RH - Wondering What to Choose 1985
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xx/xx/85Live '85
 Live '85$    
xx/xx/85Flight of the Marie Helena
 Flight of the Marie Helena$    
6/13/85The Nazgul, Studio Session for, Movie Soundtrack
 nazgul, robert hunter, john cipollina, merl saunders, tony saunders, g. birch, source: sbd, jerry moore's copy, lineage: low gen maxell xl-iis90, no nr, nak dragon > tascam hd-p2 24/96 > pc >, cd wave > adobe audition 2.0 > flac, transferred and seeded by rob berger feb. 2013, the story:, phil deguere was a tv producer most noted, for the '80's tv show "simon and simon"., during the '80's he set out to make a film, that was to be entitled armageddon rag. deguere, was a friend of the grateful dead and he put, together this ficticious rock band "the nazgul", to appear in the movie and do the sound track., the project was scrapped but here is the, music in beautiful sound quality. all cip, fans will love this., tracks 1-3 are the produced sound track, tracks 4-6 are raw in the studio, 01 - raise your arms clap your hands, 02 - armageddon rag >, 03 - resurrection rag, 04 - armageddon rag >, 05 - resurrection rag >, 06 - raise your arms clap your hands, nazgul1985-06-13d1t01.flac:123918B+  ***