rh - Wondering What to Choose 1983
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1/1/83old waldorf, SF
 Dinosaurs; unkn cass gen>cdr, very good sound, some hiss; CD1 1 seventh seal 2 It* 3 blind man 5 jack o diamonds* (tape cut at end not in music) 9 Mona (at end band takes a break to the parking lot) 11 who makes the moves* 13 (sound changes here gets harsher) got love 14 Only to Believe* (at end introduces Sam Andrews for next song) 15 Jesse james* 17 (introduces rightous raule I Can't Dance (Sam Andrew apears on sax) (at end announced by hunter that Barry just passed the bar and barry replies hunter just got back from the bar 19 Promontory Rider* CD2 2 Franklin's Tower* 3 (Get a bit) Closer (carry me home); Barry Melton, John Cipollina, Peter Albin, Spencer Dryden, *Robert Hunter on vocal (shared), Mickey Hart, Merl Saunders +B filler 28min terry dolan & greg douglas, 2/20/80, kfat-fm, gilroy, unkn cass gen>cdr, good sound, lots of hiss, 5 Silverado Trail 6 True Medicene 7 All in the Shadow of the Buffalo 8 Tree Moon & Tide 9 poetrain 10 Montana Eyes 11 love +C filler 12min end of Copperhead, 1971-73, studio outtakes john cipollina, pete sears, jim mcphearson, david webber jerry ??, 12 rider 13 Bidentified t13 to d2t3 as 12/10/82 Old Waldorf from band talking and is inferior quality ***
1/22/83Keystone, Palo Alto
 Dinosaurs; 90m,183min, 48k; s>r>dat, a-, excellent,drop at 0:01:30, show probably ends at 154min + (filler 29min 1/28/84 wolfgangs fire on the mt, butchers boy, jesse james rated very good but has a noticeable hiss); barry melton, peter albin, robert hunter, john cipollina, greg elmore with guests mark naftalin on piano, kathi mcdonald, sebastian on congos; who makes the moves, one way out, do the dance, st louis blues, got love, how blue do you want me to get, motel party baby, promontory rider, jesse james, streetwise,colorado town, blind man, move it on over, in the pines > house of the rising son, franklins tower, carry me home > kathi mcdonald medley, san francisco, dinosaur; filler Fire on the Mt, Butchers Boy, Jesse James A-in comparison on one way out, this and "Sbd>Dbx Cass" have similar sound; this looks in spectral view like a cleaner transfer but did not hear it; this has more musicdrops 1:25, 1:26 not on "Sbd>Dbx Cass", static 30:36***
 Dinosaurs; filler pt2; excellent sound; see jimmie dale gilmore 10/10/93 dat; with robert hunter  seems same as begin pt1 filler but shorter with same spectral and wav view and levels ***
 Dinosaurs; filler pt1; sound excellent but has some minor occasional unexplained crackling; see keith & donna, 8/20/75 dat; levels are low; with robert hunter; franklins tower, carry me home, kathi mcdonald, san francisco, dinosaur  this has a warmer sound than "S>R>dat" but is incomplete ***
 Dinosaurs; 90m,123min, 48k; b+,sbd>dbx cass, +garica-jerry(legion of mary), 4/11/75,tower theater, philadelphia, 57min, sbd, rates excellent, greg elmore on drums, guest mark naftalin,& kathie mchdonald, 2 spots of distortion at 29:xx; cut at end during franklin's tower, (have seen what looks like complete show on a list as a 90m?); with robert hunter    ***
2/15/83Last Days Saloon,Sf
 Dinosaurs; sbd; very good sound, levels low, some hiss; with beans balanca on horns, peter albin bass, robert hunter, barry melton, john cipollina. spencer dryden; 1 who makes the moves 2 one way out 3 Got Love 4 promontory rider 5 I can't Dance 6 Blind Man 7 Motel Party Blues 8 streetwise 9 (Get a bit) Closer (carry me home) 10 Jesse James B+ some tracks have small gaps between them sometime noticable***
 Dinosaurs; sbd lamarre berger, john cipollina - guitar, vocals, robert hunter - guitar, vocals, barry melton - guitar, vocals, peter albin - bass, vocals, spender dryden - drums, beans balanka - saxophone, source: sbd cassette, doug lamarres copy, unknown gen, nakamichi dragon/b > benchmark adc1 @ 24/96, transfer - rob berger 2018, 01 - who makes the move, 02 - one way out, 03 - i got to love, 04 - promontory rider, 05 - i cant dance, 06 - blind man, 07 - motel party baby, 08 - streetwise, 09 - going home, 10 - jesse james, dinosaurs1983-02-15s1t01.flac:     
2/18/83Cabaret, Cotati, CA
 Dinosaurs; aud , source: 1st gen cassette, audience31905B  ***
2/22/83Recreation Center, Corte Madera, CA
 Dinosaurs; aud32177C+  ***
2/26/83Dickenson College, Carlisle, PA
 sbd>(?)>cdr>eac>goldwave>cdwav>flac, cd copy86831B drop t8 3:03, t10 0:47, end of t10***
 44k, 57min; asbd?>dat, (see kingfish 8:27/86 dat) very good sound, distant, little crackling, not bright, better versions probably exist, starts at 1:00:25, tape flip cuts in boys in the barroom; set golden road to unlimited devotion > amagamalin street, one thing to try, run for the roses, slack string quartet, reuben & cherise, streetwise, box of rain, promontory rider, boys in the barroom (cuts) e: terrapin station  86831 has complete boys in the barroom but may be able to patch the drop on box of rain on that source; otherwise this is warmer and more suppressed and that has a fuller sound; this is much slower but when adjusted to 48k it runs a little faster so there are speed differences; both seem to have noise reduction with this having more  
2/28/83Jonathan Swift's, Cambridge, MA
 sbd , early show?, soundboard recording> ?127199B+  ***
 dat 48k; early, probably better generational dat sources exist, rates excellent, faint buzz, cassette flips; (see 10/12/82 dat); golden road > amagamilin street, candyman, one thing to try, run for the roses, slack string quartet, one way out, reuben and cherise, only to believe, streetwise, touch of grey; encore: cruel white water B+127199 was made form thisdiscontinuity pop 128:04 
3/7/83Bacchus Theatre, Newark, DE
 sbd gmb; solo, source: 1st generation soundboard97303B+  ***
3/8/83Ripley Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA
 sbd unknown , source: low gen sbd recording146278A tao like 2 second gaps between tracks; static d1t5 3:32, 5:27, d2t1 4:08 plus some more sometimes as small static burst ot pop***
3/10/83The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
 aud, unknown equipment 1st generation (mac > c)88973B-  ***
3/12/83Capitol Theater, Concord, NH
 (solo), sbdmc>cas>cdr>eac>flac, eac and flac86815A loudness varies from too low on vocals to too high on vocals; harmonica distorts some especially on t5***
3/18/83Camp Winnarainbow Benefit, Wheeler Auditorium, Berkeley, CA
 camp winnarainbow benefit;, wavy gravy (hugh romney) founded camp winnarainbow, a summer camp for kids, in mendocino county in 1974. see www.campwinnarainbow.org, this was one of what seems to be an ongoing series of benefits for wavy gravy's camp winnarainbow. i was there; my d5 was used to record the show. i borrowed the masters afterwards and made this 1st gen recording., wooga wooga. hippies., source: master tape -> tandberg td-20a -> maxell ud 35-180b open reel tape (3 3/4 ips), lineage: my master reel -> tandberg td-20a -> e-mu 0404|usb -> audacity 1.3.9 @ 44.1khz/16b -> cd wave -> flac 7, sound quality of nb's set starts off great then degrades. some warbling and speed issues here and there through amagamalin street., set 1:, norton buffalo - harmonica, vocals, michael hinton - acoustic guitar, johnny "v" vernazza - acoustic guitar, bob russell - vocals (last song only), johnny brooks -, 1. 5:13 summit boogie, 2. 2:35 the jamboree, 3. 7:16 come on in to my kitchen, 4. 4:37 leave my broken heart behind (?), 5. 2:41, 6. 4:38 chello(?), 7. 6:34 whadaya do when your world starts fallin' in on you?, 8. 4:29, 9. 3:07 jacked-up drunk, 10. 3:15 i'm takin' chances, set 2:, robert hunter - (generally out of tune despite his best efforts) acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica, 11. 2:46 ...\\amagamalin street, 12. 4:11 candyman, 13. 4:18 one thing to try, 14. 5:48 slack string quartet, 15. 9:09 terrapin station, 16. 2:37 passing through ->, 17. 3:45 ripple, 18. 0:50 "the 80s are the 60s 20 years later" - wavy gravy, 19. 1:46 boys in the barroom (encore, a capella), , note - the set below is up at archive.org at http://www.archive.org/details/cipollina1983-03-18.flac16, but this is a much lower generation recording and sounds much better; i'll post it up there as well, set 3:, nick gravenites & john cipollina (and norton buffalo - rip - for first 3 songs), nick - acoustic guitar, vocals, john - electric guitar, vocals, norton - harmonica (first 3 songs only), 20. 2:03 intro, 21. 5:17 trouble in mind, 22. 5:13 why-o, 23. 3:01 8 day clock, 24. 1:04 "i died in sweden, 4 or 5 years ago....john died too", 25. 4:04 mama lion, 26. 1:57 "the sweatbox lounge" aka the fresno saloon, san francisco, 27. 4:00 herpes blues, 28. 5:25 run out of west, 29. 5:01 six weeks in reno, 30. 0:52 "we played for 2 hours backstage. boy were we good then!", 31. 5:47 down in the bottom, 32. 1:57 "ok you hippies, clean up and clear out", some really great tunes in these sets, many songs that have somehow stayed with me all these decades way back in the distant, swiss-cheese recesses of my mind., enjoy!, mike A-this has much better sound than greeney55 recording but that has an extra 2 minutes for introduction and beginning of Amagamalin Street not on this ***
 greeney55;, norton buffalo with, johnny v. venuzza "elvin bishop band" - guitar, 01., 02., 03.come into my kitchen, 04.leave my broken heart behind, 05., 06., 07.what will you do, 08., 09.jacked up drunk, 10.i'm taking chances, robert hunter "solo/acoustic", 11.amagamalin street, 12.candyman, 13.one thing to try, 14.slack string quartet, 15.terrapin station, 16.only passing through>ripple, 17.boys in the barroom, john cipollina and nick gravenites "almost acoustic", 18.sun gonna shine, 19.can't cross over, 20., sonyd6>tape>wav>flac, using creative sound card audio recorder, wav,stereo,44.100khz,16bit>flac, taped and upped by greeney55, "not circulated", check out all my dvd/cd'and as always enjoy., note:, this was one of my early taping jobs so it's a bit tinny but well worth having for you fans., i don't think this has ever been circulated before because it was a, tiny place and i think i was the only one taping it., sorry it's cut short a couple of songs but i can't find the tape it is on.when i find it i will finish this project., enjoy, den B-severely limited to -12db so clips almost continuously causing scratchiness plus harsh and narrow ***
3/24/83huntington (CA)--usa-, golden bear
 Dinosaurs; aud 1st gen;, audience master recorded by ? with ?, i received the 1st gen tdk sa 90 cassettes from bulle75 who received his copy from the master taper who he used to meet at shows he attend while living in l.a. in the 80s, transfer by hanwaker in july 2008, 1st gen cass played back on nakamichi cr7e azimuth aligned--> edirol 04 (16-44), edi--> hd ..smoothed in nero.. tracked in cdwave--wav--> flac (8), line up :, robert hunter - vocals/guitar, barry melton - vocals/guitar, john cipollina - lead guitar, peter albin - bass/backing vocals, spencer dryden - drums, cd1 78 min, 01 who makes the move, 02 one way out, 03 butcher's boy, 04 amagamalin street, 05 san francisco, 06 blind man, 07 tuning and talkin, 08 streetwise, 09 mojo navigator, 10 jesse james, 11 route 66, 12 ? b melton song, 13 ? r hunter song, cd2 49 min, 01 colorado town, 02 ? j cippo song, 03 passing thru ?, 04 don't drop that h-bomb, 05 franklin's tower, 06 donovan's reef-->, 07 codeine, 08 promontory rider, i am quite familiar with the 3 missing songtitles but somehow they just escape me now, from asking around it seems this is not making its round in digital format yet.., so thanks to bulle75 for sending me his 1st gen cassettes, transferred and upload to dime by hanwaker 2008-07 B+  ***
4/9/83Kabuki Night Club, San Francisco, CA
 Dinosaurs; dino1983 04 0931314B has some drops and clipping***
4/20/83Barbary Coast, San Francisco, CA
 Dinosaurs; sbd gmb; wednesday afternoon show, source:97484B+  ***
 Dinosaurs; version "a"; (wed), aud, the dinosaurs w/special guests richie olsen, sebastian, fritz kasten, & chuck bernstein(drums); robert hunter, barry melton, john cipollina; very good sound; Set 1: Who Makes The Moves, 2 Amagamalan Street, 3 Mojo Navigator, 4 If You're In A Hurry, 5 Rock And Roll Music, 6 Colorado Town, 7 Slack String Quartet, 8 Butcher's Boy, 9 Blindman, 10 Mona, 11 Streetwise, + SOS, 12 Promotory Rider B-sounds very fast and is very harsh but has a fuller sound than greeney55small drops between tracks usually at least two***
 Dinosaurs; greeney55;, "2pm show", 01.who make's the moves, 02.amagammalin street, 03., 04.one thing to try, 05.rock & roll music*, 06.*, 07.slack string quartet, 08.butcher boy "cut", 09.butcher boy, 10.blindman, 11.mona**, 12.street wise, 13.sos, 14.promontory rider, john chippolina - guitar,vocals,cigarette, spencer dryden - drums, barry melton - guitar,vocals, peter albin - bass,vocals, robert hunter - guitar,vocals, +richard ralston - horn "the charlatians" *, +chuck bernstien - drums** "it's a beautiful day", wavy gravy mc, note:, 08.>09.= that damn tape flip...bad greeney!!!???, if anyone want's to up this to the "internet archive" then feel free!!, or anything of mine for that matter., here's an uncirculated "dinosaurs" show and you thought there weren't anymore? this was a real spur of the moment show and not many knew about it and there were only about 200 folks there., it was a show at 2pm in the afternoon so enjoy this new one???, this is a great show here., the same day i went to see "war" at the old waldrof at 8pm and taped that one to., want it?, i was a big dinosaurs fan and went to all their bay area shows. have some shows that i taped that are up on the archive but mine are a bit better than some of those so i may be putting some of those up as well if you all show interest?, i taped their 1st + last shows with hunter and the rodney albin benefit among them., let me know if you want some?, i included a list of some of the show's i was goin g to at the time for a chuckle or two?, get it while it's still there!!!!, the dinosaurs - 1986 free street gig - san francisco, ca. kofy tv dvd:, http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?returnto=%2faccount-cp.php%3fpage%3d4&id=296176, sonyd6mastertape>wav,stereo,44.100khz,16bit>flac, using creative sound card audio recorder, taped and upped by greeney55, "not circulated", check out all my dvd/cd'and as always enjoy. C-has a lot of limiting that gives it a continuous scratchy sound ***
5/20/83Porter College, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA
 Dinosaurs; sbd32178A- has a few crackles***
6/17/83Keystone, Palo Alto, CA
 Dinosaurs; dino1983 06 1729751A- analog popping on d1t2, distortion in the vocals at a few spots on hunter***
6/18/83Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA
 Dinosaurs; sbd, msc > nero > flac > shntool (fix sbe's) >29750A-the sbd has the fullest warmest sound with a little hiss, next best is Leonardis-Miller, then greeney55 ***
 Dinosaurs; aud32179B  ***
 Dinosaurs; greeney55;, disc1, 0.who make's the moves>slack string quartet, 02.butcher boy, 03.blindman, 04.i can't dance, 05.one thing to try, 06.tiger rose, 07.motel party baby, 08.h-bomb, 09.tell ol' bill, disc2, 10.just a vagabond, 11.mona, 12.franklin's tower"cut", not included..sorry:, 13.thirty days, 14.closer, 15.promontory rider, find conclusion on internet archive., john cipollina - guitar,vocals,cigarette, spencer dryden - drums, barry melton - guitar,vocals, peter albin - bass,vocals, robert hunter - guitar,vocals, sonyd6mastertape>wav,stereo,44.100khz,16bit>flac, using creative sound card audio recorder, taped and upped by greeney55, "not circulated", check out all my dvd/cd'and as always enjoy. B-  ***
 Dinosaurs; msc > nero > flac, other opening band was the, new riders of the purple sage, will get around to the nrps soon, a wolf in paradise project; with robert hunter; disc 1, 01 (09:00) Who Makes the Moves, >, 02 (07:26) Slackstring Quartet, 03 (09:26) Snow White Dove, 04 (04:40) Blindman, 05 (07:22) I Can't Dance, 06 (08:17) If You're in a Hurry > Jamaica Farewell, 07 (03:46) Tiger Rose, 08 (07:17) Motel Row, total: 57:19, disc 2, 09 (05:19) Don't Drop that H Bomb, 10 (04:56) Tell ol Bill, 11 (07:38) Just a Vagabond, 12 (11:43) Mona, 13 (07:19) Franklin's Tower, 14 (03:45) 30 Days, 15 (17:58) I've Grown Closer, 16 (07:54) Promontory Rider, total: 66:38  this is a close eac match on d1t1 to 29750 with same digital flaws ***
 Dinosaurs; a little hiss; very good to excellent sound; robert hunter, barry melton, john cipollina, spencer dryden, peter albin; 1 who makes the moves 2 slack string quartet 3 colorado town 4 blind man 5 streetwise 6 Butchers Boy 7 Mona 8 Franklins Tower 9 mojo navigator 10 promontory rider B+ small analog pop t6 7:05, 8:52; t6 has cut in it at 9:3x;***
7/16/83Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA
 Dinosaurs; sb > c > ?, very good to excellent sound, has some hiss;, (robert hunter, barry melton, john cipollina, spencer dryden, peter albin ) (note cassette sides making up cdrs are not in show order; CD1 1 > band introductions (Get a bit) Closer (carry me home) (set break) 2 northwest passage 3 Mojo Navigator 4 Cuckoo/Jack of Diamonds 5 Colorado Town 6 Motel Party Blues 7 Please don't drop that H-Bomb on me (cut) 8 Who Makes the Moves (Melton & Hunter alternate vocals) 9 Slack String Quartet 10 Got Love 11 Amagamalin Street 12 Blind Man 13 SOS, CD2 1 Franklin's Tower 2 (Get a bit) Closer (carry me home) > introductions > fades out 3 Streetwise 4 Promontory Rider 5 Boy's in the Barroom 6 Mona 7 how could you treat me so cold I got a mortgage on my body and a lien on my soul? (Jim Page? vocals) 8 One Thing to Try (if your in a hurry) > Jamaica Farewell > One Thing to Try 9 Do the Dance B+Robert Hunter Setlist Archive reports this date as Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA while Cipollina site reports this just as Paramount Theatersmall drops d1t12 0:6x; d2t6 8:18 cut/drop***
 Dinosaurs; 47min,48k; see dinosaurs 10/11/85 dat, ?sbd cassete, very good sound, some hiss, please don't drop that h-bomb on me, streetwise, promontory rider, boy's in the barroom, mona, how could you treat me so cold i got a mortgage on my body and a lien on my soul? (jim page? vocals), got love, amagamalin street, (robert hunter, barry melton, john cipollina ) B+Robert Hunter Setlist Archive reports this date as Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA; Cotati Cabaret is not in Seattle,WA but that is how it was traded; setlist on this does not match "SB > C > ?" version of this date; JIm Page reported at Cipollina site to play 7/14,15,16/83  
8/20/83J.Bee's Rock III, Middletown, NY
 aud reid , recording: panasonic rp v220127439A-  ***
8/22/83Abbey Road, Virginia Beach, VA
 aud unk , audience recording, provided by113825B has a few analog drops like on d2t2***
9/17/83Salt Air Pavillion, Salt Lake City, UT
 Dinosaurs; dino1983 09 1731223B-  ***
10/14/83Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
 Dinosaurs; aud32180B  ***
10/15/83Keystone, Palo Alto, CA
 Dinosaurs; dino1983 10 1531322Bhas a strong hiss and vocals sonetime distort when get loud ***
11/5/83Cabaret, Cotati, CA
 Dinosaurs; aud31908A-  ***
11/9/83Mabuhay Gardens,Sf
 Dinosaurs; sbd, levels a little low, slight hiss; very good to excellent sound; (hiss comes up at t8 like maybe it is different show); 1 The Dance 2 Mojo Navigator 3 Mona 4 barry'selectricty song + talk 5 bagpipe instrumental with Chuck Bernstein and guitars 6 Please Don't Drop That H-Bomb on me 7 (Get a bit) Closer (carry me home) 8 Butchers Boy 9 Robert Hunter interview (2min) B+ drop/digi-spike t6 0:00; t7 ending cuts during announcement***
12/2/83Cabo's, Chico, CA
 Dinosaurs; dino1983 12 0230690Bhas hiss; some distortion instruments on t2 ***