nr - Wondering What to Choose 1979
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10/18/79Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
 pre fm sbd feed > nak 550 > maxell udxl2 (no nr)31496A-  ***
 pre-fm, nrps opens for, charlie daniels band, his is made directly from the pre-fm cassette master. i just obtained, this in a trade and have no set list or other info that this., those who know me, know that i don't usually release other people's material, just my own, master recordings. but this is a high quality recording of two old time favorites that i have never, seen released before., hope you all enjoy it., -ta  in comparison this sounds similar to 31496 except this has a little warmer sound and much lower levels ***
10/24/79Speaks, Island Park, NY
 source: wlir fm broadcast > ? > trade cdr(circa103246B+  ***