rh - Wondering What to Choose 1985
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xx/xx/85Flight of the Marie Helena
 flight of the marie helena, a musical narrative, robert hunter, initial release : 1985, relix 2009, hunter's sixth album. a reading of the title poem. a long narrative poem read over a musical background., tracks, flight of the marie helena (hunter), side 1, first day, second day, third day, four day, side 2, fifth day, sixth day, seventh day, musicians, robert hunter - voice, credits, engineer - fred waxler, mastering - george horn, cover art, booklet illustrations - maureen hunter, notes, the lp is accompanied by a 14 page illustrated booklet of the lyrics$    
xx/xx/85Live '85
 live 85, initial release : 1985, relix 2006, live, solo robert hunter album. includes four songs that were part of the grateful dead repertoire., tracks, side 1, promontory rider (hunter), jack straw (hunter/weir), red car (hunter), sweet little wheels (hunter), side 2, amagamalin street (hunter), rose/rose (it must have been the roses) (hunter), easy wind (hunter), franklin's tower (garcia/hunter), boys in the barroom (hunter), musicians, robert hunter - guitar, vocals, credits, editing, remixing - dr. richie moore, cover art - maureen hunter, layout - brooklyn bridge publications, notes, possibly recorded during live shows in december 1984., a second, remastered 'edition' of this release was also released in 1985., the rear cover of the lp includes the lyrics of boys in the barroom.$    
6/13/85The Nazgul, Studio Session for, Movie Soundtrack
 nazgul, robert hunter, john cipollina, merl123918B+  ***