rh - Wondering What to Choose 1976
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7/15/76San Francisco,Ca. Shady Grove
 ; with Comfort:, Robert Hunter, 35 - guitar, vocals, Larry Klein - bass, vocals, Show Dates:5/77 - 7/78 Reunion Show - 1988 Dec.1977 Palo Alto,Ca. Keystone, 1.promontory rider, 2.boys in the barroom, with Roadhog:, Robert "Lefty Banks" Hunter, 34 - guitar, vocals, Rodney Albin - guitar, violin,vocals, Larry Klein - bass, vocals, Show Dates:6/76 - 11/76, July 15,1976 San Francisco,Ca. Shady Grove, 3.dry dusty road, 4.cruel white water, 5.last flash of rock and roll, 6.lady simplicity>this train don't run here anymore Bhas a little hiss on 12/7 portion and talk after promontory rider matches to 12/6/77 120138; this has more hiss than on 120138 ***
7/30/76The Green Earth Cafe, San Francisco, CA
 & roadhog, audience cassette master>7" reel @ 7 583233Bsound quality improves later in the show ***
8/6/76San Francisco, California Shady Grove
 m3 aud, & roadhog, (m3-aud), 1538 haight street, between ashbury st. & clayton st., * carefully remastered fixing various issues - with eq applied *, 01. ? (instrumental), 02. space buggy, 03. dry dusty road, 04. cheap tequila, 05. battle of new orleans, 06. ballad of buddy holly, 07. wild bill, 08. direwolf, 09. keys to the rain, 10. it must have been the roses ->, 11. one thing to try, 12. friend of the devil ->, 13. promontory rider, total time ::: 56:24, ::: right fine aud when it's good, but quality varies. check samples to see if it meets your aural standards or for a few juicy squirts ahead o' the whole drink., ::: warts: fixed most dropouts & dullspots but surely missed a few. taper cut off deck between some songs. main problem is quality variation; basically it shifts in 4 places & 'twas somewhat fixed with eq, but don't be surprised (especially #3-8). #8 starts slightly late., ::: seemingly uncirculated online, so decided to work on it despite its faults, as 'tis an important historical artifact., ::: if you know the title for #1, do tell., ::: show setlist on doug's hunter list site (http://hunter.dfresh.org/1970s.html) is credited to my sorely missed good friend, richard petlock, who did get said recording from me., recording information ::: unknown stereo recording equipment -> master stereo tape -> 2 analog tape generations (probably at least one a reel) -> 3rd generation maxell xlii-90 cassette, dolby b on. (early on my source & i disagreed on how to list gens, he called a master "1st gen", so it's possible this is only m2 as 'twas one of the 1st i got from him, & marked "3rd gen")., playback 2014-05-29 ::: 3rd generation maxell xlii-90 cassette on nakamichi 680zx cassette deck, dolby b on, azimuth & speed adjusted (pitched!) for individual recording, heads cleaned & demagnetized -> sony linear pcm recorder pcm-m10 (lpcm 44.10khz/16bit wav files) -> computer -> audacity [normalisation to remove dc offset, channel/phase alignment, fades, manual one-at-a-time glitch, bump, pop, click, dropout & dullspot repairs, volume adjustments, further speed correction -1.3% entire recording with single pass after spectral analysis & pitchpipe verification, and (apologies to purists) some equalisation applied, varying amounts in the 4 different quality sections & section 2 (#3-8) also had noise (hiss) reduction applied -> cd wave (track splits) -> flacs (trader's little helper) -> yr ears. first uploaded week of 2014-07-05., line-up ::: robert hunter - acoustic guitar, vocals // shelly ralston - vocals // jeffrey dambrau - electric guitar // t. will claire ("ted") - electric guitar, vocals // jim mcpherson - electric piano // rodney albin - electric bass, violin // bill summers - drums. [according to the most excellent blog, http://lostlivedead.blogspot.de/2010/11/robert-hunter-and-roadhog-performance.html - "when albin switched to violin, other members of the band played bass" (including hunter on occasion). you'll also find a couple of photos of the band performing on the site]., nothing here ever commercially released to my knowledge. if i'm wrong, please advise & i'll take the offending trax offline., dimetravel 031 ::: thanks to the original taper & traders! my copy came from mp ::: corrections welcome ::: always been one of my favorite roadhog shows, but that's certainly in part as 'twas one of my first. a heavy rodney albin performance! has a couple of rare hunter versions for the era ("one thing to try"), unusual roadhog non-hunter vocal songs & a long, slow & interesting "promontory rider", among other things. perhaps someone will dig up a better copy. mp wrote a note on my cassette that someone borrowed his tape & screwed it up, but it's hard to understand what they could do that would so drastically change the sound quality in segments. anyway, it's been somewhat compensated for with eq & certainly goes down without causing indigestion in these ears, but everyone's system works differently. i saw a post-hunter version of comfort at the shady grove in the summer of '78, i believe - nice place! listen, enjoy, show appreciation, share, give, spread peace. yers truly, knees, support the artist!, do whatever you want with it except sell it, 'cause that ain't cool! B-  ***
9/26/76San Francisco, California Record Plant
 m1 aud, & roadhog, 3:00pm (afternoon show119130B-has a hiss that fluctuates and is over recorded; torrenter later corrected location to San Rafael, California Record Factory ***
 aud, & roadhog, (m? aud), 3:00pm (afternoon show122841C+in comparison on ariel, 119130 has more hiss and is harsher but 122841 is more suppressed and less natural sounding; need 122841 for songs not on 119130; sound improves on t14 and t15 when roadhog does not dominate ***