rh - Wondering What to Choose 1990
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xx/xx/90A Box Of Rain
 box of rain, live 1990, robert hunter, initial release : august 1991, rykodisc 10214, solo, live robert hunter album comprising mostly songs that became part of the grateful dead repertoire., buy from amazon.com, tracks, box of rain (hunter / lesh), scarlet begonias (garcia / hunter), franklin's tower (garcia / hunter / kreutzmann), jack straw (hunter / weir), brown eyed women (garcia / hunter), reuben and cerise (garcia / hunter), space (hunter), deal (garcia / hunter), promontory rider (hunter), ripple (garcia / hunter), boys in the barroom (hunter), stella blue (garcia / hunter), musicians, robert hunter - guitar, vocals, credits, recording engineers - bill blaine, chris kathman, robert hunter, digital mastering ("eq'd, plucked some clicks and pops off the tracks and smoothed the transitions") - joe gastwirt, cover art - maureen hunter, cover design - tom mckeveny, photography - robert minkin, package design - steven jurgensmeyer, liner notes - robert hunter, live tracks recorded during december 1990$A  ***
5/19/90Kane Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, Wa.
 aud , with tom constanten, tom123896   ***
 poetry reading incomplete greeney55;, tom constainton, spoken word "poetry readings", tom constainton:, 01.piano intro:, 02.friends, 03.rachmoninoe prelude opus 63.6, 04.going home>dark star>like a basket, robert hunter:, 05.exploding diamond blues, 06.portia, 07.aladdin's nightlight, 08.value for cold cash, sonyd6mastertape>wav>flac, stereo,44.100khz,16 bit, using:, creative mediasource recorder, traders little helper, taped and upped by greeney55, "uncirculated", notes:, recording is a partial show.    ***
 poetry reading complete greeney55;, tom constanten, "spoken word", {full show}, tom constainton:, 01.scott joplin's "the entertainer", 02.friend of the devil, 03.rachmaninov, is prelude, opus 23, no. 6, 04.going home, robert hunter:, 05.dark star>like a basket>exploding diamond blues, 06.portia, 07.aladdin's nightlight, 08.value for cold cash, 09.as though as if>full moon cafe, 10.talk, 11.judith of twelve suns, 12.tango hit palace, 13.rain water sea, 14.mountains of the moon*, 15.jaaz #3, 16.tarbean, 17.holigomena, 18.lia lepsis, *=sung, sonyd6mastertape>wav>flac, stereo,44.100khz,16 bit, using:, creative mediasource recorder, traders little helper, taped and upped by greeney55, "uncirculated", robert hunter archive:, http://www.hunterarchive.com/files/newjournal/56journal_2006.html#anchor25847401 Bthe complete greeney55 version has less hiss than the incomplete greeney55 version; 123896 is a close eac match on t1 to this and is derived from this and discontinuities that were at track boundaries on this are no longer as close to the track boundary on that because of the attempt to correct sbe ***
11/7/90Lisner Auditorim, Washington, DC
 60m, 111min, 48k; sennheiser 441>marantz pmd 420 cassete master>dat, fizzles 6:1x, 6:2x, cut at end of promintory rider and begin of ripple missing suggesting tape flip; 1: Wheel > End Of The Road > Wheel, Silvio, Rum Runners, Jack Straw, Stella Blue, Franklin's Tower, Cruel White Water, Standing On The Moon, 2: Uncle John's Band, Tiger Rose, Brown-Eyed Women, Reuben & Cherise, Terrapin Station, Aim At The Heart, Touch Of Grey, Scarlet Begonias E: Box Of Rain, Promontory Rider, Ripple, Boys In The Barroom B+127216 is derived from this  
 aud , recording lineage: sennheiser127216B+  ***
11/9/90The Ritz, New York City, New York
 nak300cp4 fitzy keo 2496, solo acoustic, master123531    
 nak300cp4 fitzy keo, solo acoustic, master123530B+  ***
11/10/90Somerville Theatre Somerville, MA
 akg451s , aud info, aud, set 1 40 minutes132934A-  ***
11/12/90Charlottesville Performing Arts Center, Charlottesville, VA
 recording details , soundboard > master dat >84019A84019 has a fuller sound than Gary Knight AUD>MC>Wav>Flac; however that has more hunter talk at beginning of set2 not on 84019 and 84019 has more hunter talk at end of set1 than on thatanalog d2t3 drop 5:10***
 60m, 123min, 44k; dsbd>dat, excellent sound, promontory rider cut and then missing ripple, boys in the barroom  has similar wav and spectral view and sound to 84019 with wavs inverted and levels a little higher; that is more complete  
 constanten;, aud>mc>wav>flac, sound forge pro 10.0 was used to apply fades at the ends and to clean up, tape flips., waves l3 multimaximizer was used to raise overall volume levels and to help bring, up the between song banter and to tame the crowd between songs., realistic 33-1065 stereo ecm>sony wm-d3>tdk sa90, recorded at the soundboard on 7' stand, field recording and transfer by gary knight (dynacost70 on dime), tom constanten, dejavalse, i've just seen a face, overture, the affair of rue de lourcine, butterfly rag, boris the spider, the san andreas stomp, chopped liver, friend of the devil, rialto ripples, fantasy in c minor, dark star, whiter shade of pale, dejavalse, robert hunter, set 1, //the wheel>, end of the road>, the wheel, new speedway boogie, silvio, tales of great rum runners, jack straw, cruel white water, standing on the moon, set 2, uncle john's band, tiger rose, ruben & cherise, deal, don't think twice, it's alright, it must've been the roses, stella blue, mr. charlie>, ugliest girl in the world>, easy wind, terrapin suite, set 3, promontory rider, ripple, boys in the barroom    ***
11/15/90Park West, Chicago, IL
 aud, 1st gen audience recording, lineage: unknown113065B- silvio has a drop in first 40 seconds***
11/16/90Avalon Theatre, Milwaukee, WI
 sbd gill arf, soundboard, lineage:sbd>2 different111804A-in comparison on the wheel, 135152 was warmer but slower and sounded a little slow ***
 sbd , 16bit version, sbd > dat > cassette135152   ***
 sbd 24, 24bit version, sbd > dat >135151    
11/17/90The Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO
 source: soundboard master cassette > dat84256A- analog drop/cut d2t10 3:34***
11/26/90Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
 flac1648 589meg; b k4011 darroch ammons noel t 48, set i & ii, from the ammons archive, john ammons & rob darroch fob* recording:, b&k 4011's (110 ortf) > neumann power supply > dat 48k (panasonic sv255). mics on stand 1 foot above crowd, last row of orchestra pit, center., john ammons transfer:, from clone of rob's master; tascam da20 mark ii dat > roland src-2 sample rate/format converter (from spdif to optical) > mac mini > audacity 3.0 at 48k > wave., edited & mastered by joe noel, wave > audacity > flac 16/48, may 23, 2018, notes:, - thanks to john for sharing his pristine dat, - recording location is directly underneath the drink rail, - otherwise know as the sweet spot., - mountains of the moon w/ tom constanten on piano, - thanks to omar for sharing his full name., * rob and i got into the show, just after the doors open, and see tables set up on the floor. so we figure back table of the floor, just underneath the now famous "drink rail", would be the ideal spot to grab. lo and behold, a 50s-ish couple is already sitting there (virtually no one else was in the venue yet). behind their table was a microphone stand, and atop the stand was a binaural head! it's clear that for whatever reason they both have vip status and permission to record the performance. so of course we strike up a conversation with them. as it turns out, the woman is a piano student of tom constanten, and there's a grand piano set up on the stage. tc is going to sit in with hunter, and based on their relationship with tc they've been granted recording privileges. wow! thoughts are immediately racing through our minds: we need to make it appear we are all there together, such that we can tape out in the open as well, and we need to get our mics on their stand. fortunately, after showing them our b&k mics, schoeps t-bar, and dat recorder, we were able to establish sufficient street cred that they agreed to let us use their stand. but, since we were planning to hand hold the mics on the t-bar, we had no clamp to make this conveniently happen. we had a roll of tape, or maybe they did, so we were able to painstakingly tape the t-bar to their stand, just underneath the binaural head, carefully aligning the t-bar so it was properly oriented to the stage. - john., - set i -, s1t01 - the wheel ->, s1t02 - end of the road ->, s1t03 - the wheel, s1t04 - silvio, s1t05 - new speedway boogie, s1t06 - jack straw, s1t07 - rum runners, s1t08 - talkin' money tree ->, s1t09 - yellow moon, s1t10 - deal, s1t11 - standing on the moon, - set ii -, s2t01 - banter, s2t02 - uncle john's band, s2t03 - tiger rose, s2t04 - brown eyed women, s2t06 - franklin's tower, s2t07 - box of rain, s2t08 - mr charlie, s2t09 - another direct box bites the dust, s2t10 - ugliest girl in the world ->, s2t10 - easy wind, s2t11 - stella blue, s2t12 - mountains of the moon, s2t13 - rubin & cherise, s2t14 - mohamed abu beckah omar william long-hale hing ching loueastess dead head change your password & one i forgot, s2t15 - terrapin station, checksum & tags created in xact, tagging notes:, show information is embedded within the header of each flac file., it will display on any player capable of directly playing flac files., if converted to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped, however audio data will remain unaffected. if you must, transcode to a lossy format, do so directly flac > lossy., use ffp or st5 to validate audio integrity., md5 values will change if tagging is altered., [j.noel 23 may 2018]     
 b k4011 darroch ammons noel 48, set i &142950Athis matches the ffp above pevious version except for that ones last track and this adds the encore missing on that one ***