RH - Wondering What to Choose 1972
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xx/xx/72Mickey Hart's Barn Novato CA
 the marin county collective, fire on the mountain, area code 415 1972-73 1cd, recorded at mickey hart's barn novato ca; excellent sound, best version found so far; Area Code 415 Sessions, 1 Fire on the Mountain, 2 Ghost Riders in the sky, 3 It Makes Me Mad #1, 4 You Know I Will, 5 Is Anybody There, 6 Night of the Vampire, 7 It Makes Me Mad #2, 8 Fire on the Mountain Sessions, Fire on the Mountain, 9 Speed Racer, 10 Untitled, 11 Fear & Loathing, 12 Checker Man, 13 Marshmallow Road, 14 Fear, 15 Ariel, 16 Fire On the Mountain (2002 Mix) A- click t6 2:28 of analog nature***
xx/xx/72Mickey's Barn, Novato, Ca.
 and the marin county collective, "area code 415" sessions, master stereo soundboard, master stereo reel to reel > equalizer > cd > eac > wav > flac., i decided to upload this classic for all of you that do, not have it or had a bad quality version...great stuffs, here, with a stellar line-up.....; 1. Fire On The Mountain, 2. Ghost Riders In The Sky, 3. Mad #1 (r.hunter), 4. You Know I Will, 5. I heard you singing,(r.hunter) 6. Night Of The Vampire, 7. Mad #2 (r.hunter), "Fire On The Mountain" sessions, 8. Fire On The Mountain, 9. Speed Racer, 10. Untitled, 11. Fear And Loathing, 12. Checker Man, 13. Marshmallow Road, 14. Fear, 15. Ariel, Line-up :, 1. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg, 2. cipollina, hart, freiberg, jim mcpherson, 3. kathy mcdonald, mcpherson, steve schuster, 4. kathy mcdonald, mcpherson, steve schuster, 5. freiberg, hart, mcpherson, mcdonald, 6. melton, lesh, hunter, hart, 7. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg, 8. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg, 9. melton, hart, lesh, schuster, bill champlin, 10. garcia & hart at the palace of fine arts, 11. ali abkar khan, ali raka, garcia, hart, 12. hart, rob stokes, lesh, melton, freiberg, hunter, 13. hart, melton, bloomfield, la flamme, 14. lagin, lesh, cipollina, 15. melton, hart, lesh, stokes, garcia, freiberg    ***
 fire on the mountain;, mickey hart & friends - fire on the mountain, planet records 1995, liberated bootleg., i was looking for this bootleg since i saw it listed on, the cipollina's discography web site. well, steve emmerman, kindly sent me this and asked me to upload it, since he has, some computer problems. steve said that the cd came out, with a really poor cover art, with a pix of m. hart on the, front cover and the titles of the songs on the back. so, he just wrote for me the set list, as is it reported below., so listening to it i found out this is a mixture of the area, code and fire on t.m. sessions, that i uploaded sometime, ago, plus some other unreleased tracks, but i think this, is still worths to have it, cause the recording quality is, stunning and a couple of tracks are really hard to find., 1. fire on the mountain 3:08, 2. ghost riders in the sky 3:13, 3. it heard you singing 3:52, 4. night of the vampires 2:47, 5. it makes me mad 2:11, 6. fire on the mountain #2 4:47, 7. speed racer 2:26, 8. checker man 2:22, 9. fear 4:06, 10. on the air 7:38, 11. jesse james 3:02, 12. mountains in dreamland 3:36, 13. looking for a world 3:03, 14. babylon (1 drop at 0:49) 2:36, 15. love is a mistery 3:05, 16. harbinger 3:48, 17. sunshine 3:05, 18. stranger 4:18, 19. kharma 3:43, 20. could you drive forever 3:22, 21. instrumental 2:25, total 72:43, the firends include j. garcia, b. melton, r. hunter, d. freiberg, p. lesh, m. bloomfield, pj creach, j cipollina, soundboard, cd > plextor tool extractor pro > wav > flac., planet records, cd, 1995  tracks t11-t20 are the unreleased Barry Melton album; not sure what track 21 is from but someone wrote on a torrent that it was "believed to come the sessions for an unreleased Snooky Flowers solo record"