rh - Wondering What to Choose 1979
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
4/7/79Various, Seattle, WA
 pre early late aud severson; w/ larry klein94037B+there is distortion in the vocals on loud parts of this as if over recorded like on bertha ***
 version 'a'; early & late shows, aud 'a-' to 'b+', disc 1 is the complete early show with robert hunter & larry klein disc 2 is a set by hamza el-din (about 35 min.) which is followed by the late show from hunter & klein (about 38 min.- probably, incomplete), disc 1 is 'a-''b+' due to some oversaturation & disc 2 is a nice solid 'a-'; very good to excellent sound; CD1 1 Friend of the Devil 2 BrownEyed Women 3 Dry Dusty Road 4 Jesse James 5 Ramble on Rose 6 One ting to try 7 Sweet Alice 8 It Must have been the Roses 9 Mr Charlie > 10 Easy Wind 11 Wild Bill 12 Sugaree 13 Bertha CD2 1-4 Hamza el-Din 5 crowd 6 Talkin Money Tree 7 Rum Runners 8 Candyman 9 Box of Rain 10 Cruel White Water 11 Dire Wolf 12 Fire on the Mountain Bdifferent recording than 94037 based on different crowd at end of new speedway boogie; in comparison on Jesse James; this has more hiss and is more muffled; there is distortion in the vocals on loud parts of this as if over recorded like on berthasmall pop d1t10 3:54 in silence after music; drops between some tracks***
5/2/79Stockton State College, Galloway Township, NJ
 & larry klein, source: aud cassette124194B-has some occasional crowd talking and spots of loud crackling and scratchiness when vocals get overrecorded but they are not as bad as on 10/4/78 and mainly on early songs ***
5/9/79Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI
 excellent sound, source: msc > aiwa 850 > turtle beach santa cruz > cooledit > cd, a little overlevel distortion at begin of d1t1 and some scracthiness sometimes in background; on the first several songs of set 2 there is a crackling in the background as if someone was crackling a candy wrapper near the mics ; there is an occasional buzz during interview; Set I:, 1. Talking Money Tree >, 2. Friend of the Devil, 3. Brown Eyed Women, 4. Dry Dusty Road, 5. Mr. Charlie >, 6. Easy Wind, 7. Candyman, 8. Rum Runners, 9. New Speedway Boogie, 10. China Cat Sunflower, 11. Cruel White Water, 12. Shakedown Street, 13. Scarlet Begonias >, 14. Sunshine Daydream >, 15. Scarlet Begonias, Set II:, 16. Lupo's Jam >, 17. Doin' that Rag >, 18. Born to Run >, 19. Doin' that Rag >, 20. Desolation Row >, 21. Doin' that Rag, Disc 2:, 1. Fire on the Mountain, 2. Box of Rain, 3. Peggy-O >, 4. Dire Wolf, 5. Cumberland Blues, 6. U.S. Blues >, 7. Truckin', 8. The Buddy Holly Story, 9. Ripple, Encore:, 10. (cut) Boys in the Barroom, WBRU Interview by Andy Gefen (mono), 11. Friend of the Devil, 12. Interview Part 1, 13. Rum Runners, 14. Interview Part 2, 15. Dire Wolf >, 16. Peggy-O >, 17. Dire Wolf, 18. Interview Part 3, 19. China Cat Sunflower, 20. Interview Part 4 B+ drop end of d1t10, between cdrs, (in eac dup of 4/4/09 got suspicious position d2t3,4,5,6 at 0:00 otherwise seems a close eac match on d1t1)***
8/9/79My Father's Place - Roslyn, NY
 sbd (this is same recording as 8/9/79 but was mislabled 8/9/77) (setlist site says: originally dated 8/9/77. clearly from 1979, but exact date/location is uncertain) (date can be approximated based on althea and mention of upcoming gd msg shows); CD1 1 box of rain 2 mr charlie > 3 Easy Wind, 4 Althea, 5 Peggy-O > Dire Wolf > Peggy-O > Dire Wolf, 6 Rum Runners, 7 Half Step > 8 Ariel > Half Step > Ariel, 9 Bertha, 10 Truckin', 11 Brown Eyed Women, 12 Shakedown, 13: Late Show: Cumberland Blues, 14 Harp Tree Lament, CD2 1 One Thing To Try (has frank wakefield verses), 2 Let Me Sing Your Blues Away, 3 It Must Have Been The Roses, 4 Sweet Alice, 5 Sugaree, 6 Over The Hills 7 Stagger Lee, 8 Black Peter, 9 Tiger Rose > 10 Reuben & Cherise, 11 Doin' That Rag, 12 Boys In The Barroom, 13 Casey Jones , 14 Crooked Judge (has frank wakefield verse), 15 Encore: Ripple (cut) A drop d1t13 2:27, d2t5 0:23, d2t13 1:31; d2t11 3:44 
 60m, 120min, 44k; (was listed as 77), reel > pcm > dat, a, starts at about 2:15, excellent sound, 5sec drop at 29:48, drops 47:36. 50:15, ends with cut in ripple (from hunter base it is probably:8/9/79b -- the other end caf, new york, ny (late show)  seems like maybe able to put together a flaw free version except for the small drop in doin that rag on all versions as they have similar sounddrop 45:18 (truckin), 47:56 (brown eyed women), 75:54 (start of sweet alice), 1:06:57 (doin that rag - this is on all 3 versions); digipops 95:40 (tiger rose) 
 sbd > reel > pcm > dat > cdr; tree, excellent sound, reported on master: 8.5 seconds of half step are cut (1:38-1:47) cd1 trk7 (same defects as dat); skip/drop crackle at 0:41-0:42 on cd2 track 13; also a few scattered pops, cd1: early show:box of rain, mr. charlie > easy wind, althea, peggy-o > dire wolf > peggy-o > dire wolf, rum runners, half step > ariel > half step > ariel, bertha, truckin', brown eyed women, shakedown, cd2: late show: cumberland blues, harp tree, lament, one thing to try, let me sing your blues away, it must have been the roses, sweet alice, sugaree, over the hills, stagger lee, black peter, tiger rose > reuben & cherise, doin' that rag, boys in the barroom, casey jones, crooked judge, encore: ripple (cut)   drop/cut between cdrs. d1t7 1:41. d2t5 0:04, end of d2t4, d2t5, d2t6, d2t16; big digipop d2t3 4:23, d2t8 2:25 
9/23/79Rainbow Tavern, Seattle, WA
 aud foh, front of house audience recording113337B  ***
 (sun), aud 'a''a ', solo acoustic; excellent122927A-probably same recording as 113337 based on same crowd and clapping at end of d1t11; this has a fuller warmer sound with less hiss; this also has late showdrop end of d1t10, between cdrs, d2t4 0:00, d2t6 0:00, d2t7 5:06, d2t9 0:00, 1:17***