rh - Wondering What to Choose 1986
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DateDescetree idRtNotesFlawsdgf
xx/xx/86Rock Columbia
 rock columbia, robert hunter, initial release : 1986, relix rrcd 2019, robert hunter's seventh album, a return to individual songs in a 'rock group' setting., tracks, eva (hunter), end of the road (hunter), i never see you (hunter), aim at the heart (hunter), kick it on down (hunter), what'll you raise (hunter), who, baby, who? (hunter), rock columbia (hunter), musicians, robert hunter - guitar, vocals, joan cashel - harmony vocals, johnny d'fonseca - drums, rick meyers - synthesizer, keyboards, david nelson - guitar, harmony vocals, jeanette sartain - harmony vocals, annie stocking - harmony vocals, michael white - bass, credits, producer - robert hunter, technical producer - fred waxler, mastering - george horn, cover art - maureen hunter, photography - the creative dept., san rafael, recorded at marin sound, san rafael, ca$A  ***
9/7/86Ranch Rock 86, Pyramid Lake, NV
 & the mystery band, soundboard , lineage : same29324B+ small drops digital between tracks***
 sbd taperchuck3, r and the daylights, set i 54:47, wavy gravy intro > (missing), 01 one thing to try 7:08, 02 rock columbia 5:38, 03 molly dee 6:28, 04 tiger rose 3:28, 05 aim at the heart 6:19, 06 chingo! 5:24, 07 tunning 2:47, 08 fire on the mountain * 9:55, 09 promontory rider * 7:40, *w/john cipollina, robert hunter - vcs, guitar, david jenkins - guitar, mickey hart - drums, bobby vega - bass, david freiberg - keyboards, comments, also from the same fest:, zero, mickey hart and the twilights, problem child, and kingfish., notes: a qual, 1-cd., soundboard > ?> cd>eac>flac. thanks to tapers,vines and friends.., impressive lineage in db., cd>eac>flac>audacity>>flac. +2.5db,titles., taperchuck3 oct 2012 enjoy!  bittorrent download 10/12; similar in wav and spectral view and flaws to 29324 except this has higher levels and a little noiser spectral view as if from an analog generationsmall analog drops between tracks as if noise was added to the digital drops on 29324***
 version "a'"; and the mystery band, sbd, very good sound, a little hiss and loss of clarity as if compressed from the video, john cipollina; 1 If You're in a Hurry 2 Rock Columbia 3 Mollie Dee 4 Tiger Rose 5 Aim at the Heart 6 Chingo 7 Fire on the Mountain (end cut) 8 Promontory Rider 9 B+has a spectral band missing from 18k to 20k; in comparison to 29324 on aim at the heart, these have similar sound  
9/22/86Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland, OH
 source: aud, unknown taper, 1st or 2nd139802B+  ***
9/26/86The Ritz, New York, NY
 transfer & cd mastering/shn conversion, brian91833B  ***
 taper : joe d'amico ''aka'' joebeacon, nak 300102144B+91833 and 102144 are same recording based on same clapping wavs at end of Rock Columbia with channels swapped and inverted; in comparison on jack straw 102144 has less hiss ***
9/27/86Graffiti Showcase, Pittsburgh, PA
 from tree, sbd>mac>cassette>cd, excellent sound; CD1 1 set 1 (cut) Jack Straw 2 Friend of the Devil 3 Rock Columbia 4 Ruben & Cherise 5 Aim at the Heart 6 Touch of Grey 7 set 2 Brown Eyed Women 8 Alabama Getaway 9 Amagamalin Street 10 Ship of Fools 11 Promontory Rider 12 Easy Wind 13 Box of Rain CD2 1 Scarlet Begonias> 2 Ripple> 3 Boys in the Barroom + filler Dead Ringers, 8/14/91, Graffiti Showcase, Pittsburgh, PA, sbd>mac>cassette>cd 4 Cumberland Blues 5 Candyman 6 Dark Hollow 7 Ripple 8 Deep Elem Blues 9 Fire on the Mt 10 Truckin (David Nelson, Frank Campbell, Barry Flast, Barry Sless) A filler on cd2t4 has some popping noises but may be equipment problems;***
10/2/86Tralfamadore Cafe, Buffalo, NY
 chopper7 , 16 bit version from the124851B+  ***
 chopper7 24, 24 bit version from the124850    
10/10/86Biddy Mulligans, Chicago, IL
 sbd unknown106709Bhas a spectral band at near 8k for first 14 minutes that can be heard as a whine ***
 sbd , source: sbd >unknown generation112203B  ***
 nak100 cohen , recorded by dave cohen, 2118890B+has a phone ringing several times in the background on jack straw at around 1:12; has a lot of audience chatter on places sampled ***
 sbd lee , master cassette soundboard118913B+in comparison on aim for the heart, for the sbds, 112203 and 106709 were more distorted with speed problems when compared to 118913; aud nak100 cohen 118890 has a warmer sound than the sbd has a lot of background crowd noise; 118913 has some noted analog drops not on the otherstiger rose has 3 big analog drops starting at d1t7 3:38 ,ship of fools has big analog drop on right channel starting at d1t8 4:34 not on others***
10/12/86Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO
 source: aud, chris cate's copy, lineage:123084B+  ***
10/13/86Rockefellers Nightclub, Houston, TX
 sbd , from original info file: dat2, very127214B  ***
 60m, 48k, 77min; at 24:xx dat2, very good sound, some hiss; see robert hunter 5/11/97 dat; (cut) Jack Straw, Friend Of The Devil, Bertha, Dire Wolf, Rock Columbia, Aim At The Heart > Reuben & Cherise, Brown-Eyed Women, Easy Wind > Mr. Charlie > Easy Wind, Yellow Moon, Doin' That Rag, Rum Runners, Ship Of Fools, Touch Of Grey, (may be missing: Marie Helena, Stella Blue, Box Of Rain) Bsounds like harsh sbd from cassette of unknown gens; 127214 Is derived from this with levels raised by track and some pops cleaned uphas several analog pops***
10/18/86Poor David's Pub, Dallas, TX
 solo acoustic, early show, sbd>mc>dat>cd>eac>flac27645   ***
 solo acoustic, late show, sbd>mc>dat>cd>eac>flac27646   ***
 sbd e+l white keo 2496, solo, early and117215    
 sbd e+l white keo , solo, early and late117216B+in comparison on standing at your door, 27645 has a warmer but more suppressed and less full sound than 117216 ***