nr - Wondering What to Choose 1981
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2/23/81Live at My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY USA
 fm;, broadcast live over 92.7 wlir-fm, garden city, long island, ny usa., note:, nrps were touring on their latest album at the time, "feelin' all right", (a&m, 1980). to my knowledge, this show has not been in circulation prior to, this post., lineage:, from my off-air master cassette, wlir-fm > technics receiver > bic cassette deck > maxell xliis >, sony tc-we835s cassette deck > ads tech rdx-150 > sony soundforge 9.0 >, flac level 6 aligned on sb, original recording and transfer by beatpop., posted jan 2009., setlist:, 01 feelin' all right (5:17), 02 henry (4:23), 03 no other love (4:19), 04 way she dances (4:53), 05 red hot women and ice cold beer (4:19), 06 full moon at midnite (5:17), 07 day dreamin' girl (5:52), 08 pakalolo man (4:41), 09 minglewood blues (6:32), (tape flip), 10 lonesome l.a. cowboy (4:08), 11 panama red (6:11), encore:, 12 dead flowers (5:09), total running time: 61:07, the band:, john dawson - guitar, vocals, david nelson - lead guitar, vocals, buddy cage - pedal steel guitar, allen kemp - lead guitar, vocals, billy wolf - bass, patrick shanahan - drums, A  ***
7/3/81Island Music Festival, Clayton, NY
 aud shivaho107712C+  ***
12/31/81Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, CA
 source: sbd cassette master, lineage: sbd89215A-in comparison on dirty business, 139777 has a warmer but more suppressed echoey sound and 89215 is brighter and more upfront; both sounded slow by end of set, mtx 143780 is warmer than 89215 but more echoey and not as clear ***
 nak300 schley, opening for grateful dead139777   ***
 mtx tobin , sbd + aud matrix 2 source mix143780 this is at 48k although in spectral view looks like 44k ***