one disc: 25:42, nrps76-06-22d1t.flac: A  ***
6/25/76Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, NY
 nrps1976 06 2518064A-  ***
10/26/76Valley Forge, PA
 aud petrunis berger , source: aud cassette124091B+  ***